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Staying in Makati on business at the Millenium Plaza, P.Burgos St was only a short walk away and so I got to visit several of the bars whilst I was there. Mogambo is a good place to go: the bar is in the centre of the room and the girls all stay behind the bar until you express an interest, then they will either sit on the bar or come round your side. Didn’t take a girl out from there, but the food is good!

Went to the Jungle Room, where the girls are much more forward – as soon as you walk in you will be grabbed by two or three girls who will sit down with you and start fondling you. You will be asked to buy drinks for them all, but they won’t be upset if you single one out. I ended up with two girls, one called Fe who was slim and about 5’4″ and her friend (name forgotten) who was about 5’0″. Had a good time, and Fe asked if I would like them to come back to my hotel. I could either barfine them out, or they would come after their shift at 3am. Told them to come later, left about midnight and went back to the hotel. They had told me to tell the hotel guard to expect them, as otherwise they would not be allowed in.

Was woken up at about 3.30 by the guard ringing up to tell me I had visitors. They came up to the room and after an initial period of shyness they got undressed and got on the bed with me. They weren’t a double act: whilst I had sex with Fe her friend stayed in the bathroom, and then they swapped over. Both were good fucks, but Fe was definitely the better of the two. They both then slept on the bed with me until it was time for me to go to work. Gave them P2000 each, and Fe gave me her phone number before they left.

A few days later I phoned Fe and asked if she was free for the evening. She came to the hotel around 8pm and we went out to get something to eat, then she took me round several of the other clubs in Makati ending up at Jools. Then back to the hotel for another great blow job and fuckfest. Recommended to all.

Just got back from the P. Burgos Street bars in Makati City, and I have to say that there are tons of good looking filipina women all over this place. I checked out Jools, Go-Go Banana’s, Bottoms, Fridays, Cuddles, Ivory Bar, Papillion, Cafe Mogambo’s, Rascals, Tickles, Kasy Bar, and High Heels. Most places, minus a few charged P3000 or around $60US for a barfine. This is quite high for the Philippines, but this is the high end business district of the Philippines, so the bars charge more for the girls. Tips for the girls range from P2500 to P5000 and depending on the girl can mean short time or long time. Make sure the girl completely understands the arrangements before barfining her or you’ll get screwed.

As for the bars, I really liked Bottoms Niteclub, Rascals and GoGo Bananas. These three clubs, in my opinion, were the top shelf girls. Bottoms had some real stunners, while Rascals and GoGo Bananas had a lot of hot young hard bodied filipinas.

Check out for our recommendations and picks for hot bar girls to meet. The travel section is part of the website and includes reviews (like this one) on all the bars.

Makati is still a great place to go for beautiful women, albeit the price is substantially higher than all the other places in the Philippines.

Hotels – P. Burgos Street – Makati City, Philippines

If you are travelling to Makati City, primarily to frequent the girly bars, than you have to stay at the following place.

The Oxford Inn is a new hotel located right on P. Burgos Street in the center of the action. Just across the street is Rascals, Kasy Bar, Tickles, Dimples, Bottoms and Bar Bandido. The cost for the newly appointed rooms are around $40US. Each room has it’s own inroom air conditioner, beautiful furniture and desk. It is a very comfortable environment and they really are the place to stay.

Had no problems with bringing girls up to the room, and the front desk didn’t make you sign your girl into the front desk. It’s right within walking distance of everything and the perfect place to stay in Makati when going bar girl hunting.

I lived in Manila for over 6 years in Makati and south in Ayala Alabang. I’ve travelled throughout the city to the places where most expats go and mostly to places where the locals and asians go.

There are some great places on Makati avenue. Like in many reports the best places are Bottoms (best looking women on average), Dimples (relatively small and dark place with many naughty girls who do nasty things to you in the dark, Mogumbo’s, Tickles, etc…

My recommendation is if you like Filipina women then you need to explore the rest of city. Each town in Metro Manila has a main area of action. For example in Pasay City then you should go to the EDSA Mall “shopping mall” as I call it, which is across the street from the Heritage hotel on Roxas Boulevard. This place has about 6 bars in one complex. Quezon City has Quezon avenue, Paranaque has clubs/bars along Roxas avenue, Ermita near the Pacific Hotel, etc… Try to venue out of Makati and try the other cities that form Metro Manila. I’m sure that you’ll find some great “entertainment”. Mostly the women are not so professional as in Makati and the prices are normally lower, unless you meet them in the very high end establishments like Lexus, Pegasus in Quezon city which cater to the wealthy. You will experience a better time and more beauty ,because even though they are physcially stunning, these women not so money focused as are the women in Makati and they are more sincere and sweet. Its less a business to them. In the end the time is more pleasurable.

You should try the massage parlors throughout Manila. The Pegasus club, Quezon City has one downstairs, there is huge one in Paranque near the airport (you travel towards paranque from the airport, several near the intersection of Roxas Boulevard and Gil Puyat, and Imperial Bath in Makati.

You normally choose girl from a selection from normally at least twenty who are sitting in a room behind a window. Prices are reasonable 2,000 pesos for massage and full service. Massage is always great and most will perform a very erotic massage of your balls and p**** reaching through your legs while you lying face down. Some will even offer to lick your anus (great feeling).

There are houses in each of towns that make up Metro Manila called “casas”. I believe this means house/home in the local language Tagalog. In the “casas” you enter a either a empty room and a mamasam will bring a women by to meet you one-by-one or you will enter a large room where when you are ready all the women available will come in. Either way you can choose someone and normally they are with you the entire night.

The quality of the women vary and the attitudes are definitely different from the ones at the bars and clubs. They generally are more innocent, geniuine and sweeter. Costs averaged around 2,000 – 2,500 pesos per night. The great thing is that if you take out somebody early in the night say 9:00PM then you can always go for a night on the town (the women in the Phils love to dance and sing) to get to know them better and afterwards go back to your hotel. You satisfy them and make them happy (ie night on the town) and they will make you happy in the bedroom. These experiences are more like a girlfriend experience.

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