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Don’t waste your time in Korea going to the Red Light districts, if you don’t plan on having any fun. Korean women are very boring in those places, it’s a drive-thru fuck and doesn’t leave you with any happy thoughts. I only recommend going to the “Hill” in Itaewon, it’s not hard to find–it’s right in the middle. Even a dumb Korean taxi driver can find. There are numerous bars and pubs on the hill, with many gorgeous and ugly Korean chicks. The bars are small and the music is lousy in most places, but that doesn’t matter anyway. The girls in the bars will take you to a short time hotel for about $25 and you pay them from $50 to $150 depending on the night and girl. Go to the hotel, fuck, and come back to the bar–then go to another bar and do the same thing. Busy night–cheap and so is the girl, although the slow nights are expensive–you can really find a drop dead bitch. You usually go in the bar, buy a few drinks for your “ho”, $10 to $15 dollars a piece and your beer. A girl, if she likes you will sit down and talk after you notion that you will buy her a drink. If she really likes you, you can get a blow job right there on the spot, or at the minimum a nut massage while you drink a beer–sometimes a quick fuck in the bathroom (for a price). It’s some wild ••••.

The last night I spent in Seoul, and Korea was the most unforgettable party night I ever had. The night before I was supposed to fly out of the country I stayed in Seoul–and of course stayed in Itaewon. I was drinking all night, and my hands already smelled of pussy from other girls at other bars, and waiting to find the right bimbo, and of course I did. I dropped a few bucks on drinks with her, and we really had a great time. As we both really started to get hammered, I asked her to take of her bikini panties, she didn’t argue with that. Since we really hit it off, she had no problem and being drunk made it even better. Although the more she kept rubbing the bulge in my jeans–the closer I was to blowin my load, and quick. She was so hot, you could just look at her and bust a nut! I had a really bad craving to eat pussy that night like a fuckin heroin addict (I was so desperate I would have ate an old mamsan’s bush). So I told her that I wanted to eat her pussy, she was surprised and hesitant–but pushed my head down, and away I went. Korean pussy, if you don’t know is always clean, tight and fresh–no matter who the girl is, it’s a given for the experts who know how to find it and eat it. It was great stuff, and she was so into it–she didn’t care or mind the people passing by to go to the bathroom or sit in the table next to us–either did I. I’d just look up with a great buzz, a tasty mouth of beer and pussy, and smile with pubic hairs in my teeth. Well after doing this bar and staying between the legs of this hot-ass bitch–she got dressed in her tight, leather, bell-bottom pants, and top and we headed to a quick-fuck hotel (it had a bed and a bathroom, the size of a closet–but good enough). I would have fucked her on the floor of a convenient store, with her parents watching–I didn’t care, the only thing I could think about was getting into that hot pussy and spraying it with a super load.

The minute we were in the room, we were naked and she was already sucking me off. My dick was so hard I could cut diamonds, but instead I was going get that ass. So I strapped on the rubber, and commenced the ceremony. It was hot, tight, and she was really into it. I wish that I didn’t have to use a condom, I could have really abused that ass. Before long it was time to blow the wad–the moment I had been waiting for. I kneeled right in front of her as she played with her clit, pulled her hair and head back and blasted the waiting load on her face. It was an awesome sight–those moments we live for. Well, anyway after we washed away the sweat and jizz–we headed back to the bar and had a few more drinks. She gave me her phone number and I left. She was the finest piece of Korean ass I ever had–even though she was an “escort”–but who cares you pay for it all in the end anyway. The next day, during my flight to the US–I could not forget the piece of ass I had the night before. I was so awe struck, that my 10 hour flight seemed to only last 1 hour! Still to this day I can never forget, and can’t wait to go back. Just a tip to those interested, be sure you understand the Korean mentality and a little language first–be cool and don’t look impulsive or stupid. Take about $350-$400 dollars for an all nighter (when you see the pussy, you’ll understand later), a pack of American condoms (Korean condoms are like using the finger of a surgical glove), get a good buzz and don’t forget to bring your giant load–ready to be unleashed on slanted hot ass pussy.

I got a good pipe cleaning in Seoul, Itaewon…on the “Hill”. I am a multi time vet of Korea, I have spent over 6 years there–and enjoyed every minute of it. Korean gals have the cleanest pussies on the earth–shaved, groomed, waxed, and buffed. My last experience in Seoul was a good one on the Hill. I hit every bar in about six hours–god knows how much cash I dropped. For every beer at every bar I was at, I had my finger in wet Korean cunt. Had to find the right one. Once I did, I met the perfect girl. She was responsive and hot in the ass. After we got fucked up for a while and had a fun time, I asked her to take her panties off–she asked why and I told her I wanted to taste her pussy. She didn’t hesitate at all and laid down on the couch at our table. She pulled her thighs back with her hands and stuck that tight little cunt in my face. I engorged myself–what a trip. It was right next to the bathroom and everyone passing by caught an excellent glimpse of me eating in the bush. There’s nothing like a mouth full of wet-cum pussy and a cold OB (lager). After that wild •••• was over with, I was about to blow a heavy load–so we headed to the shortime-fuck hotel and took care of business. She had my cock in her mouth the minute I shut the door–I had to fight to get it out of her suctioned-lips and into that tight cunt and start the fuckin. It was a memorable load–I grabbed her hair, pulled it back and blasted her face. It was one of those loads that doesn’t quit, and your nuts are sore in the mornin. It’s a great time to go to the Hill, the Korean ho’s treat you right and suck and fuck–just look for the right one. Korean pussy is the best Asian cunt around, and it’s a giant buffet on the Hill.

I am a regular visitor to Itaewon and will make regular posts with my experiences in the “juicy” bars as well as Red Light Districts. My first bit of advise is “Don’t pay 20,000 Won for the girls drink. 9 out of 10 will take 10,000 if you insist. After all, they mostly want to get you into the bar ,get you aroused and try to talk you into sex or a blowjob. I enjoy hanging around the “Hill” drinking in the regular bars and foolin’ around with the juicy girls. See how much I can get for as little as possible. The best way is to lead them to believe that they have a chance of selling you something more. I don’t feel guilty at all as any of these girls would milk you of your life savings if they could. I can often stretch a couple of drinks into 30 or 40 minutes of good foreplay. Usually if I want to get laid I go to Miari or Yongsan. More on those in another post.

These are Korean “motels.” They can be recognized by a symbol of steam rising off of a bowl of hot water.
The prices are gov’t. controlled. They are the cheap, but clean and safe, lodgings.
You may or my not have a bed. You may very well sleep on the floor on a “yo” or Korean mattress. Buildings are heated through the floor. There may be hot water in the bathroom, but the bathroom may not be heated! This can make for a COLD shower in the morning!
It will be CLEAN. Leave your shoes in an anteroom. Laundry will probably be done. Use common sense before even thinking of bringing a girlfriend home.

Astoria Hotel
tel 02-268 7111
fax 02-274 3187
The Astoria Hotel is a five-minute walk from Chungmuro subway station on Line 3 or 4. Doubles cost US$40 to US$50, twins US$50 to US$60 and suites US$65 to US$80. Facilities include a Western restaurant, coffee shop, game room and an outdoor car park. The KNTO rates it 3rd class.
13-2, Namhak-dong, Jung-gu

Central Hotel
tel 02-265 4121
The 72-room Central Hotel is one block south of the Jongno 3-ga subway station on Line 1. Singles cost US$30, doubles (Western and Korean style) US$35, twins (Western-style) US$38 and suites US$63. Facilities include a coffee shop, Western buffet restaurant, banquet hall, nightclub, sauna and an indoor car park. It’s rated 3rd class.

Emerald Hotel
tel 02-743 2001
On an alley on the eastern side of the Nagwon arcade, the Emerald Hotel has comfortable doubles with bath for US$20. This place distinguishes itself by having table and chairs in the rooms (distinctly lacking in most yeogwan). Cable TV is a feature. Don’t confuse this place with the super-expensive Emerald Hotel in the Kangnam district.
tel 02-743 2001

Hilton Hotel
tel 02-753 7788
fax 02-754 2510
The Seoul Hilton is 10 minutes’ walk from Seoul train station and is rated super-deluxe by the KNTO. A Business room costs US$300, while an Executive room is US$339. Facilities include a lobby lounge, coffee shop, numerous restaurants (Korean, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese, and Western buffet), a banquet hall, health club, indoor swimming pool, sauna, shopping arcade, duty-free shop, business centre, conference hall with simultaneous interpretation equipment and a large indoor garage.
395, Namdaemunno 5(0)-ag, Jung-gu

Love Hotels
In a “nightclub” zone, they’ll all be “love hotels.” A love hotel typically will have a “curtain” over the entrance of the parking lot to conceal the cars within and clients all wear sunglasses, even at night. One in Pusan even rented “adult” movies (Korean adult video is topless only).

New Kukje Hotel
tel 02-732 0161
fax 02-732 1774
New Kukje Hotel is in the City Hall Plaza, surrounded by department stores and within easy reach of the city’s major sights. It’s also convenient for public transport, being only a five-minute walk from City Hall subway station (Lines 1 and 2). The KNTO rates it 1st class. Singles/doubles cost US$63/81. Facilities include Western and Korean restaurants, coffee shop, business centre, bar, sauna, barber shop, karaoke and a small car park.
29-2, Taepyeongno 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu

New Seoul Hotel
tel 02-735 9071
fax 02-735 6212
The New Seoul Hotel offers singles/doubles for US$70/95 and twins (Western and Korean-style) from US$95 to US$118. Facilities include a cocktail lounge, coffee shop, restaurants (Korean, Japanese and Western), karaoke, gift shop, sauna and a moderately sized car park.
29-1, Taepyeongno 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu

Pacific Hotel
tel 02-777 7811
fax 02-755 5582
The 1st-class Pacific Hotel is under an hour from Incheon International Airport, five minutes from the train station and only two-minutes’ walk from Myeong-dong subway station (Line 4). Doubles go for US$156; suites cost US$235. Facilities include restaurants (Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Western), a cocktail lounge, bakery, coffee shop, banquet hall, gift shop, barber shop, and large outdoor and moderately sized indoor car parks.
31-1, Namsan-dong 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu

President Hotel
tel 02-753 3131
fax 02-779 7111
Web Site:
The President Hotel, five minutes’ walk from City Hall subway station, has 33 storeys above ground and three storeys below. Singles cost from US$95, Doubles cost US$158; suites start at US$205. It’s rated deluxe, and facilities include a cocktail lounge, coffee shop, restaurants (Western, Korean, Japanese and buffet-style), a banquet hall, conference hall with simultaneous interpretation equipment, game room, shopping arcade, gift shop, barber shop, beauty salon and an indoor car park.
188-3, Euljiro 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu

Itaewon Pancho’s
tel 02-792 4767
Claims to be the best Mexican restaurant in Seoul, and it would be hard to argue. Aside from the expected nachos, enchiladas and burritos, it’s a good place for drinks. The restaurant is hidden just off Itaewonno, on the 3rd floor.

Itaewon Restaurant
tel 02-797 1474
One of the few genuinely Korean restaurants in the Itaewon area is the Itaewon Restaurant. It has a pleasant atmosphere and is not as expensive as it looks. The restaurant is just north of Itaewon subway station.

La Vecchia Stazione
tel 02-363 2160
Between Sinchon subway and train stations, La Vecchia Stazione is an Italian coffee shop with considerable cosmopolitan charm. The decor is like an old train station, and classical music is played continuously in the background.

Restaurant Marche Movenpick
Restaurant Marche Movenpick by the Gangnam subway station is a good place for foreigners with no Korean language – there are no menus, you just point to what you want. You’re given a card which gets stamped by staff as you pick up your dishes. Western food is on offer including a salad bar (US$2), lasagne (US$4), steak and some Mexican food

Seoul Tower, Namsan Park
Seoul Tower is home to Pulhyanggi, a superb Korean restaurant where you can eat your fill of scrumptious veggie dishes. Prices range from US$11 to US$27. A dance show is thrown in at 7.30pm (7pm in winter).

Shillawon Chinese Restaurant
tel 02-752 2396
The area around the Chinese embassy in Myeong-dong is a good place to look for Chinese food. The small collection of restaurants and one or two bookshops here is about as close as Seoul gets to a Chinatown. Shillawon Chinese Restaurant is a favourite with the embassy staff and features an English menu.

Shinp’ouri Mandu
Just southwest of Tapgol Park, this Korean fast-food joint has a difficult name to pronounce, and there is no sign in English. Nevertheless, it’s definitely worth seeking out. The food is amazingly good and you can eat your fill for less than US$4. You needn’t grapple with the language, as the menu has pictures

Wang Mandu
tel 02-752 2765
On the northern side of Namdaemun Market is the small but ever-popular Wang Mandu. No English is spoken here but there is an English menu. The speciality is, of course, mandu (dumplings) but there are several noodle dishes. If you’re a fan of spicy food, try the gimchi mandu.

Westin Chosun Hotel
tel 02-771 0500
The super deluxe Westin Chosun Hotel is home to a number of interesting restaurants. The lunch specials can be considered mid-range (around US$8 to US$16), but top dinners can be pricey. Restaurants here include O’Kim’s (Irish food), The Ninth Gate (Western food), Yesterday’s (Italian food), Sushi Cho (Japanese food), Sheobul (Korean food) and Hokyungjeon (Chinese food).87, Sokong-dong

Youngbin Garden
tel 02-732 3863
Youngbin Garden in the Tapgol Park area is the epitome of an upmarket, traditional Korean restaurant. Set in a lovely wooden house in a courtyard in Insadong, this is one place to get a great galbi (barbecue) meal and other traditional cuisine.

Hilton and JJ Mahoney’s

“overnighters” in Itaewon are cake, of course. but more satisfying if you can score one in Hongdaeap (Hong Dae University area) or Yonsei University area. Great Salsa club in Hongdae area too (half block from subway station) if you just want to go the sure thing route…check out a Turkish bath or Miari. Go to the Hyatt, hit the bar that’s downstairs. And dress smart casual at the very least. Unless you are a complete troll you should be able to pick up a local freebie. Be prepared to drop some $$ on the drinks there.

Turkish bath are great in Seoul. Allow me the privilege to elaborate:
Price varies, but has had recent price jump to about 110,000-200,000Won ($90-180). The exact service can vary a bit but in general its the same. Nice clean room, really sweet and pretty chicks, fly bodies (7-9s overall)

First, both strip down and then you are asked to stand in the tub. They give you a full body wash and soaping. A nice start. Next, the set you on a massage table face down first. Prepare for an incredible oil massage, complete with her rubbing you all over with her naked body. Breathing passionately in your ear, light touches combined with deep rubs, and even the nipple to foot rub (a first for me at the time). But what it seems most fail to mention is the perfectly timed rimming at this point. That’s right, she washes you, rubs you, and gets you nice and clean for some decent nice anal licking. Flip over then repeat massage. This time add a blow. She slips a condom over you when see starts to go down on you, but these girls are so professionally trained you barely notice. I little much on the sound effects, but better then a dead beat…..throw in ANOTHER quick and good oiled rimming and you are ready to go. Some places this point ask you for your position preferences, and most will accept your suggestion if you don’t like their first pick. Doggy style (when I’m feeling like a flexing in the mirror cause I think I’m a porn star) and girl on top are preferred. After some great passion acting, the better places will have run a bath during the massage, and have it nice and prepared for you after you’ve finished. A good warm and soothing bath afterwards is the perfect ending to the true Korean Turkish bath experience. Be sure to ask take them up for complementary beverages (juices) to cleanse the palette before heading out. Don’t know if its the rimming or overall package but at all the other joints you may not get all this stuff. Overall its about still about 45min-1 hour, so its certainly not a complaint.

Lions Sauna Turkish Bath
Near Myong-dong in the heart of Seoul. To get there you take the blue line subway and get off at the Myong-dong stop. When you get off look at the exit map for the Sejong Hotel. Walk to the hotel and when you get there turn left and walk two blocks. All along the left side of the street you’ll see store signs with the word “Lions” on alot of them and then you’ll see ‘Lion’s Sauna.” Enter and go upstairs to the Turkish Sauna.

These are a few bars I can think of off hand:
Royal: Very attractive girls. Will take you to a very private booth and get very friendly right away. But that won’t last long if you don’t quickly agree having sex which they charge a bundle for. They also have an attitude I don’t like. Very pushy. Good for one drink and then move on.
Venus: Transexuals
Sunny’s: Friendly, attractive girls, not pushy.Not very private for much other than talking. I did spend about 45 minutes with one early ust after opening making out at the bar – lot’s of kissing but nothing too sexual.
Coyote Ugly: The name says it all – Ugly!
Uptown: cute girl named Gina – vwry sweet and will make out with lots of sqeezing. worth a couple drinks.There are a few bars at the top of the “Hill” to the right:
Isogobel (spl?)down from street level -will give a great one but cool offf quickly. Last time I was there they insisted on $20 and I passed.
At the bottom of the hill and two the left: Cabin: 3-4 older girls ranging from ugly to barely acceptable. Will suck you and jerk you off
for 2 or three drinks.
Indian Joe’s: Very private , will unzip you right away. If they don’t just do it for them. They want sex and there is a small bedroom near the front door. Girls are OK looking , not great but you get more for your money as they try hard and seem friendly.

Polly’s Kettle, Stomper, and Grand Ol Opry are non juicy bars that are busy if you want to party with other foreigners. Chi Chi’s is also a non sex bar that I like. It is quiet and a good place to sit and have a beer with no hassles in a relaxed place. The woman who runs it is very nice. Although quiet I have struck up a few friendships here over the last few weeks. Back to the sex:

First Class and Red Fox: down the hill across the street thru the intersection . There are 4-5 bars here but I have only been in two. First Class is down some stairs and is nice. Not too pushy and the girls are average.
The Red Fox is inside a bulding and is hard to spot if there are no girls at the entrance beconing you. The girl that sat with me looked too much like she might have once been a guy so I left. The other two in there looked OK tho’.
Dragon: Have talked at the doorway to two diferent girls and both had a bitchy attitude so I have not been in.
Rocky Top: Average girls but not too pushy. They
charge 10,000 per drink at the bar and 20,000 to
go to a room upstairs. Havn’t been upstairs yet.

Take a Taxi to the “Grand Mart” which is a large grocery and department store {cost 1500 won) Continue to walk down the street in to nightclub area and you begin to see barber shop poles by entrances and stairways. After a shave you get a blow job and sex. 50,000 won

Throughout Seoul are the so-called barbershop massages. These places basically front as a barbershop (Ee Yong-won), but they’re in the sex business. barbershops, will generally accept most white foreigners.

The easiest way to locate them is to look for spinning barber poles any time between midnight and seven a.m. Chances are no one is looking for a haircut at these hours. Koreans say that places with double poles are the massage joints, but this isn’t always true.

I visited a barbershop after work near the Coex area; when stepped in the shop, a fat lady directed me to a small cubicle; there is a barber chair at the center of the cubicle, I asked how much? She said 80000 won, then I said Okay, and the lady told me to undress put on the trousers and slept on the heated barber chair.
Few minutes later, I sexy young lady came in, she is about 21 years old and her figure is around 35, 24, 33. She just looked like a model, She talked to me with her broken English and she told me she likes singing. I talked back with my broken Korean, she keep laughing. It took about 40 minutes to complete the massage service. In fact she had a good massage skill. Then she showed me the way to take a shower. After the shower, I went back my cubicle; she welcomed me with a nice smile. She undressed herself and slept on the chair, God, her body is so perfect; she started kissing and licking my whole body. I told her I wanted the BJ with the condom on it, she laughed and put on the condom for me with her month, then her tongue started turning around my penis liked with a high speed motor on it, she sucked my penis liked she wanted to swallow it. She worked really hard; I had to stop her for several times, The BJ lasted for 15 minutes until I almost cum.
Then she ride on me, I sucked and played with her tits. I watched her breast moving up and down follow with her ride. Then I changed 3 different posts and finished with the doggy style. Then she cleaned me carefully with some hot towers. Before I left she reminded me to come back again. I tip her 20000 won.

There is a good one in the Dynasty hotel – which is immediately opposite the Ritz Carlton so it is easy to get to by taxi! The drill is that you go in and turn left up the stairs, the massage suite is up one flight. You will be shown to a room which is quite big, half carpeted, half tiled. there is a corner bath and a real massage table. You will not be able to see the girl first but you can ask for one change (probably more if you insisted). They will take 180,000 won (around €130) off you at this point, this covers an hour.

The girl comes in after a few minutes and will unwrap 2 new toothbrushes so you and she can clean your teeth.She will ask you to undress and then get into the bath then she undresses. You get washed with some help from her (she is very careful about your arsehole!) and then she dries you and onto the table you go. You get a real massage and then a coating of lube and some slippy slidy stuff before some tongue work including a thorough rimming of your arse – that is why she was so careful! Then you get a fuck and your hour is up – all rather pleasant. My girl was tall for a Korean and had big tits! About a 7 overall and I think the service may have been only average.

Songtan Tourist Hotel
274-190, Shinjang 2-dong,
Kyungki-do, Korea
Phone : +82-333-666-5101~5
Fax : +82-333-62-5100
Songtan Hotel Sports Massage
Inside this hotel is the Songtan Hotel Sports Massage, the fee is $125 dollars for about 1 hour. They offer shuttle bus services from/to your work place and/or visiting sites.

Here are the basics:
Georgrous girls that won’t accept foreigners. Some might be able to be convinced but who wants to be with one you whose heart isn’t in it. Recipe for a boring quickie.

Very similar to 588. Many gorgeous girlswho won’t accept you if you are a foreigner. There are however some that will. There are a few hot ones that will take you if you look around. I only go with ones that call me first. I’m not going to beg.

Miari: Definately the best of the three. There are hundreds of cuties that will gladly take foreigners. It’s very refreshing after going to 588 to pass a window of a dozen girls or so and they are all waving at you to pick them.For the details go to the Sex\Red Light Districts section of this forum. An update to my earlier posts on Juicy Bars on Hooker Hill:
Bar Venus had transexuals
Ambrosia had transexuals

Miara Texas about 3 blocks with about 200 apartments.
The biggest window brothel (where women are behind glass) similar to Amsterdam is located below the expressway behind a tree lined fence. Three story apartments with several geisha style dressed women behind sliding glass windows. Close to 100 food stands with items like fresh seafood, beer, wine and other Korean foods are available on the same street. Things get going at 8pm till dawn. 40k-50k Wons for FS

The easiest way to get there is the subway. Use line-4 to Kirum. Use exit-6 and you will be at the entrance of Texas. Unfortunately, some of the houses are closing. Acceptance of foreign customers – In most cases, Korean brothels do not accept foreign guys. East Asian guys (Japanese and Chinese, should include Chinese American) are accepted. Some girls speak English or Japanese. I (a Japanese) have had many good experiences.
As far as I heard, outside of Seoul, near the border, there is a district which accepts white and black guys.

Dynasty HOTEL turkey bath..
180.000won, nice nice girls, young sweet, gems,
1.5 hours, of massage, baths, and great sex...

CHANG AN DONG the Barbarshop town..hundreds of barbershops in one town, these place is great, been to many stores, always greated with respect!
price 80- 100.000 the girls are good. A bit older, like 25-30 but nice! Just walk around until you see a girl you like.

Chang An Dong is located about 20 minutes from apkujoeng, or 20 minutes from Miari.
best bet would be to ask a taxi driver to take you to CHANG AN DONG…. remember its the most famous for barber shops and cheap room salons etc…a ton of barbaer shops man, you will know you are in the right place because you would have not seen so many spinning poles in one area.

The clubs on Hooker Hill are generally closed during the day time. But sometimes you will find a bar open where one of the girls opens up to see if she can pick up some extra business. I was in Itaewon and thought I’d take a quick look. Eveything was shut tight. As I got to the botom of the hill a girl walking toward me in street clothes asked me if I \wanted to go to her club. I said sure and we went up the hill and she unlocked the door and then locked it again behind us. I bought her four 10,000 Won drinks over a 45 minute period during which she massaged, sucked, stroked and rubbed my dick between her tits. She even started things off with a little striptease and was naked for the rest of the time. She had a sexy body. Finally she made me come on her tits and thighs. The club was Dallas but you are not likely to get this treatment during regular hours. Just goes to show you that you can get lucky during the day. I have seen and been in bars open during the day on other occasions as well and usually get better service for less money so check it out!

tabang, are takeout sex places, you ring up and say, tabang, and coffee please, she comes around. Also they have in house calls, just a brothel, with take out service. Yongukol, try your luck, some have had success, some have not, most not, its like 588, depends,still worth a look, its really big, cheap room salons, 20.30.000 won, nothing happens, they just sit there with you..chang an dong is famous for this too you said you went there? Well maybe it is it, its not that big, one street, long, and of course in the back streets, too, many flashing lights, cheap room salons, many spinning barber poles, etc. maybe you went to the place.

directions, Like I said I drive there at night and just know hoe to get there in my car, I don’t really look around to much on stuff ok like i said, if you go over the bridge from cheongdamdong, NExtr to apkujeong dong, the street next to the Ellie lui hotel, JUillianas night club used to be there..anyway there is a road there, go there with elle lui on your left, over the bridge, go straight, then chang an dong, will be there in about 10 minutes catch a cab from cheongdamdong and head him over the bridge, then the cabbie will know where you mean, you know korea alot of places sound the same, with a foreign accent, he might take you to suwon or something.

I found Chang An Dong on he map. I followed your directions from the last post on the map and there
it was. I used a different map this time . The other map spelled it with a J – Jangan Dong so I didn’t see it. I haven’t been yet but I will check it out this week. On the map there is a Chang an dong Antique market. Do you remember seeing it? The closest subway looks to be Dapsimni
on Line 5 and a bit of a walk or taxi.

Yongjukol– I will probably make a trip up there on Sunday. it’s an hour by bus but only 1900 Won each way from the bus station outside Bulwang Subway on line 3. If anyone wants to join me leave a message here or go to the travel companions section of this forum and i’ll leave my email address there since they won’t let me leave it here. For those without member access you can check out the Asia Archives of the I posted my email address in May or June. They have no problem with posting email adresses. I think that letting addresses be posted would only increase the number of posts here as people would meet up and possibly explore a few more things they might not have tried alone. I’m sure they would be on here the next day with the details. I think it would make it more of a community. Just my two cents!)

Tabangs : Does anyone have more info – Pricing,attitude to foreigners how are the girls etc…

Karoake : do the girls ofer sex once you have them in the room ? How much?

Dongdaemun Market
Near its namesake of Dongdaemun (Great East Gate). Korea’s largest wholesale and retail shopping district has 26 shopping malls, 30,000 specialty shops, and 50,000 manufacturers. Within the ten blocks of the market area, you can find silks, clothes, shoes, sporting goods, plumbing and electrical supplies, electronics, office supplies, toys and just about everything else imaginable.

Try going outside the hotel an looking under the wiperblades of cars parked in backstreets nearby – you may find cards for escort agencies (certain near the Rennaissance). Phone these numbers and they will be happy to send you a girl. Quoted price is 170,000Won -may be bargainable to 150? Typically the girl will show up in around 40 mins and may be very pretty or nearer a 7. Never seen a dog! The down side is they can be very restrictive – I have found that they will often only perform in pitch darkness which spoils the whole idea for me! they are quite willing to “changee” and send another girl but you may get the same problem! Last time I only found out she wanted darkness after I had given her the money – but she gave it back no prob! I have also had the experience where she chatted to me fo about 30 secs, decided I was not HER cup of tea and did a runner! It’s a funny world.

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