FKK Club Villa Venus

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FKK Club Villa Venus
Konrad-Adenauer-Ring 17
47167 Neumühl
Tel 0203 5007668
Info 0203 5007667
Monday – Thursday
11am – 12am
Friday – Saturday
11am – 1am
Entry Free
20 Basic Half and Half
30 Above with 69
40 Above with BBBJTC
Happy Hour
6pm to 9pm 30 Euro Entry
Up to 25 girls
Web Site
(intersection Oberhausen) A42 Direction Kamp-Linfort
exit DU-Nemühl, staight towards the industrial area

This club has since changed it’s name to “Club Venus”. It follows the same interior additions “sofa’s, carpet, cookies” as the rest of the line at Gelsenkirchen, Herne, Freundenberger etc. Prices are now 30 Euro entry during happy hours, (can be up to 45 Euro) for entry. Sessions are 20 Euros for half and half, 30 with the addition of 69, 40 for BBBJTC. Not bad pricing but the women range from 3 – 6 at best. Perhaps it was the day and time I visited. Factilty was clean, drinks are all included in the entry fee. No food was available.

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