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The E55 is refered to as famous due to amount of prostitution along the highway. However from a recent visit 5/7/04 things have slowed down.

After crossing the border from Germany to CZ on the E55 there is really nothing per say to be found along the E55 till you approach the city of Dubi. A few kilometers prior to Dubi there are some small make shift shacks, several independent girls working pull outs in the road and some smaller buildings with women in windows, with red lighting around the window.

Dubi has the most women along this highway, with the bulk being located in the clubs along the E55 within the city itself. I noted about half the clubs have now closed. Probably due to the CZ joining the EU. Girls can also be found along the E55 after passing thru Dubi, there are several that work the all nite cafe and truck stops.

Teplice has some action but nothing you can see along the E55. Last year there was a brothel on the right side of the E55 going towards Prague which you could see via it’s red lights. This last visit it was closed, signs and lighting have been removed. Looked more like a normal home now.

Hotels with Girls
Hotel Bihac
By the hour or all night for as little as 150

Hotel Euro Star
50 Euro a night w/breakfast

40 Euro 30 mins
75 Euro 60 mins
All night depends on your negotiation skills

Most of the hotels along the E55 in Dubi are brothel/Hotels where women 5-15 are avaible for short or long time. All rates are negotiable. Late night prices will drop as oppposed to earlier in the day when it’s possible more customers will drop by. Weekdays are less expensive then weekends etc. Women are from all over eastern Europe such as Russia, CZ, Slovak,etc.

While english may ba an international language German is far more common in the border towns then English. Most women speak some German but a few do speak English.

Street Walkers
Along the E55 as you enter Dubi from Germany and as you depart it towards Prague there are numerous women working the highway. Prices are totally negotiable so don’t accept the first offer. Also make it clear up fron what you want ie. DFK, bbbj, etc. then settle on a price and a time. Don’t make the mistake of having her get in your car or you walking her to a local short time hotel and then talking price. The scam will be its more to remove all items of cloths, time, no kissing etc.

It’s always good it act non interested and soon she’ll drop her rate, if she feels you’re going to pass.

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