FKK Club Wildenrath Parksauna CLOSED

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(Now called FKK Pegasus)
Heinsberger Strasse 35
41884 Wegberg/Wildenrath
Tel. 02432 90 85 35
Web Site

M-Su/Holidays 10 am to 5 am
Open 363 Days a year, except New Years’ Eve and Xmas Eve

Entry and Session Fees:
Entry 50€ (FREE from 10 am – 6 pm)
After 6 pm, every 5th guest gets in free, with one free program.

25€ sex w/oral w/condom 30 minites
50€ sex w/oral w/o condom 30 minutes
75€ sex w/oral w/o condom 60 minutes
25€ oral finish

Pool, Buffet, Free drinks (includes Beer)

Depends what you consider “TRUE FKK”? If you compare it to Bernd’s then no, nothing close but compared to the bigger clubs like Oase and World it’s not much different with a few exceptions. It’s very similar to Golden Time and Planet Happy Garden. Expect the women to wear bathing suits, lingerie and on occasion totally nude or topless. Food is above average when served, beer is available at no extra charge and the facility is spotless. Summer months expect outdoor grill parties as well as outdoor fun. Couch action is rare but it does take place, usually in the second floor lounge area. If you like longer then 30 Minute Programs then this place has advantages as each additional 30 minutes are only 25 Euros.

The reference Model Girl Experience is “Eva”, if you can find her she rocks pretty much anyone’s world and enjoys what she does. Blond, slim, eastern block gal who’s been there for many years. Ask for her, she’s well known. Will do it, anywhere, including the public, restroom floor, outdoors etc. as well in a public room.

UPDATE on Parksauna Wildenrath
The view from the curb outside seems to show that not much has changed at the club. However, once you step inside, the recent and complete face lift is apparent.

Past the two gates and inside the foyer, there’s a counter at the entry that leads to the locker room (left) and the bar (right). The locker room is basically the same, except that the showers and toilets are now combined. The doors have been removed and the former walkway is now a long hall with the locker room at the end. The main lower bar has been totally revamped. It’s a bit on the cold side, atmosphere-wise, but the basic layout remains. Bar stools now wrap all the way around the bar. The public rooms all have modern furniture with and accent on the sleek Euro look. Gone are the self-serve ice boxes loaded with bottled drinks. Probably due to costs, drinks are now poured at the bar from 2-litre bottles. Beer and hard drinks are available for an extra charge, and cigars can also be purchased. Not what most non-smokers need, but perhaps what the trend is coming to in Germany. At GT, Living Room, and now Parksauna, cigar smoking seems to be more common. Let’s hope these same clubs think about good ventilation as well.

While the new website, print ads, and brochures promote “Freier Eintritt and Softdrinks” (Free entry and soft drinks), it appears the rates are the same as most clubs in the area: 50 Euros entry, 50 Euros the first 30 minutes and 25 Euros for the second 30 minutes, or 75 Euros per hour.

While food is no longer available buffet-style at a set time in the bar, the club has remodeled what was the second level bar/kino (Porno Theater) into a divided room. One side is now a Kino and the other is a walled kitchen and new dining area. Looking more like an upscale posh restaurant, the room has about six 2-seat tables. Wine and water glasses, utensils, and cloth napkins are supplied. As you enter to the left, you’ll note a sliding window where someone will take your order. Usually, the same person who takes your money when you enter or manages the lower bar also handles the food.

A local restaurant prepares dishes such as bratwurst, pork, beef, spaghetti, etc, and packages and seals them for refrigeration. When you arrive and make your choice, they’re re-heated via a common microwave. While at first this idea did not sit right with me, the food is not common TV dinners, but rather freshly-prepared complete meals with veggies, sauces, sides etc. In all fairness, the quality was fairly good. The re-heating process still needs work, as several of our meals had warm and had cold sections. This means either a non-carousel microwave oven or lack of proper turning of the food during the cooking cycle. If you’ve used a microwave, you’ll know what I mean. Mineral water and your favorite wine are also included at no extra charge.

There is also a dedicated massage room behind glass on the upper level, complete with a professional massage table and a separate sound system.

Many of the rooms have been totally revamped with showers and whirlpools (Jacuzzi).

Staff-wise everyone, with the exception of upper management, has changed. There are at most two women still working from over a year ago. Fifteen women were present during my visit, the same number that was given when I called to inquire about numbers.

The mood seems to have changed, as the women were friendlier than in the past and more open to fun. In fact, several members of my party ended up dancing to the music. It appears that when things get slow the women crank up the favorite tunes and rock to the sounds. While it does make for a good mood and a better way to get to know a possible selection that interests you, the constant pressure of loud music on the ears can drive you nuts (and give you a major headache). Eastern Bloc women, as those found at the sister club PHG, seem to be prevalent: Romanian, Bulgarian, etc..

While it was too cold and too late in the day to check out the rear gardens, from what I could see nothing outside has changed. It was recently also revamped a few years ago with outdoor showers, a private pine cabin, and a huge well-kept lawn surrounded by tall pine like trees for seclusion and privacy.

During warmer months of the year, outdoor BBQ’s are common and usually well stocked with local meats, sausages, and venison.


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