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Bumrungrad Hospital between Soi 1 and Soi 3 a block inside of Sukhumvit is the best place.
you can buy International phone cards at the 7-11s. Calls to the US are about 35 baht per minute, or were a year ago.

Internet café’s that have Net 2 phone connections. The prices are like dirt cheap and are always coming down. I pay 10 cents a minute to call the US from here. A few cheap places are located in the strip mall when you enter the Ambassador Hotel. They are all on the left-hand side as you walk to enter the Ambassador.

Suits handmade
In the Armani shop on ground level of the Pacific City building on sukhumvit between soi 4 and 6 next door to The Landmark.


19 Sukhumvit Soi 18, Klong Toei, Bangkok 10110
Tel: 66-2-261-7100, Fax: 66-2-261-7017


Landmark Hotel
138 Sukhumvit Road. Bangkok 10110. Thailand Tel: 66 (0) 2254 0404
Fax: 66 (0) 2253 4259, email :


Bills Bar
Yahoo Bar
Suzee and Crazy Bar
You and Me Bar
Out Bar

Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP)
Undoubtedly, the Nana Entertainment Plaza on Soi 4 (Soi Nana) has become the center house for some of the most gorgeous and luscious Asians in the world. It is here you can find literally hundreds of babes who will fuck and suck your dick raw. I kid you not. I don’t know about you, but when I go to Bangkok, the first and last place you will find me is at the Nana Entertainment Plaza. It’s the best! Nana is open from 7 p.m. till 2 a.m. and is located off Sukumvit road on Soi Nana (Soi 4, right across the street from the Nana hotel).

Nana Plaza is basically a shopping mall of bars, three stories high, jam packed with girls, more girls, and even more girls. Some bars boast they have over 100 girls. I would not be surprised. I could not begin to count the number of women employed in Nana and best of all, there are some really fine-looking women working there. They are all prostitutes (although some of the waitresses are not hooking)) and are there for one reason: to fuck and suck your dick raw. For a price, of course.

Nana Plaza List of Bars

Carnival Bar (Pics inside Bar) The Carnival Bar is on the Third Floor Of the NEP.

Taboo: Short-time hotel on the 3rd floor. Very upscale and clean.
Spirit House: Short-time hotel on the 1st floor.

Soi Cowboy
Soi Cowboy is located off the Sukhumvit road, right off Soi 21. To get there, just flag down a meter taxi; all the taxi drivers know where it is (located right off Soi 23 and Sukhumvit road). Soi Cowboy, similar to Patpong, is located on a side street (where the traffic is blocked off at night); it is composed of a cluster of about 25 Go-Go bars, almost all of them street level and lined up back-to-back. The set-up in Soi Cowboy is the same as Patpong. Each bar is lit up with its own neon sign and right outside the door step of each bar will be a few door boys or girls enticing you to come inside. However, the Thais here are nowhere near as aggressive as in Patpong and much more polite. Indeed, it is a much more relaxed and kick – back atmosphere. However, some may consider it too relaxed; it’s nowhere as sexually wild as Patpong, so if you’re looking for the kinky stuff, such as live fuck shows, I seriously doubt you will find it here. Few of the bars, if any, have nudity or topless dancers.

Soi Cowboy Bars
Toy Bar
Long Gun
Raw Hide
Girls From Tilac
More Girls From Tilac
Even More Girls From Tilac


Thermae Coffee Shop
Besides the hot and wild Go Go bars, Bangkok also offers places that are more tame and kick back in nature. If you want a really laid-back and quiet atmosphere to meet more of Bangkok’s steamy women, then I highly recommend you check out the world-famous Thermae Coffee House. Thermae is basically a restaurant/bar that is an after-hours hang-out for male tourists and female Thai prostitutes. You will find tourists from all over the world America, Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Norway, Africa, Korea, Japan… you name it – coming here to taste the hot and passionate Thai pussy. To some, Thermae is the best place in town. It is here you can come seven nights a week, 365 days a year, and encounter a seemingly endless supply of Thai women of all shapes and sizes. The variety and selection of women that come to Thermae is never ending. The new Thermae is located on Sukhumvit road, between Soi 13-15. (Thermae closed down just a few years back and has now relocated right up the street. It’s the same as the old, but in a new location). To get there, just take a meter taxi from the Nana hotel or wherever you are staying. Actually, if you are staying at the Crown, which is on Soi 8, just walk to the Sukhumvit road, turn right and cross the street at the walk bridge. Read more on page 64 of Thai 2000 book online.

The Beer Garden (GARTEN) which is located on Soi 7 about 100 meters from Sukhumvit Rd., BKk. The beer garden is a very pleasant place to eat and drink. The place is similar to Thermae, although the atmosphere is better, and there are always some freelancers hanging around, even in the afternoon. It is mostly visited by ex-patriots, not many tourists/travelers seem to know about it. It’s open from midday to 2am.


Parlor Tips
To get the best service, ask the manager what you want. Don’t be shy in asking them specific and explicit things about what you’d like the girl to do to you. I think they enjoy hearing your sexual requests more than anything. If you want the girl to give you a Bbbj, or a girl who has big tits, gives good head or likes to take in the anal hole, whatever. They are usually right when it comes to the girls’ personal desires or talents. Especially if you want two girls together, they’ll know which girls are comfortable with each other. If YOU pick the two girls to suck you and fuck you and possibly do lesbian stuff, the two you pick may not like each other at all. Then the manager may tell you that those two girls do not like to work together, and you will have to pick someone else. Give the manager a tip if the service is good. 100-200 baht ($3-5) is a good tip.

Do that all the time, and you will be offered the good gals with good service every time you come in.
The best time to go to the MP’s if you want to get the best girls is around 7-8 pm.

To get the best price when you go to these massage parlors is NOT arriving and entering the parlor with your taxi driver. You will pay about $20 more for your visit. The reason is that the taxi driver gets a commission for bringing you there, and they make you pay for it one way or another. The best way to get around this is to have the taxi driver drop you off at a store or location close to the massage parlor you want to go to. Then, when he drives away, you walk over to the massage parlor and enter it alone. If it’s your first time in Bangkok, you will have a hard time knowing where to tell the taxi driver to take you. I would suggest you hire a taxi driver to take you on a message parlor tour on the first day and note the landmarks that are near each parlor. Then the next time you go, you will be able to ask him to drop you off right near your favorite massage place. The tour of the parlors will also give you a tour of the town as well.

Tipping the girl (s) takes place inside the massage room and is given to the girl or girls after the physical part of the massage is finished. The tip is her fee for the sexual part of the massage she will give to you.

Usually about $15-25 on top of the price of the massage. (500-1,500 baht.) Depending on the place, some are much higher in Bangkok. See massage parlor list for approximate prices.

Getting a Body Slide depends on the girl, not all girls do a body massage on the air-mattress. At some places, like the Chao Phraya 2 they are divided into sections and if you want a BKK slide you need to select a girl from the body-massage section, while at Darling’s you need to select a 3-digit number (ie 100 or greater) girl.

Parlor Terms
A Traditional massage is a non-sexual massage. If you see a sign that says, “Raksaa Tang Nuat” or “Traditional Thai Massage” written in English, in or outside a massage parlor, then you’ll know that this place offers non-sexual massages well. The traditional thing is great for tired muscles, aches and the like. Traditional places give you loose clothes to change into. Prices vary, but around Bt 200/hr is fair. A full 2-hour massage is best. In Chiang Mai, the cost for these massages is 100 baht for 2 hours.

Fishbowl: The girls are in a room with a glass window between you and them.

Sideline Girls: refer to girls that are not in the fishbowl.
They are usually:
1. More expensive, range from about 1,600 baht to 6,000 baht for ST in BKK depending on the establishment. While the fishbowl girls range from 600 to 2,500 baht.
2. More like part-timers, the majority do not work every day, perhaps 3–4 days a week and for a shorter duration of time.
3. Younger on average than the fishbowl girls.
4. The more expensive ones, say greater than 3,500 baht are quite attractive, taller, lighter, no kids, urban girls from BKK and many are of Thai-Chinese origin. Some are supposedly students, models, but there are students and there are students, ditto for models.
5. They use the same SOP as the fishbowl girls, but don’t expect them to do a BKK slide, ie body-body massage on the air mattress.
As they are younger than the fishbowl girls, the extra money does not mean better service.

Tora: Body to Body Massage. The girls do the slide on the air mattress.

Star Girls: (and superstar) are just ‘grading’ of girls that are used by some parlors, eg Chao Phraya 2. There is only a 100-200 baht difference, and it is difficult to tell the difference, on average, perhaps the superstars are somewhat more attractive. Similar grading at other places may also be based on things like height, lighter-color, age and whether they have had any kids etc.

B-Course: same as Tora massage

Super Star Girls: are usually better looking, and that’s it. Sometimes they don’t even do everything you want and at 2x the price! Stay away from these, it’s better to get a nice-looking girl from the regular crowd. ask for what you want… performance in BJ? anal? two girls? whatever. The Superstars do the body to body.

Most (99%) soapy massage girls will give a BJ (most likely covered) and then full-service, just about the normal SOP. Don’t expect French kissing, though – if you want this, better to get a recommendation from the Papasan.

Detailed Description of a Massage Parlor Visit

FULL SERVICE MASSAGE PARLOR LIST (in alphabetical order)

Annie’s is a small massage parlor and a well-kept secret. will cost 1,000 baht plus 500-1000, tip for extras. The condition of the rooms are old, same goes for their women we’re told. Go right out of the Nana about a block, and you will see a sign for Annie’s. Go right again into a parking lot, and you will see another sign for Annie’s, a small sauna – massage parlor. Annie’s is way in back near the street on the other side of the parking lot. Walk upstairs and to the right is a “fishbowl” with girls in it. You get to choose your masseuse. Annie’s is a real ‘farang’ soapy place – must be the most mentioned place on the net by farang posters here and elsewhere.

Angara Massage is a step up from Annie’s. This place used to be called Velunda and was a favorite of taxi drivers. Saturday from 10:00 to 2:00 is “happy hour” and the rates are reduced by 500B. This place has many more girls in the fishbowl than Annie’s. The fishbowl is divided into 2 groups, 2000B and 1500B.

Atami Massage and more New Pechburi rd, Bangkok. Tel. 2528914 Normal 1,500 Baht Super 1,700 Baht

Bangkok Cozy Massage New Pechburi rd, Opposite Soi Sunvijai, Bangkok. Normal 1,200 – 1,500 Baht

Baron’s Massage is on the first sub-soi on your left at Sukhumvit Soi 24, near the emporium and the Phrom Pong SkyTrain station. You can choose your own girl, just go straight into the lounge area where they are seated. If you don’t do this and go to the reception, they will allocate a girl for you – just be a bit more forward.

Catherine Massage (Behind Juliana Mass.) Rama 9, bkk.Tel.7196672-4 Norm 1,5001,700 Baht

Chao Phyraya I Massage (Tel: 2453381, 2454810, 2454844) is in Sri ayautaya Rd, near Phyayhai 1 and Hospital Bangkok. These parlours are very popular. Prices are $60-80 for 1.5 hours.

Chao Phryaya 2 Massage Parlour on Sri Ayuthaya Road, across from the Europa Inn hotel. You can get there via the Sky Train to Phraya Thai station and then walking maybe 2–300 yards. open from about 1 pm every day, although the selection may not be that good if you go too early.

Ceazars Palace Massage Rachadapisek Rd, Bangkok. Tel 6925069-79 Normal 1,900 Baht B-Course 2,000 Baht

CR Entertainment Massage 13/4 Rachada-Tapra Rd, Bangkorlaem, Bangkok. Tel. Normal 1,000 – 1,400 BahtSideline1,700 -2,000 Baht

Darlings Massage Sukhumvit Soi 12, Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok. Tel. 2294562-4 B-Course 2,500 Baht. It is by Korea Town in the Sukhumvit area, near the underground Pizza Hut. Look for Korean writing. It is the simple line of Asian writing, very angular. Also look for Korean Air Asiana Air offices, Darling is behind there. As of January 2000, you can get two girls and there are numerous hot ones to choose from for 4,000 Baht or a bit over a hundred dollars. One girl is cheaper and for an hour or so in a nice room you get a soapy massage in the tub, then a full body and I do mean full-body oil massage for about $50-80. Then what happens is mostly up to you. If you do get two girls, it may be a bit awkward if they don’t know each other. You may have to switch condoms. Also, a tip of 3 to 5 hundred baht per girl will be customary.

Emmanuelle Massage 55 Rachadapisek Rd, Dindaeng, Bangkok. Tel. 2757474 1,900 Baht

Hi Class Massage is Behind Emmanuelle, Rachadapisek Rd, Bangkok. Tel. 2757474 Ext. 212 Normal 1,500 Baht Sideline 1,800 Baht

Honolulu Massage 555 Soi S Normal 1,800 Baht Sideline 2,500 Baht Model 3,500 Baht unvijai 4, Rama 9 Rd, Near Radisson Hotel, Bangkok. Tel. 6415757

James Bond Massage

Jao Phaya 1 Beside Decha Hospital Sri-a-yudaya Rd, Bangkok. Tel. 2453381 2454810 Super 1,200 – 1,700 Baht Sideline 2,500

Jao Phaya 2 Opposite Decha Hospital, Sri-a-yudaya Rd, Bangkok. Tel. 2455710 Tora 1,600 Baht
Star 1,700 Baht

Jao Phaya 3 Pinglao, Arun-amarin Rd, Tel.4334667-71 Tora 1,300 Baht Sideline 1,400 Baht

Juliana Massage Rama 9 Rd, Tel. 3194645-7, 3186323-41,700 – 1,800 Baht

Krungthon Complex Massage Rachada – Tapra Rd, Thonburi, Tel. 4765700-20 Tora 1,200 Baht Star 1,400 Baht Super 1,600 Baht Sideline 1,800 Baht

La Cherie Massage

Maree Massage New Pechburi rd, Bangkok. Tel. 3181786-8 1,300 – 1,500 Baht

Mermaids Massage It is on Soi 11. Directions: left out of the Nana, cross over Sukhumvit, go right on Sukhumvit to Soi 11 and turn left. Go down about 5 blocks and there it is on the right. The girl removes your shoes and socks, scrubs your feet and takes your shoes to a shelf area. Then you shower and go to a small curtained off area. A 2-hour oil massage costs 800B ($20). The last 10 minutes of the massage, you may get a strange “ball-pull.” The masseuse very gently pulls on your balls to stretch them. The theory is it increases the blood flow and helps lower back pain. Feels pretty strange at first then pleasurable because she also massages the area very gently.

Mirage Massage 111/1 Behind the Emerald Hotel , Soi Nium-u-tis, Rachadapisek Rd, Bangkok. Tel. 2765016-22 , 27650251,800 Baht
Mona Lisa Massage is a Top class massage parlor. The typical price $200. The clientele is mainly Asian men. Near Asoke Bridge, New Pechburi rd, Bangkok. Tel. 2510537 Tora 1,500 Baht Sideline 1,800 Baht ()

Monika Massage 2nd floor Monalisa Massage, New Pechburi rd, Bangkok. Tel. 2523955-6 1,500 Baht

Nataree Massage is in Ratchada, near the Emerald hotel Rachadapisek Rd, Bangkok. Tel. 6929144-8 1,700 – 1,800 Baht. The cost is quite reasonable, 1,200-1,700 Baht. Nataree is open around 3.00 pm Thai time, but not many girls until around 5.00pm. The place caters mostly to locals and overseas orientals, you do see some farang, but not many. The girls at Nataree will probably be of lighter skin, and in greater numbers, especially in the evenings. Tip: tell the taxi driver you want to go to the Emerald Hotel, Nataree is next door.

New Cleopatra Massage Asoke – Dindaeng Rd, Bangkok. Tel. 2466680-85, 24602271,900 Baht Super Model 4,900 Baht

Noar Entertainment Massage 27 Soi Sunvijai 14/1, Ekamai-ramindra Rd, Bangkok. Tel. 7182050 -3 B-Course 1,700 Baht Sideline 2,700 Baht

Osaka Massage, Patanakarn Rd, Suanluang, Bangkok. Tel. 3210345 1,500 Baht

Plaza Entertainment Massage Makasan , New Pechburi Rd, Bangkok. Tel. 2531500 , 2531322 Normal 1,800 Baht B-Course 1,900 Baht Model 2,700 -3,000 Baht (6th floor )

Poseidon Massage 209 Rachadapisek rd, Dindaeng, Bangkok. Tel. 69382221,800 baht

V2 Entertainment Massage 203/6-15 Chokchai 4, Ladprao, Bangkapi, Bangkapi, Bangkok.
Tel. 9331370 – 51,700 Baht

Victoria Massage 555 Soi Sunvijai, Rama 9 Rd, BKK. Tel. 3188370-3 Ext. 102-1041,800 Baht

Viva Palace Massage ( Huyin ) Ramkhamhaeng Rd ( Sukapibhan 3 ) Bangkok. Tel. 7295606 Ext. 221 , 243 Normal 1,700 Baht VIP 2,300

History Of Thermae’s (by Zen Buckaroo)
Unlike the patrons that complain about missing the old place, I am not so nostalgic. I had only been frequenting the place since 1989, but had never grown to love the stale, smoky air, the terrible overcrowding, the broken beer bottles and broken glasses on the floor that the staff could never quite clean up due to the crowds — or the toilet that you had to take a deep breath, hold it and then hope you could finish taking a leak before you ran exhausted. (Ed: We dropped in a few times in the early 80’s and in 1985 after one too many Singha’s appreciated the unisex bathroom facility and the strategically placed little hand of a cutie who helped the bent AF editor angle his wizz in the proper direction).

The only good thing about the old place was the noodle soup and the women. Both were cheap. The New Thermae has kept the good (hot noodles and hot women) and improved on what was less perfect. It is larger now, with many more places to sit. The old run-down booths are still there along one wall, but there is now an S–shaped bar where the patrons can sit on both sides looking into each other’s eyes or in the case of many male patrons staring a bit lower. Waiters still have to hustle drinks from a liquor bar in the back, but they now have room to walk so that you can actually get a beer the same day you ordered it.

You can safely breathe the air in either of two groups of toilets (one at the back and another at the front). It is still crowded enough so that males and females are forced to brush each other’s bodies (always one of the great sports of Thermae) as they walk around, but you can actually walk around now, and there are far fewer hostilities caused from “stepped-on-feet” and a general atmosphere of pushing and showing.

The women are still coming in droves, and after 3am it is as crowded as any “meat market” anywhere. If I have any complaints, it is that the “old timers” that hung out in the old Thermae for years are still taking up too much space in the New Thermae. I would prefer they give up space for some new ladies. Actually, there seems to be many more new male tourists who were probably turned off by the Old Thermae that are now coming in… and staying.

Times change, often for the better. Even nostalgia isn’t what it used to be, and for many newcomers to Bangkok and Thermae, “These are the good old days.” I am a Vietnam Vet, so I can hardly be considered a “newcomer” to Southeast Asia. All I can say to my fellow “old timers” is to learn to adjust and love the new changes, or retire to a hermitage in Mae Hong Son.

“Old” doesn’t always mean “good”, and there is little that the New Thermae doesn’t offer that isn’t better than the old one. It is still the best place in Bangkok to go for those poor souls who have nothing better to do at 4’o’clock in the morning.

Eden Club: The Eden Club (tel:255 46 72)is located on Soi 7 1/2 off Sukhumvit Road on the right-hand side. Small and unimpressive exterior. French owner Marc has an assortment of about 20 friendly but so-so looking girls and a small bar. Note the yellow stripe running across the bar, floor and wall. This is the deal. The girls on the left will do anal sex and the girls on the right will not. All girls, however, will do mostly anything else. This place specializes almost exclusively in group sex/ménage a trois action. The price is 1600 baht ($35) before 7pm per girl, 1900 after for either type of girl. You get 90 minutes and the girls cannot ask you for money. Cum as many times as you can manage. No extra charges at all. You don’t have to pay unless completely satisfied! The rooms included are spotless, complete with mirrors, porno videos and clean showers. The girls will bring a bag with strap-ons, condoms, electric vibrators and plenty of lubes.

Girl-girl action is the specialty. There even is a “uniform” wardrobe with schoolgirl, dominatrix and nurse outfits. This is one place you don’t have to be shy about your perversions. I’m not going to bore anyone with some lame fuck story, but I will warn all readers to be careful when a girl straps on a dildo-she may try to use it on YOU. Ouch!

Angels Disco
If you stay at the Nana hotel in Bangkok, you need not even leave your hotel to get laid with some of Bangkok’s hottest babes. Right downstairs in the back of the hotel lobby is Angel’s Disco. Just hang out in the hotel lobby, right near the registration counter, and watch all the girls as they enter the hotel lobby making their way to Angel’s disco. A good time to hang out in the lobby is between midnight and 2:30 a.m. (the disco usually closes around 3 a.m.). Why hang out in the lobby? Because the lighting is real good, so I can see what the girls really look like. In the disco itself, with the dim lights, strobes, and blasting music, it can be deceptive. A good-looking girl in the disco may not be so attractive in full lights. When I see a few babes go into the disco, I will keep them in mind, noting their outfit, so I can recognize them inside. If I see a real babe heading in, shit, I’ll get up and follow her in. Best to grab her right away before someone else does.

These are brothels in private houses. Most girls here are about 18 to 22 years old and are not long-time professionals. Mama-san usually speaks English, girls don’t. You can only take girls for a long time. Prices are $60 or more. There is a discount of around 20% if you take a girl for a week. A tip of around $20 to the girl is expected.
HAPPY HOUSE Located on Soi 1.
CAMPBELL (or New Campbell) Located on Soi 4.
SWEETHEARTS Located on Soi 5

The Grand Palace
Chao Phraya River & Canal
China Town
Soi Cowboy
Thonburi Snake Farm
Bangkok Canal Tour Program II
Crocodile Farm & Elephant Theme Show
Ayutthaya Cruise Tour
Ayutthaya by Mekhala Cruise – Legendary River Cruises
Floating Market

Thai Boxing
Both Lumpini and Ratchdamnoen Stadiums have these fierce kick-boxing matches, with thousands of screaming fans betting for their favorites. It’s a pulse pounder, and if you can stomach a few gruesome-looking blows, it’s male Thai hero-worship at its best. My friends disagree whether you should sit in the cheap ‘whiskey smelling’ seats or down center with the power brokers. Try them both! Lumpini is open Tue, Fri at 6-10 pm, Sat 4:30-8:30 pm. Ratchdamnern has bouts M, W 6-10 pm, Th 5-10 pm, and Sun 2, 6-10. Prices B150-500.

It is not hard to do in Thailand. It happens to every man that experiences the sweetness of the Thai woman. Having your Thai girlfriend visit you in the U.S. is possible, but not easy. They cannot get a tourist visa like we can in America, especially if she is a bar girl. Tourist visas require that the person owns land, has a business, and has a certain amount of money in the bank. Most girls you will meet will not meet these requirements. A Fiancée visa or a spousal visa is the only way to get them to come to the U.S. America is very strict when it comes to letting in people from Third World countries. You have to go through lots of red tape and paperwork to get them here. Check out k1 faq for more info on this subject.

“When I first came to Thailand in 1990, I was scared to death of AIDS, From all I had heard in the media, I figured even if I even so much as even looked at a Thai hooker, I’d get infected. However, when I took up residency in Thailand in the early 90s, I started to run into guys who had lived in Thailand for many years. As I questioned them on the AIDS situation, nobody had heard of a single foreigner or Thai girl who had come down with AIDS. This continues to be the case up to this day. This is not to say AIDS is not out there, but if it is so pervasive as the mainstream media would have one believe, you would think the tourists and Thai hookers would be dropping dead on the streets. I had documented cases of men who had lived in Thailand for many years and had slept with many prostitutes. At the time, none of them had come down with HIV infection or heard of any tourist or prostitute who had. It’s now been six years since the first edition of my book, and here I am in Thailand again, interviewing the same group of guys. Except for Wheelchair Tom who suffered a major heart attack (I suppose now passed away) and Candy John who had a case of TB and may be HIV infected (any guy who injects his dick daily to get hard and screws with an open wound without a condom is bound to catch something), all remains the same as it was years ago. If you wish, you can take your girl for an HIV test at any of the clinics or hospitals in town. The cost will be around 1,000 baht, and you can get results in 24 hours or less. Note here I took my hooker girlfriend for a test and she tested negative. She has been hooking in Pattaya for years, rarely uses condoms with her customers, and still no HIV.

There are some laws to know when visiting Thailand is that the Thai Government prohibits the import of illegal narcotics (including hemp, opium, cocaine, morphine and heroin) and obscene literature, pictures or articles. Smuggling of hard drugs such as heroin may be punishable by death. Import of firearms and ammunition must be registered in advance with the Police Department or local Registration Office. Importation of certain species of fruits, vegetables and plants is prohibited.

The legal age of consent in Thailand has been said to be 16 years old. It is said you can sleep with a girl of 16 as long as you don’t pay her. We recommend that you ALWAYS stay with the 18-and- over law. Some of the girls carry identification cards that will show their birthdate, but unfortunately, it will be written in Thai. If you are unsure of her age, have her i.d. card checked out by your hotel security guard before you bring her up to the room. If you can make out the year on the card, you can calculate how old she is by knowing that it is the year 2543 now in Buddha years, the year 2000 for the Westerners. So if a girl is born in 2525, you are likely to be safe that she is at least 18 years old. To play it extra safe, have it say 2524 or earlier.

for entry into Thailand, except for yellow fever for travelers arriving from endemic regions (parts of Africa and Latin America). Immunizations for tetanus, polio, rabies, typhoid, tuberculosis, Japanese encephalitis and hepatitis are advisable (but not essential) before travel to Southeast Asia. For more information on risks and precautions, please read the advice about health section in the “Facts for Travelers” pages of Personally, I never get shots when I go to Thailand, but if you want to stay on the very safe side, check with your doctor and see about getting Hepatitis shots. Also, you can check this website to see what other precautionary measures you can take while traveling to the Land Of Smiles.

It’s very safe in Thailand. However, like any place in the world, no place is CRIME FREE. But of all the places I have traveled to, Thailand is one of the safest places I have found. Just remember, anyone can be tempted to steal if the chance is given to them on a silver platter. Meaning, don’t be stupid and leave your valuables lying around in your hotel room. Don’t walk around stinking drunk and think that no one will take advantage of you. If you take normal precautions to protect your valuables, and are suitably wary of fast talking strangers, you should not have any problem. Theft and fraud are the biggest risks, but Thailand is a lot safer than most countries, including those in the West, and crime against persons, especially tourists, is relatively rare. REMEMBER, IF SOMEONE OFFERS YOU A DEAL THAT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT’S PROBABLY A SCAM.

Airport Departure Tax
When you leave the country of Thailand, you must pay a 500 baht tax. After you check in and get your boarding pass, you will proceed to a booth just before you enter the immigration room. You will give them 500 baht, and they will give you a receipt. Don’t lose this receipt because you will have to present it to the immigration officer.

Embassy information can be found at Embassies & Consulates on the or Consular Offices

In Thailand is 220v. If you bring any type of electrical appliance like an electrical razor, radio, clock, video camera with charger, make sure it can all accept the voltage. You may wind up destroying your equipment and blowing out the electric in your hotel room.

Communicating back home is made simple by many Internet Cafés that can be found all over Thailand, with some exceptions in some of the rural provinces. There are also little offices with International calling services inside that you may use to call home or anywhere in the world. They also have a fax service too. Most Internet cafés have these services as well. If you’re staying in a major hotel, you can easily call from your room by either charging the phone to your room bill or accessing your phone calling card. Most calls made from the hotel room will be billed at least 50 Baht ($1.10) just to access the overseas operator. Internet cafés charge anywhere from .05 per minute to $3 per hour.

THE BEST TIME to go to BKK, as far as the weather is concerned, is during the cool/dry season, December through February. This is the high season in Thailand and not the best time in terms of booking flights, making hotel reservations, and chasing girls. Many hotels are booked solid, the bars are packed with men and the Thai girls have the prices jacked way up, knowing the surge of horny tourists increases the competition. So in terms of chasing girls and getting the best deals, it’s actually best to go when the weather is worse, meaning August through October, when the rain hits. While a downpour can put a damper on your shopping or late night bar hopping, the number of competing tourists is so low, you will thank yourself you waited and came this time of year.

THE WORST TIME to go weather wise is the rainy season, August to October. The monsoon season is from the end of May until September. The worst two months are December and January, peak season, when hotels, taxis, and girl’s charge a premium for their services. It’s also difficult at this time to book a room, and the bars are generally overloaded with horny tourists.

Weather in Bangkok

TIME CHANGE from the U.S. to Thailand is 15 hours ahead of West Coast time. Remember to change that number to 14 hours during daylight savings time.

HOLIDAYS in Thailand can be fun. For example, Songkran the Thai New Year celebrated from April 13th to April 16th, is the most important, the best known and the gayest of Thailand’s festivals. To the Thai people, this festival is one of water throwing and although it has religious significance, it usually turns into great fun. Everyone gets soaking wet and since it is the hottest season of the year, the custom is quite refreshing (unless you get a wad of talcum powder in your eye, as some obnoxious Thai passing by slabs some on your face. In such a case, a quick rinse of water usually clears it up). Check out for the dates Songkran is celebrated in each part of the country.

AIRFARE: Depending on time of year, from the West Coast, $299-$650. From the Midwest to the East Coast, it can go as high as $1,200r/t. The best time for cheaper airfare is November and mid-January to February.

FLIGHT TIME is about 16 to 24 hours, depending on stopovers. It’s important you check with your travel agent how many stopovers your flight with make and for how long, before booking a flight. While Thai airlines, for example, have only one quick 45 min. stopover in Japan (from LA to BK), airlines such as Singapore can leave you hanging for hours (6 hours stop in Singapore, LA to BK). Usually, you are in transit during the stopover and are not allowed (nor have quite enough time) to venture out to the city (thus being bored stiff sitting in some waiting area of the airport).

AIRLINES that fly to Thailand are competitive and numerous, including American Airlines, Northwest, All Nippon, Thai, Philippines, Cathy Pacific, China Air (Taiwan), Korean Air, Singapore Airline, Malaysian Airlines and so on.

You must have a valid passport to enter and exit the country of Thailand. You don’t need a visa if you will be staying in Thailand for less than 30 days. If you intend to stay more than 30 days, you will need to purchase a tourist visa before entering the country. You can purchase a tourist visa at any Thai Consulate just about worldwide.

If you lose your passport abroad, it can be a nightmare. To avoid getting ruining your vacation, make sure you make copies of the inside of your passport, the first page where all the info on you is printed. Make 3–4 copies and stick one in your fanny pack, one in your suitcase, etc. This way, if you lose the passport, you can go to the American Embassy and show the copy to them to prove you are who you say it without going through a lot of red tape and waiting. If your passport will expire in 6 months or less, it is recommended you obtain a new passport before traveling. Thailand may not let you into the country or grant you a visa if your passport will expire in less than 6 months.

A visa will not be needed. A tourist visa (obtained before you enter the country) will allow you to stay in the country of Thailand for 2 months (59 days). As of February 2000, a visa will cost $15. (Price is subject to change). Any Thai Consulate will be happy to sell you a visa. In Los Angeles, California, call the Thailand Tourism Authority at (213) 382-2353 for further information. Outside Los Angeles, call information for the nearest Thai Consulate. Important: You cannot obtain a visa in Thailand. You must purchase your Visa before your departure to Thailand. Allow 2-3 working days to obtain a visa.

If you wish to stay in Thailand more than 30 days, as explained above, you must purchase a two-month tourist visa before your departure. Another option is to apply for an extension of your allowed 30-day stay (i.e., without a visa). It will cost you 500 Baht ($12.50 at the exchange rate of 40 Baht per dollar) for a 10-day extension, which can be obtained at any Thai Immigration office in Thailand. If you have a visa, and you wish to remain in Thailand more than the allowed 59 days, you can extend your visa while in Thailand for another 30 days, at the price of 500 Baht ($12.50). If you wish to remain in the country even longer, you can get another extension for two more weeks, and then another 10 days. After that, adios! You must leave the country, like it or not.

Once you arrive at the Bangkok airport, you will need to clear immigration and customs. On the plane, the stewardess should hand you a customs and immigration form to fill out. With this in mind, always have a pen handy when you travel. When you exit the plane, just follow the crowd and signs pointing to immigration.

Travel tip: try to walk as fast as possible, ahead of the crowds, to get to immigration ASAP. The lines can get rather long. Last time, I waited almost 45 minutes in line.

At immigration, you will be asked to see your passport, and you fill out an immigration form (you can fill it out while waiting in line. It’s just basic information). When you approach an immigration officer, he will take your passport and stamp it. The stamp will have the date of arrival in Thailand and the date you must depart, 30 days later (unless you have a visa, then you can stay 59 days). From immigration, you walk down the stairs to the luggage department and then on through customs.

Unless you are bringing in things like a TV, full-size computer (laptops are no problem), furniture, odd ball items like plants, illegal drugs (yeah, right!), animals or other weird stuff, you need not declare your goods. Therefore, as you exit, look for the green sign which reads, NOTHING TO DECLARE. That’s where you exit the airport to paradise.

Once you pass the customs section, you will be in the last section of the airport. Here you will find crowds of people waiting to greet their arriving friends, taxi drivers hustling you for a ride, and people who are so bored with their lives they just like to hang out at airports to see who’s coming into town. As you pass this crowd, on your left side (opposite the street) will be a Money Exchange Booth. Be sure to exchange at least $200 before exiting the airport. You will need to pay for your taxi in Thai baht (the local currency) and probably be asked to pay in Thai baht for the first night stay at your hotel. Yes, you can do a Visa or Master card cash advance at the booth. Ask for 10,000 baht advance (about $250 depending on the exchange rate).

Take the meter taxi, not the hotel taxi service inside the airport. Exit the airport terminal onto the street and look for the METER TAXI booth, where you will get a ticket and someone to set you up with a cab. If you can’t find it or don’t see it, just ask anyone, “Where is the meter taxi?” Do not take the taxis inside the airport as the prices are so high, you’d think you just entered Japan. One taxi representative inside the terminal wanted 650 baht, triple the price for a meter taxi. When I told him I wanted a meter taxi, he lied, saying, “No have.” I said to him in Thai, “Mai chua…go hoak” which translates, “I don’t believe you. You are a liar!” and walked away. Outside, I booked a ride with a meter taxi for about one third of what he was asking (225 baht).

Tell them you want to go to either the Nana hotel, the Crown hotel or whatever hotel you have chosen. (See hotel section for details). Then they will hand you a ticket stub, and you will be directed to a meter taxi. When you get inside, be sure the driver agrees to turn on the meter. If not, get out and find another cab. The driver will also ask you, “Where you going?” A little bit of a communication gap between the booth and the driver. No big deal.

The ride from the airport to either the Nana or Crown hotel (both located off Sukumvitt, one of the main streets in Bangkok) will be about 30 minutes, depending on traffic. The driver will probably ask you if you’d like to pay extra and take the superhighway. Say, “Yes!” It’s worth it and will save you lots of time in getting to your hotel. You will have to pay a toll fee once or twice (about 20 or 30 baht each), well worth it. If the driver asks for the money, hand it to him with a smile. (See, I told you to exchange money at the airport before you exit. You will need to use the local currency right away).

Once you arrive at the hotel, you will pay the amount on the meter, plus a 50 baht airport surcharge. The total price will probably be about 225 baht ($5.62). Don’t hand the driver a tip. You already overpaid (the taxis I’m sure are jacked up in price, even with the meter. I know this because the ride back to the airport is always cheaper by meter, although it’s obvious the same distance.

The currency is the Thai Baht, pronounced like the English word “bought”. “I bought some Baht” would sound the same as, “I bought some bought”. Although the Thai Baht has remained stable at 25 baht per US dollar throughout the 80s and 90s, at the end of 1997 into 1998, we saw the Baht go as high as 53 Baht per US dollar (and settled around the mid-40’s per dollar). At present (January 2000), the exchange rate settled at pretty close to 37 Baht per US dollar. Expect it to continue to jump up and down. When you arrive in Thailand, you must make use of the local currency, the Thai baht. Although any major hotel or restaurant will accept major credit cards (Visa and Master Card), most of the time you will need to pay in Thai currency. For example, when you ride in a taxi, buy a drink at a bar, and tip the girls, you must use the Thai Baht.

HOW MUCH money will you spend each day in Bangkok? If you want a middle of the road estimate, here are a few breakdown costs for each day in Bangkok: Room in a decent place will cost you 1,000 Baht, food will run you around 500 Baht, transportation another 200 Baht (staying around town). Go-Go Girls will run about 2,000 Baht, massages will be about 2,500. The total for all these things every day will be about 4,000 Baht and at 43 baht to the dollar that will be $93.00 or roughly $100 per day. This amount can vary drastically, depending on what hotel you stay in (hotel rates go anywhere from $15 to $200 per night, on up), where you eat (eating at the local street vendors will cost as little as $1 per meal; eating at the five-star hotels $20 on up), how much alcohol you consume, and of course, how many girls you plan to entertain per night. What this means is BK is very versatile, catering to budget backpackers and big business spenders alike.

For the best rates and for security reasons, it’s best to carry TC’s (traveler’s checks) rather than cash. You will get a higher exchange rate with TC’s and, of course, if you lose your TC’s, or they get stolen, you can get a refund. Obviously, you can’t do that with cash. Keep in mind that when you do exchange your TC’s, the money exchange booths will require your passport as ID. So be sure to bring your passport with you when you exchange TC’s. You won’t need your passport or any other ID if you exchange cash. Bring a few hundred in cash, and the rest in TC’s just in case. Change them at the bank, not in the hotel. Do not pay the hotel in U.S. money. Remember, you will always need your passport when exchanging your money. Once you get your money, put your passport back into the safe deposit box at your hotel for safekeeping.

Credit Cards are accepted in most big hotels, shops and restaurants. The smallest little shops do not, and neither do the girls. They also charge… 3% for MC and Visa, 5% for AMEX. VISA is the best. Leave your AMEX at home. The smartest card to bring is your ATM!! It is the best exchange rate as well. Also, you may want to call your bank that holds your credit card account and let them know that you will be out of the country and which country. Sometimes credit card companies will deny you access to your card, thinking that your card was stolen and someone else is using your card in that country. It happened to me in Rio De Janeiro. If you take enough cash with you, you will not really ever have to use it. Personally, I use it for all of my hotel stays and some meals.

will be up to you but bear in mind, being that the weather is very hot and humid, so you should dress light. I try to stuff as much as I can into my carry-on luggage. I almost never have check in luggage. This will save you time at the airport waiting for your luggage to come off the plane. Sometimes it takes hours. I take 2 pairs of socks, underwear and shirts for each day I am going to stay there. You will make at least two clothes changes a day due to the sweaty atmosphere you will endure. Tennis shoes or sandals, a couple pair of jeans and shorts. Remember two things: You can always buy what you need if you forget something for very little money in Thailand. Plus you will want to bring back some clothes when you go shopping there, so less you bring is better (making room to bring back more shopping items).

Every hotel will offer 24 hour laundry service for a very reasonable cost. The few cents you will save running around trying to have your laundry done elsewhere is hardly worth it, unless you are on a super budget. Tip: be sure you have a few clean clothes handy as some hotels, promising overnight service, run a bit behind. Also, if you’re leaving town the next day, you’ll have to wait to have your laundry done. Don’t trust them when they say for sure it’ll be ready the next morning. It won’t!

Sukhumvit Road
Bangkok Airport
the Riverfront
Patpong Area
Chao Phraya River & Canals
Bars, Hotels & Massage Parlors in Bangkok

The language spoken in Thailand is Thai. Check out this site to learn some words and phrases. Some of the girls you will be meeting will speak very little English, and some a lot of English. Don’t expect to have lengthy conversations about life with them. Most of the people that work in the hotels and restaurants speak some English. The language of love is spoken EVERYWHERE!

Thailand has everything to offer to the tourist in terms of accommodations. If you want five star luxury at its best, you can stay at the world-famous Oriental hotel or the Shangra La hotel in Bangkok. If you’re on a budget, hop on a bus to South Pattaya Beach Resort (a two-hour ride south of Bangkok) where you can find a decent fan room for as little as $5 a night. Or spend your vacation on the tiny island of Koh Lan where you can get a little straw hut for $3 a night. Whatever it is you’re looking for, in terms of accommodations, Thailand has it.

IMPORTANT TIP: Now, if you can afford to pay $200+ a night for a room to sleep in, congratulations. I wish I had your budget. On the other hand, I feel sorry for you. Because when you meet this gorgeous girl in the bars and wish to bring her back to your room at the Hilton in Bangkok, you’ll get a, “Sorry, sir. Female guests are not allowed.” So keep in mind, if you stay in a high-class hotel, you may not be permitted to bring women to your room. This will not be the case in the hotels I recommend.

Always make reservations any time of the year, since this is one of the most popular hotels (mostly for single men) in town. Why is it so popular? Because of its location, being next door to the GoGo capital of the world, the Nana Entertainment Plaza. When you call for reservations, they will ask for a credit card number to hold your reservation (unless they know you or if you can quote a flight number you’re arriving at). Standard procedure. Remember, this hotel is the best deal in town due to its amenities (girls, girls, hint, hint), so it comes highly recommended. The hotel is clean, the rooms are large, many rooms varying in size and in fashion (some having been remodeled recently, some needing it right away). Nana Hotel offers 334 comfortable rooms with central air-conditioning, a swimming pool, fully carpeted, private bath with hot/cold running water, hair dryer, refrigerator with free drinking water, telephone, color TV. with free local and International Satellite programs 24 hours a day. The rooms start at around $27 per night, for a single. Each day’s stay includes a breakfast coupon for a really nice buffet, plus a bar drink coupon when you check in. The buffet has fresh juices, scrambles eggs, sunny side up eggs, French Toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage, ham, toast butter jams, and some Thai dishes. Checkout time is 2:00 PM. If you need to stay longer due to plane departure later in the day, they have been known to charge a half-day fee even up to 10:00 p.m. The best thing about the Nana hotel – It is directly across from the Nana Entertainment Plaza. Also features Angels Disco, which is hot every night of the week. Plus, more girls walking through the lobby than Grand Central
Station at 3:00 a.m.

The Ambassador Hotel is located on Sukhumvit Road, walking distance from all the hot spots in town. A few blocks from Thermaes Coffee Shop, Soi Cowboy and the Nana Entertainment Plaza. Check the link for prices. The Ambassador is one of the hotels featured on our Bangkok/Update tape. Excellent location, but many of the rooms require remodeling.

Dynasty Inn
Great comfort in the heart of Bangkok. family-oriented hotel situated in the heart of Bangkok.

Majestic Suites

Majestic Suites is located between the Landmark Hotel and the Nana intersection. You may want to get down at the corner of the South Nana intersection (Soi 4) at the Petrol Station and walk back on the main road to Majestic Suites. Next to the Nana Post Office. This hotel is highly recommended if the Nana Hotel is booked.

Crown Hotel
(Favorite) is located in-between Soi 6 and 8 off of Sukhumvit Rd. (Note: there is a second Crown hotel, located on Sukumvit, Soi 29. This hotel features rooms well-equipped with mirrors, for your kinky pleasure). The Crown hotel is very popular among single men traveling on a budget. It is in an excellent location, being walking distance from the Nana, Thermae, Soi Cowboy, and Clinton Plaza. The rooms run around $13 a night (add 5% if you charge on your Visa or Master card). The hotel features a 24-hour restaurant, which we don’t recommend you eat at. Recently, they installed new air conditioners in most of the rooms – some still have the old air cons. The staff at the Crown is extremely friendly and helpful (opposite the Nana, where their ego has certainly gotten to them). Safety boxes are open 24 hours a day. We recommend you stay in the 2nd or 3rd floor rooms, as the elevator tends to run rather slow.

Food in Thailand is an experience you’ll never forget. I don’t know what’s better, the food or the women. Thailand has some of the best food in the world. Whatever you want to eat, they have it. Don’t be squeamish and try all the Thai cuisine dishes they have to offer. The Thai food in the U.S. does not compare with the Thai food in Thailand.

Food and water is safe, especially in the finer hotels and restaurants. In these types of places, the water that is served in open pitchers will be safe to drink as they use a purification system. In the bars, order bottled drinks to play it safe. Be wary of the ice in cold drinks. Ice often comes from unhygienic sources and is best avoided. The ice cubes with holes through them are generally OK. If you have a good stomach, you can safely eat from the streets, I do. Be sure you take some antacid pills with you just in case. Do not drink or gargle with the water from your hotel room.


Bangkapi Restaurant Buffet (inside the Ambassador Hotel)
MK Restaurant
is located on Sukhumvit Rd. downstairs in Robinson’s Supermarket.
Landmark Hotel
Rembrandt Hotel

Lemongrass Thai Restaurant 5/1 Sukhumvit Soi 24, Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok. Tel. 2588637
Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok

Cabbages and Condoms
is located at 10 Soi 12 Sukhumvit Rd. Tel : 252-7349. Quirky and unusual, with great Thai food, a friendly atmosphere and a good crowd. Dine outdoors in a lovely garden or in one of several rooms inside. Decor is mainly condom related, with samples of all kinds from every country that makes ’em. Interesting and good fun, all done with impeccable taste. All profits go to population control and AIDS research. No mints upon leaving, but help yourself to free condoms. $. Major credit cards. Reservations not accepted. Soi 12, off Sukhumvit, phone 252-7349.

The Emporium Shopping Center
is Located on Sukhumvit between Soi 22 and Soi 24.
This is one of the highest-class shopping centers in the country and has excellent food as well. The 5th floor has 2 areas to eat.
1. A food court, full of Thai food.
There is a wide selection of Thai food here.
2. A wide variety of restaurants are here from Coffee Shops, Ice Cream, Italian, Thai, American, Bakeries, etc. This place is good for lunch or early dinner.

Food land
is located at Sukhumvit, Soi 4
This is your basic “eggs and bacon” or “Thai food,” but it is clean, fast and reasonable. They have a large selection on their menu of both American and Thai food. This is a 24-hour place, so after bar-hopping, you can drop in.

Oriental Hotel Café Annex
is located on Sukhumvit between Soi 22 and Soi 24.

Ground Floor in the entrance of the Emporium. This is the same food that you will find in the Oriental Hotel, without the hassle of going all the way over there.

The Bus Stop Beer Garden is located 100 yards from Sukhumvit on the right side, just past Nana Hotel. This is a Beer Garden that has good food as well as attractive women American, Australian, Thai and Isan food are available. Open 3:00pm until 3:00am.

Thai Restaurant is located above Food land (Sukhumvit, Soi 5) This little place does not have the greatest decor, but it makes up for it in the flavor of the food. The prices are great as well.

Your best rates will be in Thailand at the money exchange booths, located conveniently all over the tourist areas. They are straightforward to find. In fact, when you first arrive at the Bangkok airport, right inside the terminal at street level (after you pass immigration and customs) will be a money exchange booth. It is recommended when you first arrive, you exchange at least $200. You can exchange more if you like. The rates are usually quite fair. You’ll need the money to pay for your taxi ride from the airport to your hotel, and then more money when you check in, eat, and tip the girls.

The best exchange rates will be found at the money exchange booths at the local banks. The worst rates are typically at the hotels. Never exchange your money with a stranger on the street. Speaking of which, if you must bring US dollars, you’ll get the best rates with higher denominations (i.e., a hundred dollar bills, rather than smaller bills such as one’s, five’s ten’s, etc.). Important: be sure your cash is pristine (i.e., no tears, marks, etc.). Any bills that have the slightest tear or look too worn will not be accepted. Best you insist your bank give you only the newest and cleanest bills to take with you on your journey.


SHOPPING TIP: The easiest and best way to get to all the shopping areas is asking the hotel desk clerk (who speaks and writes the best English) to write the name (s) of the place (s) you want to go in Thai AND English and then give it to your taxi driver. ALSO, TAKE YOUR HOTEL CARD WITH YOU TO SHOW TO ANY TAXI DRIVER WHEN YOU’RE READY TO RETURN.

SOGO Department Store, in Amarin Plaza, near the Grand Hyatt and Sukhumvit Road. Brimful of quality goods and apparel. Pleasant restaurant, too. Daily 10 am to 8 pm. 494 Ploenchit Rd., phone 255-0831.

Robinson’s Department Store, near the end of Silom Road, past Patpong, combines a supermarket (with garden-fresh vegetables), a restaurant and an extensive dry-goods area. A popular local hangout as well. Daily 10 am to 10 pm. 2 Silom Rd., phone 235-0471. There is also a Robinson’s on Sukhumvit road, at Soi 17.

World Trade Center encompasses many shops, restaurants, an ice-skating rink and duty-free shops on the 7th floor. Daily 10 am to 9 pm. 4 Rajdamri Rd., phone 255-9400.

Mal Boonkrong Center, also next to Siam Square, is a colossal mall where you can buy everything from a five-baht cup of tea to a million-baht automobile. Daily 10 am to 10 pm. 444 Phyathai, phone 217-9111.

Pantip Plaza is the ultimate source for electronics. Five-story mall with floor after floor of computers and electronic gear. Take a taxi there. Most shops open around 10:30 am; don’t go later than 3 pm unless you want to spend hours in a traffic gridlock. New Petchburi Road in the Pratunam area.

Patpong Night Bazaar

Chatuchak Week-end Market


Meter Taxis
Only new taxis in Bangkok use meters. They are called Taxi-Meter. For older taxis, fares must be negotiated before the trip. Fares within Bangkok are 50 to 150 Baht. Practically, all taxis are aircon.

TIPS: Taxis that are waiting outside your hotel will always charge you more than the taxis that you hail down as they drive by on a street. Always insist on using the meter. Many of the taxi drivers in Bangkok do not speak English, so it would be better to have someone write out your destination in Thai on a piece of paper or hotel business card and hand it to the taxi driver.

Thailand Railway Station
Thailand takes pride in a well-maintained rail system that reaches almost every corner of the country. Several different classes of train travel are available, from coach to private sleeper, and from regular to express service. In addition, modern and comfortable air-conditioned buses provide reliable service to every province and all the major towns. Regular and local buses, while usually slower and less comfortable, are extremely reasonably. I, personally, recommend the second class express sleeper train to Chiang Mai. Thailand Train Schedule

The Bangkok Mass Transit System Project consists of two main sky train routes. The first one starts from Sukhumvit Soi 81 to Mo Chit Station, and the second from the National Stadium to Taksin Bridge. The total distance is 23.5 kilometers. The BTS sky train can transport up to
50,000 people per hour in one direction.
There are 23 stations altogether.
Bangkok Sky Train Stop Route
Sky Train Routes and Maps

A tuk tuk is a three – wheel, open – air, motor-driven taxi. I hate the tuk tuks. They’re overpriced, noisy, uncomfortable, and not exactly safe. For example, note when you see one that the gas tank is right under the passenger seat. Furthermore, riding in one is quite unhealthy as you ride in the open air, so you end up breathing all the gas fumes from the cars, the trucks, the motorbikes and the countless buses in front of you. In short, my advice is avoiding the tuk tuks. Well, take a tuk tuk once, just for the sheer adventure. Then avoid them like the plaque. By the way, the tuk tuks have no set fare. If you do ride in one, ask how much it’s going to cost before getting in. Then, whatever price the driver quotes you, bargain it in half. Even then, you’ve already paid double or triple the fare. Never ride a tuk tuk without first bargaining the price, unless you don’t mind giving all your money away for a five-minute ride.

Motorcycle Taxis
Motorcycle taxis are a unique Thai innovation and a direct product of the constant traffic jams of Bangkok. If you want to risk your life speeding in and out of traffic with a young Thai boy behind the handle bars, as they say in Thailand, “Up To You.” It’s one way to get around in Bangkok quickly, but we advise you not to. Fares are about one third of what an equal distance would cost on a taxi. The drivers wait with their cycles at street corners. Usually, they can easily be recognized by their vests, which most of the time show a large number. Motorcycle taxis are often the only means of public transportation in side streets. Usually, there are standard fares for side street trips, mostly around 5 Baht.

One night in Bangkok and you’ll know why they call it the Sex Capital of the World. The place is packed with so many hot and exotic women, you will cum in your pants from just looking at them. If you want sex, more sex, and nothing but sex, with young (i.e., late teens to mid-twenties) and model type women, you’ve come to the right place. Undoubtedly, Bangkok has the best nightlife and some of the most gorgeous and sexually passionate women in the world. Of this, there is no doubt. Now, I want there to be no misunderstanding about what takes place in Bangkok. Here we are talking real sex with some really fine girls. You won’t find any of this phone sex or jack-off to porno shit out here. What you get in Thailand is the real thing. Do you want girls who will suck your dick and swallow every drip and drop of splattering cum juice? (I do). Or what about women who moan with deep passion as your cock penetrates their pink, often hairless and ever so tight pussy? (Starting to get a hard-on just thinking about it). And then there are those girls who spread their ass ever so wide as you slide it in, only to squirt your love juice deep inside their willing hole. (Just came in my pants!). This is Bangkok. Real sex! Real girls! Real hot!


Clinton Plaza
Situated in the center of Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road Area, between Sois 13 and 15. It comprises six floors of clubs, bars, go-go bars, restaurants and general nighttime entertainment. It has a Thai kickboxing ring and a “no hands bar”.

Go-Go Bars
The White Hose A Go-Go
The Candy Store A Go-Go
The Hollywood A Go-Go
The Rock Hard A Go-Go
The Dollhouse A Go-Go
Coco Loco Niteclub

Dynasty Inn Hotel Bangkok


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