Puerto Galera

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Carlos Restaurant and Bar
Inside the Carlos Inn Hotel.
Serves mouth watering international cuisine and sumptuous seafood delights, fresh from the bountiful sea. Grilled to perfection or cooked just the way you want it. Feast on Filipino delicacies and indulge to your hearts content.

It is adjacent to the beach and waterfront near the Entertainment area. It has some great sizzling seafood dishes. The hosts are quite liberal with the ‘Shooters’ and has an excellent kitchen plus well stocked bar.

Fast Food

There are also a large number of fast food cafes, pizza houses etc. The cafes and bars open till the early hours of morning, around 3am, as do the Dancing Bars. There are even convenience stores open till midnight.

There are girlie bars in Sabang, 6kms out of Puerto G. The locals know ALL the hookers in town. The cost in Angeles is half that of Sabang, and a quarter that of Makati, even cheaper if its a ‘sneak out’.

The travelogue below was copied from the Mindanao Adventure website and is one of the best descriptions about things to do while in the Puerto Galera area of Mindoro Island. It’s written by a funloving European so please excuse the English usage in a few places and I welcome any additions or corrections to the information below since it’s over 2 years old.

“Sabang near Puerto Galera is one of the few exeptional cases, because this place has an excellent nightlife.You find all what you expect if you travel to asia: a lot of restaurants, pubs, discos, nightclubs and the obligatory billiards.

It’s got about 15 dive shops, set to take you on any kind of dive excursion you might want. You best chois is OCTUPUS DIVERS.


The Canyons dive-spot is by far the best: On the surface rule a strong current. So, you have to dive fast deeper . The average deep on this drift-dive is 30.0 m. They offer outcrops of corals and splendid aggregations of large pelagics such as tunas, barracudas, jacks and turtles.

Good restaurants–Pilipino, Thai, Indian, fast food. There are maybe 25 of them to choose from between Sabang, Little La Laguna, and Big La Laguna. I recommend you Sabang Fastfoot. They serve an always fresh prepared Food from an ample menu. This is not a fastfood. The food has a high quality and by the way it’s not realy fast. But this is not the main reason for my recommendation. This is the place where all the cute dancers from Sabang Disco like to eat and to talk. If you a flirt it is nice to have the lunch together with a horde of good looking young girls. If you lucky you find some girls to invite them for a beach-babecue next Day. Most of them feel boring in the daytime. So, it will be not difficult to have a lot of fun for only paying the babecue. A fisherman will purchase all the needful things for the next day. If you come back every year, you have your personal organizer for this events. I know you come back, how everybody I know, who was there. During the main-season your will see always the same faces.

Three girlie bars are exist: Sunset, Sabang Disco, and Umbrella Bar. Sunset has 25 girls, Sabang and Umbrella have 50 each. MANY good looking girls, you won’t be disappointed if you like Angeles, because compared with Angeles is more action on the stage . My favorite is Sabang-Disco, because of the nice atmosphere. In addition, there’s a robust freelance and massage girl business on the sidelines. Probably 200 girls all told. Plenty, given the relatively light tourist traffic there.

Many things to do:

You can go to the famous floating bar in Sabang Harbor. Swim, drink, snorkel a good dive site, all from the convenience of an inexpensive bar.

Or take a trip to White Beach (P900/day for a banka boat or P30 by Jeepney: you have to change in Puerto Galera). A very nice beach with all of the amenities (bars, hotels, etc). White sand and a great swimming beach. Sabang’s beach is not very nice to sun yourself , by the way. However, La Laguna’s have slightly better. White Beach is the best, but only for staying one day (boring place).

Shopping in Puerto Galera. P100 t-shirts and bathing suits, P160 Sarongs for your Honeyko, even a P400 wallet made out of a frog. Not a LOT of shopping, but enough.

Beach hopping barbecue. Take a group of friends out to secluded coves and beaches and have a nice barbecue of whole fish, pork, and chicken made for you by the boatmen. Will cost you roughly P500/person.

Cockfights. On sundays go to the cockfights and see Zambuangan Whites kill American Highbloods. Very cheap, interesting, but bloody. Any trike driver in Puerto Galera can take you there. The fights run from 1-5 pm.

Snorkel Small La Laguna or Sabang beach. Very nice just off the beach coral.

Visit the famous Waterfalls. Feel like swimming in fresh water pools cascading from a large twin waterfall? Take a picnic lunch to the waterfalls 15 klick south of P.G. By jeepney, preferably.

Dance at the Village Disco with your honeyko, play pool at Le Bistro or the Big Apple Bar, watch the bar girls clean the beach every day at 4 pm with their Walis Ting Ting’s (stiff brooms go to The Point Bar between La Laguna and Sabang and have a drink around sunset, etc.

Some Tips:
1. Villa Sabang and Octopus Diver will help you with extension of your visa, transportation, hotel, and diving.
2. If you want cheap and beachfront accomodations, you can get them here. Try any of the ones on Sabang Beach–Big Apple, At Can, etc. You should be able to get a room with fan, TV, minibar for between P400-900/night. One with Aircon from between P1000-1300/night. My favorite was getting a room with a porch on the beach and drinking beers on the porch while watching the girls go by. In my opinion, if you go, stay in Sabang. A very cheap place is Sea breeze owned by Nelly over Villa Sabng. Most of the cottages are not more in the best condition, but the view is incredible.
3. If you barfine a girl, chances are she’ll have to dance a few sets anyway, unlike Angeles. What you end up doing is paying her fine, then getting the mamasan to agree to let her out at 10 pm and picking her up then. Or sitting and watch the girls. Don’t worry if your girl dance late sets. The more beautiful girls have to dance until midnight. Sometimes the mamasan will get on your nerves for buying drinks. Say politely no, after you buying one drink only on your first day. It’s be worth to watch out for a girl which like you, because she will spend the night with you not only, but also the hole next day. I know somebody how is already married with a girl from Sabang disco. From time to time I saw pregnant girls. Mostly is the father a foreigner, which was never more seen. For me, I use a condom, because I’m not brave enough to find out, what a girl can have. Take note of, that many tourists stop in Manila or Angeles, before they come to Sabang.
4. Change your money BEFORE you get to Sabang. The rates aren’t so good.
5. If you by a low budget, bring your honeyko from Angeles.

The former Umbrella Bar is a normal disco with the new name: ” Blue Star” now and the Philippine Village Disco has changed in the biggest go-go-bar on place. The barfine at last was P300,- and probably the girl will expect a tip around P1000,- on the next morning, but she will stay with you as long as you like. ”

Any of the latest news about the cost of recent barfines or the number and quality of the dancers and bar girls would be welcome.

Sabang Beach

Sabang area is only 6kms away from the town of Puerto Galera. On foot it takes only 45 mins, brisk walking, or 10 minutes in a Jeepney. The cost is 10 pesos. The best way is by Bangka and the cost is 150 pesos. In the rainy season its the ONLY way.
Sabang is by far the most popular destination, as it offers four star hotels, like Tropicana Resort, Portofino, and others all with swimming pools, air con etc. It also has a large number of dive shops, of International standard, PADI, Asia Divers etc.

Just returned from a week in Sabang, which is the place you want to be if you’re going to Puerto Galera, this being my third trip there. It’s relatively small, with 3 go-go bars, a freelance “disco”, and freelancers patroling various other spots. If you’ve just come from Angeles, Pattaya, or any other sex wonderland, you may be a little disappointed in the selection of women. If not, what’s there will more than suffice, for a while anyway. The bar fine at each of the 3 go-go bars is P400 – it’s low season right now so the standard tip is P1000 for long time. For the freelancers, there’s of course no barfine, and the tip is the same. Following the 1 bar-1 girl rule, you could soon run out of bars to choose from, but this doesn’t seem to be a problem here – the mamasans at each place were very clear on this and I experienced no problems from any of the girls as I was butterflying around, even going to the same bar on consecutive nights barfining different girls. One word of caution – the vast majority of girls in Sabang are using shabu, which can make them a little unpredictable, but at the same time really loosens many of them up, resulting in a more wild fuck in many cases. A trade-off, I guess. There’s plenty of decent-good restaurants, excellent diving (all the sites are very close – no long boat rides) and all of it is very CHEAP! Sabang is well worth a try in my books.

In Sabang, the freelancers are referred to as “hunting girls“. The main spot to pick them up is a “disco”, the name escapes me right now, but is very easy to find, as is everything in Sabang. You can also find them at many of the outdoor bars, and just walking around, day and night. Tip – P1000 for long-time. As with the go-go girls, most are using shabu, and many of the freelancers are not working in the go-go’s due to what has become an excessive habit, so be careful. I’m told that many of them will become possessive of you, marking you as their “territory” (source of income) and will bang on your door late at night when you’ve got some other girl. As well, at least some (or perhaps many) will not hesitate to steal from you, especially if the haul is big enough, and then basically hide from you until you’re gone. In this case, it’s not like you could go to bar where she works – you don’t have much in the way of recourse. As well, these girls almost certainly don’t get check-ups as often as the dancers, or at all, though I don’t put that much faith in the check-ups these girls get. One girl I had said the dancers from all the bars were getting their check-ups the following morning (a swab), and that it only cost P50 – what can they be checking for 50 pesos?!? You also hear stories that the girls simply get their wages deducted if they don’t do the check-ups. Doesn’t sound like ideal protection to me. At any rate, if you’re going to screw a freelancer, WRAP YOUR PECKER! In my mind, you should with the dancers as well, but especially with the freelancers.

I lived in the Philippines and would like to share my day with you. Puerto Gallera is a nice place to go to get away from the hussle and bustle of Manila or Angeles City. I want to make it clear that there is little or no nightlife in Puerto Galera, just a couple of Restaurants and some Bars. It is considered a quiet, retirees residence, with all the action in Sabang Beach.

Puerto G is a nice quiet place,very laid back. I love it, and take things easy there.

The high spot of the day,was taking my children down to the Harbour at lunchtime, watching the two ferries come in. Have a seafood lunch at Gunthers place, Pizza Pub and Restaurant, collect the days papers from the mainland (delivered by the Boats), and watch out for familiar faces at the dock, or arriving on the Ferries.

Call in at Margaritas Store, pick up fresh milk, eggs and maybe some Bratwurst or Italian Garlic Sausages for tea. Show the kids around the small museum in the grounds of the local church.

Stroll back up past the Church, down past the shops in Hundura, a small suburb of PG. Pick up a little candy for the children, maybe some comic books, and sit outside The Dog & Duck Pub, drinking a large, ice cold Gin & Tonic. Then sit with Kevin, the Brit owner and his Aussie friends, putting the world to rights.

Beats the crap out of sitting in the car on the turnpike, swallowing all those noxious fumes, honking the horn and cursing all the other drivers.

Maybe tomorrow I will hire out a bangka boat, take the wife and kids for a picnic to Haligi Beach, with some Fish, Pork and Hot Dogs for the BBQ. Swim a little, eat a little, drink a lot and have some quality time with the family. Let the Boatman fix the BBQ.

Sabang Disco
Approximately 40 dancers, with the best quality in town at the moment, actually each time I’ve been to Sabang. Barfine P400 – tip P1000. Even if you’ve just been in Angeles, there are several sweet young things around 20 years old, with great faces and bodies, if that’s your thing. Some people don’t like to go here too often, due to lady drink pressure – not from the girls but from the two mamasans, and one papasan. He’s been there for at least 5 years, and probably makes a decent income from drinks alone. I’ve never heard a good word about him – he’s generally a pain in the ass, always wanting a drink(s). It’s not as though it’s a lot of money, but it does wear thin quickly – as soon as you buy one of them a drink, the other two will be over quickly. However, I’ve almost always been able to find just what I’m looking for here, or close to it.

Sunset Disco
Around 25 dancers, on average not of high quality. Barfine P400 – tip P1000. The other two go-go bars have better women, in my books. I did find two gems here, though. The first was actually quite sweet, NO fat, great ass, and quite a decent lay. The second was amazing – not only did she have the best body I found, she was by far the best fuck. After I barfined her, we went to Sabang Disco to pick up her friend for a 3some – and they didn’t disappoint at all. They were very into each other and the 3 some, kissing each other, licking twat and ass, fingering, etc. Her friend went home when we were finished and I had seconds on the first girl – she was a first-rate lay.

Philippine Village Disco
At both Sabang and the Village Disco, girls can be ‘bar-fined’ for 1,400 pesos for the night, 400 for the house and 1,000 for the girl. Its advisable to buy a Ladies Drink, 125 pesos, to find out the pros and cons. Is she Cherry? Is she on mens? Does she give blowjobs? Does she go without a condom?

Villiage Disco
About 30-40 dancers. Barfine P400 – tip P1000. On average, the quality is less than Sabang Disco, but better than Sunset Disco. Not a lot of lady drink pressure. One nice feature of this place is that a few times each evening, they have ALL the dancers parade around the stage in a train for awhile. I didn’t barfine any girls from here this time, but have had good ones in the past.

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