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Ikebukuro (3 stations north of Shinjuku) is probably Tokyo’s biggest red light district after Shinjuku. There are numerous ‘shops’ such as Este, Fashion Health, Image Clubs. It also has a lot of ‘Married Women Fashion Health’ (like a normal Fashion Health, except that the girls are between 30 and 40). I’ve been wanting to try this type of shop for a while, but was hesitating because these shops are ‘Japanese Only’. However, my Japanese skills have improved and I decided to present myself as a American Japanese born in the US (which is a big lie as I am from Chinese descent born in France!). The shop I had in mind was called ‘Oishii Hitozuma’ which litteraly means ‘Delicious Married Woman’.
Here is the URL: http://www.bigdesire.co.jp/Area/Ikebukuro/seikan/oishii/index.html

Got there, presented myself, and it worked like a charm! Pricing is JPY 15,000 for 1 hour everything included (deep kissing, BBBJ, 69, Sumata and finishing in the girl’s mouth or on her face), and you can come as much as you can. The woman I had was a beautiful Japanese lady in her late 30’s, and as soon as we met she was very GFE. I already had a huge hard on when she took me to the shower. She started giving me a BJ in the shower which was a very nice attention from her. Back to the room, we did everything possible on the program and she made me come twice.
In this shop, there is a 90 minutes course where you can either have two girls for 45 minutes each or 3 girls for 30 minutes each. With the great number of working women here, I think I’ll be busy for a while before I try another shop in this area (hoping that my strategy will work somewhere else).

As far as I know, the only available information is in Japanese, so if you can read Japanese, you can go to Google Japan and type (in Kanji) ‘hitoduma seikan’ (hitoduma = housewife, seikan = sexual massage) and you will get lots of links.
Otherwise, Big Desire (www.bigdesire.co.jp) has a special page with only ‘housewives’ health.

update on this ‘housewife shop’. I’ve been going there regularly now (once a week over the past 3 months). There are new commers every week, so I have given up trying other shops. I have 3 ‘regulars’ now (on the 9 housewives I’ve tried so far), and they all provide ‘first class’ FS for no extra tip. And they are so much hotter than the younger girls I’ve seen in other Fashion Health or Este. So if you can pretend to be Japanese, that’s a shop that is really worth trying!

Earlier this year, I tracked down a ‘gaijin’ or ‘kinpatsu’ (blond) fashion health in Ikebukuro called Aqua. The shop’s Web site is http://www.fspot.net/shop/aqua/index.html. It is about a 5-minute walk from the north gate of the Ikebukuro JR station–to the west of Bic Camera. The entrance is just a doorway with stairs leading up–the sign has a cartoon of a Caucasian girl with a cowboy hat on (woohoo) and there’s a signboard in front with non-Japanese women’s pictures.

I was there in the early morning, so the charge was (I think) 10K for 45 minutes, plus 2K to choose a girl from the pictures. The facilities are pretty spartan. I went with a girl who spoke only Spanish–since I don’t, we communicated in mutual broken Japanese (kind of funny and awkward).

The service consisted of covered BJ, body rub, mutual manipulation. I was offered a second shot, but there really wasn’t time. Also, I was offered FS for an additional 10K, but that wasn’t what I was looking for.

I’m not sure how friendly the shop is to gaijin customers–my ethnic background is such that I can pass for Japanese if I don’t have to talk too much. I’ve heard from other foreigners who have tried similar gaijin health shops (especially Garden of Eden) that they were turned down–only Japanese are allowed to touch these gaijin girls?

Anyhow, for about 12K (a bit less, as I had a discount ticket from the Web site), it seems you can get 2 shots at CBJ and a GFE–but as always Your Mileage May Vary.

For your first try, I would suggest to go there and select the woman you fancy from the set of pictures the guy at the front desk will provide you. You won’t be able to get FS the first time anyway. The directions to the shop is pretty well indicated from their web page. That’s how I got there the first time. To get in this shop, just pretend you are Japanese (if this is possible for you). We can continue that discussion ‘off line’ if you wish.

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