Khon Kaen

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Khon Kaen is one of the “Esarn” (Northeast) Thai cities where a lot of the ladies/girls you see in Bangkok and Pattaya come from. Most of the Thai women who service foreign men come from Northeast Thailand. I myself have become completely jaded by the Bangkok scene (not to mention the traffic and pollution and prices of the hotel rooms) and these days I by and large choose to go directly to Esarn (Northeast Thailand). A lot of the time you really don’t need to go to massage parlor or any place like that. Esarn people are VERY friendly, especially the women. These are small town country girls we’re talking about. If you DO choose to go to the massage parlors, the place to go in KhonKaen is the Cesar Massage. All the tuk-tuk drivers in town know where it is. WHEREVER you go in Northeast Thailand: (1) It is Safe. No safety problems, and MUCH safer than BKK (2) Cheap. A night at a nice hotel costs about 500 baht, compared to 1000 and up in BKK. Budget about 200 baht for dinner. (3) Far less pollution and traffic. (4) Nicer people. Especially the normal girls. (5) Just tell the tuk-tuk or cyclo drivers “Want BOOM BOOM Want lady!” and they will take you to where the action is.

The Ceaser? When I was living there a few years ago, the Villa was good because it was opposite the bus station. There was also a traditional parlor on site. I remember one other (maybe this was Caesars) which a tuk-tuk driver took me to w/out my asking.

The Sofitel was the best, if you can afford it. Cleopatra’s Palace in The Underground has (or had) a computer database where you browse the girls and then “order” for a drink. There was a package deal on a whore, a room, and the disco and micro brewery. (The buffet was quite good, too.)

Memory fades, but the Kosa hotel had a coffee shop and upscale massage parlor attached.

Low price fucks were at non-descriptive whorehouses that don’t even look like businesses. They were near small language/computer schools, and the going rate was about 400 baht. This info is a bit dated, though.

Caesar’s is a good place to check out. I was there with my future bro in law who has sampled all women all over Thailand. They are not used to Americans in there because it is so far NE. The manager comes over and puts us in the “Playboy” section. After our drinks arrive I get up to go check out the fishbowl. There are ladies everywhere,in the bar,etc. The manager comes over and says to me”I have lady for you. Come” I was resistant but couldn’t say no. Around the corner is a knockout babe, w/ C cup tits, and a killer body. She was around 25. I am a sucker for big tits and immediately agreed as she seemed eager and pleasantly surprised. We proceed up 1 flight of stairs to get a care package of oils, condoms, etc. The 2nd flight to the rooms which had Jacuzzi, bed, mirrors, porn’s. When the drinks arrived we toasted and began to undress each other. What’s funny is that when I told her I was American, she made the forearm gesture like she was expecting a forearm length cock! I said no-no and we laughed. I could tell the relief in her smile. Anyway, I began to french kiss her and she was a little resistant. I think she began to realize this was not going to be a normal experience as I make sure the ladies have a good time also. I don’t think she expected this but I began gently with her. Within minutes she warmed up nicely and her nipples shot out a good 3/4 quarters of an inch. I doubt know about you, but this drives me crazy. I attacked those nipples until she was squirming around ready to get on the bed. We jumped in the Jacuzzi quickly and got immediately to the bed. I rolled her up on her shoulders and proceeded to eat her snatch like she had never had it eaten. Her screaming got louder as the orgasms came. I was joking with a guy down in the bar later and he said he and his girl were laughing about it because they heard her all the way at the other end of the hall. Anyway, lots of 69 with bbbj. Lots of doggy, missionary, and her on top. I constantly turned her head to watch in the mirror as I banged away. When I finally blasted my load, we collapsed in exhaustion. I tend to last a long time, usually pumping hard for an hour or so. Actually I have complete control over it so no matter what the girl does, I come when I am ready to come. I have fewer orgasms but when I do they are usually body wrenching, so 3-4 per experience is not necessary for me. We were both sweaty from the 1.5 hours of nonstop action. She cleaned my cock good and we jumped back in the Jacuzzi for massage and relaxation. Her English was minimal and my Thai also. But it was definitely a GFE and the 1.5 hrs cost me around 1300 baht. Once back down in the bar the manager tried to get me to long time this super hot 19 yr old model, but I was sharing my hotel room with my bro in law and he had waited patiently for me in the bar while I banged upstairs. Caesar’s is definitely a good bang for the buck when in the far North Eeast.

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