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Japan likes to think of itself as a Western country, most Japanese don’t like the fact that they belong to Asia. But Japan is of course so different from the Europe I know. Very often the Japanese should be proud they aren’t European; the crime rate, the respect for each other and so much more. But the following makes me proud Japan isn’t a European country. It is tough on the AFS-mailing list to criticize another country, especially your host country (but we are all free to criticize USA…). I have tried to come to terms with the prostitution-problem, to really accept it. But I can’t, it hurts me every day when I see the young girls in my high school who outside school sell sex. It has hurt all my friends here as well, so I felt it could be okay to tell you guys about it:

Tonight I saw it again. Japanese high school girls trying to sell sex. The girls can get big sums of money for doing this, the incentive is of course the money. The girls wore the garment that has totally taken over the kimono’s popularity; the miniskirt.

Foreigners who come to Japan for a short period of time won’t notice this. If you go to Thailand you will see fat old Germans and Norwegians on the beach with Thai children on their laps. Foreigners are disgusted by this. It stops normal people from going to the beautiful Thailand and creates a lot of other problems. For example the high AIDS rate, unemployment, crime and so on.

Japan is definitively more sophisticated. And Japan’s way doesn’t scare away tourists.

It is pronounced “terekrabu” (Teleclub) in Japanese. Notice that English words are combined to make up this word (anything sounding American is cool and accepted). All high school students know what a Teleclub is. And 36% of all female high school students have called such a club. To make it worse, 25% of Junior high school girls have also called.

Let me describe how this works:

Only men go to these Teleclubs. They have to pay to be there/get in. Girls call to the Teleclub for free, and if things work out they’ll arrange a “date”.

It is impossible for a girl to stay one day in Tokyo without getting a commercial for a Teleclub, phone numbers are printed on free tissues handed out all over Tokyo. Girls call to the Teleclubs for free, men sit there and wait.

This creates no big problems. Foreigners don’t notice this, only a few can read Japanese. And generally it stimulates growth more than it creates economic problems, the economy is after all the Japanese Government’s main (and only) concern.

The minimum age for having/selling sex in Tokyo is 14. Even though it is difficult to measure maturity, a Japanese 14-yearold is certainly less mature than a Norwegian at the same age rated on a Western scale. (I still haven’t figured out what the Japanese scale is like).

Personally I think prostitution is okay as long as the seller and buyer are both over the majority age in the respective country (only organized prostitution is outlawed in Norway), just to have that mentioned.

But what’s the sickening thing here in Japan is not only that children sell sex! The total ignorance of the problem is the worst. Women in Japan are used to being suppressed in various ways. They are discriminated in their jobs and forced to become housewives when they get children. For these reasons and more they don’t protest against this sex-sale.

So girls in my class tell me that it is completely accepted morally for 14-year olds to sell sex and that they have no problems with it. Mothers don’t care. Teachers don’t care. Girls are expelled for smoking, but they are allowed to sell sex. Teachers may of course also take advantage of the students. In junior high schools it is normal for girls to give their teachers massages. And in high school teachers who sleep with students are not at all unknown.

I can’t see any good arguments defending this sex trade. The foreign teachers over here get a lot of inside information, especially my friends who are in only girl schools (I am sorry I can’t mention a fraction of what I know/have heard)

You may wonder why not more foreigners go to Japan to buy sex, the answer is: PRICES.

I can give you some examples. A girl I know sold her virginity for 1 million yen (60000NOK 10000 USD). That’s a lot of money, even in Japan a teenager can live on 10000 bucks for a while.

The girls today told me that they turned down today’s offer (it wasn’t good enough). They told me it’s possible to get 50-60000yen in Tokyo. These girls were real beauties (that kind of girls you would marry without knowing anything about their personality) so that raises the price.

Better stop here. Just wanted to show you what most of my friends here dislike the most about Japan. We all live after different values, but I am not planning to defend this sale pointing at cultural differences. Just wanted to tell you outsiders about this. Most people don’t get to see Japan’s backyard, now I have given you a glimpse of it.

I don’t remember which Asia-edition of Newsweek that dealt with this issue in December 1998 (or 97?), but find that one if you are interested in knowing more (cover story). It was a great article that surely pissed of some Japanese politicians who would like to have kept “Japan’s dirty secret” (name of the article) a secret.

Teleclubs are the same here in Korea just on a bit of a smaller scale. I was in Tokyo a few months ago and yes its here as well they call it wang-ja yo-Jae and the Teleclubs are supposed to be banned but the fines are minute compared to the profit motive. that’s just how it is, Korean People blame it on the Japanese, but it is different from Thailand and some other south east Asian countries, it is done not to buy some girls family a cow up country or any thing like that it is for Prada bags and designer shoes not for food or rent not the same situation

It is located in the Shibuya district of Tokyo. From the station, use Hachiko exit and cross the major intersection into a promenade road. There are quite a few clubs, karaoke bars, restaurants, video arcades, etc. in this area. After walking a minute up the street look to your left and you’ll see a red sign with “21 seiki” (21st century) in white writing. It is located on the 3rd or 4th floor. (If you reach a McDonald’s on your left, you’ve passed it up.)

You go into this place and are seated in a booth. All the booths have a small table and the place is dark. Everyone faces the same direction. The host offers you a drink (included in the price) and in a minute a nice lady appears next to you for some company. I’ve come across some Japanese ladies here but there are also other Asian ladies available. If you have a request from a previous visit, that can also be arranged.

After some small talk, she begins to get comfortable and begins to massage your crotch and quickly asks you to remove your pants. With some wash cloths, a few wipes are given for cleanliness. Then the oral parts begins. She takes her clothes off and you’re pretty much free to do anything. Although intercourse is technically off-limits, it can be done. You also have to realize that there are guys within a few feet you getting it on with their companions too. She continues with here BBBJ non-stop! You can caress her, finger her, kiss her, french her, pinch her, massage her anytime during your visit. As soon as you’re “satisfied” and she takes it in her mouth, she quickly cleans you up, leaves for a second and returns for the “denouement”. That is, if time remains, the normal visit lasts 30 minutes. Prices are as follows: 4-7pm: JPY6000 (US$60); 7-8pm: JPY7000; 8-12close: JPY8000

Alert to the readers!
The first post by ‘Concerned individual’ contains serious misunderstanding on the legal situation. Minimum age for sex might be 14. But having immoral sex with a girl under 18 is illegal and causes you big problems. If you buy sex from a girl under 18 and are found, you will be arrested and your name might be posted on a newspaper. For the details, refer following page.

the Japanese Legal situation


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