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Machida is one of the smaller cities near Tokyo. Its almost between Tokyo and Yokohama. There isn’t much there for the average tourist, but if you happen to be close to it then it may be worth while to check it out. It probably exists just to service the locals. I’m sure there are many areas like this in Japan, I just happened to find this one.

The area is located about a block away from the JR (Japanese Rail)Yokohama line at Machida station. To get there, take either the JR Yokohama line to Machida station (well, duh) or the Odakyu line to Machida station. For the second option go out the southern exit up the short staircase to the 2nd floor platform and you will see the JR line entrance on the opposite side of the street. It is only a short walk between the two stations.

Go thru the JR Machida station, past the ticket lines to the escalator or stairways down to street level. There will be a Denny’s opposite you. Cross the street and go straight on the sidewalk, passing Denny’s on your left with the road on your right. You will pass a small parking lot on your left followed by a Pachinko parlor (Pachinko is a semi-legal form of gambling in the form of a game). Down the block before the end of the road start looking to your left down the side streets. You’ll first see Love hotels, often with streetwalkers, but the real goal is the small alleyways ahead with the semi-brothels.

The brothel is comprised of less than 20 mini rooms in a very tight area, and usually about half of them will be occupied by a girl at night. They almost all have a sliding glass door on the front, a small “bar” room where the girl waits for her customers, and a small inner room with the bed – actually a bed cushion on the floor, Japanese style. Cost is 10,000 Yen for a 15 minute session including blowjob followed by sex, all with a condom.

Don’t bother with the streetwalkers, I haven’t seen a decent looking one yet. Even if their prices are lower than the brothel girls the cost of a room would negate your savings. The street walkers are older Japanese who must be looking to make a few extra bucks. Must be pretty desperate too if you ask me.

The brothel area has girls working from the afternoon on wards, but the selection gets better later by nighttime. But even in the late afternoon there will usually be 6 or 7 women working, most of them at least decent looking, and maybe even a cute one. Most of them are from Thailand, though I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few Chinese too. I think the cuter (Thai) ones come out at night when the business is better, the afternoon women are a mixed bunch, maybe even a slightly older Japanese.

Don’t expect a great deal of enthusiasm from these women, they won’t be the fucks of your life but I never had an especially bad experience with one. The area usually has a few Japanese men browsing the wares, especially at night. It is in a very safe area.

Not far from the brothel area, near the canal (on the opposite side of the brothel) there is a pink salon. But it didn’t accept me. Maybe others would have better luck. There is also a “Hostess Club” in the area which isn’t foreign friendly either.

Update on what’s going on around Chiba prefecture lately. Small mention of Machida. rts.html,UPDATE

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