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Is Thailand’s Largest Island (approximately the size of Singapore) and nestles against the Indian Ocean coast some 890km (556mi) south of Bangkok. Phuket is best described as one of the most popular destinations in Thailand for Europeans. The most popular beach resort, Patong Beach, has just about everything a tourist could ask for: great shopping, a very scenic and clean beach, (great for sunbathing, Para Sailing, jet skiing, swimming, diving, etc.), access to other very scenic and secluded beaches, a high energy night life, and an endless array of seafood restaurants. Because of this, Patong Beach attracts both men and women alike (although most of the tourists are men coming to fuck the hookers). Actually, it’s a great place to bring a girl as well as to pick up on one. After a few nights in Patong Beach, you may wish to book a tour to the outer islands, such as Koh Phi, Krabi, Koh Sumui or the Similians, where you will experience the ultimate in beach scenery and snorkeling. Whether you’ve come to Thailand to soak in the sun, play in the water, or just wet your dick in the local pussy, Phuket is the place to be.

GETTING TO PHUKET ISLAND Thai Airlines has daily flights, on the hour, for around $100 round trip. It’s an hour and five minute flight from Bangkok domestic airport to Phuket airport. If you are coming to Phuket from Bangkok, I highly recommend you fly. It’s the only way to go. You can book a flight from any travel agency or in Bangkok go to the Nana hotel lobby and the Tours booth will book you a flight (Visa and Master card acceptable). I suggest you book a flight early in the morning to give you time to settle into your hotel in Phuket and then hit the beach for some sun and fun. Another way to get to Phuket providing you have lots of time and are more adventurous, you can take the twelve hour train ride from Bangkok and go south to a small town called Surat Thani. From Surat, you take the five hour bus and boat ride to Phuket town. Once you arrive in downtown Phuket, you can take the public blue bus to Patong beach, the main beach resort in Phuket. That’s about a 20 minute ride. To me, this is way too long a trip and for the few bucks it would save you, it’s just not worth it. If you ask me, flying is the best way to go. (If you do take the train, any travel agency can book you a ticket. Once you arrive in Surat Thani, there will be street hustlers who will set you up with the bus to Phuket. In Phuket town, more hustlers will set you up with transportation to Patong Beach).

You will need to take a taxi from the airport to Patong Beach. It’s about a forty minute ride. The fare is negotiable; I paid 400 baht for a private taxi, one way. You can save money by taking the mini bus to Patong (150 baht per person), but this will be a great inconvenience as the mini bus will not leave until all the seats are filled (and they pack the tourists in like sardines). Keep this in mind also when choosing between a private taxi and mini bus: the mini bus will be dropping off each tourist at his preferred hotel, so there is a chance if you are last on the list, you could be riding all over town for an extra half an hour or so. To me, time is money and it’s not worth saving a few bucks to undergo such inconvenience. I highly suggest you take a private taxi to Patong. If you are arriving with a friend, this is undoubtedly the only way to go (as you can split the private taxi fare).

If you are going simply to chase girls, then it’s best to go off season (March to October). That’s when the ratio of girl to guy will be highly in your favor. It’s also when the prices for girls, hotels, shops seems to drop quite a bit. If you are going to enjoy the water sports, such as swimming, snorkeling, parasailing, etc., then you’ll want to go during the cool/dry season (November thru February), which is the most crowded and expensive time of the year. But it’s also the most pleasant in terms of weather and also the best to enjoy island hopping (during the rainy season, many boats will refuse to take you out on the water as it’s too rough). Phuket Weather Forecast

Jungle Bungy Jump
Scuba Diving

Phuket is rapidly becoming a top game and sport fishing destination in Southeast Asia. Some of the more recognizable species include Marlin, Sail fish, Tuna, Wahoo, Barracuda, Trevally and many more. Not only is the fishing good around Phuket, but also in the nearby provincial waters of Krabi, the Similan Islands, and also the Phi Phi islands.

Water Ski and Para Sailing
Patong Go-kart Racing
Yacht charters in Phuket

While Phuket has a variety of beaches for you to choose from, Patong Beach is where everyone seems to end up (having the best nightlife, the best shopping, and the most water sports activities). Whether you enjoy deserted beaches which you share only with the local crabs and various marine life, or if you like the hustle and bustle, there is definitely a beach for you here in Phuket! During the monsoon season (June-November) the waves can be quite powerful and demanding for even the best swimmers. If you see a red flag posted on the beach, please stay on shore as even though it may look calm, there are quite often rip tides which can be very strong. There are no lifeguards here, so please if in doubt stay out of the water.

Bang Tao Beach

You’ll find many 5 star resorts close to Bang Tao. This once quiet and deserted area has seen many changes over the last few years. Much of the land in this area has been reclaimed and built upon. Very nice white sand can be found here.

Chalong Bay– There’s not much of a beach here, but there’s beautiful views across Chalong Bay over towards Cape Panwa.

Kamala Beach

This once quiet beach has seen many changes just in the last two years due to the construction of Phuket Fantasea. Kamala Beach can be divided up into two distinct areas with one being on the far end near Phuket Fantasea, and the area being right in the heart of Kamala Village. During the high season, this beach can become quite heavily populated, but generally the crowd here is much more laid back and easy going than the beachgoers of Patong. It’s a beautiful drive from Patong to Kamala.

Karon Beach
The editors favorite beach. Absolutely beautiful with squeaky white sand, and plenty of open beach for everyone. The water here is quite clear and calm during the high season. A must visit for those who enjoy sun and beautiful beaches.

Kata Beach
During the low season, this beach is quite popular with the international surfing community as there is a nice point/beach break which can hold it’s shape in big waves. Very scenic looking up at the looming mountains from here.

Laem Sing
A beautiful small picturesque beach which requires going down a 200 meter path to reach the beach. An incredibly beautiful spot where many postcard photos are taken. The beach is not visible from the road but the small parking area is located about half way up the grade at the north end of Kamala Beach look for the small handmade signs. This is one of the undeveloped beaches frequently missed by visitors who are unaware of its location. Its a five minute walk down a fairly steep path to reach this remote little beach. The interesting rock formations along Laem Sing Beach offer some the best snorkeling opportunities on the island. There are a number of beach venders and the occasional sighting of jet ski activity, but it is still a pleasant little beach get-a-way well worth going out of the way for.

Nai Harn Beach
Many post card photos are taken of this magnificent beach. Quite possibly has the clearest water on the island. It’s becoming more crowded every year as the word of mouth has spread about this beach. On the end by the Meridien Yacht club end of Naiharn is a good place for families.
On the other end of Naiharn is an area that is known for the alternative lifestyle visitors. Parents beware.

Nai Yang Beach
A National Park which is very scenic and serene beach which never sees crowds. During the monsoon season, this beach can get some pretty big waves. This beach is very close to the airport if you just can’t wait to hit the beach after that long flight. Naithon Beach- Just south of Naiyang and just north of the Laguna beach complex lies this very quiet and beautiful beach. Even during high season, there are never too many people here.

Patong Beach
A 5 km crescent shaped beach which opens out to deep water where many boats and ships are at anchorage. Here is the center of Phuket’s universe. If you want to see or be seen, this is definitely where you need to be. Although the water is not as clear here as at other beaches, many people find it very convenient to walk from their hotels. Patong can become quite crowded in high season with the beach chairs lined up 6 or 7 rows deep!

– A quiet Muslim village area in which the local Thais come here on weekends to have an outdoor barbecue. Definitely worth the drive from Patong.

Surin Beach

On the way from Patong to Laguna beach, you will come past Surin beach. The beach can become pretty crowded during the high season as there are many good small restaurants to eat at right on the beach, as well as having nice crystal clear water. Recommended for a nice change away from Patong.

Phi Phi Islands (actually pronounced Pee Pee)
These two islands are called “The Twin Moon Bays” and they are breath taking in beauty (especially if you hike up the trail to the top where you can get a bird’s eye view of the bays and surrounding waters). Phi Phi Islands are also famous for the movies that have been filmed there. The latest one is “The Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio. The islands are crowded during high season but their beauty makes them still worth visiting.
Similan Islands
Coral Island
Maiton Island
Racha Island
Rai Yang Island
Khai Nok

Overall, Phuket is a very safe place to travel. The area is patrolled by the Tourist police and incidents of crime are rare. You will see family’s, couples, single men and women alike, roaming the streets at all hours of the night. Patong beach has a very active night life and you can feel safe walking the streets at all hours of the day and night. Just stay along the strip (Bangla road) or vicinity and you should have no problems at any hour of the night (provided you don’t get picked up by a horny transvestite – see below).

Phuket is no bargain, that is, compared to what you will pay in other Thailand destinations. Most of the hotels, restaurants and shops charge a good 20% or more than what you would pay in South Pattaya, taking you closer in prices to Bangkok. Girls tend to charge more closer to Bangkok prices for sex as well (1,500 baht for short time). With this in mind, you should take at least $125 per day for your journey, perhaps even a little more if you plan to do a lot of shopping, girl chasing and stay in the higher end hotels (which can cost you $100 or more). While you can budget your trip by staying in the low end hotels ($25 per night), eat at the cheaper outdoor restaurants ($5 per meal), and limit the number of girls ($35 per girl), it never ceases to amaze me how money seems to still vanish into thin air. Anticipate spending at least $100 per day and you should be in good shape. Remember the simple rule: better to bring too much money, which you can always bring back, then find yourself having to cut your trip short because you ran out.

Amount Of Clothes To Bring
The weather is hot and humid, so you should dress light. Also, being a beach town, you will find yourself quite comfortable in just sandals, shorts and a tank top. You could wear long pants at night and a somewhat dress up shirt, but many tourists just wear the same informal clothing at night as well. Many of the restaurants are outdoor and thus informal. Perhaps if you go to the disco’s, dress shoes and long pants will be more appropriate. Remember two things: You can always buy what you need if you forget something for very little money in Thailand. Plus you will want to bring back items when you go shopping there, so you will need luggage space on your return. In short, bring as few articles of clothing as possible.

Money Exchange
Your best rates will be in Thailand at the money exchange booths, located conveniently all over the tourist areas. They are very easy to find. In fact, when you first arrive at the Bangkok airport, right inside the terminal at street level (after you pass immigration and customs) will be a money exchange booth. It is recommended when you first arrive, you exchange at least $200. You can exchange more if you like. The rates are usually quite fair. You’ll need the money to pay for your taxi ride from the airport to your hotel, and then more money when you check in, eat, and tip the girls.

The best exchange rates will be found at the money exchange booths at the local banks. The worst rates are typically at the hotels. Never exchange your money with a stranger on the street. Speaking of which, if you must bring US dollars, you’ll get the best rates with higher denominations (i.e., hundred dollar bills, rather than smaller bills such as one’s, five’s ten’s, etc.). Important: be sure your cash is pristine (i.e., no tears, marks, etc.). Any bills that have the slightest tear or look too worn will not be accepted. Best you insist your bank give you only the newest and cleanest bills to take with you on your journey.

It’s Very Safe In Phuket Overall, Thailand is a very safe place to travel. Patong beach is no ,exception. The area is patrolled by the Tourist police and incidents of crime are rare. You will see family’s, couples, single men and women alike, roaming the streets at all hours of the night. Patong beach has a very active night life and you can feel safe walking the streets at all hours of the day and night. Just stay along the strip (Bangla road) or vicinity and you should have no problems at any hour of the night. But remember if someone offers you a deal that is too good to be true, it’s probably a scam.


Sticky Rice in Bamboo Reeds are pretty tasty. A must try when coming to Phuket.
Bugs are eaten in Thailand.
Thai Donut The Thai Donut is actually very tasty and it comes in two versions. One that resembles a butterfly and one that is just round shaped. The butterfly is not sweetened but the round one is. The cost of these delicious pastries is two baht a piece so that shouldn’t scare you off.

A Chicken and Rice Dish Kao Mann Gai is a Thai dish that you can find in many places here in Thailand. It it rice with chicken, served with a variety of sauces and with a bowl of hot chicken soup. Very easy and above all, very tasty.

Ocean Plaza opened in 1998 and features a supermarket open daily until 12 midnight. It features a game hall and bowling alley on the third floor. It’s located on Bangla Road, near the crossing of Rath-U-Thit Road. Also on the third floor it has some cheap food stalls for a quick snack or lunch.

Minis Vans and Buses

In Patong Beach, you will see red mini vans which will take you anywhere in the vicinity for 20 baht. (.50) If you plan to go to Phuket town, there are the blue oversized buses (open air, meaning no windows) which run every fifteen minutes or so. The bus goes back and forth from Patong beach to downtown Phuket from early morning till about 5 p.m. Be sure you come back before 5 p.m. or you may find yourself having to take a private taxi from Phuket town, which will not be so cheap. The blue bus charges 15 baht fare one way (Patong beach to Phuket town). It’s about a 20 minute ride, depending on traffic. Note: be sure you take hotel business cards with you wherever you go. That way, if you do get lost, you can always show the card to any taxi (or hooker!) and they will know how to get you back. When staying in Patong Beach, if you stay within walking distance from Bangla road, you will be able to walk to the beach, most of the shops, restaurants, and nightlife activity (most of which is on Bangla road).

Renting Motorcycles
If you ride a motorbike in Phuket, or anywhere else in Thailand, expect to have at least one very painful accident. Everyone has made a big stink about the AIDS crisis in Thailand, yet few wish to discuss the dangers of riding motorbikes. The reality is many, many tourists have minor to some quite serious accidents all the time, including those who are experienced riders. The reason is because a)the roads are not always in pristine conditions, b)Thais drive on the wrong side of the road, c)taxis cut motorbike drivers off without thinking, d)truck drivers will zoom past a motorbike driver without even thinking, e)tourists drive intoxicated, f)tourists drive to show off to the girls and so on. In short, RIDING A MOTORBIKE IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND THE RISK OF HAVING AN ACCIDENT IS HIGH! We have warned you.

Patong Big Bike is located at 103 Rat-U-Thit Rd. Patong Beach. Next door to the Azzurro Hotel. Although Patong Big Bike offer a wide variety of bikes, the most of them are choppers or touring bikes. There is a very simple explanation for that. The roads on Phuket are perfect for these kinds of bikes!


There is a law in Thailand which is fairly easy to understand. When you travel by motorbike, you wear a helmet. If you do not, you will have your keys taken away from you only to be given back when you have a receipt from the police station that you’ve paid the 300 Baht fine. In short, wear a helmet.

Cyber Beach Cafe – surf the Internet while having coffee, tea, and snacks. Also sells used books.
Phuket Internet Cafe is located at 128 Thaweepong road, Patong Inn, Patong Beach.
Pizzedelic is located at Pizzedelic Patong Beach, Phuket 128-thaweewong (beach road) Tel: (076) 341-545. Internet cafe serving pizza, burgers, and more.


Azzurro Village Hotel is located at 107 Rat-Uthit Rd. in Patong Beach. Tele: 076-341-811. Fax: 076-341-812. The room rates vary, depending on the season. If you come during high season (November to February), they may jack the price up to 1,500-1,800 baht or higher, but if you come during low season, May to October you can get the same room for 700 baht ($17.50). The fluctuation in prices is typical of hotels throughout Thailand. The prices vary both on the season and also, don’t forget, your ability to bargain. They will always try to get the highest price out of you, but if you say, “Last time I came here you only charged me 700 baht”, you might be able to get the lower price. The Azzurro Village hotel is also featured in our travel tape, “Sex! Sun! and Sin in Phuket.

Patong Grand Condotel is located at 63 Rat-Uthut Rd. Patong, Thailand Tel: 076-341043-7 Fax: 342205. It has a swimming pool, TV, restaurant and mini-bar. It is a few blocks away from the ocean, possibly a short taxi ride.

Sky Inn 9th Floor, Patong Condotel is located at Rat-U-Thit Rd, Patong Beach. Phone: (66) 76 – 340 380 Fax: (66) 76 342 308 Email: All rooms have the best view over Patong Beach, are comfortably decorated and equipped with twin beds, air-conditioner, refrigerator, color TV, Satellite, chairs and a well equipped bathroom with hot water shower. All apartments also have a balcony. The complex has a reception with telephone and fax/ message service, swimming pool, laundry service, large secured car park and all of this is just a five minute stroll away from one of Phuket’s most beloved beaches, Patong Beach! Air Condition Room high season is 1.200 Baht, low season 600 Baht. Fan Room 800 high. Low Baht 400 Baht

Royal Crown Hotel
is located at 41/55 Nanai Rd., Patong Beach, Phuket 83150, Thailand. Tel : (66 76) 340274, 340463 Fax : (66 76) 340376. E-mail :

Royal Palm Resortel is located at 66/2 Taweewong Rd, Patong Beach Kathu Phuket Thailand 83150.
Tel : (66 76) 292510-12 Fax : (66 76) 292512 E-mail :

Salathai is located at 10/4 Sawatdirak Rd., Patong , Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand Tel. (66 76) 296631-4 , Fax. (66 76) 296635 e-mail :

Expat Hotel is located at 163/17 Rat-U-Thit Rd., Patong, Phuket 83150, Thailand Tel: 66-76 342 143, 344-023, Fax: 66-76 340 300. The hotel has a swimming pool in landscaped gardens, night time bar, full maid service, international phone & fax, 24 hour room service and safety deposit boxes. Deluxe Air-Con Room with individually controlled air-conditioning, plush carpet, king size bed, private bathroom with shower, hot water, TV with sat programs and in house movies. All Deluxe rooms now have a fully-stocked mini-bar. Prices range 890 baht to 1,390 baht. E-mail:

VALHALLA HOTEL is located at 163/24 Soi Sunset Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong Beach. Tel. +66-76-292556 Fax +66-76-292557. It’s in back of the Ex Pat Hotel off of Bangla Rd., north of Rat-Uthit Rd.

Eating out in Patong can be a truly international experience. Scandinavian, Italian, German, Swiss, Mexican and French restaurants compete with the usual array of fast food joints. Thai cuisine concentrates on seafood cooked Thai-style, which means very spicy with lots of garlic, lemon grass, chilies, shrimp paste and herbs. Phuket is most famous for it’s open air seafood restaurants where you sit outside and dine. Most of the outside dining restaurants, located either on Bangla road or along the beach road, will have all kinds of fish displayed on ice and you get to choose which particular fish you’d like to have them cook. Whether you want the fish cooked in a wok, barbecued, steamed or boiled, they will cook it any way you wish in a gourmet fashion. An eating experience you will not want to pass up.

Patong Bier Garten.
Yes, that is a German restaurant and the food is fantastic. A bit on the pricey side, actually, but really excellent food. The restaurant is located on the same street as the Azzurro Village, just before you turn right on Bangla road (see map). This is the place to go for dinner.

Baitong restaurant
It’s on Beach road. Turn left as you come to the beach (from Bangla road), and in a few minutes you’ll see it. The food was pretty good.

Patong Beach is quite active when it comes to night fun. Almost all the bars will be located on Bangla road. Along Bangla road you will come across two types of bars: the outdoor beer bars and the classy Go Go bars.
The outdoor beer bars: The bar fines are 300-500 baht. Most girls will expect a tip between 1,000 and 1,500 baht, depending on how long they stay with you (i.e. s. The bars stay open late, many closing around 2 a.m. or 3.a.m.)
The Go-Go Bars: The bar fines are 500-750 baht. The tip for long time will be about 1,000-2500 and short time will cost 700-1,500 baht.
There is no cover charge and not much of a dress code (although a tank top is acceptable, with the strong air conditioning in the Go Go bars, you might want to wear a full size T-shirt and long pants). When you enter a bar there will be a center stage where the girls are dancing and depending on the bar, one or two other small stages with dancing girls. Take a seat anywhere you like. If you order a local beer (Singha) or soft drink, it will cost about $2.50. There is no pressure to order a second drink in any of the bars. If a bar girl comes up to you and hustles you for a drink, you are under no obligation to buy her one. Of course, if she is cute and/or has a great body, do so immediately (she will say to you, “Buy cola for me”, as she rubs her tits against you). There are about 12 GoGo bars in Patong. Some of the dancers are really beautiful. In general, prices for beverages as well as for girls are higher in a Go-Go bar (than in a beer bar).
The Discos: There are about 6 discos in Patong. Things don’t get going until late in the night. Discos are a popular method to pick up freelancer girls. Unlike in Europe or in the united states, you will not have the “too many men and not enough ladies” problem. There are always enough ladies for a good time. Expect to pay 100 Baht as entrance fee (sometimes one free drink is included). Being air conditioned and a somewhat upscale atmosphere, if you’re planning on dressing up a bit in Phuket, this is the place to do it. Be aware many female tourists (mostly European) come to the disco to party, get drunk and have a good time. Keep in mind that many tourists ignore the white women completely, so this may be an opportunity for you to make your move, should one give you an inviting smile. Either way, Thai or “falong” (Westerner), a big smile and invitation to click glasses (i.e., wish each other good luck), is usually the strongest indication, next to physically grabbing you, that a girl is interested.

Rock Hard Phuket
Flash a Go-Go
Sphinx a Go-Go
Pink Panther a Go-Go
Vahalla Afternoon Go-Go Bar
PlaySchool a Go-Go
Lipstick a Go-Go
The Model a Go-Go
Extasy Ago-Go
Eros a Go-Go

Banana Disco

The Banana Disco is located on beach road (Thaweewong Road) around 50 meters from the western end of the Soi Bangla. It is the oldest disco in Patong, but has a modern sound system and current music, with styles ranging from techno to fast dance beats.

Shark Club Disco
The Shark Club is one of the most welcome additions to the night scene in Patong. It is located on the corner of Soi Bangla and Rat-U-Thit Road directly across from the Rock Hard Go Go and within sight of the PS Hotel.

Safari Pub
Inside, the location twists and turns around bars, staircases and eventually opens onto an outdoor Treetops restaurant which overlooks a water basin.
The dance floor is quite large and a band usually plays live Rock&Roll and Reggae. From time to time a guest is given the chance to perform his favorite song for the crowd. Late at night, dance music is played by a DJ and the Safari Pub closes its doors in the early morning hours. There are special shows at midnight of every Tuesday and Thursday.

Titanic Disco – Nightclub
89/17 Raja Uthit Rd, Patong. Cavernous disco, which plays Western and Thai pop and shows videos on its huge screen

Most of the bars that tourists hang out in are the open-air (i.e., not enclosed) or outdoor beer bars. There’s a whole cluster of them along Bangla road. The outdoor beer bars are all lined up back to back and a moments walk from each other. There is no cover charge at any of the open beer bars and you are free to just cruise around or sit down at any bar you like. Generally, what I like to do is slowly stroll from bar to bar, checking out the women who work as entertainers at the bars. Most of the bars employ anywhere from three to fifteen girls, depending on the bar. All the girls are fully clothed and just hang around the counter to pull in customers. They are all prostitutes and are available for sex. There is no dress code in any of the outdoor beer bars and most of the tourists will be hanging out in sandals or tennis shoes, shorts or jeans and T-shirts or light cotton shirts. Dress how you feel comfortable. However, keep in mind the weather is both humid and will stay warm throughout the night. So dress light. (read more on page 155)

Soi Seadragon
Soi Seadragon is one of the bigger nightlife areas in Patong with many bars and six go-go bars, it also has a guesthouse, internet cafe, restaurant and some tattoo shops. Soi Seadragon is the Soi that has the most Go-Go Bars.
BARS: Butterfly Bar, Sphinx a GoGo, Drinks & Dreams, Tum’s Bar, Sports Bar, Pink Panther A-Go-Go, Rock in Dice Bar, Play School a GoGo, Hard Rock Cafe, Sidney Bar, Show Girls International (a GoGo), Two Brothers Bar, Navy Bar, The Happy Viking Bar, Sugar Schack, Cartoon Bar, One World Bar, Joy Bar, The Scandinavian Bar, Mickey Mouse Bar, Le Moulin Rouge, Lion’s/Owen’s Bar, Djao Tschu, Model a GoGo, Bangla Sexy 9 Bar, Lipstich a GoGo, The French Kiss, Grows Nest Bar, Lady A Bar, Song Horn Bar, Poei Bar.

Soi Eric
Soi Eric is one of the the best entertainment streets in Patong and Thailand; Featuring beautiful ladies, big TVs in all bars, pasta and pizza food restaurants (you can sit down and order from any bar of your choice), comfortable, safe and clean surroundings. Also, toilet is very clean!
BARS: Stargate 1 & 2, Shark Otto Bar, Mai Thai Bar, Bachelor Bar, Black Magic, Irish Rover, New York Bar, English Bar, Flash a GoGo, Freedom Bar, Malibu Bar, Black Rose, Gold Wing Bar, London Bar, Blue Fin bar, James Bond Bar, Toro Bar, Chi Chi bar, Eric Shooters

Soi Crocodile
Caution: There are often Lady Boys hanging around on this Soi and want you to go and see the queen show at Andaman Queen Cabaret or want you to photo them (for money). IF YOU AIN’T GAY, STAY CLEAR FROM THIS SOI.
Tequila Bar, Rock’n’Roll Bar, Baby Bar, Parrot Bar, Dollar Bar, Suwan Bar, Tweety Bar, Pretty Woman, Top Model, Star Bar, Cherry Bar, Nicky Bar, Lovely Bar, L’Ambassade, Schumi Treff Bar, Hop Hop Hop Bar, Happy Night, Lovi’s British Bar, Shake It Up Bar, Andaman Queen Cabaret a GoGo, Rock World.

Soi Gonzo
Gonzo, Luck Bar, Sweet Bar, Coco Palm Bar Beer, Calypso Bar, The French Kiss, Black Cat Bar, Crazy Bar, New World Bar, Zanzi Bar, Duck Tonight, Tahiti Bar, Paris Folies, Top Ten Bar, Lips, Pinocchio Bar, Rose Bar2, UB 20 Bar, M Bar.

Soi Easy
Jagger bar, Captain Kirk’s Bar, Pla Loma Bar, May Bar, Red Sun Bar, Easy Kiss Bar, Lucky 7 Bar, Joe Banana Bar, Bamboo Joe’s Bar, Blue Lagoon Bar, Saxo 2 Bar, Very Easy Bar, Sawasdee Bar, Good Luck Bar, Blue Note Bar, Mangoes Bar, Gibbon Bar, 7 Heaven Bar, Bitchy Bar, Aussie Bar, Chili’s Bar, Freddies Bar, Crazy Chicken Bar.

Soi Sunset
Extasy a GoGo, Titanic, Valhalla, Tai Pan, Night Moves Black Rhino Beer Bar, V.I.P Bar, Up To You Bar, Dee Jays, Safari Baby, Europe Bar, Tom and Jerry Bar, Dragon Island, Africa Bar, Kiwi Bar, Blue Moon, Night Station Pub, Faulty Towers Inn, Pussy Galore, Galaxy, Hollywood Pub


Christin Massage It’s on Rat-u-thid Road not far from the corner of Soi Bangla (where Rock Hard and Chicago’s are). It is just a bit south of the corner on the west (sea) side of the street. Best time to visit a massage parlour is during dinner time, when everybody eats. Advantage: not many people are there and the chance that you will find a stunning girl is somewhat high!
For a 60-90 minute massage the cost will be about 1200 Baht. Then a 300-500 Baht tip for her separately. So, total cost will be 1500 Baht. Superstars can cost up to 2500 Baht. Of course, the chance to find a beautiful woman is much higher than in a beer bar. The quality of the girls in Christin’s can sometimes reach soapies in BKK! Sabailand “Christin’s” opens in the morning already and closes 11:00 p.m. Couples are welcome! . It’s a massage parlor of the luxurious kind. The rooms are clean and spacious, the carpets soft, and the bathing rooms are covered with glamorous black marble. It’s well worth a visit but it’s relatively expensive. The ladies are beautiful. Feel like a porn star, visit Christin’s!

A1 Su’s Traditional Thai Massage
BG Thai Massage
Boo’s Original Thai Massage
Boo’s Original Thai Massage 2
Grand Plaza Massage Parlors
Green Leaf Thai Massage
Harbour Massage, The
Hutavat Thai Massage
Leisure Corner Massage
Madam Massage
Patong Original Thai Massage
Thavorn Grand Thai Massage

Dial 001 for international call followed by country code, area code and telephone number.
Country code for Thailand is 66. Area code for Phuket is 076. Area code for Bangkok is 02.


Vegetarian Festival
Song Kran-The Thai New Year

The most popular bars in Patong are the outdoor beer bars. There has to be a good fifty bars or more, all jam packed with women. Well, some of them women. You see, in many of the outdoor bars they intermix the women with what the Thais call Katoeys or “Lady-Boys” or what is known more commonly as transvestites. Some of the lady-boys undergo surgery and have their penis carved into a vagina, others just kind of wrap their dick as far as they can so it would appear as though they had none. There are many Katoeys near the beer bars in Patong. You will find them mostly just on the street or in beer bars. Best is to avoid them. They can be quite pushy. Just ignore them and walk ahead. The most popular area for the lady boys is Rock World, Andaman Queen (located about mid center on Bangla road. It has a huge sign in front, so you can’t miss it). Most of the tourists will be hanging around here the good part of the night watching the lady-boys as they flash their stuffed boobs and the occasionally pussy for the public. It’s a real carnival act, actually. If you like, you can take video or photos of the lady-boys; they are real hams for the camera and love to pose and flaunt their fake tits and pussy. If you do take some video or snap a few shots, a 100 baht ($2.50) tip will be greatly appreciated. Interestingly enough, the lady boys will be seen both at night and on the beaches walking around topless with their near perfect tits sticking straight out. Although nudity, even going topless is illegal in Thailand, the lady-boys are somewhat above the law in that they are allowed to parade in public topless. How can this be so? It’s illegal for women to appear topless in public. But the lady-boys are not women, they are men. And men are allowed to walk the streets and beaches with no top on. Another glitch in the law.

is one of the most popular areas to go during the sunset. Here tourists and local Thais come to snap photos and just enjoy the incredibly scenery as the sun sets into the ocean. If you have a date and want to swoon her with beach romance, Promthep Cape is the place to come. Get there around 5 p.m. for the sunset of a lifetime.

Promthep Cape is not easy to get to. It’s about a 20 minute ride up the tip of the mountain from Phuket town. It’s probably best to go with a tour group or hire a tuk tuk driver to take you for the first time. The ride is both mountainous and windy. Use caution if you ride a motorbike.

Most of the girls you will meet in Phuket town are not hookers. What that basically means is
a)You can date them, even if they’re 19 or 50.
b)You can screw them…if you don’t mind first getting married.

Phuket is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand for Europeans. The most popular beach resort, Patong Beach, has just about everything a tourist could ask for; great shopping, a very scenic and clean beach, (great for sunbathing, para-sailing, jet skiing, swimming, diving, etc.
It is recommended to bring a girl you have met in Bangkok or Pattaya beach due to the high prices and the shortage of really beautiful women there.

Phuket is located in the southern part of Thailand. It’s a mere one hour flight out of Bangkok (Thai airlines has daily flights). The most popular beach resort in Phuket is Patong beach (about a 40 minute taxi ride from Phuket International airport). That’s where you want to go IF nightlife and girl chasing is what you’re after. If you have come to Phuket with a girlfriend and you want seclusion, then Kata, Karon, Nai Harn and a host of other small beach resorts could be just what the doctored ordered.

The easiest and fastest way to Phuket is by air. Thai airlines has daily flights, on the hour, for around $100 round trip. It’s and hour and five minute flight from Bangkok domestic airport to Phuket airport. If you are coming to phuket from Bangkok, I highly recommend you fly. It’s the only way to go! You can book a flight from any travel agency or in Bangkok go to the NANA Hotel lobby and the tours booth will book you a flight. (Visa and Master card accepted) I suggest you book a flight early in the morning to give you time to settle into your hotel in Phuket and then hit the beach for some sun and fun.

The Islander
off Soi Bangla. This pub if it can so be called, also has another branch in Samui. They are both excellent, when needing some English food (! no laughing please !). We especially recommend the New Zealand Roast Lamb, which is served as the special on Sundays, lots of meat and some vegetables and gravy. Mmm. The apple pie is excellent as well. They also have televisions to feature all the live sports events.

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