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As far as Bangkok hotels, I’ve never stayed at the Nana but have gone by to check out the rooms. I didn’t stay there because from time to time I meet a lady outside the bar scene and we start dating. No non-bar girl will want to visit you at the Nana Hotel. For a first time visitor the Nana is probably a good choice for its proximity (as is the Dynasty Inn). I would advise any new visitor to Bangkok to check out other hotels along Sukhumvit Road. There are plenty in the 800-1,500B price range from Soi 3 to Soi 11. With the sky train (metro) and available metered taxis, you could stay just about anywhere, but most bar-flies perfer the Sukhumvit area.

If you plan a visit of two weeks or more you can often call (or email) and get a better rate as opposed to staying only a few days. Don’t be afraid to negotiate if you’re staying a couple of weeks. One hundred baht savings a day doesn’t sound like much but it adds up if you stay long enough. And watch out for the “extra bed” charge. The better hotels will use that to discourage Falangs from bringing their “lady of the evening” to the hotel. Another thing to ask about is the taxes. Some hotels quote a net price, while others will add 10% Government tax and 7% Value Added tax on to their quoted price.

It depends on price and location. In general, the more expensive hotels cater to rich families, and hotel staff frowns on guests bringing in prostitutes.

Not the newest of Hotels but by far the best location, clean, cheap and well laid out.

The rooms were above Motel 6 standards, extra large king bed, nice TV which had inputs for my DVD player, two phones, one in the bathroom and one next to the bed. Fridge (with free daily bottled water). Lots of room, desk, mirror, closet space. Even the bathroom was well equipped with dusch hose for the women to stay clean, tub, shampoo, body lotion, shower cap and bottle opener.

Remember to BRING CONDOMS FROM THE USA as that is one thing the hotel does not have.

All in all the Nana Hotel is perfect if your in Bangkok for SEX. After 2am take a seat in the lobby and watch the women pour out of the disco downstairs in the rear. Go out front and sample the masses of women pouring out of the Nana Plaza who are looking for men. 500 baht will get you short time and 1000 all night. Bargain hard….

If you forget your condoms you can buy some across the street at the Mini Market but beware, many Thai condoms are smaller, sizes are written in Thai and your selection can be confusing at best. You might end up buying some wierd style with a chicken head on the end.

J.W. Marriott Hotel
Sukhumvit Soi 5, 2 minutes walk from Nana
USD $69-125/night
No problems bringing in “guests”

Landmark Hotel
3400 Baht/night

Majestic Suites-Sukhumvit

110-110 Sukhumvit Road (between Soi 4-6)
(662)656-8220 fax (662)656-8201

Novatel (Lotus)
S. Soi 33
2400 Baht/night
No problems bringing in “guests”

Penthouse Hotel

Pattayaland, Soi 2
Rates: $18-274/night

Royal Asia Lodge

Sukhumvit Road, Soi 8
Free Tuk Tuk to take you to and from the hotel and the main road
880 Baht/night
No problems bringing in “guests”

Crown Hotel
At the airport there’s a metered taxi booth, you must go to this booth prior to getting your taxi. They speak english and you can tell them “Crown Hotel” and they’ll write it in Thail on a form they give you which you must give the taxi driver. Make sure the driver uses his meter too.

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