FKK Club Heaven 7 Saunaclub

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FKK Club Heaven 7 Saunaclub
Siemensring 7
47877 Willich
Tel +4921549545776

Friday 10AM–12AM
Saturday 10AM–12AM
Sunday 10AM–11PM
Monday 10AM–11PM
Tuesday 10AM–11PM
Wednesday 10AM–11PM
Thursday 10AM–11PM

You get what you pay for, having visited this club and knowing the management personally it’s worth a look for finding that diamond in the rough. Again being the entry fee is sometimes free or about 30 Euros its a good value. Decent quality food, coffee, tea, juices and soft drinks. There are some stars to be found and just like all clubs there are not so desirable women. Overall the club is clean, nice outdoor garden area. I pay no attention to the few Google reviews that comment on cleanliness or hygiene of the woman as I’ve never found any of that after years of visits. Want to complain try the 60-75e entry clubs which most are far less clean due to size and staff. Having said all that it’s worth your time to stop in and give it a try, the locals do so that tells you more about the club than a post from someone unknown.

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