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I have had some reasonable success with a couple of out-call services in Tokyo, both found via the Metropolis magazine which one can find in most restaurants and bars around town. Like any out-call, you never know what will show up at your door.

Cherry Blossoms, Haru-san at 81 / 090 9374 3404 or 03 5563 1433. Fairly new operation with only about 5 to 6 girls to chose from. He will send a lady to your hotel for a sexual massage for JPY35,000 (no ML), ML full service additional 10k (about US$290 and 82 respectively) although I have only paid the 10k the first time (Yoko) I used Cherry Blossoms. Girls only stay one hour but extension of time is possible with additional negotiable cost.

Tokyo Enjoy, Bo-san at 81 / 090 9236 4526. Has a web site at with pictures of some of his girls but I would take that with grain of salt as I had Maria and she did not look much like the web site one. Full services for JPY35,000 for 70 minutes service with extension of time possible for negotiable fee. The other ladies look good but have not tried any of them but intend to at some point.

Tokyo Enjoy
I have returned from Tokyo for vacation. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to visit the soaplands, but I did try the TokyoEnjoy escort service.
Requested a young slender Japanese girl and got what I requested. She wasn’t extremely pretty like some of the pictures at their website, but was very friendly and nice. The rate is 35000 yen for an hour, and she arrived within 40 minutes after the phone call. She would shower, provide the service (full-service), shower, then leave within the 1 hour time period. (1) No French Kissing (no kissing at all on the lips)

(2) No BJ without condom. I had condom on.
(3) Yes, I was able to do down on her
(4) No I didn’t do BJ to completion in her mouth nor did I ask. Just had standard full-service.
(5) I didn’t ask about the girls having uniforms, so I am not sure if they have that service. The girl I had came in business attire (standard dress I am sure).
(6) Are there any other agencies that I can recommend? Because that was my first time, my answer is No. But in the magazine “Metropolis” there are a lot of Escort services advertised. This magazine is free and you can get it pretty much anywhere.

I am sure services received by an escort may vary with each person, so some of the services that the readers had asked me at 21orover may be able to request and get them. Would recommend them to post if they try and get their requests.
Personally, I had a better time at the “esute” parlours.

I have used Tokyo Enjoy at least 4 times. I have had three of the girls twice. One seemed very mechanical to me but she hung in there when I was very drunk and it took her forever to get me off! The other girls were all into deep french kissing which I actually found to be quite nice and like a GFE. Each girl had a special quality or talent, like rimming or anal play. I have tried one other escort from a card. She was older but had a nice smooth body. All in all the shops in Shinjuku are hit and miss but I have been lucky – can’t describe where exactly as there are just so many. They are a better value when it works out but sometimes I just like being in my nice hotel room instead of a skanky shop. I haven’t tried the Pink Salons which sound interesting but maybe too much like a petri dish-I need to learn more. Lately, I have just been seeing my local SF who is a sweetheart I met there awhile back. Lots of girls in Tokyo just like us gaijins now as we treat them nice. It is great fun to have a local cutie show you around in between banging like a rabbit. happy hunting

Tried the one today, and there was definitely nothing mechanical there. She is bit older (I guess 30) but very nice body (well, the tits could be a tiny bit firmer, but that is really the only flaw I could think of. No stretch marks or anything of this sort). Definitely has been round the block, and enjoys the proceedings tremendously. Very enthusiastic. The weird thing is that she is a screamer too, and it does not seem faked. I tried any position I could think of (well, that is probably not saying too much), came once, got an excellent massage, and then a BBBJ to top it off. Definitely recommended if you want an enthusiastic session.

Was in Tokyo for three nights and saw someone each evening. The first evening, Tokyon Enjoy girl. She was fantastic. Small, tight body, with small breasts, and dyed hair that was a little worse for wear due to the dye jobs.

We started off feeling each other up and get a little hot. I started undressing her and she definitely was responsive. I soon had here down to her boots and her fishnet stockings, while I was sucking on her tits (amazingly large nipples). She got very hot. I then went down on her. She was definitely hot and as I sucked her, kissed her, and ate her, I was playing with her ass. She seemed to be open to my explorations and I think I would have been able to carry it further.

With a little proding from me, she moved to sucking my cock. Wasn’t the most inspired BJ in the world, but was ok and was BBBJ. From the BBBJ, we moved to covered full service with her on top and bottom. It was fun and she was definitely into it. Our session included “light” deep french kissing. As the session progressed, she did warm up on this front. At the end of the session, I asked if I could call her directly, and she said yes, giving me her phone number and cell phone email.

The next night I called her directly and we set up a time. The session was the same in terms of content, but was longer (we were together for a couple of hours) and more intense. Both times, she was really into things. She gave me definite feedback that was a good imitation or the real thing (and how am I supposed to know the difference). The second time she seemed more at ease and willing to kiss. We also had the time for two shots, which was fun.

The third night, I tried to hook up with Avenue-A, but nothing happened, so I called Tokyo Enjoy to get someone else. She was of good height, slim, hard body (harder than Ran) with long, straight black hair. She was open to pretty much everything, but pushed me away when I played with her ass.

Exotica Tokyo
Yet another service I have yet to try is Exotica Tokyo., 090 6311 9003. Attractive site but limited information. They used to have photos of their girls but removed them about 4 months ago and have yet to repost. I remember several caucasians, probably Russian. Services, undefined, for Y35k for 1 hour, Y55k for 2 hours, Y150k for 6 hours.

Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms, Haru-san at 81 / 090 9374 3404 or 03 5563 1433.
Fairly new operation with only about 5 to 6 girls to chose from. He will send a lady to your hotel for a sexual massage for JPY35,000, full service additional 10k (about US$260 and $75 respectively) although I have only paid the 10k premium the first time (Yoko) I used Cherry Blossoms. Girls only stay one hour but extension of time is possible with additional negotiable cost. Full service with condom, BJ without condom.

Avenue A
They seem to have a discount campaign going on. Anybody tried them?
Their guest book shows quite an interest in “Luna” — understandably, if you look at the pictures.
According to the comments from the owner, she is 19 will only be working for him until end of May.
Anybody tried yet?

Just got back from Japan, where I tried hooking up with Avenue-A.

I emailed them in advance and had a good correspondence going. Got in on a Sunday night and called them around 6:00 PM. Asked for someone and was told that no one would be working until 9:30 PM. I knew that I would be toast at that time, so I said “no thank you” and called Tokyo Enjoy.

Tried to hook up over the next several days, to no avail. I have a promise to get me someone the next time I am in Tokyo and I will be giving them another chance. If it doesn’t work out, I will stick with Tokyo Enjoy.

Asian Mystique

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