Eden Club

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Bangkok Adult Entertainment

Eden Club
Soi Sukhumbvit 7/1 Klong toei Watthana
Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel +6622554672
PHR4+86 Bangkok, Thailand
The Eden Club (tel: 255 46 72) is located on Soi 7 1/2 off of Sukuhumvit Road on the right hand side. Small and unimpressive exterior. French owner Marc has an assortment of about 20 friendly but so-so looking ladies and a small bar. Note the yellow stripe running across the bar, floor and wall.

The ladies on the left of the stripe will do anal sex and the ladies on the right will not. All will do pretty much anything else. This place specializes almost exclusively in group sex/menage a trois action. Price is 1750 Baht ($44 US) per lady. You get 90 minutes to finish as many times as you can manage. No extra charges at all. You don’t have to pay unless completely satisfied!

The rooms are spotless, complete with mirrors, videos, and clean showers. The ladies will bring a bag with strap ons, condoms, electric vibrators and lots of lube. Girl-girl action is the specialty. There even is a uniform wardrobe with schoolgirl, dominatrix and nurse outfits. This is one place you don’t have to be shy about your perversions.

The best sex in Thailand during my visit was no doubt at the Eden Club. Marc may not be the best host, although he gets the job done. He’s French and for that I excuse his lack of proper English. In fact, the instructions are so poorly written that they are more confusing then helpful.

How This Works
Enter the club via the front door and go into the main room. At your left is the bar. At your right is a wall with a yellow line painted from floor to ceiling. The women to the left of the yellow line allow anal and the women to the right don’t.

Choose Wisely
You have to choose two women. You can pick them yourself, but its best to pick one and let her pick the other. Reason being: if they like each other, they’ll work better together, both on you and on each other.

Prices and Time
You get 90 minutes with the ladies. Cost: 1,750 Baht per lady, or 3,500 total. You will not be asked to pay a tip.

You can also take one lady out all day and night for 5,000 Baht, or from 10 PM to 6 AM for 3,000 Baht.

You’re Off!
Once you make your selection the women approach you and warm things up with French kissing. Then, you allow the women to escort you from the club and into the hotel next door.

In the Room
First, you undress (or they undress you). The playful nature starts right away, even before your clothes come off — kissing, fondling, etc.

Then, they’ll lead you to the shower, where they scrub, rinse, and dry you off completely, leaving no body part untouched. (This may even include a BJ in the shower.)

Now, the ladies lead you to the bed while they open their bag of tricks, which includes condoms, dildos and toys, lube, etc.

Once everyone is comfortable, the ladies turn their attention on you. The BJ is intense, and if you have ever had two girls you’ll understand what I mean. They’ll also kiss, fondle, and use dildos on one another while all this goes on.

The real show starts once you climax. While you recover, the ladies may pull out a double-headed dildo and use it in a number of provocative positions. You’re encouraged to watch or join in the activities. Then, when you’ve fully recovered, get ready for sex in every imaginable position.

Relax …
When you’ve had enough, lie back and relax with the ladies, and then allow them to lead you to the shower and clean you up. They’ll let you know when it’s time to go.

More Impressions
I wish Marc would be more open to single-girl experiences, as many guys prefer happy with just one lady. Marc does not promote taking just one lady, and actually states that Eden Club may not be for you if you’re not into two-girl sessions.

The advantage of Eden Club is that the ladies have to meet high standards for service, seem to be into the activities, and are overall more sexually open than the women you’d typically meet on the streets or in the Go-Go bars.

Summary of Activities
1. Enter
2. Choose two women (or choose one, and let her chose the other
3. Pay the 3,500 Baht up front (to the cashier)
4. Go to the room
5. Undress, get cleaned up
6. BJ
7. Sex (all you can handle in 90 min.)
8. Get cleaned up and dressed

Stickman’s Weekly Column
Inside Eden

Saturday 1PM–12AM
Sunday 1PM–12AM
Monday 1PM–12AM
Tuesday 1PM–12AM
Wednesday 1PM–12AM
Thursday 1PM–12AM
Friday 1PM–12AM

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