FKK Club Penelope CLOSED

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FKK Club Penelope CLOSED
Hundebrinkstrasse 8
45326 Essen
Tel 0201 313514
Info 0201-325187
30 Euro Entry
20 Euro Sessions

Sunday – Thureday
10am – 12am
Friday and Saturday
10am – 4am
Sauna, Pool

Web Site

I’ve been to this club a few years ago and the service was not bad, I was lucky enough to visit when there was a hot Brazilian gal there. You should note that you need to be more careful at the clubs that offer a lower rate or structured rate such as the free entry (if you do a girl)130/180/230 1,2 or 3 session deals. For instance Dolce Vita where I always seem to have a great time and many attractive women exist you have to plan on 20 minutes and rarely any couch action. As opposed to places like Sainkt Augustine where it’s 70dm entry and 150dm which is 220 total for a session and then time and service is not so limited. You do get what you pay for. This place used to be a night club at night and an FKK club during the day. It was pretty much like Schwerte, Gelsenkirchen and Herne etc.

Turkish Run Brothel,

As to the earlier question, there is a Turkish run brothel in Essen, Penelope’s is the name. The manager is a Turkish woman very friendly. I took a three for 230 DM at this place. One girl 9, Polish, second girl Albanian 6, and the third Turkish, 7.8 This was the looks rating….all performed in an honourable manner as the profession would dictate.

Mostly all of the patrons were Turkish, one guy was a Gypsy. The Gypsy guy was very funny and made some excellent reccomendations to us. Everyone was very friendly and there was a good “party atmosphere” here on a Friday night.Porno films were on the screens and the drinks were 5DM each.

I forgot, I also had a Black girl here. She was not very beautiful, but she was not down right ugly (check that for an alibi!!!!). She did work on me for a full hour and never asked for anything extra. I didn’t want to screw her, but she used oral and her hand with oil for a very long time. I was able to ejaculate for the fourth time….finally. She was very nice, but not real sexy. I honestly think this is the best bet for the “Turkish” experience.

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