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Lots of bars, discos and clubs for men. The Hard Rock, Charleston and Deja Vu are good places to try in this area for available women.

Went to a “health club” called Madonna about two blocks from the main intersection. It is hard to find but I went there a couple times about a year ago and had a very good time. Madonna has a website in English – very unusual. Nearly all the other similar places reject foreigners.

Basically, you pay your money and get sent to an apartment in the building. The girl opens the doors and you make small talk for a few minutes (if you have a common language.) Then she takes you to the shower and cleans you and disinfects you. (I like clean so it doesn’t bother me.) Then she showers and the two of you go naked to the bed. Usually it is a covered or BBBJ, kissing, or a handjob if you want. It costs about $200 for an hour. But I really like Japanese girls.

This time I got a girl (?Marina). Young, about 20 with a great body. However, as she opened the door she was coughing, she had a bad cold – and cold sores. She smoked, I don’t. She had way too much makeup on – looked like the gal on Drew Carey. And she kept saying how tired she was because she stayed up all night dancing at the local clubs. (In Tokyo the subways stop about 11:30 so unless you want a very expense cab ride – you go home early. The bars generally close by 11 to 12. Except at Roppongi where it is common to party all night until the subways start again in the morning. I did that three times in eight days – and I am over 50.)

Anyway, she tried hard to please with a covered (thank god) BJ, 69, etc. But I was more concerned with what disease I’d get from this sick girl (I didn’t catch anything – whew!). Anyway, not good value for the money, but previous trips to Madonna had been much better. Not sure if I’m going back again.

By the way, I also went to the 21 Seiki BJ bar in Shinjuku. They take foreigners!! For 8000 yen you get two girls come to your dark booth and give you a BBBJ in public. They work in shifts, after about 30 minutes the first leaves and the second comes to finish you off. Not great looking girls, but passable and really worked at their job. I’ll go back.

The website is

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