Street Walkers

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Look for Okubo which is one stop west from Shinjuku (Large Red Light District} on the Chuo line. Many street walkers and hotels (Love Hotels 2500 yen for 2 hours} located in the alleys behind the station. 10k to 25k yen

The Okubo stop is not the best. In fact, there’s quite a number of transvestites that work that area, especially the closer you get to Shinjuku. The quality of the women there is also not the best. Many older women.

I’d recommend hopping on the Yamonote line (the green line that circles Tokyo) and hopping off at Ikebukuro. I -think- you take the North exit. If it looks lively, you’ve taken the right exit. If not, try again.

Once out of the station, head straight (or maybe a little diagonally to your right) then make a right turn on one of the side streets. Keep walking through the area with the Soaplands where you’ll generally be ignored unless you’re Japanese. You’ll come to the end of the busy area. Shortly after that, you should see a number of women waiting along the street and on
the corners.

Spanish is very prelevant. In addition, there are very few foreigners there, unlike in Shinjuku. Therefore, the girls must cater to Japanese clientelle (sic?), and are generally cleaner and prettier than the girls near Shinjuku.

I met a Panamanian girl there that was a lot of fun and sexy as hell (no stretch marks or scars, clean all over, beautiful figure). She had been there a week and was tired of the Japanese guys. I was lucky enough to have her for 15,000 yen plus me paying the room of 5000 yen. The room was very clean, and actually quite large for a Japanese hotel room.

Shinjiku has a small population of streetwalkers, made smaller as the police have fenced-in most of the small parks where the girls would wait for customers.

The easy path to these remaining girls is to take the East exit of Shinjuku JR station, follow straight down the walking street to the left of Studio Alta, across Yamate-dori to the Koma Stadium. Here you will make a small left, then right past the movie theaters. At the end you will see a police box and the Hygeia Building. Go along the front of Hygeia and make a right onto a one-lane street lined with love hotels.

Walk along the sidewalk and you will see a half dozen or so ladies in the shadows. What you will find here is really pot luck… I have met Japanese girls, Thai girls, Filipino, Taiwanese and Korean (the latter two usually obvious transvestities).

If you see something you like, don’t get too complex with negotiation. A typical bargain will be JPY20,000. The swing factor is who pays for the hotel (valued at JPY5,000). If you can get the girl to pay, more power to you.

You will invariably get a decent short time poke. The one thing that is nice is that, with so much $$ at stake, girls don’t mess around with a guy walking out because of bad service.

Only advice is NEVER to use the love hotels just along the Hygeia strip. They will give you less than an hour and will start calling your room to vacate 15min before time is up. This is the one place that Japanese service does not live up to its reputation.

By the way, walking back in the streets across the road from Hygeia, there used to be lots of foreign (Brazilian, Taiwanese, etc.). It is totally sanitized of all fun activity. Too bad for all the mom-and-pop love hotels that had made businesses there.

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