FKK Club Ludertreff

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FKK Club Ludertreff
Aplerbecker Bahnhofstraße 5
44287 Dortmund, Germany
Tel +4923147547037


Wednesday 10AM–11PM
Thursday 10AM–11PM
Friday 10AM–11PM
Saturday 10AM–11PM
Sunday 10AM–11PM
Monday 10AM–11PM
Tuesday 10AM–11PM


FKK Club Aplerbeck
Aplerbecker Bahnhofstrasse 5
44287 Aplerbeck
Tel 0231 4461113
Info 0231 4461111
Entry 39 Euro
Sessions 20 Euro
2 X 40 Euro Total
3 X 60 Euro Total
5 X 100 Euro Total
Closed Sundays and Holidays
Open Daily
10am – 12pm
Up to 16 Women in this Dream Villa
Sauna, Mirrored room, Quiet room, Showers
Web Site

For Locals ONLY
Some clubs in Germany (even if you speak German)
won’t allow non-Germans or non-locals entry.

Proof Below in a post from the guest book at the Aplebecker FKK Web Site in Dortmund

BLUE is an english translation

musti muzzi “author’s name”
eine frage hätte ich, dürfen ausländer auch rein
würde euch gerne besuchen und wer weiß vielleicht werde ich ja stammkunde
“I have a question, are foreigners permitted entry, I would really like to visit and who knows maybe I’ll become a regular guest.”

Datum: 12.11.2003
Uhrzeit: 20:29:18
Kommentar: “The clubs response”
Leider wir sind ein ausschließlicher Deutscher-Club!Sorry!
Sorry, but we are strictly a German Club, Sorry

Basically what they are saying is if they don’t approve of you, you’re not getting in. Your chances of entry are better if you do speak German. I’ve been to the club and can report it’s the typical B level club like Herne, Gelsenkirchen, Freundenberg, etc. 2,3 time special rates. Service can be great to average.

This in no way means you should NOT visit Germany where you’ll find probably the best adult fun in the world. There are many clubs that welcome guests of all races, nationalities, ages and colors. Most of them you’ll find here in the directory. If in doubt then take one of the well known tours.

If you’re non-German or non-local you may have a problem getting into this club. It’s well know that the management won’t permit non-locals entry. Most likely you will be asked for a membership card (which does not exist). If you don’t speak passable German your chances are also less. I was once able to get in but they would not allow my friend entry as he was Asian.

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