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I’ll briefly share my experience at Narcissus in Bangkok (if my notes are correct, it’s on soi 23 off Sukhumvit Rd. Or just ask a cab driver.)
I went there on New Year’s eve night – I’d just arrived in Bangkok, pushed my way through the incredible crowds in which Igot felt up by a a katoey or two (not my thing at all! No pun intended!) and managed to make it to a taxi and went to nana plaza. It was the usual seedy thing there, so I took another taxi to Narcissus. I’d heard that they’d have a good bash there, since that’s where all the beautiful Bangkok young elite like to be seen. I was afraid that I’d not be allowed in, but standards there were not as exclusive as in New York or London. I’d expected an outrageous entry fee, so I felt like a king when the lady said 500B, and I handed it over without a flinch or hesitation. They did take my camcorder away, though – I wasn’t worried, I was sure I’d get it back when I left.

Narcissus is a pretty good nightclub by Bangkok standards, great music, and incredible women. I made my way through a courtyard area, which at 11pm had hardly anyone. Inside, I saw a small sprinkling of non-Thais, but most of them were youg well-to-do Thais, in groups, sharing bottles of whisky, etc. at small tables. The music was actually pretty good, the drinks were about 80B onwards.

But the women – they moved, they gyrated, and they had clothes that clung to their lithe, tight bodies!(the guys were dressed okay too, I guess, I don’t really remember). I have no doubt if I spoke more than 3 words of Thai, I could have picked someone up. At one point I was doing my single-guy head-and-knee-bob on one of the terraces overlooking the main dance floor, when a small group came over to where I was. A lovely lady in a skintight dress stopped in front of me, her man (boyfriend, friend?) to her left. I took a risk and began bumping my dick against her ass. And she didn’t move away, so I began grinding against her. After a few minutes, she half-turned towards me and took out a cigarette from her purse. That night of all nights, I didn’t have matches!

And many other erotic, fully-clothed encounters like this all night. But none came back to my hotel with me. Like I said, I need to speak more Thai, dance better, or have blond hair (just half-kidding!)

Anyway, midnight came and went, the young people were happy and dancing, and had none of the attitude you find in more, um, sophisticated cities. I went out to the courtyard which was PACKED with pulchritude. I retrieved my camera, went out of the nightclub and sat down at a table
where I filmed all the lovelies walking in and out of the nightclub, clothing in various states of disarray as fatigue or sleepiness dictated.

A disco is a place where they play loud dance music (usually with a live band, DJ or both) and people drink booze and dance the night away. The Thai style of dancing and drinking is much more relaxed and open than what you’ll find in the states. For example, it’s not uncommon for Thais, rather than enter a dance floor, to stand up right at their table and dance right there. Men will dance (at the table) with men (no connotation of being gay), girls with girls, friends with friends, etc. Dancing is not at all restricted to couples only.

The Thai style of drinking is to share a bottle of booze (usually whiskey) among friends at a table. A small bucket of ice will be shared in each person’s glass, along with a mixture of soda, coke, sprite or whatever. Thais often cheer “choke dee” (“good luck”) almost every time they take a sip. Often a cheer is an encouragement for everyone at their table to drink up.

Only at selected disco’s where tourists go can you meet women (i.e., hookers). Most of the regular disco’s it’s very difficult to pick up or meet girls, unless you have another friend who knows the girl introduce you.

Most discos have no cover charge, but some, such as Stardice in Central Pattaya, practice racial discrimination and only charge foreigners an entrance fee.

If you go on a date with a Thai girl and her friends, it’s customary to buy a bottle of whiskey at the entrance and then share that with the group. What’s left of the whiskey is often taken home or kept at the disco for use when returning.

You must be 20 years of age or older to enter any disco. Most disco’s check ID’s and will absolutely not allow anyone under 20 to enter. As a foreigner, unless you really look like a kid, they won’t check your ID.

Photo: sign indicating you must be 20 to enter. Actually, this photo was at the entrance to a bar in Soi Cowboy, Bangkok, but it applies to most disco’s throughout Thailand.

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