FKK Club GoldenTime Sauna Club CLOSED

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Golden Time
FKK Sauna Club
Heidweg 1
41379 Brüggen
Tel 02163 8894760
Whirpool, Sauna
Grand Opening was 05/26/04
Over 60 girls were said to be present
50 Euro Entry
50 Euro per session
Web Site

Drinks and Buffet included

From my recent trip, Golden Time (GT) was the place to be. The line up of women was still stocked with plenty of attractive staff. The customer base is still mainly from the Netherlands, which tells us something about the sex trade over the border. In fact, several women from the Netherlands work at GT. Almost all the women at the club have changed again. True, there are still women from a year back, but they are few at best.

New additions include a tented area at the far left of the back gardens. Complete with portable heaters and motion-activated lighting, this area is strictly non-smoking. Couches and tables inside make for a great place to chat, dine, or just take a break from the heavily smoke-ridden inside bar. The seating area outside on the patio also has portable heating units and wool blankets for those who want to take in the fresh air. The whirlpool area has a newly-installed sunset-colored light box that runs around the entire diameter of the room. Evenings, the light box is turned on to simulate sunsets.

Food-wise, things have gotten a lot better since the staff now does the serving. There is still a chow line about 30 minutes prior to the arrival of the food. You’ll also note how many of the women take advantage of this and cut to the front of the line. Still, if you do wait ’till the major rush is over and join the line when it is small, there’s still plenty of food to go around.

Same goes for the arrival of pizza in the evenings. It’s best to ask what time the food or pizza arrives before you to the the room as to not miss it. The pizza seems to get cold and hard fairly quick and you’ll end up eating cold, greasy cardboard if you arrive late. Soup, cakes, cold cuts and cheese are put out during other times of the day to tide you over.

Is it just me or does anyone else notice that the drink glasses have gotten smaller?

While I did find other methods of bilking customers at other clubs, GT had a higher level of this activity. Since it’s slow in general at all the clubs in Germany, the women tend to switch clubs in an effort to find one with more customers. If this does not happen, they do a little creative pricing to make up for the lack of traffic.

One form of this at GT is to tell the customer that her rates differ from those set by the other women. In reality, the club sets the prices at 50 Euros for the first 30 minutes and then 25 Euros for the next 30 minutes, or 75 Euros for 1 hour.

While I’ve found that different women count extra time over 1 hour in different ways, that first hour should NEVER be over 75 Euros. Some women may bill 25 Euros for any 30-minute block over the first 30 minutes at 50 Euros. Example: 50+25+25+25.

Others may charge 50 Euros for the first 30 minutes of any hour and then 25 Euros for the second 30 minutes of any hour. Example: 50+25+50+25

With this in mind, several women were charging 50 Euros for each 30 minutes (or 25 Euros for each 15 minutes) regardless, or 100 Euros per hour. It’s gotten to the point where I know of guys paying 25 Euros for every 15 minutes of just kissing. This is usually done if the women know you’re a tourist, an American, or a non-regular customer. If you appear to be uninformed, weak, pussy-whipped, etc., then the chances of this scam being pulled on you are higher.

Beware: the money issue might not arise until you’re in the room with your tool in her mouth and she stops to say “you know my rates are 50 Euros for each 30 minutes.” If you agree, she then has no problem demanding the higher charge when you’re done. Many non-regulars will go along with this thinking that it’s only 25 Euros; however, if the women know they can get away with this it may cause problems down the line for other customers.

The best way to counter-act this scam, which is against the club’s SET pricing, is to ask prices BEFORE you go to the room with the woman. She should say 50 Euros for the first 30 minutes and 25 for the second 30 minutes, or 75 Euros per hour. Also, ask about extras such as CIM and anal. If these don’t match what they tell you at the front desk, then you know you’re dealing with a scammer. The front desk REALLY wants to know about this to put a stop to it. It’s not a problem at PHG, Living Room, Samya, etc. but recently it has been an issue at GT. Should you not ask prices in advance and you get to the locker room and a heated discussion starts, involve the front desk and you’ll notice that the woman will back down. The penalty for price gouging can be that she is banned from the club for days, or a few weeks. Remember, the service prices are set by the club, and NOT the women. If you want to know why non-locals, tourists, and Americans are not always liked by locals at the clubs, this is one reason. They can affect things by driving prices up.

There are also men, usually Germans or long-time guests, who look for new women to pull their own scams on, such as streching out time or getting something for free. These women learn quickly, as should the men.

There are still some stars amongst the scammers who provide excellent GFE services for 75 Euros an hour. Some will even spend a good amount of time in the outside tent chatting up a storm before you venture to a room. Rooms are still a problem and arriving before 6pm will maximize your fun with the lack of rooms. Evenings tend to be busy and the place turns into a assembly line where everyone waits on keys. The bottom dwellers will often entice you into the Kino (porn theatre) to bill you there for services. Take care as some women will start with oral in the Kino and then decline to take the action to a private room. Make it clear you don’t want the session to finish in the Kino before you start. Problem women are like jackals in Africa looking for the weak, desperate, or lost tourist to pounce on.

Smoking is the only other issue that I don’t like about GT. Just about all the women and customers smoke. Some customers even light up cigars, which can create a huge breathing problem for non-smokers. A few hours of this intense bad air results in a sore throat, persitant cough and congestion, and red, watery eyes. Good ventilation is needed in the main room.

General Conclusion and IMHO
While GT is one of my favorite places to visit, it’s these money games that can damage the club overall. Don’t be that ASSHOLE who throws cash around since sex in your homeland is already so screwed up. Do as the Romans do when in Rome and preserve or do your share to keep things the way they are. This is the reason we travel across the oceans to get here, is it not? For affordable service from women who treat men better? We don’t need more pussy-whipped men like those in the US who pay $500 an hour for similar services.

If you insist on paying more than the club’s set pricing or pretending to be a generous big spender, then stay home and don’t come to Germany as you give all us non-Germans a bad name.

Golden Time has made a name for itself since the owner had problems with his previous club Relax near Limbug off the A3. Interesting that the Limburg area once had 3 clubs battling for supremacy. Relax, Fantasyland (then Sauna World) and Blau Lagune. it’s said that during this battle the clubs turned on each other and in the end they all were forced out of the area. Limburg made it clear they did not want sex in their town, was that the truth? I’m told Limburg now has a Redlight area in the middle of town, perhaps more of an apartment with working girls. How this compares to a private home or building that does not say sex on the outside to an apartmetn complex
in the middle of town I don’t know, go figure?

GT quickly came to be the No.1 club in the northern area, taking on the pricing of PHG and a similar talent pool. Now it seems the girls all do the northern circuit to keep from getting bored. GT, LR, Ying Yang and PHG. GT is a great example and proof that paid sex in the Netherlands SUCKS big time. More then half the customer base comes from over the border. When you ask one of them WHY they all seem to point to service and price. Even Ying Yang just over the border can’t keep up with GT. Beautiful place and location but it just can’t keep the customers coming. Now with the universal Euro Holland has no appeal to many and no benefit. At least with the Guilder it was less expensive, well somewhat.

Parking can be a pain here, it’s limited and might be one of the issues that sinks GT. While it’s made major headway with the women and customers the neighbors are outraged. Guys making noise at all hours of the night and pissing on front lawns. Horns honking, lights flashing and cars blocking driveways. While this is caused mainly by foolish customers who again “don’t care” it affects the club. The club is now battling an angry mob of towns folk and political jerks with the sole goal of closing it down.

The price scam that has been going on by the women who refuse to do a 75 Euro hour and demand 100 per hour seems to continue. The only recourse is to complain BEFORE YOU PAY. This means that on the way to the locker room make a stop at the front desk and ask about “when did the prices change from 75 an hour to 100”. This always causes the offending gal to back down and sends a message. However it’s still those newbies and non-locals that keep the scam women going.

If you don’t know the scam it works this way and is also noted in posts above. You go to the room as usual and as you go over the 30 minute line the girl will attempt to convince you she has a special arrangement with the club where she gets 50 per 30 minutes regardless. Don’t fall for it, she’ll play down anything you say as far as if you don’t agree. You have two options, A. Walk then and there. B. Go along with it, then go to the front desk as soon as you depart the room.

Rooms, rooms and more rooms is the other big issue here. A line for a key is not a sometimes thing but rather a common normal event. On one hand it’s to control who is in the room and how long they use the room. Remember the girl logs the key out and back in thus their is some sort of record of how much time and revenue is involved. Best time to hit this club is earlier in the day, after 9pm the place gets packed on just about every day of the week. It’s the Dutch invasion, they rule the place.

Food has gotten better, not in terms of quality but in term of service. Finally they listen and have a person that serves the food or limits each person to 2 slices of pizza. This has long been a problem with the place, food that should serve 150 people runs out after only 100 people. Then you see heaping plates if unfinished food sitting around while you went hungry. One saving grace is having small things in between the big meals like soups, stews etc.

Women have also become aggressive, walking the gauntlet and passing the Kino you can be sure to get hit up with the typical “Hast du Lust?”. I once made the mistake of starting my session with a gal in the Kino, thinking that I would start it there and then take it to a room. Not at GT, since the wait in line for key issue most women don’t want to start and then wait for a key. So if you start in the Kino most likely you’ll end up finishing there.

Since the talent pool changes so often it’s tough to keep up with who’s good.

The club is clean, more rooms have been made available by the big complex of wood cabins out back. Other then that not much has changed from the posting above.

Park, pay after they buzz you in, 50 Euro entry, you’ll then be given a key moodule (no more bands fastened to your wrist) attached to the common canvas band. Towel and robe and make your way to the locker room opposite the front desk. The locker room has a restroom plus two urinals and showers. Slippers are also located on the walls in the locker room.

Note that the lockers used at GT and LR use a key system where you use the tiny plastic module fastened to the armband to push in the button on the locker which in turn electrically pops open the lock. To lock you do the reverse of pushing in the button with the module to lock it. This resolves some of the problem at other clubs which use normal keys.

The club is built around a one level home which was converted. The center of the club has a large high ceiling room that contains the whirlpool, sauna, massage, additional showers and a bed and a few bench seats. A walkway or hallway circles around this large room. On both sides of the hallway are private rooms and restrooms. The far side of the club has the majority of rooms and also the largest of the rooms. The right side of the club is where the Kino is situated, with a stairway going downstairs right after the Kino is the women’s locker room. There’s also a womans changing and shower room to the right down the hall as you enter the club. The garden area can be accessed behind the bar on the far left hand side of the club via one doorway. Outside to the right are the cabins, to the left are cloth couches with heaters for colder nights. At one time there was a make shift tent with seating but Sept this was taken down and covered. During the summer months the large backyard which extends several hundred feet back is lined with lawn chairs. To the far rear back is a small fish and frog pond. Don’t kick those large opaque white balls that lie in the yard, they’re actually lights and not beach balls.

Not sure if it’s just me but some of those Dutch guys can be rude as hell, cutting in line for food, bumping into you without an excuse me. Smoking up a storm GT has probably got the worst smog problem among all the clubs. Ventilation is piss poor in the main lounge around the bar. This is what keeps GT from being a club I visit more then once on occasion. Aggressive women, lack of rooms, rude customers, lines for chow, that occasional gal that changes the rates if its not one thing its all of them at once. Golden Time not really, well what’s in a name anyway.

Golden Time from my recent visits is the best club in the north Rhein area. Personally I prefer it to Oase and World even if those clubs are somewhat larger and have more talent.

What draws me to GT is the quality, in the women, the facility, food, staff and mood. The silver lining is the price. You can’t beat the 50 Euro entry compared to the Frankfurt 65-75 entry fees. Plus the entertainment prices are second to none at 50 Euros for the first 30 minutes and 25 Euros for each additional 30 minutes with the same gal. Find a gal that you enjoy and it makes sense to spend more then an hour in the room.

While it may not be the biggest club most of the time the bar is staffed with 2 or more gals while bigger clubs such as World and Oase you often have to wait for service by one person.

I don’t understand why guys are willing to pay 10 Euros for a beer at Oase and even more for hard drinks? At GT you get beer for no extra charge and a nice selection of beer.

Food is also an issue which keeps me coming back or staying longer at clubs. GT offers freshly cooked food for dinner and a choice at that. I’ve only seen 5th Element and Parksauna Residence do better in this respect. Breakfast is almost as good as the best hotels, with bakery fresh warm bread, cheese and meats, plus cereal and yogurt.
Not to forget one of the best coffee machines around.

The selection of women in my humble opinion is the best in Germany, while not the most women they do offer the widest selection of gals. From Asia, Latin countries, Eastern Europe and Germany. Yes they do have the usual Bulgarian and Romanian gals who have invaded Germany over the past few years but they seem to weed out the bad seeds. On a peak day you can find just about any country or nation present, something even the big clubs have difficulty providing.

I find more staff running around at GT then some of the big clubs combined. There is always someone cleaning up, clearing tables, mopping the floors and managing things at GT. From my visits everything is always clean and spotless and I commend the owner for his efforts.


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