Bar and Freelance Areas

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Candy Store
Right after the Doll House and Hollywood East a Go Go.
Doll House
One of three Doll House bars; the other two are in Pattaya (Walking Street, under the Marine bar disco) and at Soi Cowboy. Two-for-1 drink specials before 8 PM.
Living Room
Rock Hard
Open beer bar. Small selection of women.

Angel Witch
2nd floor, left side
3rd floor. Large selection of women.
2nd floor, far back
Hollywood II
3rd floor, left-hand side. Large selection of women.
Hollywood Rock Bar
Ground floor, right side
2nd floor, in the back as you enter via the escalator
Number One Bangkok
Sukhumvit Soi 1 (next to the Hospital)
Outdoor beer bar, ground floor
Rainbow I/II
Ground floor, right hand side as you enter. Large selection of women.
Rainbow III
2nd floor, far left
Silver Dragon
2nd floor, back corner, right hand side
Spider Web
Second floor, right hand side as you enter. Smaller bar with fewer women.
Three Roses
Smaller bar with fewer women.
3rd floor
Ground floor, left-hand corner as you enter. Large selection of women.


Big Dog’s
This beer bar is the first bar (right next to Lucky Lukes) as you enter the Nana. Popular with the daytime crowd, before the Go Go bars open (7:30 PM).
Golden Beer Bar
Across the street from NEP, at the corner where you enter the Nana hotel coffee shop. It’s a daytime/nighttime bar, cheapest bar fine: 350 Baht.
Lucky Luke’s
First beer bar on the corner as you enter the NEP. Open during the day.
Located center ground floor of the NEP. Most expensive bar fine: 600 Baht.

Massage Parlors

Traditional Massage. Non-sexual, traditional massages last for 1-2 hours. Prices vary, depending on how the massage is done.


1 Panjaphat Building, 2nd fl., Patpong Rd.
Tel 02-233-6960
10 AM – 1 AM
1 hr Massage: 280 Baht
2 hr Massage: 330 Baht
Oil Massage 1 hr.: 500 Baht 2 hr 800 Baht

Sexual Massage

54-56 Patpong 1 Road
Tel 02-634-0008
Traditional (no sex) massage 1 hour: 500 Baht
90 minutes full body (sex included): 1,500 Baht
2 PM – midnight

Patpong 2
Bar Fines: 450-600 Baht
Lady Drinks: 90-110 Baht
Customer Drinks: 90-110 Baht; Special imports or liquor more expensive
Women Charge: 2,000 Baht short time; 3,000 Baht long time (all night). Price can be bargained down; women accept 1,500 short time, 2,000 long
BJ Bars: 700 Baht
Massage Parlors: 1,600 Baht/2 hours (includes sex)
How to Get There
Taxi. On Patpong road, about a 15-minute meter taxi ride from the Sukhumvit area (cost about 65 Baht).
BTS. Get off at Siam, take meter taxi rest of the way.(From Sukhumvit area Soi Nana) take the Sala Daeng exit) you have to transfer to another BTS at Siam Center.


Soi Cowboy is located off Sukhumvit road on Soi Cowboy (Soi 21). It’s a small strip of about 20 Go Go bars (see Bar List, below).

The main advantage of Soi Cowboy is the lack of customers as compared to other nightspots. The atmosphere is much tamer than that of Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy’s main competition, and the women tend to less professional and less attractive.

Hours of operation are between 7 PM until 2 AM. The bars are not open during the daytime. Stage dancing does not start until 7:30 PM. To see the best selection of women, try to arrive by 8 PM.

All bars are closed during elections and during the King’s birthday.

How to Get There

Soi Cowboy is located right off Sukhumvit Road, between Soi 21 and Soi 23. All meter taxi drivers know where it is.

From the Nana Hotel. Walk up Sukhumvit until you get to Soi 21 or 23, then turn left and Soi Cowboy is a few minutes up the street.

Via the BTS. Exit Asoke, then walk down Soi 21 or 23 (past Asoke Plaza) to Soi Cowboy.

Dancer Conduct
With the exception of Bacarra, Long Gun, and Rawhide, there is no nudity in Soi Cowboy bars. The standard uniform for the dancers is either bikini or a mini skirt with a top. There are no sex shows in any of the bars.

Bar List
Black & White
Country Road
Crazy Cats
D. L. Irish
Five Star
Joe’s Bar
Jungle Jim’s
Las Vegas
Long Gun*
Moonshine Joint
My Lady
Our Place
*Considered to be one of the best bars in Soi Cowboy — get there before 10 PM in order to get a good seat.

Do not confuse this with the Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP). Here on Soi Nana, there are several smaller, low-key bars that don’t offer the wild entertainment at the NEP, but may be worth a visit.

Bar List
Bamboo Beer Bar. Located across the street on Soi 3. Open during the day.
Big State Bar. Located along Soi Nana, opposite Sukhumvit and a 2-minute walk from the Nana Hotel.
Bus Stop. This restaurant/bar has free lancers coming around both in the later afternoon and evening.
Charming Bar.
The Tequilla Pub and Bar. Located in the parking lot past the Nana Hotel (opposite direction of Sukhumvit). Small selection of women. Bar fine: 500 baht.
Angel’s Disco. Located in the back of the Nana Hotel. Open 7 nights a week. Best between 10 PM and 2 AM for finding freelancers.


All the bars on Soi Zero are along a short alley way. They are quaint and cozy, without the hustle of Patpong. Bar fines/tips tend to be lower (300-400 baht bar fine, 1,000 baht for short time, 1,500 baht for all night).

How to Get There
From the Sukhumvit area. Walk or take a meter taxi to the last Soi, Soi Zero. The driver may have to drive around the block to get past the one way streets.

Dancer Conduct

No nudity or sex shows.

Bar List
Another Bar
Bottom’s Up
Emu Bar
Linda Bar
Lucky Luke’s
Lucky T


TCH is not a bar. It’s a coffee shop, and a good place to find professionals after the bars close. TCH is a favorite place to frequent. It’s worth checking out.

Opening Times/Days
TCH used to be open all night long, until dawn. Now, it closes at 2 AM. It’s open early in the evening (8 PM), but most women don’t arrive until after 10 PM, with a peak at midnight. Thermae, outside of a few holidays, is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

How to Get There

TCH is located on Sukhumvit road, between Soi 13 and 15. Look for the big Ruamchitt Plaza sign. There, you’ll see another sign (Thermae…underground) pointing the way.

Drink Prices/Tips

No cover charge, no lady’s drinks, and no bar fine. Local beer or soda: $1.50 (50-65 Baht). Import beer or liquor: $3 (120 Baht). Going rate for Short Time: 1,000 Baht. some of the younger or more attractive ones will ask for 1,500.

Sukhumvit Road

Because of the 2 AM curfew, you will find many freelancers waiting for customers right on the street. Most are found on Sukhumvit Road, the largest cluster outside of Thermae Coffee House (between Soi 13-15) and vicinity.
Beer Garden Sukhumvit/Soi 7
This German bier garden has been a daytime pickup place for years.


Located in the basement of the Novotel Hotel. You can find professsionals there. Going rate: Thai women, 1500-2000 Baht; Russian women, 3500-4500 Baht.
Located at the Nana Hotel. Freelancers also station themselves in the hotel lobby to approach men going in/out of the disco.

The Go Go dancers generally dress in bikini’s At some of the bars, they take off their tops, others they go stark naked (except when their are police raids, then they go back to wearing bikin’s). At some of the bars, they may wear mini skirts with no panties.

The Go Go bars are open from 7:30 p.m. (although many girls don’t start dancing till 8 p.m. or a bit later) and close right at 2 a.m.The beer bars are open in the afternoon as well. Big Dogs is probably the most popular beer bar to drink at in the afternoon.

Soi 22 & Washington Square

towards the Sukhumvit end of Soi 22 and off in the Soi 24 direction between 22 and Sukhumvit road around where the Dubliner is, there is a lovely pocket of bars with very nice girls — the tone is not that of the big plazas as these are more the types of places for regulars, either expats who live here or those who travel here frequently like me. kind of your corner bar where the girls look after you, befriend you (genuinely) and you know you can always feel at home. Just stay away from the big show place by Mambo where all the Japanese and Korean tourists are bussed in for the show. And if you want a great bite to eat in the area, don’t miss the Steak and Guinness pie (or just about anything on the menu) at the Dubliner — truly the best I’ve ever had. Larry’s Dive around on 22 back a few blocks from Sukhumvit is also a great eat and right in the middle of the neighborhood bars. Cheers.

Asoke is a section of mostly outdoor beer bars located right next to Soi Cowboy, on Soi 21 and Sukhumvit road. You can get there by taking the BTS (tramway) and getting off at Asoke. Many of the bars are “Pattaya Style” where the girls just hang out at the beer bar, doing their best to get you to have a drink. That usually includes literally grabbing your arm and tugging you in. Altogether there are about 20 beer bars, including the infamous “Lolitas” (nothing to do with young girls) which features blow jobs for 600 baht. The girls suck you off right there in the bar, the seats being curtained off for your privacy. You can even fuck the girls in the bar if you’re not so shy. Lolitas is open from 10 a.m. till 1 a.m. Most of the other beer bars in Asoke open late afternoon (6 p.m.) and close at 2 a.m. The bar fine is 400 baht at most bars. Girls expect a 1,000 baht tip for short time.

Cruised Asoke last night. Actually, this place is really starting to pick up. There was a gorgeous girl working at Lolitta’s (blow job bar – 600 baht), a few cuties at some of the beer bars as you get closer to Soi Cowboy. Many of the girls screamed in enthusiasm (much like they do in the beer bars in Pattaya) as my friend and I made our way around. Nothing like making one feel welcome…what a great place!

Clinton Plaza
Clinton Plaza is located on Sukhumvit, between Soi 11-15 (just past the Ambassador hotel, right before Thermae). It’s a small area with a few open beer bars and Go Go bars.

Bad news. Just visited Clinton last night and except for the Doll House, all the Go Go bars including White House a Go Go and Hollywood East a Go Go were shut down. The word is the Go Go bars had problems with thier lease and as a result are out of business.

The Doll House had a great assortment of topless and a few fully nude dancers. Bar fine is still 500 baht and girls expect a 1,000-1,500 baht tip for short time, 2,000 for all night. Some great looking girls and one in particular caught my eye had some great tits. Worth checking out. Note: Doll House will be relocated to Soi Cowboy in Dec. I figure by then all the Go Go bars will be torn down.

Unfortunately, Clinton Plaza is on it’s way out. Appearantly they lost their lease and so most, if not all, of the bars will eventually be closing shop. The Doll House, for example, already has plans to relocate to Soi Cowboy (that could make Soi Cowboy the new hotspot!). As for the other bars, well, time will tell. So far White House a Go Go has not opened and it seems as though the same fate awaits the other bars.

Visited Clinton Plaza again last night. White House A Go Go is chain locked from the outside, thus appearantly closed for good. The Candy Store had only a handful of girls (about 5-6 on stage dancing) with no nudity, at least not while I was there. There were only a handful of tourists, good for those of you who like having all the girls to oneself. Doll House and Hollywood East were still open, but have limited selection of girls (Doll House has the most girls, about 11 on stage). The good news is there were very few tourists hanging out, but the bad news not many girls to choose from. Also, it looks like there won’t be much nudity with the police pressure lately at the Nana. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Soi 33
From Nana, head up Sukhumvit towards Soi Cowboy and keep going.

Right around Washington Square and on the opposite side of the street, in between the Askok and Phrom Pong skytrain stations (much closer to Phrom Pong) is Soi 33. Go a little way down it and you’ll see a shitload of bars, many named after artists.

Happy hour beer is 75 baht, otherwise it’s 150 baht. The places have uniformed doormen and are loaded with beautiful women in evening gowns. I’ve had a little pressure, but often no pressure. Barfines are steep at 1,500 baht up, but this is premium merchandise. I don’t know how much the women want. It’s a great break from go-go bars.

The girls here give the impression of sophistication and they all look very nice in their evening gowns however do not be confused here the girls are in reality much the same as any other go-go or bar girl, perhaps a little bit more glamorous, although they wear a lot a make up, and usually they can keep a conversation going in English.

You will however pay well over the odds for taking these girls out of the bar. Bar fines start at about 1,500 baht and for extra services most will be looking for 2,000 baht ST and upwards. I have been quoted 4,000 baht for a ST session with a very plain looking girl.

I have enjoyed Thermae on many occasions. It is more than a hangout for freelancers, but a splendid venue for people watching. You see all types there, and the atmosphere is very communal, particularly at the unisex toilets! I have never had a bad time there. The only problem is that many of the girls work in regular jobs during the day, and come to Thermae for extra money after hours.

Actually, Thermae used to also be a massage parlor (before it relocated). It was the Thermae Turkish Bath House. No longer. However, nowadays I found many of the women, especially the older ones, will give a pretty decent massage before or even after sex. Just ask them, few will refuse. While it’s not the full professional body massage you can get at a parlor, they do a pretty good job.

I realize that over the years Patpong has fallen a bit out of favor. With the invasion of tourists buying at the night market and Femi-nazi types wandering in to the clubs to offer their disdain at what they saw, it slowly became less attractive than Soi Cowboy or Nana Plaza. Still it is worth the occasional trip. Always some attractive girls. You must deal hard. They are often a bit crazy about their asking prices and you will need to negotiate a bit to get a fair price for their company. I still prefer many of the upstairs bars. Use caution. since many are still ripping off tourists…especially in the afternoons.

Soi 7

You won’t find a tremendous number of bars along Soi 7, but there are a few worth noting. Probably the most popular is the Sukhumvit Beer Garden Soi 7 bar. It’s basically a free lancer bar (i.e., the girls working there are not employed by the bar, hence no bar fine), similar to Thermae. Well, except for the fact that it’s open during the afternoon. Hence if you’re looking to get laid during the day, here’s the place to cum.

By the way, most girls will be happy to go with you for 700-1,000 baht, for a quick afternoon delight.

Happy Today
Check out the new line of outdoor bee rbars in an area called “Happy Today” located on Sukhumvit road, between Soi 8 & 10. It’s right across the street from the Clinton Plaza. The drinks are reasonably priced, but the 500 baht bar fine at most bars is a bit steep. However, it’s still worth taking a look at.

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