Strip Clubs

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Visited Theatre of Super Tokyo, in Sumida-ku district. You pay a cover charge, which includes your drinks. Then you pay small tips to all dancers (this is expected), and may request that one sit with you. This is for drinks and conversation only, no sexual contact. Still it’s pleasant. Wide variety of ethnic dancers, though mainly non-oriental. From Finland, Canada, France, Czech, Estonia, Israel and Romania.

Went to a place on the far side of Kabukicho (near Shinjuku). It had both Western and Japanese girls. Most places that accept foreigners only have western girls – I prefer Japanese girls, but the Japanese places won’t let us “gaijin” in. The touts gave me a card – 80minutes for 5000 yen. Went there and met a girl (Luka), exactly what I wanted – had a great time. Ladies drinks are 1000 yean and private dances are 5000 yen. She was beautiful, spoke excellent English and drove me wild. I spent about $120. I was completely satisfied.

A few days later I went back, still had a great time but Luka was not quite as friendly and I still dropped about 50,000 yen (near $500) for some companionship and some sexy dancing in the back room. Of course I was drunk but Luka was absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, I’d think it was worth it except I’ve been to the FKK clubs in Germany and the Termas in Rio. The price was pretty high for what I got. — but I may still go back on my next trip.

Tokyo is great but it is hard to get in the Japanese clubs. I would have paid extra for that and I can speak some Japanese. Anyway, Japanese girls are truly beautiful (unless you like big breasts), but it is a very expensive place.

Yes, most of the strip joints in Japan have a small side room where you can get oral, sometimes FS – usually from the girl that immediately previously danced on stage. The rooms are called “pink room”, or, how the Japanese would say it, “pinku roomoo”. Just ask someone and they will tell you. But not all clubs have them.

As with everything related to commercial sex in Japan, there are strip clubs targeting foreign visitors (gaijin) and those which cater primarily to the Japanese.

For the ‘Western-style’ clubs, most are located in Roppongi, the most active nightclub district. These follow the typical “gentlemen’s club” model–cover charge (usually includes a couple of drinks), one or two stages with dancers doing their sets (generally topless), and table dances and private dances. The cost of a private dance seems to be around Y7K nowadays. Your mileage may vary, but I’ve always gotten more contact than at pretty much any U.S. strip club.

Note that at these clubs, most dancers are either from North America or Europe, and all are non-Japanese. The prime example of this type of club is Seventh Heaven (see the link at, but similar clubs include Roaring 20s, Tantra Mens Club, and Crazy Horse in Roppongi, plus Wild West in Shinjuku.

The more typical Japanese club is more like a burlesque-style striptease show, usually featuring AV (adult video) stars. A big difference from U.S. clubs is that audience members may be invited onto the stage to take part in the show, up to an sometimes including actual sex. The line-up of performers changes roughly every 10 days and is almost always posted on the club’s Web site.

If you really want a wild time, try to visit one of these clubs when they have their special ‘amateur’ shows, when they have 10 to 20 performers at a time who often roam the audience and give lap dances as well as the stage shows. At some theaters, I’ve heard that there are small private rooms where customers can pay something like Y5K to have sex with non-Japanese performers (usually South American), but I’ve never seen this personally.

The best resource site for traditional Japanese strip theaters has to be:
(Japanese language only)

I don’t think that these theaters discriminate against foreigners, but if you don’t speak at least some Japanese, you may not get very far (probably they claim that you have to at least understand the ‘rules’ of the club).

Oh, and about the Western-style clubs–you can usually go to their Web site and find out how to get a discount on the cover charge. For the Japanese strip theaters, there is almost always a link to a ‘waribiki’ (discount coupon) that you can print out for reduced admission.

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