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hilippines Sex Travel Report
Author Credentials
Information compiled by Daniel A. Cuneo. My most recent trip to Philippines was in June of 2000. I had spent a month island hopping in April of 2000. Over the past three years (1997- present) I have spent a combined total of nearly eleven months in the Philippines. I also run a website providing Travel Reports and Tours for Men.

Disclaimer: Although the author and publisher have tried to make the following information as accurate as possible, they accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by any person using these reports.

Furthermore, the author has researched the information contained in these reports at his own personal risk. Any person using this information does so at similar risk.

General Travel Information:
Currency Exchanges:
1Ł = P66
1DM = P21
1Є = P41
1Ą =P41
1$HK = P5
1$AU = P26

Some Useful Phrases:
Hello – Ma-bu-hay
How are you – Ku-ma-sta
How much? – Mag-kano
Expensive – Ma-hal
Thank you – Salamat
Yes – Oh-oh
No – Hindi
Yummy – Sarap
Only, just – Lang
Pretty, attractive – Maganda
Ugly – Pang-it
What was that? Don’t understand. – A-no
I love you – Mahal Ki-ta
I love you a lot – Mahal na mahal ki-ta.

Overview of Cities or Islands in this report

Manila (Pasay, Ermita, Paraňaque)
Sabang (Puerto Galera)

City Overview: This is the Capitol of the Philippines. It is broken up into several districts including Paraňaque, Pasay, Makati, Ermita, Intramuros, and Quezon City. This section will deal with the three districts: Pasay, Ermita and Paranaque.

Manila is very noisy, crowded and hectic. I don’t find the city indicative of the Philippines in general. It is does not make for a good first impression. It can be a bit dangerous in some spots, and there are many pick-pockets (Jeepneys and buses). In spite of this, the sex trade is alive and well throughout the city, and is a very good place for gentlemen to hire “hospitality girls.”

The whole place comes alive between the hours of 8pm till 2pm, and there are numerous discos, bars and massage parlors for gentlemen to visit.

PARANAQUE: This is the district surrounding the International and domestic airport. Along Quirino Avenue (runs between Roxas and Domestic Airport Road) between Sunset Dr. and Tomas Claudio Street is the Little China Disco. (The name has changed several times over the years) It is a small club with one stage. Girls are average to better quality. Barfine is P1000. Drinks are P80, or P450 for a ladies drink.

Along Airport Road between Roxas and Quirino Ave are a line of Karaoke Bars, small discos and nightclubs. Avoid the Karaoke bars. They are there just to rip you off. You can meet a girl or two in almost any of the places, but the scene is dominated by three clubs. The whole area is lit up with bright neon lights. It makes for an OK spot for warming up.

PASAY: Heading North up Roxas Boulevard you pass into Pasay. This is where most of the inexpensive action is. Several Clubs are along Roxas boulevard – Miami Club, Pussy Cat, Tokyo Girls and Casino Club are reasonable options. Barfines sit at P1500. Drinks are P150, Ladies drink is P450.

Miami Club had the best girls for my taste, although the place seemed kind of dingy. The service wasn’t very nice either. Casino and Pussy Cat had average girls. The place was a bit more pleasant.

Narita Massage, which is adjacent to the Miami Club offers a full service massage. You pick out a girl from behind a glass wall and she takes you to your private room. P1000 plus tip.

On EDSA near Roxas (across from the Heritage Hotel) is the EDSA Entertainment Complex. Six big discos all under one roof. Of course the famous Firehouse is there. There is also the Cotton Club and Axions.

Girls here will range from excellent to average. Barfines run at P1000, and the tip is usually around P1500. Drinks are P80 or P150 for mixed. Ladies drinks are P450. All of the discos require you to buy at least one drink.

This is one of the most well known places in Manila for discos. Tons and tons of Japanese visit here in large groups, and often times they will buy up a group of twenty or more of the best girls in a club – sometimes for more than one night. My advice is to go early in the evening (before 9pm) and pick out a girl to be sure you get what you want.

Once again, there a string of Karaoke bars adjacent to this complex. They are usually packed with Japanese. They are very expensive and I strongly discourage patronage. It’s just a big rip-off!

High-class hotels like the Hyatt Regency offer a massage service for their guests. The price runs from about P500 on up. Just make arrangements at the front desk or ask the room boy when he carries your luggage in. The girl will come up and ask you to take all of your clothes off. She will then massage you with oil or talc. While you are being massaged, or while you are undressing, invite her to take off some of her clothes. (Tell her it will make you feel more relaxed if she’s naked too.) Hand jobs start around P500 and full service is negotiable. Do not accept the first price she offers. (P1500-P2000+) She’ll come down at least P500. If you have a long flight and you want to catch up on sleep, this is a great way to start your trip.

Ermita: This is the old sex district from years ago. Most of the action had headed south to all of the bars in Pasay. There are a few music lounges and ladies dorms though.

The Red Door Lounge (Old King’s Cross) near UN Ave. on Mabini St. has average girls for P1000. No additional tip is necessary, as this is really the barfine and tip combined. Drinks are P80 and ladies drinks are only P350. About ten or fifteen girls will sit at the bar or the benches. Some are older (thirties) while most are young. They are of average quality, although a few will stick out as better than average.

The Lakay Lounge on J. Bocobo St. one block up has the same owner. It’s a similiar lounge with girls of the same quality as the Red Door lounge. The prices for drinks are the same, but the Mamasan is a lot more pushy and tries to make you buy lots of drinks or two at a time, and you have to haggle with her to get the barfine to P1000. She’ll start at P1500 or P1800.

If you stand in front of the open air night clubs along Mabini St. there are several touts who will approach you and recommend a ladies dorm. There are several in this district. You will be sat down in a comfortable chair in large room lined with a plush wrap-around sofa. Some 15 or twenty girls will stream out of the back room and sit on the sofa. You simply pick out what you like. (Of course, if nothing catches your fancy, just take a walk.) They fees range from between P2500 to P4000 for all night. You can get away with P1500 for a short time, but they will not let her go out with you. Instead, you will be led to a small, simple room for about 90 mins. They will charge an additional P500 or P600 for the room fee.

Street Action can be had easily had just by walking in almost any fast food place like a McDonald’s, Jolibees, Dunkin Donuts etc. Just hang out in for ten minutes and buy yourself a drink. Girls will approach you and ask if you want a girl. Actually, she’s working for a dorm. Say your not interested, and she’ll walk away. Keep your eyes on her, and she’ll usually go back to a table with four or five other girls. You can approach these girls and chat with them. If you like one, buy her a drink, take her to another table, and chat it up with her. Get her to come back with you to you hotel room. Sometimes she’ll need a little persuasion. Sometimes you may have to take her out to a movie. You can always tell her you want her to show you around Manila on your dime. Tell her anything to get her in a cab alone with you. While you’re out, make up an excuse to go back to your hotel, and ask her casually to just come up for a minute with you. Some girls may want a few pesos (P500, let’s say) for any service.

This isn’t the usual discos and barfine routine, but it’s a great way to meet a really nice girl.
1.) Always carry small change in Pesos, Coins and 10, 20 and 50 notes. That saves you the annoyance from the very common reply, “sorry
no change”.

2.) Ask someone about taxi or jeepney, tricycle fares BEFORE you get in. Pay and walk away. NEVER ask “How much?” because the price goes up. A MOVING Taxi is too busy working so it’s a better, more honest taxi and a parked taxi is waiting for victim. Tip the taxi driver P10 to P20 to reward him for not hassling you. Good Karma always comes
back to you.

3. ) Never change money on the street nor inside a restaurant. You will ALWAYS lose and usually almost half your money. These money change scam artists are VERY good and show that the hand is always quicker than the eye.

4. ) Never gamble with Filipinos not pool, cards, chess or any game for money and not even for drinks. It’s safer not to gamble. It’s one
example in life where when you win you lose and when you lose you lose.

5. ) Never raise your voice at a Filipino away from your own neighborhood. Never call a Filipino “STUPID”. They are very sensitive
about it. If you do get angry and make the mistake. Please leave the place as soon as possible .Go Away Fast because you are in more
DANGER than you realize. Filipinos do not like to fight and “fair fights” are not custom, “fight to kill” is.

6. ) Forget about the 2 words “WHY” and “SHOULD” or you get constant headache trying to understand why things happen like they do in places
outside your own country, especially the Philippines. Acceptance is the preferable attitude. There are too many things for you to
question, so it’s better for you not to start. So just relax and enjoy the positive aspects of your surrroundings with a sense of humor.

7. ) Expect everything to be late and slow. Life stops at LUNCH. Schedules change and the weather is unpredictable. Telephones,electricity, and water – sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

8. Never accept drinks, candy, or fruit from strangers, especially young women, in Manila. In the past few years a few of our guests have
been drugged using the above methods after being met in Rizal Park, shopping malls, the open markets and even on the bus. We have never
heard about this happening in other parts of the Philippines.

9.) Always wear a cloth type money belt which is worn around your waist under your clothes instead of those leather or vinyl pouch waist bags with several zippered pockets because psychologically they appear as you are advertising your valuables. It may seem a bit awkward to reach under the edge of your pants to get your money or travelers checks at a bank but it’s MUCH SAFER. Even when you drink or otherwise indulge too much your money is much safer near your – – – –

10.) Don’t WORRY, BE HAPPY 🙂

“Preparation: What to do before actually setting foot into a bar:

This is where the novice really gets into trouble before even venturing into a place. It is important to know why you are going into a bar in the first place. This may seem like a stupid question, but your attitude at this point is very important. Think about it long before the night starts. For example, how much money to bring, what to wear, what time to start, etc.

Dress: “What should I wear? Long pants? Slacks? Shorts?” My opinion is this; Dress as a local and don’t stick out more than you have to. If you walk into a bar looking all jazzy and spiffed up you are basically saying, “Come here girls, I’m an easy mark. I’m loaded with cash and looking to be noticed.” This may indeed be your point, but better to blend in without looking like an easy target. Simple pants or better yet a pair of shorts and simple t-shirt or polo type shirt is best. I wouldn’t wear a lot of jewelry for the same reasons stated above. A Christian religious symbol like a cross or crucifix (without trying to be sacrilegious) is a good way to make points with girls in the Philippines. Many, though not Sunday church going girls, are truly looking for a “God fearing man” and this will be noticed. In THAILAND an image of BUDDHA would serve the same purpose. After shave or cologne is a great thing as personal hygiene is looked upon highly, even more so than in the West. A good clean guy has a much better chance getting what he wants than someone who doesn’t seem to care about his appearance. These may seem like conflicting ideas, to be clean and smell good but dressed casually, but they are not
Money: Another factor to consider before heading out. Know what you are going out for. If a Tour Guide [overnight girl] is your goal you may want to bring some extra money. Don’t get caught short on funds and end up taking home something you didn’t really want because you are running short on drink money. I usually go out with about 100 dollars US. This allows for some play margin. There is nothing wrong with coming home with change. Also, if the worst happens and you get pick pocketed (has never happened to me by the way) you’re not out too much money. I would also suggest a money clip or small wallet kept in the front pocket to avoid any trouble. Not like the bar districts are crime infested, but better safe than sorry.

Time: This can be tricky. There are a lot of bars that have two shifts of dancers. Although most of the really great looking girls tend to be on the later shift, there are MANY exceptions. You can possibly miss out on someone great by starting too late.If you are simply going out to hang with the fellas or drop by and see some friends you don’t really need to start hopping until 7 or 8 PM. This is a prime time for friendship bar hopping. The place won’t be too crowded and you can just sit back and talk to the boys. If however you are looking to hook up you may want to start the hunt earlier around 6 PM .

When to eat?: Although there are some clubs that serve food (Roadhouse’s popcorn for example) you may want to think about eating before hand. This will let you drink more if that’s your kick, and it will also not break up the night. But if you want a TG quick you may want to fine her out early [pay the fee to the bar for her company] and hit a restaurant later at night. No opinions one way or the other, just a factor you need to think of before hand.

Prime the pump or “How to avoid a classic trap”: Here’s some good advice. Go get a massage with the works or get an’Air Start’ [blow job] if your goal for that night is to find a TG [overnight entertainer]. You do NOT, repeat NOT, want to go shopping when hungry. Many a seasoned veteran has fallen for something he shouldn’t have because he was in need and settled before he should have. There is a desperation that starts to settle in around 10 PM or so when you miss a few TGs you were looking for and nothing else is looking good. If you take care of business early you won’t be in such a hurry and can enjoy the hunt to it’s fullest.

Scout Ahead: Even when a bargirl for the night is settled on your work is not done. Scout ahead for tomorrow. This may sound too much like a military operation, but I don’t know how often I see someone I like from the night before and never seem to make it back there for a couple nights and then that girl I was looking for has been steadied out or has gone home, is sick, on her cycle, etc. Know where you’re going and go there. Also, I should mention here an important rule: Do not get lost! There have been nights I wander into the Roadhouse in Angeles City at about 6PM and the next thing I know I’m drunk as hell, doing an Elvis impersonation, ringing the bell, and it’s close to 11 PM.
Pick your running mates: Who you step into a bar with says a lot about you. If you walk into a place and all your friends are rude loud and wearing construction hats and screaming at the top of their lungs “Show us your tits!” you probably won’t get taken seriously. This may be exactly what you want, but realize that there is baggage that comes along with that. The Philippine women are very aware of a thing called public shame or pride. How one acts in public says a lot about the type of person you are in private. You will have many an argument with your honey ko on how you made her look to her friends or family. Ask someone what “Walang Hiya” means and see if they can describe it better than I can. I had another post that talked briefly on this topic but I didn’t save it. And believe me, they will remember it! I have walked into a place after not stepping into there for two years and people remembered me and called me by name. If you are first labeled as a fool it will be hard to shake that title. However, if you are quiet, nice and show good manners you will be looked upon as a nice guy and that label sticks a long time too. This also pays off in spades when you do pick a girl from a place and treat her nice. Word will get around and your subsequent trips into the club will be pleasant.

Ok, you’re set to go…Now what?

The most important advice I can give you for bar hopping is to have fun. If it starts to be more work than play and you find yourself getting annoyed at stupid things or people it’s time to hang it up for the night and head home. The only fights I have seen in Angeles were when people were out later than they should have been. Thinking they had to stay out till 3 AM every night and have the best looking thing on their arm every night. Pace yourself and HAVE FUN! This is a vacation and meant to be pleasurable and not hard work.

Choose your bar: Again this depends on what your looking for. If you want to shoot some pool know where the clubs are that have pool tables. (Stinger, Jungle, Welcome Inn, Broncos, and of course Kokomo’s and Margarita Station to name just a few). If you are looking for good looking women go to the higher end clubs, (Roadhouse, Hugs, Love Boat, Champagne, Cleopatra, and Illusions to name just a few). If you are looking to just hang and drink some with the fellas go to the more quiet bars that will allow a conversation where you don’t have to battle the loud music (Rick’s Cafe, Woody’s, Garfield’s Last Stand, and Black Jack to name just a few).

Choose your seat: This goes back yet again to why you are in a club to begin with. I personally like to sit at the bar but only if it affords a good view of the dancers. Roadhouse is the perfect set up as you can do both. However you may want to set up a small nest in a booth or cushioned seat area where you can invite your perspective mates into for a ‘getting to know you’ session. If you are hanging with the fellas you will need a larger table. All things to look for when entering a bar. If the place doesn’t have what you’re looking for, leave. There is nothing saying you MUST have a drink in every place you walk into.

Pace yourself or “Know your limits”: If you are not a heavy drinker, do not drink like you are pledging to a frat house. The alcohol is not going anywhere and there will be plenty tomorrow. Besides you don’t want to be so drunk that you won’t have fun later on, right?

The flirting or Hunt: There is a delicate line that separates looking over potential Tour Guides and locking eyes and looking like an easy mark. It’s the man who masters this flirting technique that will have the most success. It can be awkward to have a girl come over to you and sit and talk with you when in fact you were interested in her friend. Girls quickly mark their territory and as it is always possible to brush off a girl, remember that public pride thing I was talking about earlier. You can potentially dig your own grave and fast by brushing off too many girls and get the reputation as a butterfly or player. Many will think I am being too delicate on this topic but the kind of woman I usually end up liking the most is the type that will notice these things. Learn quickly what kind of girl you like and act accordingly. If you want no strings attached and just want to have fun you may in fact want to flirt with a lot of women. More than likely you will be labeled as a butterfly and one of the girls who is skilled in capturing this type of customer will quickly take note and introduce herself to you.

Ok, you see someone you like…Now what?: If you have mastered the previous step you are at this point alone and have seen the one you want to talk to. This is
actually much easier than it seems. Simply call her down or get the waitress or mamasan to call her down for you. Do not ask if she wants a drink. Of course she does. Every time I hear a guy ask a girl that I crack up. In fact I usually try and remain in control and order her a drink before a waitress asks about it. This will make it look like it’s your idea and you are interested in her. To bow down to the request of a waitress or bartender puts you on the defensive. Again, a small point but important.

Wait, this isn’t the one I want? Or what to do with the unwanted guest: Take care of this right away. It can not be done quick enough. If a girl sits down beside you and asks for your name it may be too late. The best thing to do is quickly ask the girl her name and then IMMEDIATELY ask her something like, “Hey, do you know that girl over there? Is she your friend? Do you know if she has a boyfriend?” This does many things. First it lets her know you are not interested in her per say and it also gives her an out. It is also a good way to get the woman you are interested in over to talk to you.

Now you have the one you want but it’s not going well: Many times you will start talking to a girl and find out she’s as bright as a 10 watt bulb and has bad breath or an annoying laugh or something else. The beautiful thing about Angeles is there truly are many other fish in the sea. It is best to end the relationship quickly as if you buy her more drinks you will quickly be marked as her customer and will find it hard to move on to another one. One thing I should also mention is a good thing or trick is if you are in a bar and there is one woman who always seems to hang on to you but she is busy with another customer, you MUST buy another girl a drink in front of her. The new girl will first be nervous as she will think you are “so and so’s” customer but ensure her that you are not. You are now free to hunt again. This works great. Do not get tied down to one girl unless you intend to do something. OR, and this is important as I have used this one many times as well, find a cherry girl and use her as defense. I have a cute little thing in the Tahitian Queen that is a cherry. The TQ is one of the most aggressive bars in AC and even one defender is sometimes not enough, but I quickly buy my cherry a drink and use her as a shield against other approaching girls. She knows I’m not taking her home, the other girl’s know this as well, but it allows me to sit back and enjoy the club and girls without having to battle off numerous other women. Bartenders sometimes don’t work. I know Duke’s bartender “J” well and have bought her a few drinks and tried to use her as a shield, but Joe has a wicked sense of humor and actually invites other girls over trying to set me up.

Get to know the staff: Speaking of J and bartenders…Get to know the managers, bartenders, and mamasans. These are your best source of club/food/drink/girl
information. Buy a manager a drink and it will almost always be reciprocated. Also, these are the people to talk to for information. You looking for a threesome? You looking for good oral skills or someone fun or someone who gives good massages? These are the people who will tell you what’s what. Also another plug for “The Table” in Kokomo’s. Get some very valuable information on clubs and various women in Angeles here.

Completing the deal: Ok, you found the girl you want, now what? This can be the deal breaker. It is VERY important that you and the girl have NO confusion on
what is expected and wanted. If you want her to come back to the hotel with you ask her that very question. Make sure that there is nothing misunderstood. This will save you a lot of hassle later on. Now there has been much debate on price to pay and everything on this board. If you are worried about these things and are on a budget, this is where the mamasan and manager come in. Find out how many drinks constitute a TG fee and pay the remainder. I don’t do this. I simply open my wallet and pop down a thousand pesos. Why quibble on how many drinks you bought her and all that? Again, first impressions are important. If you don’t mind the label of cheap charlie, go ahead and do the math.

To barhop or not, that is the question: A delicate question too! You have your woman all picked out, do you take her along to other clubs? She will of course want to go with you. This again points to public pride and she will want all her friends to see she is with a man and better yet that man is generous and buys all her “Cousins” and friends drinks. However I would generally say this is a big NO GO! You will be labeled a butterfly faster than you can imagine. This is not really a bad thing, but it may make it harder to find what you want later on. Now all the girls are not stupid and realize that most men have a woman every night, but why provide ammunition? I usually leave the girl at the club and tell her I’ll pick her up later. That was until “E”. If you have a steady it’s kind of hard to leave her at the club while you go out and have fun. :-)

Food with your date: This is another dangerous area to be ‘caught’. If you are leaving early and want to stop by Kokomo’s or Margarita Station for a quick bite to eat you probably won’t have many problems, but if you are eating there around 2 AM when the clubs close you will be busted out by more women than you can imagine. Remember, everyone knows everyone in that place. It’s more like the “two” degrees of separation and not “six” in Angeles. This goes double for the next day’s meal. Especially at Kokomo’s. Kokomo’s is a HUGE hang out for all the Voodoo chain girls and you will be seen. I suggest room service at night and send the girl on her way the next morning before getting something to eat yourself.

This was one of the most intelligent postings by the famous Tourist Bob on the Angeles City question and message board. This information can help make your bar hopping experience in the Philippines much more FUN especially for the newbies exploring the scene.

“Bargirl-ese Translation Guide By: Tourist Bob Sunday, 7 March 1999

As a service to prospective visitors to Angeles and other Philippine locations, I thought I’d compose a rather detailed translation guide for “Bargirl-ese,” the dialect of mixed Tagalog and English that the Bargirls speak. Hopefully this will help some of you navigate more easily through the often difficult world of the bargirls. Having spent many weeks examining the bargirls (often orally and rectally), I wanted to share the benefit of my studiously acquired knowledge with the rest of the world. A sidenote: I am currently in love with a bargirl, so this is meant to be humorous. (Actually, I’m currently in love with SEVEN bargirls and I plan to marry all of them *****BARGIRL-ESE TRANSLATION GUIDE*****

“PHRASE” (TRANSLATION) —————————————————————-

“Hello, Honeyko!” (Hello, Moneybag!)

“Kumasta Ka Na?” (How are you, future boyfriend?)

“You Boboy!” (You’re a fat pig!)

“Miss na miss kita!” (I miss your money!)

“Mahal na mahal kita!” (I love your money!)

“I come!” (Would you hurry up and come, I’m tired and I want to watch TV.)

“We go boom boom?” (I’d like to watch TV.)

“Where you staying?” (Where am I staying tonight? Does it have aircon, minibar, and nice pool?)

“Where you from?” (Where will you move me and my family?)

“What your job?” (I have a large family, so you better be able to support them!)

“Will you support me?” (Will you support me, my Filipino boyfriend, our two children, and sixteen relatives?)

“You buy me ladies drink?” (May I have 50 pesos, please?)

“You pay my barfine?” (May I have 500 pesos, please?)

“You barfine my friend?” (May I have 1000 pesos, please?)

“You cute!” (I’m cute, you’re an ugly, bald slob)

“You handsome!” (You have some hair left, how nice!)

“You healthy!” (You’re fat and your breath smells!)

“You kind man!” (You’re a stupid fool who pays me too much!)

“You barfine me tomorrow?” (Are you my gravy train?)

“You butterfly?” (Are you smart?)

“I’m 18” (I’m 16.)

“I’m 21” (I’m 32.)

“I work here four months only” (I’ve been here for four years.)

“I work at [another bar] before” (I was kicked out of [another bar] for showing up drunk and late every day.)

“I’m bangith” (You’re bangith [ugly]).

“We go barhop?” (We need to stop at my friends bars so I can show off.)

“We go dance?” (I want to dance with my friends while you make a fool of yourself.)

“I have one baby” (I’ve got stretchmarks under my shorts.)

“I have two babies” (My vagina looks like a train tunnel.)

“I have no babies” (I have two babies but no stretch marks.)

“I don’t like blowjob” (Quiet, my friends will hear. Of course I’ll give you a blowjob.)

“I don’t like Filipino men” (I like Filipino boys.)

“I don’t like German/American/Italian/etc. men”
(My last boyfriend was German/American/Italian/etc. He dumped me.)

“Up to you [regarding tip]” (As much as you can afford)

“Up to you [regarding what to go do]” (Take me dancing. Now, fat boy!)

“I Cherry Girl.” (I haven’t been fucked up the ass or in my ears or nose yet.)

“I Cherry Girl (alternate 1).” (My Filipino boyfriend won’t let me spend the night with a foreigner…yet. How much money do you have again?)

“I Cherry Girl (alternate 2)”. (I haven’t screwed for a whole week…and we used a condom.)

“I’m good girl” (I only go with other men for money)

“You’re my only boyfriend” (One more and I’ll have a dozen)

“You hard on puuusey” (The 2″ X 4″ strapped to your ass chafed my thighs)

“I have menstruation” (Buy me drinks then get lost elephant man)

“I’m shy to you!” Basically, it’s what the girl often says when you say to her “Take off your damned clothes” or “Lemme see those breasts, baby” or “Leave the light on while we do the nasty thing because I want to see my *** go in your ***!” ”
Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to add your own experiences and additions to the unique and lovable language of “BARGIRL-ESE”.

We have these posted on the wall of our small hotel / hostel near the Manila airports but you could apply them them to many other undeveloped countries as well.

Angeles City: Has been growing between 96 and 99. Yes it has become also more commercial. By far the first choice for finding girls in the Philippines. Only place that can be compared with the “famous sights” in Thailand.

“Clark Base” is nice to escape the 24 hour “party” of the strip, the hotels and locations have really international standard. Outside the Base you should get a room for about 1000P. The bar fines are around 1000P too. Tips are not necessarily expected but always welcome. Don’t talk about prices in and how “cheap” this place is in public. (Anyway it isn’t that cheap it seems to be in the beginning)

After all I wouldn’t recommend to stay there longer then one week. In my opinion you haven’t got an escape. There isn’t too much around. When you travel use only aircon buses or if you are willed to spend 5 times more money a cap. Use a motorbike only on routes without much traffic, otherwise you’ll eat much dust. (Believe me I experienced it when I went from Angeles to Subic). When I stay too long on the stip I am getting decadent. Life is everyday the same. Get up in the afternoon, go to Kokomos or Magaritha Station for having Lunch, two or three rounds by motorbike. Maybe a trip to Clark Field or to Downtown Angeles. Just waiting for the night, what means alcohol and girls. By the way there is a drug called “shabou” is pretty popular in the Phils., maybe it will be offered to you by any girls. There are two reasons to reject. The Philippine law and the health damage it causes, it is similar to Crack but it doesn’t contain cocaine, only amphetamine.

Now to the most important: The Girls. What I saw, Prostitution in Asia (Thailand and Philippines) and in Europe isn’t the same. The business in Europe is very straight. Money for Sex and you’ll part. In Asia many girls are not professional. I don’t want to analyze if its a reason of poverty or mentality, may the experts do that. Even the girls I consider as pro are still far behind the Europeans, they are much more naiv. Don’t expect special services like anal intercourse or bondage, usually you won’t get. Falling “in love” is on both sides not uncommon. Keep always in your mind where you are, who you are and what you are doing there, especially when you consider STD´s and AIDS. When you stay longer try to keep contact to people outside the strip, get a house don’t stay in hotel and look for other hobbies then to just “•••• around”.

After this sentences of warning: The girls are great. You´ll get beauties there you never expected to get again in you whole live. Young, cute and natural. You can´t get this type of girls anywhere in the western world. Sometimes I think it isn’t just sex that attract people to travel there, it is the whole way of live. You feel rich and handsome, you learn a little bit how the “upper 10.000” must feel everyday.

Of course you can follow the “20 girls, 20 nights” strategy, when you are there, to spend 5000 P for one night shouldn’t be a problem in that case (I think no further information is necessary). If you start it quieter you’ll find a lot of “second row” girls, who really do everything for you, if you treat them a little bit nice. They love to accompany you throughout the country, they can be better than every traveling guide. My suggestion for a 4 weeks trip stay for example two weeks in Angeles. In the first week just try “to get what you can”, in the second and if necessary third week look for a “girlfriend” and take her to the beach of choice.

MANILA: Mainila was pretty dead, before 92 (the year Alfredo Lim became mayor of Manila). The Red Light District around M.H. del Pilar and Mabini Street must have been one of the biggest in Asia. Shortly after he came to power all the clubs had to close. In Makati, Quezon, and Pasy are still a lot of places where you can find girls, but it isn’t the same it used to be. One positive aspect, the “tourist belt” around Pilar and Mabini Street isn’t as criminal as before. Nevertheless Metro Manila is quite dangerous, even it is a very interesting city. Pretty dirty also, a friend of mine calls it always “Lagos of the East”. Around the former Red Light District are still some nice bars and pubs. In direction to the airport you’ll find some nice restaurants and pubs WITHOUT prostitution. Around U.N. Avenue there are still a hand full of bars. You’ll recognize them by the line “unescorted ladies and minors are not allowed” at the entrance. Next to Iseya hotel there is a bar called “High Fields”, I always found very nice girls there.

CEBU: There must also be a lot around Mactaan Island. I have never been there (I regret). In the City of Cebu there are some places on the former Mango Avenue (The main street of Uptown Cebu) and in Downtown Cebu around the “Metro Gaisano” Shopping Mall. For the girls you have to pay around 2000 P. Some of them are very beautiful. I recommend the bars Uptown. They have partwise foreign management and are more easy going then the owns downtown mostly visited by Filipinos. In the street I was also asked if I’d like to get a girl. I tried it, my experiences weren’t bad. You can get a girl for about 800 P, but I consider the whole story is dangerous and the girls are not that beautiful then inside the bars. It is my experience, I heard different opinions. What I would use next time: They are many girls in cebu chatting via IRC in Internet Caffees. Try the chatroom ” #cebu ” (from any county in the world, just need IRC client Software). Go to a Internet Caffee (about 30 P for one hour) and start chatting, tell me what happened.

SUBIC: Subic was described to me as second Angeles. I was disappointed. The girls are a little cheaper, but by far not as many and as beautiful then in Angeles. Nevertheless Subic is nice. It must be great for diving. Fomrer Subic Base is very nice and in my opinion even bigger then Clark Base. It is worth a visit.

You are making a mistake.Pangasinan is a PROVINCE north of both Manila and Angeles,near to the Lingayan Gulf.Good for fishing,relaxing etc., but woefully short of any Tourist infrastructure.

Dagupan is probably the biggest town in the province,but is used just as a transport hub.Only Filipino Bars and Karaokes around for entertainment.

Nearby Baguio is the summer capital of the Philippines.Its called The City Of The Pines,and is much cooler than Manila,and less humid.It boasts a number of Country Clubs and Golf Clubs,the best being probably Camp John Hay.

Offshore,in the Gulf,lies The Hundred Islands.A large number of volcanic atolls,mostly uninhabited.Fishing,boat trips with your Honey-Ko,picnics on the islands,swimming etc.,can make a nice get-away-from-it-all holiday.

Plenty of simple accomodation available,mostly on the mainland,but some on the Islands.

Childrens Island,is one of the prettiest of the islands.A Nipa Hut can be rented nightly,(twin beds,kerosene lamp,toilet,drum of water),bring your own food,for around 700 pesos a night.Phome no. of the resident manager is 551 2505.

If you mean Pagsanjan,THIS is where the movie,Apocolypse Now was made,and others including Born On The 4th July.

The waterfalls are terrific,but the boatmen are really shitty,and aggressive.The town,70 miles south west of Manila,is supposed to be dependent upon tourism,but they havent got a clue.Take a Filipino m/f companion,to get the best prices,if you really must go.

Buses from Manila service both Pagsanjan and Pangasinan, every hour,Philippine Rabbit & Five Star.Journey takes six hours,or break your journey in Angeles en route,and catch the connection from Dau (four hours).In Manila,the destination is Alaminos,get off at your choice,Dagupan,San Carlos or even go up to San Fernando and Bauang in La Union.(A much better destination,tourist friendly,girlie bars,nice Hotels w/ pools)

For Pagsanjan,BLTB and JAM operate to Santa Cruz,catch a local jeepney for the last few kms.Weekends are packed out with local tourists and hustlers.Boatmen expect a tip of around 1000 pesos,and you will get wet.Rapids and water levels are highest in August and September,rainy season.Go early to avoid crowds.

Any of the many hotels in Pagsanjan will arrange a boat trip and swim for you,at a price PLUS the big tip.

There are many penpal agencies, msn and yahoo groups where you can begin corresponding to Filipinas by mail so you can meet 3 or 4 in different parts of the country when you visit. I could think of worse problems than scheduling meetings with various young Filipina women that you want to spend some time date. Just invent some other activity which requires your time in a different place in the Philippines or invent a business appointment etc; it’s easy and in Asia they prefer to hear a kind lie than the brutal truth.

Don’t be surprised when meeting Filipinas for the first 2 or 3 dates that family chaperones will accompany you because it’s a common custom which also helps “break the ice” conversation wise preventing those “dramatic pauses” common during first dates. In the bigger cities like Manila premarital sex is much more common so you’re likely to hookup after 3 or 4 dates should the “chemistry” be right and the Filipina not too young . Correct me if I’m wrong.

One 53 year old guest of ours for the last seven years in a row named Carlos from Germany spends his entire 5 or 6 week holiday in our place and hangs out in the 2 nearby shopping malls and nearby outdoor Asian style shoppin area called Baclaran. He is incredible; by just being friendly, asking the sales girls or female shoppers if they’d like a cup of coffee, snack etc he brings back at least 2 or 3 good looking young cuties from 19 to 25 year olds. He likes to always pick up girls who work and ideally work different schedules so he can bed them during different times of the day when they’re free from work. He’s no Casanova nor is he financially successful, he works in a factory and will get about a U$50,000 silver handshake and U$200 / month should he decide to retire early in the next few years. Obviously he has a permanent smile that infects those around him with joy reminding them that LIFE IS GOOD. I posted is picture at our 2001 Christmas party or you could meet him should you visit between Nov 20 to Dec 28 any year.

Flights to Manila are always cheaper ( U$650 to U$800 over 12 USA Cities -Manila RT )and the Manila -Cebu flight is less than U$100 return with Cebu Pacific Airlines. Renting a car is not cheap in the Philippines especially for 2 weeks with a driver; it’s likely to cost U$400/ week plus or minus 10%. But public transport like busses and passenger ferries and ships average costs are U$65cents / hour of journey and that hasn’t changed in 20 years. So basically between U$7 to U$15 gets you to another region of the country.

We paid U$5000 for our 1994 Toyota Carolla in 1997 with less than 20,000 miles on it. There’s alot of good cars which you can buy between U$3500 to U$6000. Gas is cheap by International standards U$1.40 to U$1.60 / gallon; liability insurance is minimal, maybe U$100 or less / year. We’ve never had health insurance but I think you can get it for U$500 to U$1000/year. Hospital costs are often 10% of medical costs in the States; my wife had a minor surgery with an “executive checkup” 2 nights in a bay front large room for U$350 and my friend in southern California whose a doctor said such an operation with OUT the hospital stay or all the tests and xrays would cost U$3500.

Domestic helpers, “maids” cost only U$30 to U$60/ month and cook, clean and do your laundry.

You can completely dismiss any security worries for Americans living in the 95% of the Philippines. An over 80% approval rating by
Filipino towards the recent US military presence has been reported. Filipinos have similiar opinions as American citizens regarding America; they distrust the US Government but like Americans as individuals. Almost every Filipino has at least a distant relative in the States ( 2 million Filipino Americans, the largest group of Asian Americans )or abroad.

Check out 2 yahoogroups who can answer your questions also, “Living in the Philippines” moderated by Don Herrington and mention I sent you and “MAG-ANAK” ( means our family ). Also check the forum at filipinawives. If you’re interested to go for barhopping you can’t beat Angeles with almost 100 bars.If you do decide to meet Filipinas this way be SURE you RESPECT them because 90% come from poverty stricken families in the provinces who
they help support by sending as much as HALF their salaries and tips home.


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