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The country is possibly one of the most dangerous, dirtiest, polluted, rat-infested, politically corrupt countries in the entire world. English is spoken widely (Tagalog is the main language), making it one of the easiest countries to travel to. Many of the local TV stations and newspapers are in English. Many of the girls you will meet, if not all, speak at least elementary English. Thus you will not have the same huge language gaps you find in Asian countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and so on. While the Philippines has little to offer in the way of culture, food, entertainment, and safety, what it offers in the way of hospitality among the women make it nothing less than a sexual and romantic paradise for single men. Angeles is a two hour bus ride north of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Angeles was the former home of the U.S. Clark Air Force Base. The military base was vacated in June 1991, due to the volcanic eruption of Mt. Pinatubo. Pinatubo practically wiped out the entire city, filling it with white volcanic ash. While the base was active (before June 1991), there were more than 200 bars and over 12,000 Filipina bar girls (LBFM or “Little Brown Fucking Machines” as the GI’s called them) working as dancers, waitresses, entertainers, etc., making Angeles one of the world’s largest and most active red light district. After the bases shut down (June 1991), the night life practically died, but not completely. But by 1995 it had already began to make it’s come back. Currently, there are currently more than fifty-five active bars with anywhere from 20 to 40 girls per bar, enough to keep you well satisfied throughout your stay. Angeles City is without a doubt the hottest place in the Philippines to chase girls.

What to Expect

You should not find any difficultly getting laid every single night if you go to the main red light districts where tourists go. There you will find an abundance of very fun loving girls who range anywhere from 18 to 29 years of age. Most of the bar girls will be in their late teens or early to mid twenties, although by the way they act and look, you would think they are all twelve to fifteen years old. Although most Filipina girls can speak at least a little bit of English, do not expect to get much of an intelligent conversation. Of course, you are not coming here for that, you are here for the sex and romance, which this country has no shortage of. Indeed, the Philippines is still a sexual paradise.

It is safe to say the goal of a Filipina girl is to get an American man, get married and move to the US. Perhaps that explains why the vast majority of pen pal services set up for men in the US end up corresponding mostly with girls from the Philippines (the fact they can speak English also plays a major factor). Although extremely shy, at the same time Filipina’s are incredibly friendly and open to meeting male travelers. It is not uncommon to meet a Filipina in the market, on the street, in a bar, at a disco, or anywhere else. You see her walking along and next thing you know she turns, smiles, giggles and blushes. When that happens, she has signaled she is interested. Go up to say hi and next thing you know she is inviting you to come to her home to meet her family. Visit her home, even on the first visit, and it’s not uncommon to find yourself discussing the wedding plans with her family! As for bar girls, the same pretty much applies, except you add money and sex to the figure.

Believe it or not, you can get free sex, even with bar girls, in the Philippines. However, it is recommended, because of the high level of poverty among the girls, you always pay a tip of at least 200 pesos ($4) for a quick session of passion and romance and 300 pesos ($6) if the girl spends the entire night. As for taking girls out of the bars, the price varies from city to city. In Manila, the most expensive, girls can cost up to $100 or more. Cebu bar girls cost 2,000 to 3,000 pesos ($40 to $60) for all night sex. Angeles and Subic rates are very low, 1,000 pesos ($20) for all night or 200 pesos ($4) for a girl you might pick up on the street.

Although prostitution is technically illegal, the police are corrupt and bar owners pay off the cops to turn the other way. Tourists are rarely arrested for having sex with a prostitute unless their is complaint (i.e., rape, seduction, loss of virginity, etc.). Although the age of consent is 16, it is advised you stay clear of women in the bars under 18 years of age.
The age of consent is 18 years old.

Not too long ago I met a guy who has been traveling the Orient for over 30 years. He first came to Philippines on vacation in 1969. He’s been living there ever since. Not too long ago the two of us went bar hopping in Philippines and I had a chance to ask him why he had chosen to spend the rest of his life living in the Orient. Here was his answer. “You know, Mac, I’ve been coming to Philippines for over thirty years now. Thirty years ago, when I first came here I was sleeping with Filipina girls in their late teens and early twenties. Now check this out. Here I am, in my late fifties, and I’m still sleeping with girls in their late teens and early twenties. I have friends in the states who are in their fifties and if they are lucky, they might get a date with a woman in her forties. Yet, here I am scoring with girls that are young enough to be my grandchildren. Wouldn’t you say that is reason alone to pack your bags and move to the Orient?”

I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who would give anything to be in a similar situation, where girls in their late teens and twenties just fall into your hands. Imagine one day cruising a university campus and as this nineteen-year-old passes you buy, you stare her down. With a smile, she turns to look at you and as you wave her over, she stops in her tracks and then comes over to say hello. Fifteen minutes later the two of your are in your bedroom and she is standing next to you with a mixed look of innocence and passion.

Next thing you know, she squats down on her knees and slowly begins to unzip your pants. She pulls your underwear down and your bursting cock rubs against the side of her silky cheeks. As she then begins to kiss your hardening dick, she looks up at you with her eyes of innocence. You tell her to open her mouth and the head of your penis makes its way inside. She sucks slowly, then releases your dick, only to begin licking every inch of it with her tongue. In one swoop, she starts at the base of your dick and licks the whole of it from top to bottom. As she begins licking your balls, you gently tilt her head upward and then thrust your entire cock in her willing mouth. With each stroke, you get harder and harder and within moments you begin to squirt your sperm cells deep into the roof of her mouth. She nearly chokes on it, but then continues to suck until every last drop will eventually make it’s way down her throat. When your dick pops out of her mouth, you can see wads of sperm on her lips, tongue, and inner mouth, all waiting to be swallowed. A small amount of sperm leeks from the tip of your dick and with her tongue she beings to play with it. Next thing you know, she spits out some sperm and begins to rub it all over her face and breasts. As your dick softens, she sucks it gently, making sure to squeeze out the very last drops.

Of course, all of us drool over the opportunity to be in such a predicament. What man does not fantasize being in a position where virtually every girl he sees is at his beck and call. In the states, I would imagine such fantasies are reserved only for rock stars, movie stars and the super rich and famous. Interestingly, years ago I found out that even the rock stars don’t have it as good as what one can find in the Orient. Let me give you a real life example.

Several years ago I was listening to a radio interview with Billy Idol, obviously a very famous rock star. The DJ was asking Billy what sexual fantasies he had and Billy said he had not yet had the opportunity to sleep with two girls at the same time. I was a bit surprised that a rock star of his calibur would not have already gang banged a whole room full of luscious babes, but that’s what he stated on the interview. Now, what is fascinating about this is the fact that in the Orient, such fantasies of having two, three, or even four girls at the same time is par for the course. And you don’t have to be a rock star or movie star to make it happen. In fact, you can be just like my friend who is living in Philippines. He’s pushing 60, is going bald, and well, as nice a guy as he is, is no Tom Cruise or Antonio Banderas when it comes to the looks department (neither am I, for that matter). Yet the women in the Orient, girls in their late teens and twenties, flock to him like you would not believe. Why is that?

The bottom line is Asian women, especially those working the sex industry throughout Philippines and the Philippines are nothing less than little brown fucking machines. These girls love to fuck and they especially love to sleep with American and other Western tourists. I know some of you might be thinking, “Well, if they saw how fat I was or what I now look like without any hair, it wouldn’t be so easy to get down their pants as you’re making it out to be.” You’re dead wrong. The fact is it doesn’t really matter how old you are, whether or not you are bald, how overweight you are or anything else regarding your looks. Even if you are stranded in a wheel chair, you can be scoring premium pussy out here in the Orient with ease. I know it because I’ve lived out here for several years now and I see old men in their sixties walking the streets arm in arm with some of the world’s most stunning Asian gals. How do they do it?

The fact is women worldwide are attracted to men who are rich. Why is that? Wealth is a sign of power, success, intelligence, fame, strength, education, and a host of other virtues. A man who is wealthy is naturally an object of desire to most women worldwide. Years ago, I asked a friend of mine what I can do to attract women. His answer was swift and to the point: “Get rich…and women will come out of nowhere.” He was exactly right. The richer you are, the more attractive you will become to the opposite sex. That all sounds great, but what happens if you’re not among the rich? It doesn’t matter. Why is that? Because of the following fact.

Asian women have the mistaken belief that all men who travel the Orient are filthy rich. And because of that belief, when you arrive in the Orient, the girls are going to treat you like you are a god. I’m going to say that again because understanding this concept is the secret to sex and travel in the Orient. Asian women have the mistaken belief that all men who travel the Orient are filthy rich. To them you are a fucking money guru, a walking ATM machine, Fort Knox, and King Midus all wrapped into one. Granted, back home in the states you may have just lost your house in a divorce, lost all your money in the stock market, gotten fired from your job, lost your life savings from gambling in a casino in Las Vegas…it does not matter. To the Asian mind, regardless of your real financial status back home, as a tourist you are Mr. Fucking Rich Guy in the flesh.

Now what this means is when you travel the Orient, you will attract literally thousands of women of all types, most of whom who will be longing to drop their pants and spread their legs wide open.

The PI is a nice place to find young women for sport. What makes it cheaper and easier as in many 3rd world nations is the desperation factor. Yes women in their 20’s are sleeping with 50-60 year old men. The other side of the coin is this is NOT due to these men being different other then the possible cash or chance of getting out of a slum. I love to read the logic of some men who pretend something else is the reason.

Wealth is a sign of power but not always and not always success, intelligence, fame, strength or most important education. Women want ultimately security and a true partner but if that’s not available anyone with the most cash at the moment will do. The majority of men I’ve met over my 30 years of Paid sex all run the same route, girl convinces them its more then money, they latch on and when they eventually get what they want they dump the man.

When you travel the WORLD, not just the Orient you will attract the desperate, poor and needy, this is not an Asian thing. When white men travel to the orient it’s obvious most of them have much more money then the local men. Does not take rocket science to know this, if you’re just an average Joe in the US you’re considered RICH in the poor countries. While Mac’s story is entertaining it’s far from reality and sends the wrong message.

The truth in his post lies in the second to last paragraph, YOU’RE AN ATM to them, not a god, nothing special and yes they want you to think you’re special, (that’s the game) to hook you. It’s NOT about dropping their pants and wanting you, its’ about business and getting out or poverty. Unfortunately this is the cold truth. I have to hand it for the dreamers and those who love to twist reality into something it’s not.

Thailand and PI is filled with lonely old men who have what the women want. That is “cash” nothing more and nothing less. Truth is if you removed the cash value they’d drop your ass in a heart beat.

(above) has got it dead right,(except i think they screw like rabbits only for the money & not cos they are sex maniacs?) spent 3 weeks, in Philippines, subic bay,Angeles city, Cebu, Leyte, Biliran Island, Angeles City must have to be the most whoringest place ive been to(if there’s any place more raunchy please let me know)& please not Pattaya. its a worn out place now i think, Subic bay is cool, though not as many bars as Angeles its still a beautiful place in itself & definitely worth a visit, a few bars in barrio Barreto have a small room out back for short time..saves bar fine etc, someone in Angeles recommended Cebu i went there..i thought it was shit, went to Tacloban on Leyte island, was a bit like Cebu, but a fantastic bus ride from Tacloban to Biliran island, absolutely beautiful scenery, at ‘naval’ Biliran island’s capital that maybe a good out of the way place to bed some local talent, very few travelers there, it doesn’t seem to matter where you go to in the fils basically most of the girls are all ‘up for it’, in a few ways its like a dream come true, you really can fuck almost anything you lay your eyes on, but there’s some sobering facts to fill in to bring a person back to reality quickly as well so many islands so many adventures god bless pinoyland

Barrio Baretto is a small district that used to house some of the world’s most beautiful Filipino prostitutes (when the US military was still present in the PI; they vacated in 1991). Currently there are only a small handful of bars that cater to tourists. While the beach side (Subic Bay) is quite pretty and clean, there are virtually no beaches where one can lay out and get a tan. There are only a handful of restaurants and hotels as well. In short, you’ll find Barrio Baretto quite boring and quiet, especially if you just came from a wild time in Angeles City. While it may be worth a 2-3 day visit (I met a few cuties at Fox Hole bar), outside of that I wouldn’t waste my time coming here.

Its half-way between Angeles and Manila,just off the Northern ‘Super’ Hi-Way.Takes less than an hour by car,even in heavy traffic. You can get a Victory Liner Bus,from Pasay,if you are on a budget.Better to take a Taxi from your Manila Hotel.Use the meter,or negotiate the ‘fixed’ price. Don’t pay more than 600 pesos,but try for less.

Its only a few miles from the coast,Manila Bay side. If shopping is your thing,there is a new Mall at San Fernando,10-12 miles away.Its actually pretty good,with a multi-shop and restaurant area,plus a Department Store, Robinsons on the opp. side.You can spend a day here and NOT see everything.

The sales staff are easy to get to know,but watch your pockets.Like any Mall in the world,they attract some of the have-nots,trying to redistribute the wealth. For a good night out,catch the bus,or take a cab (or even rent a car) to Angeles,less than 30 miles away away.Sin City is a fun place to be,and Bars and Clubs are open until 5am.,with a full selection of dancing girls available ($20 for the night)

La Union (Bauang)
This beach is a minimum four-hour ride from Angeles and can take as long as six hours if the traffic is sluggish. Could be considered a must to see at least once for someone who really likes his beaches. Fly The Bus goes from Angeles on Mondays and Fridays and back from La Union on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The Southern Star hotel in Angeles also has a bus (or van) do round trips to the Southern Palms resort on Mondays and Tuesdays. If none of the bus runs fit your schedule, then a taxi will cost P3500 each way (including gas).
The surroundings in Bauang, particularly at Southern Palms, are a sharp contrast from being in Angeles and can initially make the ride (twice as long as the ride from Manila to Angeles) and the expense of getting there forgettable. Heeding popular advice, I dragged two girls up from Angeles (one of who I’d been making it with and the other just a cherry friend of hers coming along to keep things merrier), as I’d felt that they were as fun-spirited a pair as I was going to meet in just a couple of weeks. In fact, at anyone’s first glance, they acted like a couple of nuts together. That was okay with me, as I was figuring that two girls who were good friends could keep each other amused better than I’d be able to keep one girl amused on my own day in and day out. Why they were both liking to sport my Jockey drawers over their swimsuits was a little puzzling to me but…whatever. Taking them barhopping could get me fairly large tabs though, as I’d be covering ladies’ drinks for dancers who my Angeles friends would be calling off the stages to talk and network with. Speaking of the bars: there aren’t any more than three go-go bars around Bauang where foreigners go and that have the familiar ladies’ drinks and barfine system. I got the impression that I could probably do okay at these places if I were there alone and on the make. What seems to be key to finding the best-quality girls is arriving at the bars early; I had a dancer at Tramps tell me that the girls most in demand were already out on barfine before 8:00pm. No major regrets about having made the trip out to this area, but the two nights I had there were enough for me and, once I was back in Angeles, I was nearly ready to kiss the ground on Santos street. Knowing how THAT ground is, you know I must have missed it.

I was in the Philippines in spring 2000 and spent most of my 3 week stay in Davao, Mindanao. It is the 3rd largest city in the country. Though not as wild as some of the other cities in the PI, it nonetheless did provide fun in the evenings and weekends while I wasn’t working for my employer.

Stayed at the Mt. Apo View Hotel downtown and within walking distance of what I needed to do basically. I walked into Hisari’s KTV Karaoke bar half a block down the street. Walked in and was greeted by a GRO (bar maid). She took me past a sofa where some sexy girls were sitting and into another room where the main karaoke bar was. Sat me down at table and encouraged me to sing. Soon the mamasan came to my table and we chatted amicably. I told her I was interested in meeting girls. She took me upstairs to a private karaoke room, I bought her a drink and she asked me wanted I liked. Small and sexy was my response. She left and several minutes later 8 super sexy girls walk in. all were 7’s or above. I picked this little 5 foot 95 pound cutie in a miniskirt that hugged her little curves. 500 peso bar fine (8.00usd) and 1000 peso to girl. Took her to my hotel room and had a fine time. She liked all the positions and was enthusiastic, except inexperienced on cock sucking. Had her for the night and fucked her doggy in the morning before sending her on her way with a tip and taxi fare.

The next night I ambled into a go go bar called Kiss Me, just stumbled on the place and found the girl who became my honey ko for my stay. None of the other girls dancing in the bar did it for me like her. Anna was an extremely good dancer and got my peckers full attention as I enjoyed my San Miguel beer and lasciviously gazed on her movements. Took her back to my hotel and we watched an HBO movie while we just sat close on the bed and made out a little bit, building up slowly for our later bedroom gymnastics. She was fun and outgoing. I’m 6-2 and she’s about 5-1 and she said she likes my tall sexy body, I said the same about her little package. Hey, I’m in love. Picked her up and walked her around the room while I fucked her. She really loves to kiss and I later took her to a nearby island called Paradise Beach Resort which i highly recommend. There you can sit under the shade trees and have food and drink brought to you and swim. We just spend what seemed like hours cuddling on the lawn chairs and kissing deeply. Paradise it is.

One night on another night on San Pedro street in downtown, was approached by a mamasan advertising girls like the other one near Mt Apo Hotel. I looked at her girls. I came away with a rather busty Chinese looking girl about 20 or so. Paid 500 peso for her, and took her into short time hotel on the corner where I got her. No air conditioning, small bed, small room. Paid about 3 dollars for the room. Girl wouldn’t give head. And the fuck was only average, but I did get my rocks off in her tight cunt with my condom strapped on. This was just a diversion from my above honey ko. Just to see what was on the market and what you get for your money.

The apollo Club go go bar was one other place I did during my stay. The girls were very uninspiring. Did get my peso cover charge money’s worth though. Two dancers got into an argument and one helluva cat fight ensued. The black-filipina looking girl got the better end of this one. Nothing like a good cat fight. The fur was flying.

Anyway’s there was a good time to be had in Davao, and because there are not many Caucasians at all in this off the tourist track city, you will get plenty of friendly approaches and eye contact from the local girls.

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