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This is the story of my first trip to Thailand. I got a lot of great information on from this site and thought I would contribute and tell my story. There is little info in this story that cannot be found in more depth in other parts of this site. In researching Thailand (and I researched it a lot for 6.5 months) I enjoyed all the info and also found that I enjoyed people’s first trips and their details. I also enjoyed the posts where you got to know the writer. There’s little real information here other than a poorly written story, but I will try to relay as much as possible. Note, I do not have a home computer and thus this thread may take a few weeks to finish the entire trip, but I promise I will.

The story really starts several years ago thru dating a married Thai woman and also two diff friends going to Thailand on diff trips for a month each. Even at that time it did not really hit me (and truth be told, i kind of knew about Thailand in the late 70’s). Even with being told to your face about Thailand’s wonderfulness it never really sinks in till one gets there! This I was told time and again and lived thru it and believe it. It did not sink in till actually going! With that said, if you have not been to Thailand and are reading this post (and have thus found DH) you are 99% of the way to Thailand! Jing-Jing Mawk! (Really, for sure). The only thing really that you need to do is buy a plane ticket and you should drop everything and do this. These pages will provide an overwhelming account of Thailand and much more info then you will ever use on the first trip. Enough said, if you have not been to Thailand you need to go ASAP.

First, thanks to everyone on this site. Great website and it provided 90% of the accumulated research I had on Thailand. I saw 4-5 websites and though some have some useful info, 21 can and does supply all the info one needs. I mainly checked out the other websites to keep me busy for 6 months of anxiously awaiting my trip.

Thinking of going: I started seriously thinking of going to Thailand about a year ago. I have been on trips around the world but never to SE Asia. I had a list of 3-4 countries I thought of seeing and in researching, Thailand kept moving up the list and soon there wasn’t even a second choice!

Deciding to go: 6+ mos before going I made the decision that I would go here. I had not even heard of 21 at that time but knew a little about the girls in Thailand and, was also greatly interested (more of this will come out in future posts) in Thailand in general, both the country and the people. Thus, while i always want girls to be a big part of a trip, in the case of Thailand, girls weren’t the only motivation. actually, I did not find out about 21 until 3-4 weeks into my research and really just stumbled on to 21 (of the people I met that knew about Thailand and had been and go to Thailand, none knew of 21, and they didn’t have as much detail to share either, though everyone accurately relayed the greatness of a trip here). So I got pretty lucky in finding 21 as no one put me onto to this site. I have told many people since.

Me: I always enjoyed when I got to know who was supplying info and some people tell you a little bit about themselves to help with a perspective of what you are reading. I am 45 yrs old, very average looking, in business and so most 25 yr old American girls may say that I am a bit on the conservative side and sometimes even boring. There are times when I would probably not disagree with that assessment (though the future info will show that a 25 yr old Thai girl does not hold that opinion – and probably for a few very Thai reasons). I am average height and weight and regularly compete in an individual sport so perhaps i am in decent shape (for my age). But for the most part i am average; I don’t have the amt of hair i had 10 yrs ago, the stamina, etc.

I started reading forums and travel guides and taking notes in a spiral notebook. it had a little rough organization and I just kept adding notes whenever i read something I thought maybe useful. I decided on three places initially: BKK, Pattaya and somewhere in Isaan in NE Thailand. Now, after coming back i very much agree with organizing a trip around just Pattaya and BKK. I did give serious consideration up to the end of going to Isaan and I had made a choice of Khon Kaen (of which there is a thread and a little info). This I still want to do on a future trip.

In addition to the above I put the word out to everyone i knew that i wanted to meet Thai people and people who have been to Thailand. This paid off well for me as in 6 months I was able to meet and discuss with over 12 people. One situation in particular was a friend of mine who had an acquaintance that regularly went to Thailand and knew of 5 other guys that regularly went to Thailand and they all got together once a year to share stories over a dinner. My friend got me invited to this annual dinner. I live in LA and the dinner was at a Thai restaurant in Hollywood. I had already researched 21 pretty good so I had questions to ask that were a little beyond the first stage. The dinner was great and in addition there were 5 waitresses, one I would say was maybe an 8, three were in the 7’s and one was about a 7. All were cute and the 8 was hot with her low cut pants and belly shirt. The rest was noisy and I ended up talking to three of the guys most the night and with my buddy listening in over my shoulder as he knew I would have good questions to ask after studying 21. One of the guys said, “you think the waitresses are hot?”
‘Sure,” “no, really, do you think they are hot?”

Jing-Jing! (Really) “Well the average girl in BKK is a notch above these girls.” that I had to see and I will continue this thought later at a more appropriate place. i came away with little real info that I did not already know from DH but a lot more enthusiastic about my trip and my buddy was now more envious than ever.

Besides the dinner i met and had dinner with two women from Thailand, a few businessmen that traveled to Thailand and then my friend came up with another interesting meeting. by luck thru work he ran into a American married to a Thai women. They lived in LA 6 months of the year and had a house outside BKK for the other 6 mos. we got an invitation to another dinner. This guy was super and he came with maps, books, phone numbers in case i needed help in BKK and a lot of advice. Why? He loved Thailand and just wanted to share it with someone interested in Thailand (as most people I met have been). He really had no other agenda. This I have seen several times as people just want to share Thailand with you.

I also got a Thai tape from the library and put it on a two cassette boom box and edited it down to 21 phrases and numbers to 10,000. This I practiced in my car on the way to work for 25 min ea morning for 5 weeks. I wanted to try and be involved in the Thai culture and learn about Thailand and the people. In addition, when I have traveled, and the country did not speak English, the local population really took notice if you tried a little bit of their language. It is really a good icebreaker. Also, by starting a meeting on the premise of practicing your Thai you get an idea of how amicable the person is to you. this paid off well for me and one of the first things i will do now that I am home is to seek out a formal Thai language class.

Budget: at 6 months out, for a two week vacation, i decided on an initial budget of 2100. Two months before leaving I revised the budget to 2600 and two weeks before leaving I revised again to 3050. I spent $2283 and will give an account of this later.

Airlines: i came down to Thai Airways, Northwest and EVA (which I had never heard of). Northwest quickly fell off the list. The number one choice was always Thai airways as I would have Thai stewardesses to practice speaking to and basically wanted to be involved in the Thai culture as soon as possible. After talking to several people Eva and Thai air were the choices of those that I spoke to. Most of the businessmen flew EVA for a few good reasons and I will probably try them next time. a big element of my decision was departure times and Thai airways satisfied this very well. I also had tried to go thru a Thai travel agent. a $757 Thai airways ticket could be had thru the agent for 635. The key was that you were put on a wait list and there was no telling when you may get the ticket. After a couple of days I decided against this and Thai airways had the best rate on their own plans (Thai airway was 757 and the internet low cost tickets for same flight were 800+). in addition i got a great rep on the phone and she handpicked my seat 68K and it was a great choice for a lone traveler and I will always request this seat on a 747 when traveling by myself.

GOING ALONE: as I was very interested in Thailand and had many things I wanted to do or see (and i was also trying to gain a perspective of Thailand for an extended visit next year) I decided to not go with my friends but by myself. This was my trip, it was special to me and I did not want to have to compromise on what I really wanted to do. If I met a special girl and wanted to hang with her for awhile I would not be able to do this with a buddy. I have had many trips with friends and they have been a blast but for me this was not the time. In addition, I have traveled on a couple of other big trips solo before and you get a better chance to meet people with your same interest while being obligated to nobody. On this trip I also met and gained new friends and would travel alone if I was to do this all over again.

Internet Girls: I hit the internet pretty hard. Not a whole lot to speak of really. I was on one of the bigger ones and they showed a total female subscription of only 600 women for all of Thailand (and many of these were old ads that they left up but really showed last response dates of a couple of years old). This is great for entertainment value but not really that productive though I did end up with two girls that I liked. The problem is that you get to know them; they know you are going to be in Thailand and before you get to Thailand you are already tied up and committed. This is kind of silly in a place that is wall to wall women and they really want to meet you. (I have a friend in Thailand and the week before I was to leave he started emailing me on places we would be going. that was great but I had things I needed to do and I told him that I would try to hook up with him but that I was there to ‘chase girls’ and I wasn’t sure of when and where I would be or my availability. at the comment of “chase girls,” he gave one of the best pieces of advise I received prior to my trip! “Hyenas, you don’t chase girls in Thailand they chase you!” this turned out to be true as it was very easy to meet regular girls and I will tell more about this later. If I was going to be in Thailand for an extended period I would definitely have a cell phone as my friend suggested so that i would have a phone number to give girls. this i will do next time!!

My first trip abroad? I have done the standard European vacations, a couple of wine tours of France, a vacation to Oktoberfest in Munich, your basic Canada, US and Mexico trips, many marlin and big tuna trips, also a couple of trips sailing small boats across the pacific and a trip sailing thru the south pacific. Truth is told though I am not much into being a tourist and usually I go somewhere because of a special interest or activity. Being a casual tourist who likes to ‘travel’ probably would not describe me. If I am to invest the time and money for a really good trip I expect to come back and think it was well worth it and I’d be able to give it a grade of “A.” It is how i saw the possibilities for Thailand and I did the homework to help insure this. (Marathon, I would love to run a marathon in HK. one of my best memories is from being in the LA marathon training class). If I was in the “neighborhood” I too would just pop over somewhere to ck it out.

In addition, my preparation was not really for the sake of preparation. One can easily gleam from this forum all they need for a first trip to Thailand in less than two weeks. When I decided to “go” last march I could have easily gone right then. My rational was that it was quite possible that I would love Thailand and would thus have to wait a full year for my second trip. That year of waiting would seem impossible. Thus I settled for 6.5 months out at the end of October. I rationalized that the 6.5 months of anticipation would be easier to swallow than going and knowing what REALLY was over there and then, having to wait 12 months to do it again. Now, I can literally go in 3 months (but will most likely move to Thailand in 6-12 months). Thus, the veil of preparation really was an outlet for my anxiety and little else.

Packing: easily the most useful thing i took to Thailand was a pair of cargo pocket shorts. I wore them 90% of the time. They were the expensive kind ($52) from the surf shops but well worth it! Astroglide, NEVER leave home without it! Copious amounts of sex wears you and the girl out and Astroglide prevents this.
Manila envelope, great for organizing what you are putting in the safety deposit boxes and especially handy when the safety deposit box does NOT have a “box.” use the one with the string that closes the flap as the metal clips quickly break. Also, next time i will take a second smaller one to put inside the larger one. It got old digging and trying to find things in the big one.

The thing I wished I would of taken were lamb skin condoms. At the last minute I was cheap and balked at the price of $3 ea! next time I will have them. I was advised by a regular Thai traveler to take very little. Truly, you need very little when in Thailand and most things are easily available.

Yohimbe: by prescription or mail order this has varying degrees of success with each person. it doesn’t do a lot for me but it does do something. I envy those who get big results! as it is easy to take and improves performance I was glad I had taken it with me.

Sleeping pills: I had never taken them on a plane flight but the 20 hr trip seemed daunting so the DR was more than happy to give me all I wanted.

Jet Lag: this was my downfall and its effects will be seen when I get to the actual trip. I had it bad! 5 days like the flu, no sleep for 48 hrs for two diff periods. The first 5 days at about 50-60%, 6, 7 an 8th days at about 70& and never got above 80% the entire trip. I adapted but would look forward to a trip without the severity. I did most of the common sense things correctly before leaving and so began to research jet lag as soon as i got back to LA. I have a lot more research to do but a key thing i have found is that sleeping pills can dramatically increase the severity of jet lag. I have never had jet lag do more than slow me down (once in Paris on the second day I ran through the arc de triumph and 5 mile down the Champs de). I did not like the experience this time! Next time, no sleeping pills!

Attractiveness of Thai girls:
My close friend had gone to Thailand several yrs ago and came back with great stories. he tends to call a spade a spade and I believed everything he told me. When the pictures came back a week later I could not get them out of my head! The girls were about 3’s and 4’s! I am not one that needs penthouse material but I couldn’t imagine why someone would fly half way around the world for this.

Only my opinion based on my trip: there are more cute butts per square mile in BKK than any place on this earth!!! they are everywhere and many of them want to meet you! I was at mal boon kong 4 diff times and it was always wall-to-wall with girls! Many of them will look right at you! There are many cute girls and many above average looking girls. I dug it the most!! It was very easy to get a real ‘straight” girlfriend. With that said i saw very few stunning women (I don’t count lots of makeup and big hair as stunning). I am not complaining just trying to give a useless perception.

I can only remember at least one “8” and maybe there were a couple of others but noticeably few from my way of thinking (though it doesn’t matter at all!!).

MONEY: two weeks before I left I had lunch with my stockbroker. “How are you taking money?” “TC”
“traveler’s checks are so outdated that we don’t even sell them anymore!!!” (my broker works for one of the biggest brokerages in America) “Use the ATM,” “really? Any need for concerns in other countries?” (I had only used ATM’s in the past if the TC had run out) “Many of my customers are big time travelers, all use ATM’s and i have never seen a problem.”

Thus, I used the ATM’s. To help keep me occupied for the 6.5 months I regularly checked Thailand pages . com for the baht rates.
here is how the rates were on my first day:
Thailand pages listing: 43.6
$100 TC 43.5
$100 CASH 42.66
ATM 43+ (also to consider is that ATM’s are extremely convenient, I did not have to pay for the TC or go get them or handle them in the future. **my brokerage does not charge the ATM usage fee. In the end TC and ATM was very close to the same rate of exchange as to not be a factor. I would do it again.)

FOOD: I grew up in the SW and thus have been to TJ many times. I go regularly with a group of friends and everyone, and I mean everyone, eats at the taco stands in front of Adelita’s. If one can eat there one can easily eat at the food carts in Thailand. I have a Thai friend in BKK that is an educated career business woman and I always respect her advice. i asked her about the food carts. Most Thai eat at them every day, she does. She did not see any need for concern if one uses some common sense. They’re very cheap and it is fun to watch the girls walk by. Everyone should do what they feel is correct for themselves. I myself ate at them 90% of the time, not out of reasons of budget but out of enjoyment. One night I took a girlfriend (she is at the end of the trip) to a fancy restaurant that she liked. to do this for her as she enjoyed it, I was very happy to oblige. For me personally, I would have had more fun with the street food.

Pattaya Dress Code: there is none! I will paint you a very accurate picture of what the Europeans (there were few Americans in Thailand) wear in Pattaya. go to your second hand clothes store and buy a pair of old shorts and an old t-shirt and a pair of flip flops. That’s all there is to it!

TIPPING: I knew a little about tipping in Thailand and i was still over tipping by a lot! I actually saw a falang give a girl (the tips are communal) a 100b note for a couple of beers. at the tip jar the 4 girls (waitresses) present weren’t excited, they were laughing at him. an American (that lives in Thailand) I met in Pattaya and have become good friends with gave me my first lesson; “you tip them NOT to pay for the service but to recognize their effort.” thus he meant you give something but very little. My girlfriend at end of the trip provided even more input. When with her I would give her a wad of cash and watch her negotiate or pay or whatever out of interest and for the sake of entertainment value. Even for a dinner of 8-9$ she would only tip a 10B coin ($0.25)! Once the dinner was $8 and she left nothing! Why? “We don’t have any coins (though we had plenty of 20b bills) and so. How can we tip?

Though coming back the jet lag was mild I have been in a funk for the last 10 days. I now have a straight girlfriend that i like a lot in BKK. i think about her but having a girlfriend screw me up doesn’t happen to me much so I don’t think that is the problem. More than the girlfriend, I am enamored with Thailand itself! I can’t wait to get back and it is very hard to concentrate at work ( I have a project to finish that will take 6-12 months and then I will probably be on my way for good?). I do not want to be here! So, tonight I had to figure a way to maybe break this funk. Two of my bigger passions are Jiu Jitsu and Korean massage parlors (of which you can do a search in LA about). Tonight i decided I would blow off class and hit one of my favorites. I needed to match the circumstance to the right place and girl. I came up with a decision and picked the place and a girl i have known for a while that I wouldn’t have to worry about the quality of service being assured. Both are relaxing and exciting. Boy do I feel better!

Actually, I know absolutely nothing about lamb skin. with all the sex one has in Thailand the drudgery and sensitivity of a condom becomes more apparent to the point that I was looking for a better answer (I had Trojan and comparable life styles, I thought they were a toss-up but would now definitely pick Trojan). You could easily be correct on what you say. I don’t know and would probably look into it a little bit next time. as for the Yohimbe, I had a doctor do prescription for Ciprobay and sleeping pills and easily got the Yohimbe from him on prescription also. I too would be on the careful side when traveling abroad but as i had prescriptions i felt comfortable and never saw anything to give me concern about the authorities.

Touchy-feely – I was amazed at how much the girls in Pattaya physically play around with each other and you. They seemed to be regularly poking, pinching and touching each other. Many times I would see one girl sitting in another girl’s lap with their arms around each other. Several times I saw them playfully grab each other’s breast and a couple of times put their hand between another girls legs. This was never intended for my benefit and they just seemed to be happy and enjoying themselves. I liked it! One time a girl actually bit another girl on the upper part of her arm. Not a play bite, a real bite. After it was over everyone was laughing including the girl who had been bitten. it was a pretty hard bite as the teeth marks were there two days later and no one was ever complaining. (I don’t see this in California) i found a beer bar in Pattaya that I was comfortable with and had fun at and one girl, for a whole week, kept repeatedly trying to break my ribs by sneaking up on me and punching me in the side. I dug it the most! Afterwards she just kept laughing.

Kissing – one of my passions is kissing and I knew this since I was young. I could easily take a girl I was attracted to and do nothing but kiss all night (well, ok, maybe that is not quite accurate but it does make the point). so, I was interested to read what I could about kissing (various input about the girls kissing in Thailand ran at about 50%). the culture is one that perhaps does not lean towards kissing. so, anyway, kissing was kind of important to me and sex without kissing would be OK but not fulfilling.

Results – out of the girls I was with only two did NOT kiss (and one i think was ready to kiss if I wanted her a second time)! But that is not the interesting point. i very much enjoy good kissing. In the 17 days I was in Thailand I had more good to excellent kissing than maybe I have had in the last 5 years! Needless to say I was excited by this.

Pattaya vs. BKK – a friend recommended only 3 days in BKK and I would have my fill of it. That is not bad advice and though I live in a big city i really do not prefer the big city (it has its affect of people). But with that said, I liked BKK and while I probably would not live there indefinitely I will surely live there first. If you are looking for a straight girlfriend the girls of BKK may perhaps have more education and (according to those I have sought advice from) that may be one of the keys in a successful relationship there. BKK was smaller than I thought it was. It was easy to get around and I found it interesting (though not as obviously friendly as Pattaya).

Pattaya – I could easily spend two weeks there!
relaxed, comfortable, friendly, lots and lots of girls, easy to get around, cheap, very cheap. Many things going for it. If a friend asked me for advice on an itinerary I would probably tell him to start with three days in BKK, go to Pattaya and play it by ear.

How much?( for the girl) – after awhile i was definitely leaning in favor of establishing the amount to be paid ahead of time. After another trip i may have a different opinion.

AVG ST rate – $500 (always!) in Pattaya, BKK $500-$1000 (only one girl at 500 and one girl at 800, though i was looking for everyone to be comfortable with the amount and a couple of times tested it as far as I thought was reasonable ( i was not going to want to maybe affect a session over $5 difference in opinion).

Thai airways departs lax at 230pm on Friday (arrives 1120pm Saturday and in time for me to have a Saturday night at NEP). I got picked in a random bomb test at lax. The girl was very friendly and easily explained how the computer worked. She was so personable that I would have asked for her phone number if I had not been on the way to Thai.

Head winds over the northern pacific and the pilot abandoned the great circle route and went up to Alaska to get around. Results? Delay of one hour and 20 min. not excited about this as it would now not put me at Nana Hotel not till almost 2am, but what the hell, I was on vacation!

Stop in Osaka, taken off the plane, carry-on baggage check and passports. Osaka girls great!!!
(Same noted on return trip). Seat k68 was great. One hour on the ground in Osaka and then to BKK. Arrived at almost one pm. immediately saw an exchange booth and changed $200 (take brand new money as mine was scrutinized very carefully, twice). Next time I would by-pass the first booth and wait till after customs as there are a few on the way out the door. Went to metered taxi kiosk, got cab, a little tired and had to deal with driver. He kept trying to negotiate; I kept saying no and couldn’t locate the damn meter! There was an electronic box on the dash that was turned off and eventually i noticed a small box in front of and at the base of the stick shift. red numbers. After a while the driver calmed downed and turned out to be personable and started helping me work on my Thai. On sukh Rd. the traffic was thick and we got passed by two Tuk Tuks full of drunken falangs racing each other. in the distance you could see “NANA” on top of the hotel. I was happy! Amount to Nana hotel on the meter, 149b, 70(?) for tolls and 50b for airport tax. Easily negotiated ride to Pattaya from nana for 1000b (though i planned on using the bus).

Nana Hotel – first I need to say that my career in the 80’s was in mgmt, opening new hotels for one of the biggest hotel/resort companies in the world. I lived in corporate and 5 star hotels for extended periods. My thoughts? Bid deal! Give me a quiet, small, personable, clean and reasonable hotel anytime.

Nana Hotel – I have read the bad and good about nana and was prepared for whatever came about. I had been in touch by emails with a single person at nana and had made a reservation and noted the lateness of my flight on a Saturday night. “Would you like my cc to hold the room?” “Not necessary.”
I wanted a quiet room towards the top and was told they would surely try and accommodate my wishes.

Walked into the Nana Hotel. First impression was that it was very decent. Went to the front desk and told the clerk who I was. He opened a folder in front of him and there were my emails! They had already assigned the room and in 5 min I was at the elevator being smiled at by a girl standing at the stairs. The thought the room very decent and gained a better impression of the Nana hotel then I thought I would have. 10 min later I was showered and ready to partake! Went down and talked to the girl on the stairs for a couple of min. she asked me to go to her place. Going to the home of a prostitute of whom I do not know is usually something I do not do. I passed on her invitation and went for a quick peek into angle’s before closing in a few minutes.

sorry, more later.

Nana Hotel
1. White, 2. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu not Japan., 3. The Osaka girls were interesting but what made them more interesting was the contrast between them and the Thai flight attendant girls on my plane. big difference. There were several in the airport I wanted to pin up against a wall and they were warm and friendly and considerate and full of life.

Troy – thank you

Phone rings at 5am today! I must be half asleep as i immediately here it and my first thought is it could only be my mother or my Thai girlfriend! I let the machine pickup the call and after the recording I hear load music (the kind always playing in BKK) in the background. It is Jum.

j- “Tilac, call me” (her cell phone does not have an account for outside of Thailand and so she has borrowed a friend’s phone to call.)

At this time I should probably take a minute to introduce the reader to Jum though a lot of detail will come up towards the end of the trip. I met her at breakfast one morning and almost immediately noted something different about her. I wasn’t about to take a straight girlfriend for the sake of just having a girlfriend but if a special one comes along then I probably would not pass up the opportunity.

Without being lengthy I will give a quick description of her. She is attractive, 26 yrs old, but in particular she has a great butt that I cannot get enough of and that she now says belongs to me, it is my butt! She is both fun and funny and is like this almost 24 hours a day and is the leader and motivator of her group of friends. Very positive attitude and she shows good signs of personal responsibility and a good grasp of consideration. something clicked almost immediately when I met her and that being the case I took it slow with her as to not make any mistakes, and it paid off!! She is easily in my top ten of all time girls in bed (top 5 or top 3? only the future will tell) and also easily the best sex I had while in Thailand. fantastic kisser (major points), and she is one of those rare girls that looks even better without clothes (I was hugely surprised by this on the first time.) I was quickly made a part of her little world and got to know all her friends and they were all very nice to me. She and all of her friends date nothing but falangs, *mostly older ones! One of her unusual traits is you can say anything and talk about anything to her (in contrast to American women that are constantly looking for a diff meaning or motive to your words). She encourages me to say anything to her and really means it.

I call Jum back:
j – “Tilac, I miss you”
h- I miss you too honey
j- what time is it Tilac?
h – 5am
j- sorry (giggles)
h- yeah, right.
j-what are you doing? (giggles)
h – sleeping.
j – sorry (more giggles)
j- Tilac, I love you and miss you and want to come to Los Angeles (kidding).
h- pick you up at the airport tomorrow
j- Tilac, do you show all your friend’s my picture?
h- yes
j – honey, when they ask you why you have such a beautiful girlfriend tell them it is because you are a good fuck in bed! (More laughter, this girl is like this all the time and although I have little to offer back to her in funniness, one only needs to make a small contribution with her and she is happy and she will do the rest!)

The call continues on for 15 min. one of Jum’s favorite things to say is, “Tilac, I want to kill you with my pussy.” this was a very fun girl to be with, very sexual (extra hour between appointments during the day?, “honey, let’s go back to the hotel and fuck.” and has the possibility of also being a “best friend”, which is something in the last couple of years i have been thinking I want in a girlfriend. while in Thailand and even now, I tried to gather a moment of clarity and do a reality check on myself. “Hyena” I would say, “why the hell would you come to BKK on a first trip and get a serious girlfriend??” “You are planning on moving here in a year and have the world as your oyster. a serious girlfriend in Thailand is not a good thing!” however, with that said, I do a mental checklist of what this girl has to offer and in many categories she is scoring in either the “very good” or “fantastic” range! I will keep her for now, not get my hopes too high, and see where this relationship goes.

 (Day One, BKK, Nana Hotel Lobby, 1:50am Saturday night)

I like the Nana Hotel. Go to Angel’s, cover chg and closing in a few min. check out the girls in the lobby and go to the parking lot. NEP across the street and I think it is smaller than I imagined. a few girls in the parking lot but up to this point I think that most are not attractive. Chaang on the sidewalk with a red flashing light tied to his tail. Too funny. Mahoot asks if I want to feed him. Interesting but i am after bigger game than an elephant tonight. The kind you eat rare.

NEP turns off lights and people flood out. I take it all in and enjoy the experience after having done all the research and having a small grasp of what is happening in front of me. After a while I go back in to the hotel to witness the flood of girls coming out of Angel’s. No stunning looking girls (not that it really matters to me) but also nothing I find too interesting. After some time in the hotel I go out to the street and stand on the steps close to Nana’s beer bar. Several girls around me but these steps give one a vantage pt overlooking the crowd. On girl in her 30’s (age is OK in my book) says hi and is polite and not pushy. Every couple of minutes she says something else (she speaks good English, which turns out to be a plus in my book while in Thailand). She lets me survey the other girls and doesn’t interrupt but available at the same time. After a while I don’t really see anything that grabs much of my attention and the one next to me, I am getting comfortable with. Her name is “Na.” she is your stereotypical skinny oriental (not my type) but she is personable and warm and i end up happy to be with her.

Na – we go to the room and as I get my key out I joke with her and ask if she is familiar with the Nana hotel? She laughs and says very familiar. I asked her what her favorite room was. She doesn’t miss a beat and looks at my door and say “hok-jet-baat.” 678 and laughs. Very personable and soon she is giving me an hour long Thai language class. I have my notebook with me with my DK notes and in the back I have a section on the words I have learned. She improves my pronunciations and corrects words that are really not used in BKK. it was very comfortable. afterwards, my head is swimming with too much information on Thai language and so she tells me about her life and the realities of life in both Thailand and BKK (while one of my priorities in Thailand is the girls the reader may remember that also a big priority to me on this trip was to gain a perspective of Thailand). I enjoy this conversation very much and she is a good introduction to BKK for me.

being in her 30’s I feel I have more of a chance to find a girl that loves sex (this is something very important to me as I am into “vicarious sex” and love to see a girl get excited). After telling me about her life she says something like, “ab naam duey cee?” (Roughly, “come and take a shower together”) my first girl in BKK and I am shortly in the shower with her. She is a good kisser and attentive. As I like vicarious sex in bed I start off doing all the work and also try to get a girl to relax and be comfortable (thus improving my odds on her enjoying herself, more details on this approach later in the trip). She climaxes 4 times in my mouth but that is not the remarkable thing. When this girl has an orgasm she grinds her teeth so hard together i truly thought they would chip! I dug it the most! She climaxes one more time when I FS her and all in all it was a very good time over about 2.5 hours. I ask her how much she wanted and she says 1000. Really?  I say (trying to see what I can learn in this negotiation). She goes into an explanation (I only found one 500b girl in BKK) and I had had a great time with her and easily gave her what she asked for. (in hindsight one could probably negotiate her down to 800 but I doubt lower. this I do not try to do at the beginning as I, in general, do not want to risk screwing up the quality of a session to come over $5).

5am and I shower again and being on adrenaline hoof it to sukh and do some walking. I turned left instead of right (towards the action) but pass a few food carts and some ladies that have that fresh fucked look on their faces and are eating. Several are cute but are also very young and seem to have the attitude that can come with a 19 yr old girl. there are a couple of girls I have some interest in (but agree with the site in that you should look for girls that are into you) but I don’t get enough of the response I am looking for. (if she is not excited about going with you, what are the odds of her being excited in bed?)

I walk further down sukh and after a while notice very little traffic and cross the road and head back in the right direction. I soon pass Soi nana (and though I have a map of the area in my head it is all new to me and I am trying to get my bearings, though I do know where I am). i didn’t realize it at the time but I was headed for one of the better freelancer areas in sukh (sukh and Soi 5 – 18?). Food carts, tables to sit at, girls hanging out. i take it all in. close to the ped bridge a girl smiles and says hello. She is not bad and after a little bit asks me to take her with me. How much? “500”, “ok, but I want a minimum of 3 hours!” “That’s fine” (this 3 hour rule turned out to work well for me in this trip. though i may pay their asking price i wanted to be assured of having plenty of time the first go around and also, the second if i chose to have it.)

Her name in Lek and she is 28 yrs old. face ok but when she takes off her clothes i am happy and she has some nice curves and the shapely butt i like. I call the front desk and room service sends up a new towel in two min (something I will have to talk about later in this story). She is a good kisser and generally good in bed. She gets pretty excited and it continues for a long time. She is one of those girls that stays excited and I have a hard time figuring out when and where or if the orgasm is coming. At one point I ask her and between scream she says I will have to figure it out on my own! How rude!

One thing I love (and learned many years ago from the Koreans) is sticking my tongue up a girl’s ass. Lek had the perfect ass for this and she enjoys it (I always get a kick out of the girl’s reaction to this). After a lot of sex I am lying next to her and ask her if she likes to do oral on a guy. “Not really but i will do it for you.” I am pretty happy at this point and it wasn’t necessary so I tell her I don’t want her to do something that she doesn’t enjoy. She say it is ok and will do it. It is soon obvious that while she may say she doesn’t like BJ she is the kind of girl that enjoys doing it, just not with everybody. She is really pretty good at this and I am now happier than I was 5 min earlier! We have some sessions of 69’s and this she loves a lot (though she loved everything about sex). While she is on top (one of my favorite positions, being on the bottom of a 69) she continues to give a good bj and be excited at the same time. 5 min later, unsolicited, she is sticking her tongue up my ass! This girl is pretty good.

time flies by and I get to talk to her (she speaks decent English) and learn about her life and Thailand (it is obvious she is starting to like me but her behavior is not overwhelming. I am aware of it but never feel suffocated by her affections, though it is not going to go as she would like it to go). I ask her about her “job” says she can make more in one 500b ST a week than working fulltime. Many men? Sometimes 2-3 week and sometimes none. If she gets one she says she feels she had a decent week. 500b, ever go lower? “no, even if I have no one for 2-3 weeks I still would not accept 400 or 300” how much do most men pay? Sometimes 500 but sometimes 1000 or even 1500 for ST.

I take her to breakfast in the hotel. Nice restaurant, good service and very mediocre buffet. Get to look at the girls who slept here and above average looking girls but nothing stunning. One I mistaken initially as the guy’s girlfriend’s daughter (appearance of 14?)! She was not the daughter but the “girlfriend”!

my plan was to go to Pattaya first and thus this Sunday morning I intend to go to Ektami bus station and follow this sites suggestion and catch the 10am (1040 I think) to Pattaya. I pack and check out of Nana (my first and probably last night ever in Nana but I liked the hotel (1070b/night) and could easily recommend it for whoring – as I would also be in Thailand to hopefully meet straight girls my strategy would definitely have to NOT include the Nana and the stigma it would attach to me by staying there). Lek is still me with (still on the 500b) and her affections are growing but easily managed. She is heading east also and so she wants to go to the bus station with me. She is in no way a pain and I say yes. I am happy at this point but running on nervous energy and adrenaline and not thinking at 100% and I will soon make my first DH mistake. We walk to the street and I tell her to talk to the taxi driver. They talk in Thai and she walks turns and walks past me towards sukh. She says I might not want the taxi and maybe take the bus. I ask how much? 20B, 20B? Get in the taxi. Taxi driver speaks good English and very nice but when i get to Ektami i get surprised in that the taxi is not 20b but 200b (she had meant 20b for the bus and with my brain not firing on all cylinders i missed her point). Ok, can’t get excited over making a mistake on May $1.25. Chalk it up to experience and think I got off easy for the lesson! (actually I had correct notes on the procedure for going to Ektami but with so many notes this detail escaped my tired brain, though I knew better than to get into a non-meter taxi! the procedure can be done in three fashions, city bus, metered taxi or sky train. to simplify it the metered taxi is simplest and very cheap, but, one has to have the presence of mind to walk across sukh! this i did not possess.)

Ektami bus station – 90b for one way ticket (one hour and forty min, highly recommend, not as quick as a taxi, though not very long either, and good ride and interesting, I try and do as the locals do as much as possible). Lek offers to go with me (don’t think so) and after I get the ticket we sit down to wait for 20 min.

Bus ready to leave and she gives me a phone number of a friend with whom I could leave a message in the future if I wanted. (She was affectionate while sitting and waiting for the bus and I asked her about this display of affection in public? “It is ok in Thailand as you are falang, it would not be ok if you were a Thai man but Thai people allow falang this behavior.”)
The bus is a little cramped but i never thought it uncomfortable and enjoyed both trips I had on this bus.


Side note:
MAPS – in my research I could not find a map I was comfortable with. Searched the internet and located “groovy maps.” $5 each and bought Pattaya and BKK. nice map and I liked it and made many notes on the map itself (thought, if one wants to also date straight girls it may be a good idea to have two maps that are the same, one for whoring and one for when your straight girlfriend wants to see the map! it almost got me trouble as my map had copious amounts of whoring notes written all over it.)

Pattaya here I come:
Bus to Pattaya was quick, easy and pleasant. People talk about how cramped it is. It’s not as big as an American bus inside but I did not find it uncomfortable. You are assigned a seat, like on an airplane, yet the seats do not show the numbers and you have to look for the handwritten number somewhere. Very shortly it seems I am at the bus station for Pattaya. I have been reviewing my notes on most of the ride over and am now at the point of trying to follow the sites recommendations for picking up a blue truck across the street. It starts to pour like a MF and I bypass the trucks parked at the bus station, per the sites instructions I stand in front of the pharmacy, out of the rain for a while trying to figure out the instructions. I am a little in a stupor as i have had little sleep and probably the start of the bad jet lag I have coming. After a while i was not comfortable with the instructions and by this time the trucks waiting for the bus have now left. i flag down a truck on the street as I am too tired to deal with this anymore and probably overpay at the rate of 60b ($1.50)to get to the hotel.

Pattaya Hotels:
from my search I have several hotels in my notes and they are prioritized. My first two are tied for first place, flipper house Soi 7 and Eastiny place on Soi 8 near 2nd. I start w/ flipper. Walk in and get handed off thru three desk clerks. I end up with what was probably the supervisor and things are a little confused behind the desk. She offers 880B (which i knew was high)and offers to show me the room. Where’s the room, what choices do I have and let’s also look at a second room also? No, only one room, location, over the bar! Bar? “It is only noisy till 2 or 230am” not a good first impression and i am ready to see the next on my list, about 100 yards away.

Eastiny Place on Soi 8 close to 2nd rd has the same high recommendations on the internet as flipper does. new hotel and nice setting with great personable and responsive staff. Walk in rate of 750 before negotiation and/ or long term discount. it immediately makes an impression on me!!!

(a valuable note to the reader. in doing my research one comes across rates on the internet that are substantially higher than a walk-in rate! why? go figure! even emails to the hotels about a rate other than what is posted on the website only brings back a reply that what is on the website is the only rate. NOT TRUE! i found this at a few hotels. The internet rate was frequently 200-300B higher than a walking un-negotiated rate. When leaving Pattaya the now familiar desk clerks advised I make a reservation on the internet from LA when I plan my next trip. Why, can I get the better rate? “No, it just makes sure you have a room, you still have to pay the internet rate.”
To debate the issue with her would have served no point. Thus, my entire trip the only res i had with a hotel was the nana on the first night (as it was a Saturday and at 2am). )

Eastiny Place cont’d
nice hotel, quiet and good location. Most people rate this hotel at close to a 9. I could easily give this place a 9 after staying one week! The one drawback most people do talk about is that as you are in the middle of the action you are prone to have girl problems! On reading this probably you, and definitely I, would think it is comical. Yet, most people are serious in their discussions of the location being so close that it does and can cause problems from the girls.
I totally agree with everyone else’s opinion on the matter. i myself did not actually have a problem but the location probably affected my stay in Pattaya.

One of the little, inconsequential things about the Eastiny that i loved was their security guard. I only saw him at night, he always had a uniform on and a beret cap. he never said a word to me but always went out of his way to recognize me. For example, at 3am I would be walking up the driveway and not see anyone around. You would hear the click of heels and behind a column the guard would be standing at attention and saluting you! Too funny. He did this many times and if he were talking to friends or was up the road he would hustle back to position and click his heels and salute me as i walked into the hotel. i dug it the most.

Sunday afternoon and I have been in Thailand for less than 12 hours:

Immediately hit the streets and the beer bars. being tired and my priority on this trip was girls and not drinking so I drank naam tonic throughout Pattaya. After a couple of hours, for some reason i sat at a beer bar on Soi 7. not sure why as not much here. there was an American from Texas sitting there and I would get to know him and see him again. Playing games with him was a very decent girl with long brown hair, naturally curly and these brown eyes that were sexy as hell and she knew how to use them. Being new to the scene i did not want to worm in on his action and besides I was happy to observe and take everything in. I wasn’t in a hurry for anything and enjoying myself a lot at this time.

After an hour it became apparent she was just playing the games with him and it did not appear he was interested in her. He and I did a lot of talking and another hour flew by. After two hours and glances here and there at her I started to look a little more. She had returned my glances and there was some mild flirtation going back and forth. These eyes were great and she knew how to do the little things without overdoing anything. I was having fun with just the nonverbal flirtations. The flirting cont’d and increased and a long time of flirting I looked at Ying, gave her a slight nod towards the street and she gave a slight nod back in acceptance. 5 min later I had paid the waitress the bar fine and by the time I was on the street she was meeting me coming from around the corner. She had a great body and decent in bed but a little lacking in warmth or feelings. Ying was 35 yrs old! I would never had guessed, she was pretty sexy. She had not had baby and had a nice figure with a cute butt to match. Nothing fantastic happened but for 500b it was worth it.

Sunday night:
with little sleep and jet lag starting to take hold I decided since i was new to Thailand that i would concentrate on the beer bars and getting to know them first. one American i later met asked me if this whole thing was overwhelming? That was the perfect term for what i was experiencing, Thailand was a bit overwhelming on my first trip.

I understood the layout of Pattaya and did a lot of walking. Sunday night on a side street I ran into one Thai going after another Thai with a 2 foot section of pipe! I hit the beer bars on beach rd and then made my way towards walking street. Walking along the beach i came across a drunken Thai walking around with a machete. 100 feet later a cop was standing on the sidewalk and so I informed him of the machete. He didn’t really care.

Walking street: fun, loud, go-go girls dancing outside on the steps leading up to the entrance. Not ready for go-go yet. I wanted to learn more about the beer bars. Farther down walking street I sat down to watch the World Series that was on the TV. If one had to describe a Pattaya beer bar I thought a good description would be to note it as being in your own living room with people ready to wait hand and foot on you and having several girls surrounding you that are ready to go to bed with you. In a nutshell, it is very comfortable! i did this for most of the evening and had my introduction to the all time bar game, connect-4.

At 2am, after several beer bars, I went down walking street towards Soi 8. I will feely admit to the reader that when people talk about the bars closing at 2am i thought they meant all the bars. i was wrong and pleasantly surprised as many of the beer bars remain open 24 hrs a day. There are even beer bars with varying happy hour times. Some happy hours are at 7am and Singha is maybe $0.85!!!

Halfway to Soi 8 on beach rd there is a large bank of beer bars. The replay of the World Series was on again and it was now close to 3am. The girls were nice but unremarkable. i enjoy the simple things in life and near me was a girl taking 6 inch squares of cotton cloth and hand stitching them together to make bar towels! I showed interest and was soon recruited to help her. My first task was to thread a Thai needle! Not easy! Somehow i accomplished this and then was shown a couple of simple knots that i did not know from my sail mending experiences. Needless to say the girls thought it was funny that i showed an interest. There was one other guy at the bar and a girl talking to him that had her back to me. When she eventually turned around I was pleasantly surprised and soon spent over two hours talking to Noi. This girl was cute and easily one of the three all around cute girls I saw in a week in Pattaya. Great smile, long curly hair, cute figure, good butt and cute. She was 32 and no baby and good girlfriend material. I got to hear her life story. With the demise of the Thai economy a few years ago she lost her Thai job in Taiwan. There were ten brothers and sisters and all with normal lives and said her parents had no idea what she really did for a living. as I talked to her for a long time and got to know her i felt comfortable asking her many questions. i asked about frequency of dates, how many does she average in a week? “A week? I can easily go a month without a date and even go two months without a date!” what about in January -March when it is busy? “There are so many girls here that I really don’t get bar fined much more in the busy months then in the slower months!” interesting!

As the sun started to come up we went back to my hotel.
(I will continue with Noi in the next post)

Pattaya. There were two things I immediately noticed about Pattaya. First, there were lots and lots and lots and lots of girls! The second thing i noticed is that there really were lots of girls! (there were also few guys and the ratio was easily 30:1 and better! with that said, there is also many unattractive girls. this is not that big a deal as you can surely find something and the looking around is a hell of a lot of fun. the girls are very friendly and sweet and there is a big difference between the friendliness of the Pattaya girls and the BKK girls. the Pattaya girls are very simple, probably little education but are down to earth, sweet, fun and love to laugh at even the simple things. one could easily spend a two week vacation here!

I suggest if you travel to Thailand that you bring a big empty suitcase. The clothes you wear on the plane are all you need. My point is that Bangkok is a huge market place of shops, stands and stores where clothing is dirt cheap. Pants and shorts run from $4 -$10 a pair, socks and underwear are $.25 to $1.00 and shirts are $2 to $10. All the big brands and all the accessories like belts, hats etc. are also cheap. You can buy your entire wardrobe at a fraction of the cost. Since it was so humid all the time I rarely wore socks and besides you’ll stink when your feet are wet. Sandals worked best. So don’t make the mistake I made, pack light and the less you bring the better. Plan on buying all your clothes. There is nothing you can’t buy and they even have custom tailors on every corner who will make your clothes for you. I saw one that offered a custom suit, extra shirt and tie for $50. You pick the fabric and style; they measure you and make it in a few hours. If you’re serious about shopping go directly to the major clothing areas where all the Thai’s shop. My Thai honey took me on a tour of all the best places. I felt like a fool arriving with a suitcase filled with clothes. Many of the best shopping places can also be found here on the discussion forum. On second thought don’t bring a suitcase; you can buy a new one for $20 and not a cheap one either.

Yeah – my waitress friend said it had closed and she was trying to find work in Nana instead. She’s been emailing me ever since I came back, and growing increasingly more “I miss you, I love” ever since. When I was there I never insinuated as such, just that it was nice to talk to someone and not try to put the make on them. Unfortunately, since I never picked anyone up from the place she was working in, she might have the wrong idea about me.

I think in retrospect I would have:
1. Tried to pick up more open air bar girls (I didn’t do any). I was concerned about the reliability, cleanliness, etc of girls in that kind of situation as opposed to more club-types. Are the ones who work the open-air bars generally under the same terms as the club girls (i.e., you have a mamasan to go back to if there is problems; health issues, etc?)
2. Stayed away from Cupidy – ugh
3. Gone with friendlier types and less 10+ girls. Most of the girls I picked up were 9+ or better, and their attitude stunk. They were the ones who usually complained about size issues. The ones who were friendly and enthusiastic, but not quite as good looking (but not bad – 7-8) ended up working out great.
3. Gone to Pattaya – I was only around for like 5 days, and thought I was going to have plenty to do in Bangkok, but after you see all the temples and the river and so on, it gets old.
4. If I return to Bangkok, Majestic is a great choice I’ll probably do again. One fun thing – majestic doesn’t bill itself as a sex hotel, like Nana and others do, so there is a much higher percentage of  normal travelers there. Not that its a big deal, but its easier when just hanging out in the hotel (as the other guests aren’t eyeballing you as much), but also when you bring a honey back to the hotel, the regular patrons have a look on them that can’t be beat!

I’m not sure about the #’s thing (although I’ll try when I’m there next). The next day I went to Cupidy’s, which I thought was nowhere near as good as Darlings. For one, I walked out there (long walk but I wanted to wander), and once I got within a few blocks, every guy I saw tried to hustle me – “are you lost? Looking for good massage place?” and would follow me for blocks. I had to take a very circuitous route to get there without anyone following me in. Then, once I get there, someone who appeared to be a doorman brought me in, and asked for money above what Cupidy charged – probably another scam. The girl I picked was nice, but hustled me along after the first SOG and when I asked about the soapie told me directly I was too big. Then, when all was said and done, she wanted a tip and was like half screaming about it. The only thing that saved me was I had literally brought the cash for the session, and waving my empty wallet made her shut up about it. I don’t plan on going back there again.
As for night action, I probably had a lot less than some folks. I did spend a lot of time sightseeing and to be honest this was my first trip abroad alone so I was pretty timid cruising around. I think next time I won’t have the same problems. I think that if you are a bit shy, that going with the group tour would be a better way to go the first time. Live and learn.

Generally, I listened to a few guys advice and stuck to the clubs like Soi Cowboy’s for picking up girls, hopefully so I could see what I was getting before I got home. The first night I was in Apache. It’s a neat experience to have like 3-4 girls all plastered against you for the price of a couple of drinks, all groping and feeling you up. Apache itself though was dirty, dark, and seedy.

A few times they were getting ready to give me a hand job in the bar, which I wasn’t into. I picked one girl and off to Majestic we went! When we got there and the clerk asked for ID, I think I blushed a lot (first time) and the clerk was giggling at my obvious naiveté. Sadly, when I got the girl upstairs and undressed her body under clothes was not so great. So we got to it anyway, which brings up my second complaint: the “other” size issue.

The girl started complaining I was too big. Now I admit I’m big down there – it’s built like me, stocky and pretty hefty, but not porn-star huge. Big enough to get comments. And I always take my time, use foreplay, etc (had to with a frigid wife). So after a half hour of “ow’s” and me doing stuff to loosen her up and so forth I called it quits and just had a bj. She seemed apologetic. I paid on the low side, which she wasn’t too happy about.

The next day (after my breakfast treat at Lolita’s) I went for more sightseeing. Definitely be careful with the taxis – on about half the times I took them, they made up stories to try and get me off the meter, all of which would have grossly overcharged me. Just say “thanks but use the meter” and they shut up about it. I ended up taking tuk-tuks during the day. Frankly they got around about twice as quickly as taxis, moved fast enough so it wasn’t crazy hot and were a lot more fun. I can imagine in hotter weather (it was low 90’s most of the time)

That night I went to the dollhouse on Soi Cowboy. VERY nice, the girls were all pretty hot and nearly nude. I picked up a totally hot girl from here and headed home. She wanted to eat first (which we did at a stall – I asked for whatever she was having, some kind of soup, put the same condiments in and nearly had my head ripped off by the heat!). Then back to the place. And again, the size thing. This time it was bad enough that very little happened. Afterwards, she got really mad I didn’t want to pay. So instead I paid her, got in a cab (the one behind hers actually) and went right back to the Dollhouse to complain. Short story, I got my money back (thank you mamasan) and she got her ass yelled at from the mamasan until she started crying. At this point I was too pissed to want to deal with this again, so after another trip through Lolita’s I headed home.

On the second day, I got another question answered – whether Majestic was girl friendly (which of course I believed it was, from the board’s description). I had the complimentary breakfast and watched the parade of girls coming down the stairs and elevators in the morning to pick up their id cards greeting the counter help with smiles and the same in return – so I guess they didn’t mind.

Fist time traveler note – the breakfast was tasty but small. In fact, most of the time when I ordered food (with the exception of the one western rib place I went to), the portions were small. This is normal in Asia (at least I remember such from Japan) so don’t let it throw you. If you are a big eater, just enjoy eating multiple meals and trying different things.

Also, it was suggested to avoid drinking the water religiously and to expect bowel distress the first day or so. I was pretty good about it, asking for bottled water in restaurants and not drinking the tap water. But honestly, I had my share of food from the street vendors, including soup, and got some water in my mouth in the shower, and nothing happened to me. So maybe these reports are a bit exaggerated? Food too – I ate some pretty questionable looking things with no adverse effects, including:
1) half-cooked eggs, which seemed the standard way for cooking them. They serve these baby’s somewhere between soft and hard boiled, cut in half, all gooey. Off-putting if you aren’t used to it. Also, the yolks are bright orange (almost red!). I’ve been told that’s only due to differences in feed, and that yolks change color the world over and it has no effect on their taste, which seemed true.
2)A weird sausage from the street vendor that was really sweet – yuck.
3)Street fruit, including coconuts and pineapple. Both great.
4)Some street vendor fish, fried, on a stick – tasty.
5)Some fried bugs I got in the food court. Actually not bad. Think of them as a meaty Pringles.

On the second day I also started a nearly daily tradition of going to Asoke plaza, hitting Lolita’s, and getting an after-breakfast bj. For 600 baht it’s a great deal. I actually ended up getting the same girl each time which led to a lot of joking around by the 3rd day. She did a great job, wiped me down afterwards and was very happy to get a tip, which ensured good practice on repeat visits. I think I would have liked to bar fine her, but didn’t think of asking. Are these women usually available? Interestingly enough, while I get some size complaints from other girls, the bj bar girls didn’t say word one.

I spent the rest of the day cruising the temples (I saw 3 or 4), until the nighttime, which I’ll detail later.

I went to Thailand for my first time back in late June. Sorry for the delay! I actually left for Thailand the same week after I got divorced, so you can imagine my mindset at the time. At least a year with no sex made the decision an easy one.

I have to admit, my experiences were good, with some high and low points. I guess that’s normal for a first time trip.

I had a flight from NYC. It was a pretty cheap flight through china air, with the disadvantage of multiple stops – Anchorage, Beijing, Hong Kong. This made it nearly 24 hours in the air, so the multiple stops were actually blessings.

Upon arrival in Bangkok, I got the meter taxi to Soi 4 where I went to the Majestic Suites hotel. I had arranged the booking over the internet. For what I paid, I think I got a very nice room, albeit very small. The room was maybe 12’x10’, maybe, but it was nice, clean, and classy. My only complaint was the A/C had two positions – off and arctic, so I frequently found I was playing with the A/C. I had thought of the Nana hotel, but decided against it, and after visiting it I think I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. Nana itself seemed fine, but the bustle was crazy and at closing time at the Nana Entertainment Plaza it was so nuts…plus, I think telling some girls you were at the Nana branded you badly (cheap, maybe). In fact, none of the girls I talked to even knew of the Majestic, and most seemed to like it, even if it was small.

Anyway the first day I crashed for a few hours, went to Condoms and Cabbages for dinner, which was excellent. A word of caution – you first timers, who like hot food, be a little careful. I’m a fiery food aficionado from way back, and have eaten Thai food in the states at the hottest and loved it, but it’s no comparison with the real thing. After the first two meals where they asked me for a heat level and I nearly killed myself I learned to moderate a little.
Next door to Majestic (right next door) was a traditional massage place I went to everyday for foot massages. I forget the price but it was pretty cheap (400 baht?), and they lasted for maybe an hour. I suppose I could have been buying sex with that, but the pampering is great. Guys remember this is a great service, mondo cheap, and while here pamper yourself in every way, not just the sex. I got a couple of regular body massages too, and got offered for a release, which I declined since I wanted to save ‘em for more attractive girls. The lady giving the massage seemed surprised at that (that I declined). Lastly on the first day, I went to Darling’s massage (Soi 12). That place was great. I picked myself a very busty young lady, had the bath and the massage, two bj’s (my choice – after the last few years, it held more allure than sex) and went home smiling. The only complaint here was that they wouldn’t do a soapie (where you lie on the inflatable mat and they slide on you) because they claimed I was too big. I am a big guy – think Tony Soprano (overweight, not fat, and built large – 6’, 50” chest, muscular, etc). I found that this complaint (size) was a major hassle on this trip and came up often. So no soapie. Still, a good start to a first day.

I was just in Pattaya two weekends ago for the first time. It was great! I liked it much better than Bangkok. The beach at 4am was a little scary. I had short timed a girl out of the Living Dolls, and took a walk because I had to much hyperactivity running thru me. So I went on a little adventure. My buddy Big Dog, I could tell by the head board of his bed slamming into the wall was not having my problem at all. He picked up a gorgeous lil hunny from some place with School in the name. Her number was 31, he had seen her on their web site and went out that night to find her. He did just that! The web is a wonderful thing. Well I went for a walk down beach road and it was quite an adventure. I found a hotel called the Penthouse, and decided to check it out later that day. The crap hole we were staying in was sick. We had to call the front desk to get towels to our rooms when we got there. It was called the Little Duck, and it was a big GOOSE egg. The place looks two days from demolition. But let me tell you the Penthouse, is a hard mans dream. This place is awesome! It gets the J-Dog and Big Dog seals of major approval! This place was made to have sex in! Point blank. Go to their web site at and see what I mean. Cheaper than BKK and much better rooms. Plus its right in the heart of the Go Go District there in Pattaya! Well I had a great time in Pattaya, and met a gorgeous girl I really need to take home next time I am there. Big Dog and I are going right to Pattaya next time we go in about six months or so. We might think of staying in Bangkok… I don’t know yet. The only bad thing about it, everyone is hearing about this place and the ratio of men in the bars is double if not triple of that in Bangkok, so beware… Go out early around 7pm to find the honey of your dreams for that night, it will pay off.

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