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Posted on Sunday, December 05, 2004 - 7:34 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Samya FKK Club
Kirschbaumweg 26a
50996 Köln-Rodenkirchen
Tel 02236 969636
Web Site
Mediterranean Style Villa
Open Daily
from 11am - 1am
Sundays and Holidays
3pm - 1am
20 Rooms 40 International Girls
50 Euro Entry
Robes are furnished
Entry includes Buffet meal, drinks, beer and softdrinks.
Sauna, Bio Sauna and Steam Bath
30 discreet parking places in the rear
Credit Cards Accepted

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Posted on Monday, April 24, 2006 - 10:42 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

business card

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Posted on Saturday, April 29, 2006 - 9:06 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Their site has a very well defined selection of girls, and when they are available.

If you like petit slim blonde all-shaven Finnish girl with a star totoo round her naval, you cannot do better she also does anal - in such a little body, can you imagine it?. Hr BBBJ and CIM are excquisite. The polish girls group into a little mafia and are as tough as nails.

Taxi cost 30E otherwise difficult to gind without GPS

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Shanghai Simon
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Posted on Sunday, October 15, 2006 - 3:46 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I had my very first paid sex experience ever last night at Samya, and for the most part, I enjoyed

it. Getting a taxi to the club from the city center cost about 17 Euro. Once I arrived, I was

buzzed in by the lady at the door, and given the run down on prices. I think for all the ladies

it's pretty much the same. First, there is a 50 Euro entrance fee, which provides you with a robe,

slippers, two towels, a locker and key to stash your stuff, and access to the main lounge room with

a small buffet bar and free drinks (soda, water, beer).

First stop was downstairs to change out of my clothes and into the robe and slippers. The locker

rooms are small, but clean. Actually, that was my first positive impression of the place; that

everything is kept pretty clean. My second positive impression of the place was on my way up and

down from the lockers, I already glanced two or three lovely half naked women walking around. Chalk

it up to my naivete, but it was a little but of a surprise to see just how normal and nonchalant

everyone is here about nudity. The ladies wear mostly only shoes and panties...if that. In any

case, let's say I liked what I saw. I don't know about the expectations of other men, but I was not

expecting to find Playboy magazine quality women. I was just hoping to see some hotties that I

would normally see on the streets or in a club. There were definitely some hotties at Samya, and I

knew that I would be able to have a nice night.

So after changing into the robe, I walked upstairs and entered the main lounge. The decor isn't

really much to brag about. Again, clean, but basic. There's a bar for drinks, a couple of

refrigerators with bottled drinks, and a buffet bar serving basic salad stuff, some chicken wings,

and French fries. Not exactly luxurious, but not bad. Plus, everything in there is already covered

by the 50 Euro door fee. So, if you really wanted to, you could easily drink your money's worth. Of

course, excessive alcohol does tend to get in the way of sexual performance, so maybe it's not a

smart idea to try to get your 50 Euro back through booze. There's also a pole in the middle of the

room, which the girls sometimes use to do a little booty shaking. Of course, none of the girls

there are professional dancers, so it's sexy and a little funny to see them attempt to dance it up.

But what the hell, that's a great part of the atmosphere. If you can ignore all the lonely, sad

looking old men hanging around in their robes and sitting on the sofas, the atmostphere is actually

pretty fun. Most of the girls do a good job of trying to have a good time. If you have a hint of

personality and decent grooming habits, it won't be long before a hottie is talking you up. A man

with some personality who isn't at retirement age is a lot more fun to hang out with than someone

retirement age who might not even have all his own teeth anymore.

As soon as I entered, two or three young women caught my eyes. Most of them were already talking to

or sitting with other men. Don't let this intimidate you. Unless a girl is already hanging all over

some guy, it's totally OK to approach a lady and start up a conversation. Immediately after doing

my quick scan of the room, I caught the eye and smile of a black haired girl with some obvious

latin blood in her heritage. I was starving, though, so I went and grabbed some chicken wings and

fries from the buffet. When I walked back into the main room and took another look, there were

about a dozen men at the bar, being social with each other as well as the women. Again, no shame

here. Everyone's there for the same reason, and it's nice to not feel lecherous about the whole

thing. Anyway, so this Latin girl was sitting at a table with two older men, but since she smiled

at me and looked right into my eyes, I figured I could test the waters with her. I asked if she

spoke English, and to my happy surprise, her English was really good!

She immediately started a nice conversation with me. This really attracted me to her...that she

could actually hold a conversation and have things to say. She was pretty candid, and I didn't feel

like she was being false. Either she's really down to earth or she's an incredibly good actress. I

think the former is the case. In any case, she was very affectionate, touching my hands and legs.

We made plenty of eye contact while talking, and I was suddenly very relaxed and not even nervous

about the fact that I was talking to a mostly naked, beautiful prostitute. I found out her name is

Carey (Carrie?), which is of course, not her real name. But I did find out she has some Portugese

blood, which explains her striking features and olive complexion. She also has really beautiful

blue eyes, and a couple of piercings. She has them in her belly button, as well a small stud in her

nose as well as one on her upper lip. Kissing her with that stud in her lip was interesting, but

kind of pleasurable. We talked and kissed (with tongue...I never had to ask), and decided to head

up to one of the rooms upstairs. It was a very busy night, so we had to wait a bit until a key was

returned to the bar.

Once a key was returned, Carey led me upstairs. Watching her walk was plenty arousing...she has a

lovely, full ass! By the way, her olive tanned skin is soooo smooth to touch. She's not super thin

nor is she petite, but she definitely has a great body that's so pleasureable to touch.

We first both went to the washrooms (respectively, not together) to clean up. When I returned to

the room, she was already fully naked and on the bed. We talked a bit more, and kissed and touched.

Then I made love to her...I kissed her softly from her neck to her toes, stopping at everything in

between but leaving the pussy for last. As for her pussy...her labia are large and soft...very

suckable! Her clit is actually very tiny, and hidden deep within the upper if you're

going to go for a pussy lick, make sure you take your time, warm her up, and put some force into

your tongue technique. It's totally possible to make her cum (for real...the wetness and taste

cannot lie), but it's not so easy. She confessed that she normally doesn't orgasm with her clients,

so I think she was extra appreciative of me giving her two that night.

She made sure to return the favor, and went down on me like only a woman who knows what she is

doing can! I've had lots of lovers and girlfriends, but Carey gave me the best blowjob of my life!

She really knows how to work her lips and hands. She took my cum into her mouth, and made sure to

be very discreet about spitting it out into a tissue. I would never expect a prostitute to

swallow...hell, I was surprised she would give me oral without a condom!

After I came, we lay there and talked and touched some more while I was recovering. We then had

more fun with intercourse in several positions, finally ending with her on her back, masturbating

herself to orgasm #3 while I took off the condom (I hate those things) and masturbated until we

both came at the same, all over her lovely stomach.

Carey was really quite shy and sweet about the whole thing...especially when she needed to ask me

to pay her. There was nothing pushy at all...she even seemed sad to ask me for the money. Whether

that was an act or not, it was nice and I didn't feel at all like I had just paid only for sex. It

felt more like the end of a date, and I had just paid for dinner and a hotel room. Hell, even after

I had gotten dressed and was waiting for the taxi, when she returned from getting cleaned up, she

gave me the sweetest, biggest hug and kissed me while looking into my eyes. What a girl...what a


1.5 hours with her cost me 125 Euro. That, plus the 50 Euro entrance fee, and I still didn't pay

even 200 Euro for great sex with a gorgeous girl and a pretty fun evening. Hell, I spent more than

200 Euro on clothes the night before, so this is money well spent in my book! If you happen to be

lucky enough to have a 'date' with Carey, treat her well, respect her and treat her like a real

date as much as you can. You will definitely have a warm fuzzy experience in return :-)

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Posted on Wednesday, December 06, 2006 - 9:11 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

After a few recent visits and discussions with several women who once worked there, things seem to be slowing down at Samya. Evenings tend to be busier than days and afternoons. Many of the old faces have changed and have been replaced by new ones. The entry and bar staff have also changed.

The German gal "Honey" is still as popular as ever. She can still be found at the center of any party and dancing nude on the bar. Some former Samya women now work at Oase, Golden Time, Living Room etc. With all the changes, it's obvious that most of the newly listed women on the website don't have actual photos. While this is something that happens at every club, it was more apparent this trip.

Still, Samya has probably the best bar among the German clubs. Several types of sparkling water, juices, soft drinks, coffees and beer are within easy reach in help-yourself fridges. I love that drinks are still in bottles, which is something that has changed at other clubs to cut costs.

Samya can be a challenge to get to during the rush hour as the A4 has major construction and traffic jams. I've heard different costs for taxi fares from Koln or Bonn that range from 50 Euros to 100 Euros, depending on time of day and location. Taking public transportation to get to Samya would be difficult and complicated.

December 17, 2006 Samya will have a live band for their anual Xmas party and a huge buffet with Xmas treats. I'm sure the women will be in the Christmas spirit in dress, too.

Dates they'll be closed:
12/24/2006 Xmas Eve
12/31/2006 New Year's Eve
01/01/2007 New Year's Day

So keep these dates in mind when planing a trip.

All the women I ran into at other clubs who left Samya did so due to things slowing down. This is a problem with many of the other clubs. Women then move from club to club, thinking the grass is greener on the other side.

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Posted on Friday, September 28, 2007 - 7:02 pm:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Since it opened Samya has had it's ups and downs. It's gotten mixed reviews from visitors who've stopped in once or those who've tried it several times.

Prices are similar to GT,LR and PHG, 50 Entry, 50 for 30 minutes and 75 for an hour. I say 75 per hour since some people think it's 50 the first 30 minutes and 25 for each additional 30 minutes. Some guys think this means every 30 minutes after the initial 30 for 50 Euros is 25 Euros. This is not the way it works, it's 50 Euros for 30 mins and 75 Euros for 60 minutes.

The parking lot can fill quickly and spaces are narrow at best. Once it's full you can usually find a spot street side. When you enter you pay your 50 Euro, give your shoe size and receive towels, rob and a locker key. No security locker is provided, you pay the gal after her performance from your clothing locker.

At the front desk you'll note a black and white sheet that lists all the women working at the club and their pricing. While I've yet to see a gal who has different prices then the norm it does state who does what. For example anal, FT and things. Once you have your slippers, rob, towels and keys you make your way down the stairs to the first doorway on the right. The locker room can be tight and if you're lucky enough to get a locker at the end of room you'll be someones way. Restrooms are located on both floors. The one near the locker room is out the door to the right, first left, then the first glass door. If you continue at the first left you'll enter the women's dressing room. Don't make this mistake since you're not allowed in there.

Showers can be confusing since they have 3 different types, the first two straight back when you exit the locker room right. Notice the 2 private glass doored stalls, further back on the left are several showers next to the sauna and then another bank of showers in the middle of the room that face the sauna. Take care since both banks of showers are also used by guys who use the sauna. They seem to turn the knobs to full ice cold water, this done to cool off after a visit to the sauna. However for those of us who just want a nice warm shower it can be a shock.

The downstairs area not only is the men's locker room, women's locker room, shower area, sauna and women's storage area (where they keep their baggage and clothes. There's also seating and benches for times when you need a nap or break from all the loud music and smoke. Don't be surprised if one of the women are using the showers at the same time. It's not by chance that the place looks like a therapeutic medical facility, prior to being taken over that's exactly what this place was. They still work on sore muscles just a different sort of healing process.

Bar and food at Samya has always been a step above the rest. Summer months the food tends to be better then in the winter. The food area is almost always stocked and only differs by time of day, mornings its breakfast and noon it changes to lunch etc. Beverage selection is tops and even the carbonated water comes flat, fizzy and extra fizzy. Real orange juice or apple juice as well as the carbonated versions. All the drinks and beer are self serve via the glass doored coolers. The only drinks you need to ask for at the bar are coffee and tea. By the way, you're expected to bus your own plates after eating, it's appreciated to drop off your plates at the bar. Don't be a lazy ass and leave your plate at the table like your paying for your meal at a restaurant.

You're welcome to walk most of the lower basement floor as well as the main level. Don't go up the stairs unless your accompanied by a gal. During the warmer months you can also go outdoors which is via the glass door center of the back of the main room behind the curtains.

Women here tend to sit in groups by country and language. Probably the most notable and well known provider is "Honey" the perfect example of a young, attractive, German woman. She can be sweet and friendly however over the last year I've noticed signs of the business being too much for her. She is if anything a site for the eyes and a great example of a pretty German gal. Mixed in with the women you'll find popular and not so popular, experienced and unexperienced. For those that are new it's not bad advice to watch and see which women are popular and note which women don't go to the room much. This can be a clear sign of who to pick and who to avoid. Unexperienced woman are sweet but don't do much more then kiss (if you're lucky) and then cover and mount. This is common for several of the Slovakian gals. Lots of friendly eye contact and smiling going on, rarely will a gal approach you here. At peak times it's hard for newbies who don't frequent the place to find a gal. The women tend to spend more time and devote much of their time to regular guests.

Entertainment is common here and the owners often hold special events to spice things up. Unique food, band, performers etc. Another common event now is belly dancing on the bar which consists of 3-6 gals wearing beaded butt covers that jingle. Turn the volume up and put on some Arabic dance tunes and away they go. This works two fold, partly to get the crowd going and to see the movements of the women which might entice you to take her to the room.

While in the main lounge and bar area if you need to use the restroom its located just inside the entrance of the club, just past the glass door where you enter the club to the left as you enter.

During the warmer months as weather allows they often grill (BBQ) out back. Steaks, sausage, pork, chicken and turkey.

I've had great times here as well as a few basic sessions that I would not repeat. Again it aways comes down to making the right choice and finding that gal you connect with. If you find that, there's nothing like a 75 Euro hour. Rooms are basic, during the day windows offer full view, evenings lighting tends to be lower and less visibility. There is one room that has several beds which means if she takes you here you might have company during your session.

I've seen women from Bernd's, Babylon, GT, Oase and several other clubs here. Some stay and some go, however not many tend to call it home for more then a few months. This makes it tough when you find your dream connection and the next time you visit she's gone. The club itself is clean, staff is friendly and the prices are a better deal then the Frankfurt area. Days tend to be slower but easier for the newbie to find a connection, as the day goes on more women arrive and things tend to get busy. Most of the star staff work Thursday - Sunday so those days might offer better odds.

We need more clubs like this that offer the lower pricing and attractive women so support this place and give it a try, if it does not work for you the first time try another day.

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Posted on Sunday, May 16, 2010 - 12:19 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

My first FKK club and I have to say it was absolutely brilliant. Visited it 5 times in a week (phew!) and every time was fantastic. From 3.00pm onwards there were always at least 20 to 30 girls there, all very desirable, and all very ready to go upstairs with you. There was never any difficulty finding a girl; the only slight problem being you sometimes have to wait 5 minutes for a room to become free. Prices are very reasonable (by London standards, anyway) and the other staff friendly and helpful. Most girls spoke enough english to get by, some were very good at it.

Other than that, I'd broadly echo the comments of Seasoned Pro above from 3 years ago. I had a great time and will definitely go back. My personal recommendations (although they will probably have gone by the time you get there) are Aimee, Derin and Desiree.

By the way, this was the only FKK club that I could find which is reasonably accessible by public transport from Cologne - the number 16 U-bahn line has a station about 5 minutes walk from the club and the tram takes about 25 minutes from Central Cologne or Bonn. Taxi 20 euros each way from central Cologne.
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Posted on Sunday, May 16, 2010 - 11:40 am:   Edit PostDelete PostView Post/Check IP   Move Post (Moderator/Admin Only)Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I agree with Woollfox's assessment of Samya. It does get better from around 3pm when the second shift arrives. I prefer arriving early and having breakfast there. It's one of the only clubs that on request will make you a hot breakfast. They offer the regular cold cuts, cheese, bread, yogurt,jam, honey and hard boiled eggs.

At 11am most of the women working are those who live at the club. If you're unaware to keep costs down most clubs offer the girls room and board at the club. Some sleep directly in the club while others use the upstairs rooms. These live in girls are also enjoying breakfast when you arrive.

I like to take a peek at the woman's locker room area when I arrive. This gives me a chance to see who is getting ready for work before they come up to the main room. They're usually putting on make up, showering or primping. During a recent visit they ran out of lockers and issued me a locker in the woman's dressing room. This is an odd situation to be in. When I first walked in the women looked at me as if I was in the wrong locker room. Once they saw me unlocking my locker they understood I was here to stay. Here I was undressing next to naked women, high heels, underwear and cosmetic cases all over the place. The woman's locker room is almost as small as the mens, with about the same number of lockers.

If you have not been to Samya's in some time the lower floor has undergone a make over. They added the round style showers and removed the foot bath and older showers that were in the middle of the room just in front of the sauna and steam bath. They added some really nice lawn chairs, the heavy padded sort that allow you to lay flat or sit up. This is great for those who are suffering jet lag or taking a break between women, allowing you to sleep without being disturbed. Even the women can be found napping on these chairs during the day.

If I had to comment on something negative about Samya (there are not many things) I would complain about the mens locker room. It can be tight in the rear area and cause problems when more then a few guests are arriving or departing.

Another good tip for newbies is the info sheet just to the left of the front desk. It's a sheet that has the names of the women working and what they offer. So if you're into FT (Franzoisch Total CIM) it's shown on this list. It also includes (Schlucken) which is swallows. You need only figure out a girls name and then refer to this list for more details.

Samya has their long time women who have been around and their new women. Usually the newer ones are imports from Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia etc. These women seem to group in the couch area in the main room and sit together.

Just for fun one day I asked the owner who he would recommend. He motioned to a super hot bleached blond, I think it was "Relys" but don't call me on that. She is Romanian, slim, b cup and a really great tight ass. He also pointed out a latin or spanish speaking gal with larger hips. This girl he said is great if you like it rough, meaning you were into slapping her ass and banging her hard. She often can be heard saying "I fuck on da bull" or something like that. She has a diamond stud pierced on her lower back just above her ass.

If you like big natural breast Samya has several good women, one long time favorite is from Poland. They also offer gals from the middle east as well. From time to time they have Asian gals from Thailand and Philippines. Another star is Laura from Finland, she is petite, blond and has a tattoo around her belly button. While I can't comment on her from personal experience from what friends have said she either likes you or hates you. Some have stated that she is very good at what she does and has excellent oral skills.

Oh another small issue that I might mention is the large stone water globe fountain just to the right of the rear door. If you're wearing a robe and wonder how your elbows or back got wet this is how. The location of the fountain often causes people who are passing the tight area at the rear of the bar going to the food to rub against the fountain. This drove me nuts the first few visits to the club.

Drinks are all self serve, there are several glass door coolers just as you enter the main room to the left and right. One side is all beer while the other has Germany's best club selection of drinks. Coke, Coke Light, Fanta, Carbonated Apple juice, carbonated water, non carbonated water, apple juice and orange juice all in self serve bottles. The beer selection is just as impressive with flavored beers containing lemonade, cola and zero alcohol content. You'll need to ask for coffee or tea at the bar. The only other club that comes close to this is Freude 39. Even with all the offerings Samya manages to keep the entry to only 50 Euros.

During sporting events you can find the men on the third floor which was recently re-done with a Hollywood motive. Note the rat pack on the wall just to the right as you enter. Watch your step as the floor has several rises and drops, hitting one of these drops with your toes can be a problem. This is also another drawback although minimal a fall or broken toe during your visit might but a damper on things. Once in a while you find a gal up here but usually only to use her phone.

Samya has some nice rooms and some plain rooms, if you're lucky enough you'll get one of the larger rooms with an Africa motive. There's a Marilyn room and even a bondage room with whips and rack but I'm not sure which gal offers services for this room.

There is always food served and after breakfast they usually have several choices. On warmer days just outside in the rear to the left you'll notice the BBQ. They usually serve steaks, turkey, sausage and pork.

I'm not sure if he is still available but for the longest time the masseuse was this big Indian/Pakistani guy named Sami. He was known to give a good massage and worked downstairs where the lie down chairs are.

Samya is one of the last clubs to have the automated toilets. When they first opened this was the rage in Germany. I think Atlantis used to have them as well. If you have not noticed they are regular sized toilets that have a sensor and rotating seat. They are self cleaning and once they notice you getting up they flush and this head motors out with a brush that sets down on the seat. It then begins to rotate cleaning the seat. I would suspect these things would break down after time, they are buttons as well to manually activate them. Pretty cool on one hand but a bit overkill. This was part of the Samya concept to do a little more for the guests. This is also the first place I noticed the (soccer goal with ball target) located in the urinals. A nice touch when you need to pee and it gives you a target. Some of the other clubs started doing this as well but often the ball when missing.

Parking is limited as well and can be tight with the fountain located in the middle of the lot. Should the lot be full you can park out front on the street. The club is located in an industrial area near a Beer distribution company. There is easy on and off autobahn access.

While this club is often listed as an FKK Sauna club I would not agree that it is an authentic FKK club. You'll need to travel a bit further south to "Schieferhof" or Bernd's Sauna Club which is a true FKK club. Samya is relatively new when compared to Bernd's which has been around for over 25 years now and invented the FKK Sauna club concept. The big difference is that the women most often are wearing something and that means "NO FKK" but it's accepted since men are in towels and robes and the women are almost naked. Visitors who are just now finding the FKK scene in the last 5 years don't know what they are missing. In the day it was demanded that the women be TOTALLY nude wearing only heels. The rules also included that the women could not approach the guests. Service was something the women had pride in and excellent service was provided with the concept that these guests would become regulars. With the addition of the flood of Romanian and Bulgarian gals this concept has slowly eroded and been lost.

One must now take care when selecting a gal, they don't all provide GFE service nor do they all know what good sex is.

It's not often that Samya will turn you away at the door but I have seen it happen. I've also seen guys being asked to leave so mind your self and don't be surprised if you are asked to leave. Remember this place serves alcohol so that means guys get a bit carried away.

There are two experienced stars which can often be found. Lana from the Ukraine who is a tad older and more mature (I personally think is very attractive) has all the curves in the right places. This women is closer to GFE and provides excellent service. There is also another gal from CZ who often dances on the pole. She has her own style when she dances which is more holding the pole and marching around it then swinging on it. I'm told she is also great in the room. Her hair was a bit shorter the last time I saw her.

One of the strongest and best reasons to visit Samya are the prices. 50 Euros for the first 30 and 25 Euros for the second 30. 75 for the hour. Extra's such as FT are also 25. Withing the Koln area some clubs charge much more and 50 for each 30 minutes. It's still a bit unclear if Samya offers the 50 first 30 and then 25 for all 30 minutes after the first. LR and GT while the prices are not written down this is the case. This means you could go to the room for 2 hours and pay only 125 Euros. At Samya notice on the website that they only state 50 then the second 30 and all else is to be discussed with the gal.

Samya just opened a sister club, Mondial in Koln. Previously it was the Mediterranean club which offered one entry and all you can bang rates. They closed after which Samya stepped in re-naming it Mondial (Same name it had prior to being Mediterranean club. Entry is only 30 Euros but alcohol is extra. Now don't go running off to this club expecting another Samya. I went to the grand opening (which did not include working gals) just food, drink and a chance to see the facility. Samya did some renovations and changes, including an array of LCD screens along the walls, a sit down eating area with buffet style food.

I visited a few days later when they were in full swing and was a bit disappointed. The club is focused more on the value oriented guest. Women were almost all Romanian and Bulgarian. Music was way too loud, the loudest I've ever encountered at a club. Ear piercing.

Samya still is one of my favorite stops, talent will change as it does at all clubs. Bar the best in the business and food is above average and always served.

I would suggest looking into one of the FKKTOUR tours if you're new at this game, I know Samya is on their list of clubs they visit.

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