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Is an adventure to Germany and Holland by two guys in search of the best adult entertainment. SD is a wealthy business man and SP is a guide with knowledge of the terrain and establishments. Below is a day by day account of their trip with expenses.


The Term “FKK” means (Freikörperkultur) or Free Body Culture. You might better understand it as the term “Nudist Colony or club”. When used in association with adult entertainment clubs in Germany it refers to the women in the club being nude not that the club has anything to do with a nudist colony or culture.

Germany and Holland are a bit different today but the concept is similar. Some locations no longer exist such as the houseboats of Utrecht or the all the RLD’s of Den Haag. The RLD of Amsterdam is not what it was twenty years ago as well. While prices have not changed this is a wonderful TRUE story about two enthusiasts who took the time to document their adventure and time in Germany and Netherlands.
Text by SP in black; text by SD in Blue

Europe has long offered some of the best adult entertainment a man can imagine at prices that will blow your mind. One day in Sep. 1997 the adventure began when I was contacted by Mr. Screwdriver (I like the screw part, but not the driving part!) several months ago in regards to taking the ultimate tour. He’s been to a ton of adult entertainment related establishments like Nevada’s Brothels, TJ’s adult entertainment clubs, massage joints and used many escort services. He wanted to personally experience the famous German adult entertainment clubs and a short stop in the famous Red Light district of Holland. After speaking to a few of my clients who had already made such a trip he decided to take the plunge. To give you an idea of what it costs, lets look at the comparison between TJ, Nevada and Europe. 30 min average in TJ is $50, $150 in Nevada as compared to $40 in Europe. Besides price, most prostitutes in Europe are younger and twice as good looking as their counter parts in TJ and Nevada. Europe’s average is 18 to 27.

Have you ever wondered where the best adult entertainment in the world is? The best combination of women, value and pleasure? Well read on, you’re about to discover the adult entertainment triangle, a 200 by 200 mile area in western Germany and Holland. adult entertainment is safe, legal and inexpensive not to mention that the women are among the youngest, freshest and most eager to please. I’ve been going to Nevada for years until I came across this place, even TJ can’t compete with the women and prices. My client (Mr. Screwdriver hereinafter called SD) contacted me at my email address TOUR CONTACT in reference to other reports I’ve written on Germany. He was interested in an 8 day trip to Europe’s best women and pleasure. Our trip would begin in Los Angeles with a 10 hour flight to Amsterdam, where we would pick up a rental car the next day to explore all that this triangle has to offer. We packed very lightly bringing only 7 days worth of clothing, camera’s, documents and currency.

The weather was good to us and our flight was very smooth across the Atlantic Ocean. We did encounter some light rain in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has three Red Light districts the main one near the old church is by far the best. The other two have about 60 windows each and the ladies often charge only 50g ($25US) for a half and half. We walked the many canals and streets taking in the sites one at a time, getting a feel for who we would try first. Most of the women are behind a glass doors with red lighting around the opening signaling they were open for business. A closed curtain meant that a customer was being serviced or she was not available. A dark window with no lights on meant that no one was working at that time. A simple but effective system, you could look all you wanted and she was usually only a few feet away so you got a great view. Amsterdam has women from all over the world, Dutch, Bulgarian, German, East German, Turkish, Swiss, Colombian, Brazilian, African, Spanish, Hungarian, and Czech to name only a few. So every size and shape can be found in only a small ¼ mile square area. The biggest concentration of 10’s was usually found very close to the Old Church. Below find a list of the women I sampled myself the first day.

Amsterdam Selection, Prices and Negotiations
Prices always start at the basic 50g for straight adult entertainment or straight oral and 100g for both. usually you can expect about 20 minutes of service for these prices. However some women might rush you where others allow excess time. Take care that you ask if the price includes multiple positions and the removal of (ALL) clothing. I don’t know how many times I’ve negotiated a deal to find that the removal of a bra cost me 20g more.

Name Country Age Body Eyes Hair Price
Sarah* Switzerland 28 36dd-26-36 Blue Blond 150g
Lina Indonesia 24 34b-24-34 Brown Black 100g
Margaret Bulgaria 28 34b-26-36 Green Black 20g
Sooyoo Columbia 34 35b-26-36 Brown Brown 75g

Tip:*Sarah is still working in the same area as of 2000, her hair color ranges from Red to Blond. She does wear wigs and often a baseball cap or ships captains hat. Look for the big breasts and blue eyes. She prefers to talk you into a good hand job, You can choose between her wearing rubber gloves or you a condom. She does put on a good show but arrange price before you begin. Ensure (verbally prior to paying) that she will remove ALL clothes and provide oral and intercourse in advance. She has an excellent body and technique but is very must the cold business woman. Her typical session has her standing over you with her pussy in your face and her manually working your rod. She usually will not permit you to touch her below the waist. She will allow use of her ample silicon chest which usually is hanging close by.

As far as safety goes, the women in Amsterdam are of high quality and get medical checks fairly often from what I’m told. It’s not mandatory but they are monitored by the city and pay taxes. ALL adult entertainment oral or regular is performed WITH a condom. I’ve asked and they demand a condom. I’ve often wondered about drug use and cleanliness in Nevada but it’s never crossed my mind here. The women of Amsterdam don’t French kiss either, you may get away with kissing on the lips but that’s usually rare also.

(Click on Images for FULL VIEW) These are two examples of typical young girls working behind the windows in Holland. They are actual women we have partied with. The one to the left is typical Dutch, above is typical German.

I walked by a window and spotted Sarah right away, those sparkling blue eyes and luscious double D’s. She spoke very good German, English, and Dutch. She’s a regular and I’ve seen her before, a student saving money who eventually wants to get married and have a family. You’ll note I paid 150g, I usually start with oral adult entertainment at 50g and see how she performs. Sarah is an exception, she is very visual and such a adult entertainment pot, she loves to straddle you and stick those large soft lovely breasts in your face for a closer sampling. She has excellent manual dexterity and loves to play with you. She does a mini strip show while squatting above you. I just had to have the full treatment so I extended the show and activities with another 100g. Remember we are only talking $75 US for all of this. Sarah allows you to touch freely except in her vaginal area. She is so hot that you could probably cum with out intercourse but who would pass that up with a Playboy model type such as Sarah. I finished with her on top doing a full on squat session, it was almost unbearable.

Lina was only a few windows away, a very adult entertainment ultra beautiful Asian woman. Perfect breasts and rear end, soft silky hair and a super smile. I also started with Oral and added the full treatment after only minutes of her making minced meat out of my rod. She was such a turn on to watch and touch while she drove me over the top. We did several positions and finally I climaxed inside her. Lina has super soft skin and a great personality, I’d definitely come see her again and she could easily be in Playboy as far as Asian beauty goes.

Margaret was along the canal about 200 meters away, 153 Oudezijdsachterburg Walle sitting higher up in a window. I watch several men come out earlier and all had these huge smiles and talked about money well spent. So I walked up to the door and entered to see how she sounded up close. Beautiful green eyes and a lovely tanned body. Later I was to find she has been married for 12 years with a 11 year old son, she enjoyed her work but was only doing it to help out with bills. From here soft strokes and light finger nail scratches to my back she really got into it. If her sound effects were indeed an act, then she deserved an Oscar because it only added to the great adult entertainment. I got great oral and several positions from Margaret and a massage when it was over. She had a priceless personality and the body of a teenage vixen. I can still feel her nipples going erect in my mouth as I whipped my tongue around them. For those of you that like a darker looking exotic woman this is it, she is indeed a sensuous treat in every respect.

The Bulldog Cafe is only one of many drug bars that exist in the RLD. Not only can you buy drugs inside these establishments you can enjoy them inside also. Its common to to be approached by dark skinned males working the streets saying “Coka Coka, Ecstasy, Ecstasy”. Some drugs are legal in the Cafes or bars but illegal on the streets. Police do monitor the canals and streets. Having visited Amsterdam many times in the past 5 years we have never had any problems with crime.

Now Sooyoo was in a covered walkway behind the peepshow, she caught my eyes with that great ass of hers. She was very friendly and had these luscious lips that I could picture taking me all in. The oldest that I did but the most experienced, she stripped and got me right to attention. I only paid for oral and gave her extra for more time which she earned. She was very talented and worked my stick from top to bottom even licking my balls and ass. (She licked your ass? SD has only experienced that same treat twice before!) My hands were free to roam her tight body and erect nipples and she did wonders to me. I came and left that place with a huge smile on my face.

Well SD was like a kid in candy shop, all that I had told him about this place was now a reality. The prices were unbelievable and the woman were gorgeous could it get any better then this? I’m sure he would have been happy if we stayed in Amsterdam and only did the women of the windows. We did take walks to the other two window areas and found them to be unattended and not really to our liking. It’s hard to look at the best and then go back to less. It’s also pretty difficult to find these places without a map I might add. Your best bet is to have a taxi take you to them. (You better believe him. We both learned the hard way by walking 30 minutes in misty cold weather!) Overall I’d stay with the main canals around the old church for the maximum good times and selection. Remember that the girls rent these window spots usually for about 8 hours. Then another girl takes over when she leaves so don’t be surprised if you see 3 different girls working the same window in a 24 hour period. We found the selection always changing in between taking a break at the hotel and meals. The best selection is usually around the weekends and after 6pm, regardless you’ll always find a 10 Playboy model somewhere at any hour. SD saved a lot of time having me as his tour guide, I was quick to point out all the small walkways and canals that had windows and the more popular ladies. Be prepared to spend a bit of time exploring if its your first time and don’t pass up a small walkway, it may have a hidden window not viewable from the street.

Wandering the walkways in search of a lady your sure to come across a adult entertainment show. Many exist in the RLD, basically for tourists they offer live adult entertainment acts or women with adult entertainment toys i.e. (Banana Club) Take care prices may vary.

Before SD (Screw Driver) will say anything, bear in mind that he is very picky about women and only picks the best. On this trip, he paid SP’s airfare, car rental, accommodations and food, etc. (SP paid for his women). SD paid SP for the experience and the convenience of his service.

Amsterdam’s Red Light district was really interesting. With hundreds of women of different nationalities who displayed themselves in windows. Even health checks were not mandatory, most women were very fresh and took great care of themselves, most had regular health check ups done themselves.

The first one SD picked was a Belgium beauty named Peggy. She was 25 years old 5’5″ redhead with a very pretty face and sun tanned body. SD was told that her price was 50g ($25) for “fuck or suck” or 100g for both. After entering glass doorway “window”, Peggy locked the door and closed the curtain. A steep stairway led to a tidy room upstairs. SD paid 100g ($50 US) for half and half. Once undressed SD was not at all disappointed. Her 34B-24-34 figure was perfect. Her face could have appeared in Playboy! Her blow job was very good. We did several positions and SD had a great time. Obviously Peggy enjoyed adult entertainment and it showed. Not only did she not use a lubricant, SD could sense that she got wetter and wetter inside as he repeatedly thrusted harder inside her. Her moaning was so realistic that it was not likely to be an act. Peggy only worked from noon to 6pm and SD was probably her last client of the day. She told me that she was going home to her husband. In case you’re unaware, prostitution is very accepted in Europe much more so than in the States.

SD’s visit with Peggy lasted about 30 minutes and he never felt rushed. Her English was very good and they had a lot to talk about. At the current rate of exchange 100g was about $50. From this first experience, SD felt that Amsterdam would be a fun place and indeed was a true adult entertainment heaven.

Next SD picked another blonde Netherlands beauty named Joyce. SD circled the three best streets behind the Old Church many times and each time Joyce smiled sweetly while she looked back at him. From SD’s experience and SP’s advice it was a good sign when a girl made friendly eye contact, this usually proved that she would also be friendly. SD found that tip to be some of the best advice when picking a girl. Joyce stood 5’8″ with an A cup chest. Implants or Boob jobs are NOT popular in Europe and believe me, Joyce looked great with chest she had. How beautiful was Joyce? If she applied to be photographed by Playboy, there is no way she would be turned away. SD had just spent another $50 for half an hour of great adult entertainment.

The third girl was recommended by SP. Lina was the Asian girl SP had done above. For 50g ($25!) SD just went for a straight lay. The adult entertainment was good but SD was not particular crazy about Asian women.

The fourth girl was Sarah from Switzerland. SP had partied with her in his previous trip and she was always gave a great performance. How beautiful is Sarah? She is comparable to any Playboy centerfold! Her blonde hair was in a pony tail and she wore a black baseball cap. Her 38DD breast were the only implants SD encountered in all of Europe and it was hot! Her price of 150g was a bit more expensive than most girls. Sarah’s Pussy show was very hot but the adult entertainment was NOT as good as that I had with Peggy. But $75 for adult entertainment with a playmate material was not a bad deal at all! Sarah plans to work for another year or two and then settle down for a family. If you are lucky and you hurry she has not yet chosen her man.

Among the hundreds of girls that SD encountered and had adult entertainment with, Sarah was one of the best looking. SD offered her 500g ($250) for just one facial photo and Sarah turned it down. As compensation, she offered SD the chance to take a picture of an oil painting which depicts her, painted by one of her clients.

All four of the girls above were found within the three narrow streets around the old church area. After diner, SP and SD wandered down some other streets and continued the adventure. A petite blonde girl caught SD’s eye from afar. Anna (which was her real name) was a 5’1″ beauty queen from Poland.

SD using the same advice circled the block a few times and each time he stopped by Anna’s window to look at her. Every time Anna smiled sweetly and was very friendly making full eye contact. Like most women working there Anna was not offended by people staring and did not give her business. May be it was because SD was a decent looking guy, or may be she knew that anyone was a potential customer. SD paid 100g for a half and half party with her. Her 34B breasts were very adult entertainment style and had just the right amount of natural firmness when in SD’s hands. Also SD found her small nipples harden in his mouth to be a huge turn on. Anna gave SD one of the best blow jobs he has ever received and the adult entertainment was also very hot. SD’s rod glided smoothly into Anna’s naturally wet and tight pussy, the sensation was ultra good. Like most working woman in Europe, Anna’s moaning was so very real it was a total turn on. Anna has only been working for about two months. One advantage of a fresh woman might be that they enjoy adult entertainment more than the normal seasoned pro who has been working for some time. When I asked Anna how the adult entertainment was we had just had she confessed that she very much enjoyed it. Anna knowing SD was a transcontinental tourist who might never come back anytime soon, had no reason to lie or impress me.

SD then came upon a beautiful Italian girl in another window. But once in the door he noticed that she was not as beautiful as he first thought. The adult entertainment with her was OK but a bit rushed. But at the going rate of $50, he did not feel ripped off or taken advantage of.

Hotels abound in Amsterdam. Prices range from fair to out of this world. The key is location, location, location. If you plan on visiting find out where its located in Amsterdam as its a huge city. If your driving a car be prepared to pay anywhere from $12 to $50 to park for just one day. Your best bet is to find the huge auto garages (not to be confused with the many downtown underground garages). You might have to take a tram or bus to your car but its worth the savings. (Notice the name of this hotel)

SD waited around for about 5 minutes and did not see SP at the pre arranged meeting place. SP must have picked another girl and was having some of his own fun. SD thought it did not make any sense to wait in the misty cold, so try and guess what he did? He made his way back to see Anna once again. The second time the adult entertainment was almost like making love to a girlfriend. Anna seemed to be extremely nice to SD. Her English was good enough to converse and she told SD that most people in Amsterdam were very cold. Overall, people in Europe were not as friendly as in the States. SD does not think that women should be treated as adult entertainment objects, they are also human beings. Maybe Anna detected that SD was very much a caring person and a gentleman. SD asked if he may take a photo and was granted two with lingerie. She even gave SD her address in Poland with her real last name. SD always had this theory that if you are nice, the good girl would appreciate it, while the bad one would abuse you. Anna will always be special to SD and hold a place in his memory of Amsterdam.

SD followed SP’s advice and finished the first day with Margaret from Bulgaria. Her face was not the prettiest, but the adult entertainment she offered was some of the hottest that he had on this trip. Oh, those moaning and finger mail scratching………

We also searched for the famous JB club as mentioned in the WSG. It’s actually Jenn Bikk and if you ask where the JB club is no one seems to know what you’re talking about. Its not far from the train station actually to the right about 4 blocks away from the Red Light area. We were a bit disappointed, drinks were 5g and a trip to the room was 100g. The 5 girl selection was not to our standards so we sat around for about 30 minutes drinking our cola and then returned to the canals for better times.

It was almost 3am before the both of us collapsed (yes, collapsed) in our beds. Within 12 hours, SD had eight sessions of adult entertainment with seven top notch women from seven nationalities. The total expense was 800g or $400. Most of the experiences were excellent and that’s only $50 per party. Even the parties with Lina and the Italian girl were OK. SD already had some prior knowledge of picking a quality woman. If you follow the basic idea and only pick women who smile back, the chances of meeting a total rip off are greatly reduced. If you followed SP’s method of starting with 50g ($25), you can could afford to make a mistake or two!


Bare in mind these photos were shot over 20 years ago when Digital technology was still lagging in image quality and clarity. Most women work at night. Using Flash can be a hazard to your health.Windows can be found everywhere, look for the common red or pink lights. Women of every shape, nationality and size can be found. Take care in your selection as Amsterdam is known for for beautiful women not quality.

We spent the last night in a small hotel that was only 100 feet away from the Red Light District and had some coffee and pastries the next morning. We would check out by 11am and now continue the trip south via rental car. We got a fairly good deal $270 a week from Budget for a Contour station wagon, complete with sunroof and CD player. We also paid a bit more for the luxury of being able to drop the car off at Frankfurt Germany instead of returning it to Amsterdam at the end of our journey. You know time is everything on a tour like this, good maps, driving skills and knowledge of the land pays for itself. Gas is almost as expensive as the rental and will run you about $200 dollars for the week.

Our next stop would be Den Haag, slightly south of Amsterdam this city also has a few Red Light Districts which actually are all within a few hundred yards of each other. Geleenstraat offers the best selection of ladies and prices are very similar to Amsterdam. The Doubletstraat basically is for Latin American ladies and African, prices begin at 20g . Seems that the Black and Latin women give you more time and a much cheaper rates. The third street only a block away from the Train Station is by far the best deal in Holland the legendary Poeldijksestraat. Prices start at 35g for half and half.

SD had the insight to always buy a map to find the street. SP on the other hand usually found the location only by memory. Using only SP’s memory it sometimes took us longer to locate the streets then with a good city map. It tested SD’s driving skill and patience to the limit. (This is how SD got the nick name, Screw Driver–All he did on this trip was screw and drive!) SP learned a lot from this first time visitor of the adult entertainment Heavens of Europe.

Name Country Age Body Eyes Hair Price
Natalie Bulgaria 24 32b-22-32 Green Brown 35g
Katarina Czech 21 34b-24-34 Brown Black 50g

Natalie was wearing a tiny one piece bathing suit that really did not cover very much, needless to say she was not hiding a thing. I asked price and off we went to her small domain, money was exchanged and we got undressed. She had this petite body and very tight snatch, beautiful eyes and soft skin. The temperature in the room rose quickly as my hands moved about her. She quickly massaged my stick and used her lips to get my juices flowing. I rode her in several positions before I finally submitted to a climax. At this price I almost went again, 35g is only about $18 US. Imagine a younger. Prettier woman then in TJ or Nevada for that price. This is where people don’t understand that $1500 for travel expenses and a day of travel is well worth it. Once you get here your dollars go much further and the girls treat you better.

Den Haag
So far the cheapest window adult entertainment we’ve found in Holland. 35g will get you 30 minutes of full service. None of the games like Amsterdam. Den Haag caters
more to locals where as Amsterdam is more geared to the tourist trade. Windows can be located on upper floors so keep an eye out. For access wave and she’ll buzz you in. A peak times hundreds of girls are available.

Geleenstraat offers top class but higher prices similar to Amsterdam. The biggest selection of women work Fridays and Saturdays in the evenings.

First they hit Doublet-straat (Straat means “Street”) . Most of the women were black or from Latin America. Can you believe what a full half and half party costs? A fucking unbelievable 35g! You heard right, 35g or $18! The overall quality was not as good. But SD still managed to find two beautiful ladies to party with. The first woman was from Poland she looked exactly like a Vietnamese cashier that SD once dated. She stood 5’1″ and have a nice 34B chest and face. The adult entertainment was just OK but at $18 it was a steal. The second woman was a Hungarian named Kristina. She used to work as a waitress earning 5g an hour. She does not enjoy this line of work as much as the others but the money is too good. SD enjoyed his time with her and she allowed him a photo of her.

The Best Red Light District in Den Haag is located at Geleenstraat. It’s a T shaped street about 300ft wide. Here the quality was much better and price was about the same as Amsterdam. SD noticed a pretty Italian girl who was a near match to Ivanna (Donald Trump’s ex wife) and another Princess Diana look alike. If time allowed, SD would have been happy selecting these two just to fulfill his vanity. He could have picked a total of six girls here if time were not an issue. Yet SD settled on a petite Hungarian beauty named Betty. Betty had only been working about six months and was still very fresh. She may have had an eye for SD, as she only charged him 50g for half and half where as most girls here charged 100g. There were two reasons that SD chose Betty instead of the two celebrity look alikes mentioned above. First Betty had very beautiful face, second she looked exactly like a stock broker’s assistant who SD could not touch because of never mixing business with pleasure. Betty’s English was very limited, but it’s also true that adult entertainment does not require much speech. It was more then adult entertainment with Betty. It also was fulfilling a dream. SD managed to take a few photos with her and she volunteer to posted even naked! Betty even took the time to show him her portfolio of modeling shots. SD spent approximately an hour with this fine beauty and enjoyed every minute of it.

Another beauty he chose was a Czech girl named Kim . Standing about 5’7″ with a lovely 35B chest. Her face really reminded him of the Gypsy beauty. This woman was most active and inventive in bed. SD just lay there enjoying very moment of this beauty’s seduction as she worked. Kim also granted the rights to take a photo.

Katarina has the best ass I’ve seen period on this trip. Then again she’s only 21 and a gymnastic instructor and dancer. The tightest legs and butt I’ve ever experienced period, not much on top but my hands fit perfectly around those cheeks and not an ounce of fat. Europe laughs at the silicone and steroid women of America, they want REAL body parts and those muscular bodies is not in any huge demand. Tight and well defined is great and you find that all over Europe. I had straight adult entertainment with Katarina in several positions, what a site that perfectly shaved bush and those tight abs. Riding her from behind was one of the biggest turn ons with the help of a few well placed mirrors. It’s more common in Europe to find college students and high school grads then the hardened hookers we find in the states. Maybe its also part of the fact that most only work a few months to make some cash and go on to other things besides the work not carrying the same bad illegal wrap as in the US.

We tried the “Club” at Van Der Duynstraat 109 and quickly exited the joint after seeing about 4 of the ladies. It was only 100g to enter and you could have adult entertainment a couple times with a girl for a bit more. From what we saw the women were not to our liking, so we thanked the Madame and off we went. Unless its changed I’d avoid this place and stick to the Cheaper Red Light Districts, at 35g a shot you can have 3 different ladies for the 100g they charged just to get in. You know even if they offer cheap adult entertainment and several times, if the women aren’t decent looking we weren’t interested.

Well we hoped on the Autobahn and headed towards Rotterdam, most reports talked about the great clubs of which we did not find any. We made a stop at the Kiehlweg to check out the drive through area fully equipped with parking spaces separated by screens. The selection was terrible and even a few transvestites were trying to get in on the action. Imagine a city block area with a road way and several ladies standing along the driveway. You select one, they guide you into one of the maybe 50 parking stalls and services you in your car. I imagine you could get curbside service in some dark place too if you wanted. SD did the right thing and took in the sites and off we went to the famous house boats of Utrecht.

Utrecht is unusual in as they have a canal outside of the city with about 80 house boats, each contains a one room apartment complete with full bath. The rooms are large and comfortable and usually they have a queen size bed. (rent is about 1,200g a week) The women stand in the windows and you can either walk or drive along the road to check out the action. Surprisingly the selection is pretty good, I had two rather excellent parties. Both were Playboy quality without the attitude or price.

Name Country Age Body Eyes Hair Price
Kelly Holland 24 34d-24-34 Blue Blond 100g
Deanna Czech 26 34d-24-36 Grren Blond 100g

Kelly has to be one of my favorites, covered only by a leopard patterned bikini and those perfect d cup breasts. That long blond hair and those pretty eyes. I’m telling you guys, you don’t know what you’re missing, when you look at Penthouse or Playboy these woman actually exist here in the flesh. Kelly was a double treat as she allowed some kissing and my fingers to enter her hot wet love hole. This woman oozed adult entertainment appeal, she purred like a kitten and knew exactly how to use those lips to drive men insane. See Kelly wants you to feel special and come back often, she knows if she connects with you and treats you right you will reward her with repeat visits. I got some of the best head I’ve had on the trip. Doggie style was an art in itself, she made a ton of wet sounds and reached back to play with my balls as I drove my rod down inside her hot little box. That small waist and perfect butt, the only thing she had on were her 6 inch heels. I finished with missionary with my face between those real soft perfect breasts. Her fingers in my hair pulling me closer in. No woman in Nevada can compare to this babe, kisses you and allows you to roam freely, never rushes you and all for only 100g. About $50 for a bit over 30 minutes, that’s $100 an hour guys and I’m sure if you negotiated time she would lower that price to say 300g for two hours that’s only $150 a two cum, two hour party with a Playmate material babe. I will return to see Kelly many more times, whether its as a paid guide or on my own, some of the best adult entertainment I’ve had period. We spent the night at a nice hotel only a km or so away.

Utrecht Houseboats
Probably the hardest place to find but the most unique. This place is more like a adult entertainment drive thru as cars cruise along the banks 24 hours a day. I’ve seen some total foxes working here. Don’t waste time deciding here as some girls spend hours with the customer. I’ve had found more attractive and accommodating women here then in Amsterdam. The rooms are bigger, more private and there seems to be less pressure. Prices still the same 50g to 100g as usual.

At the end of the second day, SD picked another Dutch girl who lived in Utrecht. Sandra had the girl next door look and she was very cute. Charging only 100g for half and half. Standing about 5’6″ with blonde hair and a nice 36C chest. Her firm breasts and small nipples were ideal for SD. Having sampled almost 30 women on this trip of which there was only one set of fake breasts. In Europe, women prefer the real thing and SD can’t agree more. Not only was the adult entertainment excellent with Sandra, SD also enjoyed talking with her.

A very smart woman yet Sandra’s parents have no idea of what she does for a living. The boat’s rent for 1200g a week and a woman can average about 3000g a week in services. So the gross pay (before taxes) is about 8000g ($4,000) a month. A woman could make a very decent living and customers get a great deal at $50 a shot. Both the customers and the women are happy and the government gets their taxes. When will Nevada ranches stop the greed and learn from their European counter parts? While the novice keeps paying $400 and up in Nevada to support those smart whores, SD prefers to spend the $500 and fly to Europe for the ultimate adult entertainment.

At day 2 SD has now experienced five more young European girls from three countries for 320g (35+35+50+100+100) or a total of $160! What a deal or should I say steal!

The next morning we got up and had a European breakfast, the coffee by the way is excellent in Europe. Fresh bread and pastries along with cold cuts, Yogurt, cereal and cheese were standard. We found ourselves back at the houseboats for a quick look before our journey took us eastward.

My eyes and SD’s quickly caught, standing in the window as we entered the houseboat area once again. Another perfect 10 body, tanned and firm, not a stretch mark or imperfection to be found. Remember this guys, its broad daylight and no red lights or push up bras here. Once I got into her room and she undressed my stick was ready to hang a flag. She was awesome, very sweet and very capable of satisfaction of the sensual kind. She did some fantastic oral services and then we flowed into several positions until I blew my top and lay there a few moments after wards in her arms.
Passion guys, real touching and time spent like as if she was your girlfriend that’s what I seek. How can you even think of the word Whore after a session like that, you both part with a smile and you truly feel she had just as much fun as you. Brings memories back of a $100 15 minute rush at Madam Butterflies, when I was told that I was foolish for thinking any woman would do this cause she enjoyed it, it’s all based on cold hard cash. Well maybe cash has a lot to do with it, but I certainly know the difference from a woman that LOVES to make love and a woman who is renting you her hole. SD also got a chance to sample this beauty and I have to admit, this woman was really hot.

While SD took a pee in the woods, she got another customer! That tells you how busy she was! SD wanted to make the description of his experience with Deanna short. The adult entertainment was very hot. He asked her if he could take a photo and she declined. But till this day, he can still clearly remembered her exotic face and hot body!

Arnheim is suppose to be the 2nd biggest RLD in Holland. Close to the German border its a good side trip when your doing the FKK circuit near Duesseldorf. Its only about an hours drive. Prices are lower then Amsterdam and accommodations are cheap.

We made our way to Arnhem which is said to be the best of Holland and at half the price. Easy to find and about half the size of Amsterdam its well worth your time to make a stop if your in the area in the evening. We however arrived around 1pm and there was not much to be found in the windows. It was only a few hours drive to Germany and one of my favorite adult entertainment clubs. SD did the right thing and off we drove to the famous Herne FKK club. Let me close the Holland portion for now, we will return to northern Holland later in the trip so stay tuned for info on the famous adult entertainment Farms and Groningen. By far the best adult entertainment for me was in Utrecht, the least expensive was in Den Haag and the best selection of woman and beauty in Amsterdam. If the trip were to only contain these three destinations it would already be a huge success. Most of the Dutch people speak English and are more then willing to help with directions. The roads are many but beware of the lack of well planned signs. None of the cities have the so called square blocks and street signs are few and none at times. If you’ve never been prepared to spend some time finding places then by all means buy a detailed city map of each city you plan to visit. (SD totally agrees and Suffice to say the Dutch and Germans got their fair share of F word from Bob and SD, and they deserved it.)

Klein Ulsda (Small town in Holland near the German border) Which is reported in the WSG to have lots of cheap adult entertainment. It took hours to find this place. After dirt roads, lots of livestock and a few hours of searching we found 3 brothels. None of which had any women to our liking. Quality was on the 2 scale of 1-10. Prices were about 50g for 30 minutes.

We headed south into Germany at about 220 km an hour, I could see SD was new to this but had the situation well in hand. Germany is built on the idea of perfection and details which you’ll find many. FKK clubs are spread all over the Rhein Ruhr area of Germany. Beware they are not all the same and run by the same people even if they include FKK in the name. I’ve been to Herne’s club several times and always had a great time. A map is also mandatory in visiting the clubs, most clubs are hard to find and from the outside look basically like an expensive home.

City Club Address
Bochum FKK Bochum Wattenscheid Lohrheidestrasse 63
Dietzenbach FKK Dietzenbach Voltastrasse 4
Essen Party 130 Penelope Hundebrinkstrabe 8
Gelsenkirchen FKK Gelsenkirchen Grimbergstrasse 12
Herne FKK Herne Werderstrasse 76
Kamen If Club Kamen Unnaer Strasse 40
Krefield Happy Garden Butzenstrasse 41 (Odet)
Schwerte  FKK Schwerte Horderstrasse 100 (Moved)
Wuppertal FKK Wuppertal Eberfeld Hoechsten 2
Dortmund FKK Holzwickede Kolonie 14a
Dortmund FKK Aplerbeck Aplerbeck Bahnhofstrabe 5
Dortmund Club 370 Wittbraeucker Str. 370
Essen FKK Flintrop Flintrop Frintoperstrasse 627

We were unable to enter the Dortmund Aplerbeck club, seems they now want you to mail in an application for membership. Which makes it kinda tough when you only have a week and they ask for 2 weeks processing. This is the only time I’ve come across something like this, maybe they have had problems.

The last place in Essen the FKK Flintrop club looked like some very small residence and we saw absolutely no activity during the day or night. We did not want to take the chance of disturbing anyone so we passed this one by, no parking, no visitors we figured they did not have much to offer.

Herne is at the end of a small street in a residential neighborhood. The front has a rather large street number displayed and a tall Iron Gate to keep undesirables out. Once you ring the brass doorbell the door at the house opens and you’ll soon see a totally nude vixen wearing only heels. She’ll buzz you in and ask if you’ve ever been there before. I did some translation for SD and we each got two towels and a locker key. You go down a stairwell to the left as you enter and get undressed in the locker room. It’s very common in Germany at these clubs to wear only a towel, a robe or nothing at all while attending. There were all kinds of men, large, small, tall and short each with the intention of having a wonderful experience with one of the approximate 12 ladies. You put all your belongings in a locker and then take a shower in the next room. With only the towel wrapped around your waist and some slippers they provide you make your way back upstairs. There is also a large heated pool downstairs, a sauna and a bar. Once back upstairs you head to the bar where a female bartender greets you and takes your locker key. She gives you a bracelet with your name marked on it in exchange. Money is NEVER an object here, the rate is 160dm per visit to a room with a lady and 40dm if you don’t choose a lady during your visit. Drinks and snacks are included as well as full use of the club pool and sauna. There are two large rooms with several ouches, plus about 3 televisions with non-stop porno’s. Each couch has at least one lady lounging, hoping you will have a seat and become acquainted. They won’t pressure you and most of the time they wait for your effort to select them. (SD, did you forget the “full size” lady that you had to turn away?) Yes sometimes although rare a lady will have a seat next to you and start a conversation should she think you are shy and won’t make the first move.

SD was quick to spot a gorgeous young blond German Girl who I’ve seen before but never had the pleasure of partying with. He quickly made his way to her sofa and began some conversation. I was nearby incase he needed some translation and soon went on my own when he had indeed made a connection. I took my time and sat on a couch by myself taking a good look at each of the ladies I had to choose from. I will admit that the quality was not as good as Holland, not to say these women were not beautiful, they were just not the Playboy quality. They were as good or better then what you would find in Nevada. Germany does not have many boob jobs so be prepared for the natural look, and not so many large breasts.

This is when I spotted Monica, a very pretty blond with a face like Cheryl Tiggs or Christy Brinkley, a C cup chest and great well defined legs. She was just finishing up with a client making small talk and cuddling (After the party). See at an FKK club you sit and talk with the girl and you may touch and see if there is a connection. Kissing is not uncommon and usually you’ll find the girl making a move to entice you with light body touches and finally stroking your stick. If you let her go past this stage and begin a condom less oral job on the couch in effect your committed to spend time with her. The point is you can tell a lot by spending some free time in advance with the girl before you shell out your hard earned money. Don’t you hate it when in Nevada the girls expect to be paid when your in the room regardless if your having adult entertainment, The Germans think this is bullshit and the room is for one thing, adult entertainment, or maybe some privacy. Your 160dm is well spent and usually you’ll enter the room full ready to do the deed. I usually spend about 20 minutes on the couch with a woman touching, kissing, and then finally she gives me some oral adult entertainment before we grab a key and head for a room. The beds are huge a bit larger then a King and some rooms have mirrors for better viewing.

Monica wasted no time to lay next to me, we soon were all over each other and I must say I lost all control with this woman. She was very much into this and soon I found myself finger fucking her as she swallowed me whole without a condom. I’ll tell you right up front this was the best adult entertainment of the tour, maybe she was not as beautiful as Kelly or the others but boy she can fuck. We got into several positions and yes for adult entertainment we used a condom. Monica can handle a stick too, fondling your balls and stroking with a quick flicking of the tongue she was undoubtedly a nymph. I found myself going a bit nuts over her and did a little licking myself. I don’t usually go down on a working girl, she was just so hot and sweet smelling. We French kissed and she sucked my fingers as I held her legs high and over my shoulders. With each thrust she became more wild and passionate, I’m sure she climaxed several times before we finished. She felt really good in my hands and the sweat sealed our bodies together like one tight seal. You know this was the closest adult entertainment to what I’ve had with a girlfriend, even with kissing. I know what the Germans intended when they made FKK clubs, they wanted to cater to the men and give them REAL value. I’m also told that if a man is unhappy the woman may lose their job. They truly care about the customer and satisfaction. You know they understand the concept of “Customer is King”. Its worked so well that the club is very busy and business is booming. The price has even gone up from 120dm to 160dm in the last year. The men keep coming and the girls love to work there. I’ve yet to speak to one who has told me otherwise, you have to love what you do to keep up this kind of quality.

SP and I arrived at the club around 8PM. The famous FKK Nudist Club at Herne looked like an ordinary house from outside. If you don’t have insider information, there was no way you could tell that it was a business and a dozen beautiful nude women await inside. After we rang the door bell, a nude girl in high heels opened the door. SP and SD were each given a towel and a locker key. A locker room and swimming pool were located in the basement.

After a comfortable shower they went upstairs and presented the locker keys to the madam. In exchange the madam gave them each a bracelet with a small info card and fixed them to their wrists. After each session of adult entertainment, the girl would mark her name on this card so that she would get credit.

Besides making money, spotting beautiful women was another one of SD’s talents. When we entered the sitting room, out of the seven or so women we spotted, SD immediately picked out the most beautiful girl that he had seen on this trip. She was sitting alone on a sofa and was totally naked. Taking a seat near her at an adjacent sofa to her SD just could not keep his eyes off her. This was a new experience for SD and he needed some time to relax and take in the splendor of it all. With some encouragement from the experienced SP, SD moved towards this beauty and asked politely in English whether he may join her. That conversation then began and SD soon discovered that she was a 20 year old German girl named Anna. SP also joined in and sat close by to help with translation, since Anna’s English was not very good. The nice thing about this kind of club was that you don’t get charged for talking with the women. You can even kiss her and touch her, or even let her perform oral adult entertainment on you (usually without a condom, but once she did that you are committed) . The clock only starts ticking once you enter a room with her. SD had been informed about all these rule prior. For his first time he wanted to do all of this in the privacy of a room. After half an hour of talking with Anna, he knew that he could not go wrong choosing Anna. She was just such a sweet heart so he invited her to visit a room.

After a few minutes of small talk, Anna started French kissing SD. Man, this woman can kiss it was so damn good! Their lips and tongues parted only after a few minutes. With broken English, Anna smiled so sweetly and asked SD if he had onions for dinner. Suddenly SD remembered that the fried rice he had for dinner had contained onions and onions are notorious for producing strong breath! Had he known that he were lucky enough to meet a Anna Class lady (yes, SD would use the term “Anna Class” to represent the top class of courtesan! Just like “Enterprise Class” aircraft carrier would send you a message), he would have rather starved to death than dinning on food containing onions again. When you meet a woman most of time you go by your inside feelings. SD instinctively knew Anna meant no disrespect when she detected the taste of onions, she was merely trying to tease SD about the closeness from such a deep passionate sensual kiss. Instead of feeling embarrassed, SD found it to be very cute all made in fun. SD replied to her with an embarrassed “yes how did you know?” and they both started laughing.

SD began kissing Anna’s nipples and was extremely delighted with her firm and adult entertainment style breasts. Some men might prefer larger breasts, SD however appreciated the whole package as it was. Anna’s pretty face, 5’10”, 34B-24-34 figure and candid personality made for the best combination SD has ever came across. SD also enjoyed some highly sensuous oral adult entertainment by Anna which she performed without a condom, the sensations were so incredibly erotic and it bought him almost past the crest. Anna applied the condom on SD’s stiff rod using only her mouth. SD couldn’t wait to have Anna’s pussy swallow his member completely from above. Switching from both missionary and doggy style they sampled several positions. The adult entertainment was very intense and obviously Anna enjoyed herself immensely. Very wet with many moans of passion the entire session was filled with signs of her pleasure. The intensity of her moans and deep breathing matched SD’s rhythm so perfectly that there was no way this was other then genuine.

Anna shared many things with SD about her personal life and things concerning business, which made SD feel that much more special. To this day, SD can still remember Anna’s very cute face as she struggled to think about how to express an idea in English. Anna will always be special to SD and his special trip to Germany.

After the session both the woman and the client take showers. SD found out at a later time, the women also sterilize their mouths too with mouth wash. Once showered they both met again in the sitting room in the main lounge. For some reason this Friday night was not that busy so SD took the opportunity to continue his chat with Anna (no charge of course) once again. Later SP finished his session with hot Monica and joined us in the lounge. Only half an hour later, SD could not resist the temptation of tasting Anna once more. So he asked SP to excuse them for another session and this time the experience was actually like making passionate love to a soul mate.

Upon leaving , SD was charged 320DM ($190) for two 30 minute parties with Anna. In the States, SD could never had a two cum party with such a top class lady for $200! Ultimately the best deal SD had ever had encountered and one you could never find in the USA. With the advance of technology like jet plane and Internet, the world is quickly becoming a global community. SD intended to take full advantage of all these changes.

We got so lost in the search for Red Light Districts in Germany and with Jet Lag finally taking its toll. We were unable to find a hotel for that night and had to make the best of the time by spending that night in the car! A bit angry SD still managed to overlook that night by the thought of meeting the lovely Anna.

The FKK Wuppertal club is among my favorites but they seem to have a problem with hours. They don’t allow entrée two hours before closing because they figure its going to take you that long to finish. I beg to differ, we got there about ten minutes after the deadline and were refused entrée and told to return the next day. Well you know we could have easily paid our fee, picked a girl and done the deed well before closing time. The worst part is we did drive all the way back a day later and arrived right at opening time. Now with such strict rules you would expect them to live by the same standards. Their ads depict 15 girls to choose from and we were now there at the advertised time we were told . Well we were finally allowed entrée and then told once up two levels of stairs that there were only 2 ladies to choose from. The one that let us in was just ok and we did not want to take the chance of having to wait on one another to do one girl. After all part of the reason you go to such clubs is for the selection, I can tolerate half the promised staff of six but two that just wont do. So I can’t say that the Wuppertal club is at the top of my list this trip, I have had excellent parties in the past there. Nicky a 22 year old Moroccan girl rocked my world only a few months ago and I’d love to do it all over again with her. Well maybe some other time, I suggest you call this place and ask what’s available to save you time before you go.

Then we visited Hanover Germany’s Red Light District which did not have much action that afternoon. Thus we decided to rush off to the adult entertainment farms we had read so much about in the WSG near the northern border between the Netherlands and Germany.

Well as far north as we had come we decided to head back to the Holland border and visit the legendary Holland adult entertainment farms that line the border. Klein Usuda is mentioned in the WSG as a heaven for cheap adult entertainment. With a little time and a good map we found this small town just a few miles south of the main expressway. We could only find 2 of the 3 farms described in the guide. They looked pretty run down from the outside and once inside not much changes. It was apparent from the start that no matter how cheap it was the women were far below average. They bordered on ugly to ultra ugly, take my word for it, these places are a waste of your time. The closest thing to a cheap adult entertainment farm we found near the border on the German side was near Krefield.

So we quickly headed for the nearby city of Groningen which the WSG had spoke of 3 Red Light areas. After a hot dinner we made off to the Red Light area, its right off the main drag in a back alley. There were several good looking ladies with a total of about 100 windows. This city is the furthest north so temperatures were very much colder. Even with a heavy coat the wind chill made it hard to spend time slowly walking the street to make a selection. I chose Lisa a Blonde 37c-25-37 Dutch girl who spoke perfect English. Her price was 75g for full service and she allowed you do shower afterwards. I never felt rushed or short changed, she was very business like yet tender. It was more mechanical then I normally care for but its tough to go from adult entertainment clubs back to the windows. Kissing even on the exterior of the lips was out of the question here that was made very clear. Oral adult entertainment with a condom and two positions and I popped the lid. She cleaned me off and handed me a fresh towel and ran the shower water for me. I enjoyed my hot shower, got dressed and hugged her one last time before I left.

SD’s choice was a Netherlands blonde by the name of Kiki. She was 5’6″ high, had a pretty face with a nice 32B chest. Her skin was so smooth and her skin tone was as white as snow (all Dutch girls have very fair skin tone). The adult entertainment was great but not anything extra ordinary. She was 21 and had been working for about a year in the trade. Even the local authorities did not require health checks she did them regularly for her own sake. Her parents knew what she did, they don’t agree but were liberal enough to let her decide her own fate. SD was probably her last customer for the day and she would attempt to still catch a 21:30 movie. By now, you should understand that prostitution is much more accepted in Europe and is just like any job.

This ends the fourth day of the trip. Most hotel rooms had been booked full due to an annual auto convention. Luckily the skilled SP found the last room in the city making up for the night before. SD noticed that the number of girls he sampled everyday was going downhill from 7 to 5 to 2 to a all time low of one girl tonight, it was always darkest before the dawn.

Now one could do exclusively FKK clubs and have a fantastic trip, actually your chances of great never rushed adult entertainment are always better at a club then a Red Light District. SD opted to see all the possibilities offered to the German Public. So we headed north to Hanover again which is about an hour’s drive on the Autobahn. Hanover has several places to keep one busy, a Red Light window area and several walk through malls. Ludwigstrasse is almost like Holland’s Red Light District containing about 100 windows and a nice variety of ladies. Prices start at around 100dm for full service. The Malls which are only minutes away have several levels of small apartments that a girl will rent to sell her service. You walk the many levels and look for open doors where usually she will be sitting on a bar stool or lying on her bed waiting. You find one that appeals to you and discuss a price, if she accepts your offer the door is closed and the fun begins. One mall that is about 6 blocks away from the rest is frequented by the locals and is hard to find. You’d never find it merely driving the streets, there is no sign and only a doorway which leads to a courtyard. Once inside the yard there are two entrances which lead to two separate Malls. Each has about 6 levels and over 60 rooms, you’ll find them always busy from the hours of 9am till 2am.

We returned to Hanover’s Red Light District once again to check the action. Hanover had a few adult entertainment malls. adult entertainment malls are apartments with girls using the rooms to perform their work.

SD chose a Hungarian girl with a pretty face. Sandra was very good looking but the adult entertainment was just marginal. At 100DM ($60) he could hardly complain. Sandra had just arrived about two months ago and she found German people to be very cold. SD held back and did not share his view that he found her not much warmer than the Germans.

We then visited another eight story high mall and SD selected a German blonde by the name Vicky. Vicky was from Bonn, Germany in her early 20’s, stood 5’8″, had a very pretty face and long curly blonde hair. Her figure was 36D-24-34 with breasts so full and firm they were ideal. The most incredible part was that she charged only 50dm ($30!). adult entertainment with such a beauty could not be anything but good. Definitely a deal only the locals usually enjoy.

How much did SD like Vicky? SD asked her whether anyone had ever asked for her photo before. She replied that while many men have asked but she never had allowed them to photograph her. As SD has mentioned before, he always works by his gut level feelings. He really liked Vicky’s face and body and offered her 500dm for just one photo. SD had to persuade her that he just wanted the photo merely as a memory, so he could see her face once again privately in the future. Vicky being very flattered could not believe that this was true. So don’t complain about SD being cheap, just like any consumer he did not mind buying something good at bargain price. But when he sees what he likes he gladly will bid a very high price for it.

We then visited another club that went by the name the IF Club.

We made no bones about it that the clubs were the place to spend most of our remaining time. Our first stop would be the IF club near Kamen. We were greeted at the door by a Greek girl wearing a small revealing bathing suit which showed both her breasts. This place is one of the cheapest listed and we were soon to find out why. The interior was dressed to resemble the Roman times with statues and grape leaves. The layout was not very good for viewing the entire club from one place. There were about 5 girls working and SD and I both decided we wanted to give the Greek girl a try. We took a seat and she wasted no time getting close to me and grabbing my stick. The concept of buying her a bottle of champagne soon came into the conversation. They had several to choose from priced from 80dm to 400dm and she did not want to take no for an answer. We could see how the 80dm room charge was not that cheap if you had to always buy a 200dm bottle with each trip. Well we started with a small 80dm bottle and she quickly wanted to get to a room to continue. So up the stairs we went to a nice laid out room ready to do the deed. She quickly began some condom less oral adult entertainment and made a good attempt to add some moans of her own. She struggled a bit with the condom and climbed on top. For her size she fit rather well on top and was on the tight side. She made a lot of noise and I doubt it was real, I could tell she wanted to rush. She stopped and got on her knees for some doggie action. This is where things went sour, from above picked up a nasty odor that was coming from this Greek girl. Apparently she had a bit of an odor problem and the scent of something fishy lingered. She stopped again cause I just was not really into it and gave me a hand job to finish me off. I could deal with the hand job and spraying her chest with my milky white load. I got cleaned up and headed straight for SD to warn him of the impending danger. He was about to make his own trip upstairs with the lovely Greek girl. So in my opinion with so many other good clubs nearby to visit this was one is to be avoided.

The next club visited was in Schwerte.

Schwerte is really convenient to find and right off the Autobahn, it’s a true FKK club. It may be independent but it adheres to the standards of the other FKK’s. This club is set in a two story home which had a fire a year ago thus the unusual ceiling décor which actually looks unique. There is a huge pool outside that’s only used in the Summer and a large glass covered room. From what I’ve heard they have a great buffet and snacks free for the taking when you’re a guest. This place had by far the most women working at one time almost 12 to choose from and most were very attractive looking. I watched a tall athletic Italian girl working on a gentleman across from me. She seemed to really get into the work and had lots of adult entertainment appeal along with a healthy chest. When She returned a while later I made some eye contact and she sat with me. She spoke English as well as German, we hit it off right away and laughed a lot. She had a great sense of humor and was very touchy feely, in no time we were kissing and soon my cock found its way into her mouth. Did I mention before that its not unusual for a couple to do it all in public display. Well usually oral adult entertainment and petting happens in the lobby, but once in a while you’ll find a full fucking session taking place in plane view.

SD decided to give it a try selecting a beautiful woman and escorting her to a smaller part of the lounge where they were slightly secluded. Yet all could hear the action and partially see what went on between him and his lovely counterpart. Well back to Diana the lovely Italian woman I chose, she gave me the option of going into a group room which I graciously declined. This woman could suck a golf ball through 50 feet of garden hose and she made good use of her skills. In no time I was flat on my back and the super vacuum was hard at work. On top of it all when she came close to finishing she had a condom already in her mouth and installed the sucker only using her mouth. So smoothly in fact that I barely knew I was wearing it, every woman should learn this skill. Her powerful hips and muscles worked my shaft as she rode atop. She actually squatted for some time pumping me for the full effect. I just laid back and enjoyed the ride because she was definitely driving for now. Something very adult entertainment about the moans of an Italian woman which she made plenty of noise. She got me so wound up I flipped her over and took my turn pumping her from the rear. Very tight and great muscle control, my hands enjoyed slapping her cheeks as I pounded it home. I wanted to finish with her wearing her ankles for ear rings so once again I flipped her over. Her long powerful legs high in the air and that tiny trimmed bush marking the spot. You know the size of the woman really never determines the tightness, some of the biggest women have the tightest snatches and she was no exception. I pumped till I could no more and let off a huge blast and fell to earth with only her tender pillows to catch my fall. Truly a special time in a special place, I can’t wait to go back and go at it again.

At this Club, SD first selected a beautiful young girl called Vivian. She was the youngest woman SD had sampled in Europe. She was 18 years old and had only started working a week ago! You could not find anyone fresher than her! Her look was very European and much like a classic movie star. She is the descendant of a Greek and German couple living in Germany. Not very tall but her 36C breasts more than made up for the difference in height. Condom less oral adult entertainment seemed to be a norm but kissing could not always be taken for granted. adult entertainment was on the plain side possibly it was due to her being new and her first week there. But such freshness made for a really nice experience.

So far SD had never tried any intimacy with a girl in the open on a sofa. Diana was the Italian girl that SP had just tried and he reported her to be very good. So SD decided to select her and try out his new fantasy. He toured the whole house and picked a corner that was kind of off the side. SD began kissing her and found this girl to be really hot. Condom less oral adult entertainment was a norm at this clubs but SD still found it incredible in such a “hot open spot”. At first SD planned to just do the oral adult entertainment “in public” and continue the real adult entertainment in a room. But the action became so hot that he changed his plan to finish the whole act in public. Man, this Italian girl was real hot we tried every possible positions and her moaning was really loud and intense. By the time SD finished and made his way out he discovered a crowd of at least five customers outside enjoying the audio show (they could hear but barely see). SD did not felt no embarrassment at all, actually he felt pretty good.

The bill for SD totaled about 260dm for two girls. I’m not sure whether it was 110dm or 130dm per party but who really cares? What’s the difference between $65 and $75 anyway?

By the time we left the club it was almost 21:00pm. We attempted to visit another club in Dortmund. A small house with five girls working so we gave it a try. After a quick shower we noticed a hand written poster on the wall “winter special. Three girls for 200dm!” By this time SD knew that none of the girls would meet his expectations. SP and I had a seat in the lounge and SP ordered a cola and I a coffee. We sat for 30 minutes and found all five women horrible. SD offered to pay the 200dm for SP to enjoy the special and SP cleverly declined. In the end they each paid 50dm and left happily. Ah, 50dm for a coffee or a cola how expensive things in Europe could get. Before they left the premises , one of the ladies asked them with a smile, “you didn’t find any of our ladies to your liking?” SD just kept his pace and quickly walked out he had no idea how SP could get us out of this one.

Day six began with another FKK Club. We usually woke around 10am and took off around 11am. We arrived at the first ranch by noon. We were the early birds and soon there after many of local Germans also began arriving. In Germany, it’s very common for a businessman to take a longer than usual lunch break, visit a club, have adult entertainment, shower and return to work.

SD selected a 6’0″ tall Polish beauty named Aggie this time. She had a very attractive face, 34C breasts and a slim figure which was a huge turn on. As usual, condom less oral adult entertainment was part of the deal except kissing was not. Her pussy was very wet and her moaning very realistic. If she indeed was acting, her performance deserved an Oscar. She has just started working two months ago, it always surprised SD how talented these inexperienced European girls are.

Gelsenkirchen was a very elegant house and as we pulled up we noticed a buffet delivery truck. Its not uncommon to have lunch or snacks served during your stay which is always included for no extra charge. Once inside you got the feel you were in a very well appointed mansion, classic furniture and lavishly covered walls of wood and art. Pretty much every couch had a beautiful woman lounging on a sofa only missing the presence of a man. We got our towels and keys and headed downstairs for the showers. I did make eye contact with Sissy this petite tanned Turkish girl. Once showered we got our bracelets and took a walk through the parlor. I could pick a few others if I needed to. This place was getting very close to the quality of Herne and only minutes away. Well when I sat in the room with Sissy I knew my first instincts were right on. We clicked right away and the conversation began. She began the touching and closeness you only experience at a real FKK club. She got me right into the mood and off we went upstairs to a huge room with a round bed. Oral adult entertainment without a condom and this woman knows how to look adult entertainment too. adult entertainment was overflowing in her expressions and positions. We quickly shifted to several positions of hot humping and pumping. Her petite and agile body was easy to maneuver and hold as I had total control of all the pleasure. I’d never had a Turkish woman, those adult entertainment brown almond eyes and full lips. Seems like Germany has a taste of every country to sample. She sensed my peak and to my surprise she pulled out my throbbing rod and quickly removed the condom. Licking my shaft to push me over the edge she lowered its aim towards her perky breasts. What can I say, I watched my load explode across her neck and chest dripping down her body made it twice the pleasure. Sissy is a housewife who wants more from life and enjoys her work immensely, it’s easy to see she’s skilled at what she does.

SD did not find Sissy particularly pretty, but he wanted to have a taste of his first Turkish girl and SP said she was good. So he gave her a try. Sissy was indeed very hot in bed and even allowed French kissing, my only complaint was the nicotine taste from French kissing her. SD has yet to meet a working girl that did not smoke it seemed to be the norm.

You know if you do a trip like this you can experience numerous types of woman from all over the world. Women that really enjoy what they do and take pride in the work they do. Prices are fixed in the Clubs and the women make more money ONLY by providing better service and getting repeat customers. With such a system men are always ensured of better service and higher quality. From a land that builds the worlds best cars also comes the worlds best system for male pleasure. Not only will you get the adult entertainment of your life, the reduction in stress is unbelievable, I’ve never felt more refreshed or relaxed after a trip then one to Germany. You’d be surprised how affordable it is and best of all its so far away from where you live there is never a trace of evidence for a wife or partner to find. Premier tours will handle all the bills and travel plans on one handy charge, you just sit back and enjoy a once in a lifetime thrill. All for about what two small trips to Nevada would cost.

SD really likes the idea of one fixed price and no negotiations are needed. Unlike Nevada you don’t have to be afraid that bargaining too hard could make a party less enjoyable. Yes, if you do decide to do a tour of Europe I’d highly recommend you check this link.

Needless to say SD wanted to return to Herne to spend some more time with the
lovely Anna. I agreed and asked to first sample her myself. Let me share with you that Anna is a very attractive tall German girl with a killer smile and great sense of humor. She’s very up front and really does not know how very attractive she is on the outside as well as the inside. I spent a short period of time with her on the couch getting to know her a bit more. She’s saving her earnings to further her education and will only be working for a few more months. She is very passionate and has a very soft sensual touch. After some friendly kissing and fondling we headed for a private room to continue the action. Laughing and giggling we rolled around on the huge King mattress kissing and exploring each others bodies. Anna really enjoys her work and it shows in her passionate nature. Her long fine blonde hair draped down her back, those sparkling intense eyes combined with one firm hard body could get any man into the mood. Her soft lips wrapped around my shaft and her fingers slowly worked me up to speed. She popped a condom into her mouth and the next thing you know I was wearing it. A great trick to avoid that break in the action when protection needs to be used. We never missed a beat and soon I found her on top riding my rod like a bucking bronco. We played with each others nipples and rode into the hour. We did missionary and doggie style before I finally climaxed. I lay there for some time chatting with her in her native tongue before we went back into the lounge with the others. I know SD had a great time with her and I know why, she’s so genuine and fresh, the ultimate student courtesan that most American men will never meet.

While SP was having fun with Anna SD used his talent to spot next best looking girl within the crowd (there were at least 3 other girls that SD would do, if the time allowed). SD knew that we didn’t have much time so he moved quickly. SD invited her to a corner sofa. Antonia was definitely another Anna Class courtesan. She was also a 20 years old beautiful blonde German girl who lives in Koln and drives about an hour to work everyday. Her English was much better than most German girls due to her previous occupation. In the exchange SD also told her that he was a tourist from USA. Then he wasted no time and started some major French kissing with her. Antonia could read SD’s mind she went down on me to perform a fantastic condom less blow job without any instructions. SD decided to take the hot action to a room. It was approaching 5pm and the club was very busy.

Antonia still managed to find an empty room fairly quick for the action to resume. After some more hot kissing and an intense blow job SD used his gut feelings and decided to go down on her. SD being very picky was only willing to take the risk with women that tasted right and that he really liked. In the 69 position he kissed and licked her pussy and dam it tasted so sweet. Her moans became stronger and stronger and she climaxed after only a few more minutes. SD had the feeling that she was having an orgasm but didn’t want to spoil the mood and asked at that time. After a short pause, Antonia got on top of SD while they were enjoying themselves in the woman on top position the door suddenly opened and another couple entered (this room was designed for group orgy and was so big that it could accommodate at least 4 couples). There was no interruption and the heat just kept getting hotter. Antonia was just a very hot woman and her moaning and gasps made it even more realistic. After we exhausted several positions it was SD’s turn to have his final explosive orgasm.

While they were recovering after this intense session, the other couple was still enjoying themselves. SD asked Antonia whether she had a good time. She replied that she had a great time and even an orgasm when he went down on her, and that was not a very common occurrence. SD was convinced that she had no reason to lie for the $45 she could make and please just a tourist, who might never come back again.

SD assumed that SP had told Anna that he would like to see her next, but SD’s assumption was wrong. When Anna walked by, she said hello to SD by kissing him on his lip. This action only reinforced SD’s assumption that Anna was aware of the fact that he would like to see her. As SD was waiting for Anna, she clean all the ash trays on the tables. The German is much smarter than the Yankees in doing the legal adult entertainment business. Their overhead is much lower than their Nevada counter part. They only open from about 10am to midnight and require only one shift. They eliminate employees like security guard, cook and cleaning maid (the girls share and do most of the cleaning).

Anna in fact did not know that SD was waiting for her and it turned out that she was picked by another old gentlemen. As SD was waiting for her, he observed that there was a beautiful blonde talking to an old “full size” gentlemen. By the way, the average age of the customers in these Nudist Clubs was about 45. SP and SD always found themselves to be the youngest customer inside every club they visited. SD’s waist measured 32″ but this older “full size” gentlemen must have a waist line of at least 70″ (basic arithmetic said that as the diameter double, so does the circumference!) These clubs are indeed heaven for the “full size” gentleman. They could paid the same prize. SD felt sorry for the girls who have to deal with them. Later Kim told SD how she could deal with them mentally.

After about an hour long wait, SD finally had the chance to have another private moment with Anna at the same sofa that Antonia and he shared just moments ago. Anna gave him a big long French kiss to make it up for the long wait. SD would have really liked to have a hot public session with her as this might be the last chance before she retires this coming April and SD being the customer has that right. Yet as the gentleman he is, he liked her to make the choice of which she preferred the privacy of a room.

Once inside the room, SD shared with Anna that he had missed her in only that short time away. Anna was shy and lowered her head to replied, “don’t say that”. They kissed again and this time SD could taste something from her. He asked her whether it was really a mouth wash he tasted. She nodded yes and they both started laughing. Then he deliberately teased her about the onion story and asked her again whether he really had bad breath last time. Anna was very anxious to explain an answer that SD had already knew. SD would never dare to tell Anna how much he enjoyed watching her anxiously explained in her broken English. Her cute face and mannerisms were something that SD will never forgot about this trip.

Last time SD had met with Anna, towards the end SD asked if he may go down on her and Anna agreed. After the great experience with Antonia, it only reinforced his plan to go down on Anna and she tasted even better. As SD was busy licking and sampling different parts of her fine shaved pussy, Anna responded with a continuous moan of pleasure, with different pitches and intensities. Within half an hour SD was enjoying French kisses, condom less oral adult entertainment, oral adult entertainment on her and adult entertainment in all different positions. It was just like making love to the woman of your dreams. Anna now shared with SD why she did not allow herself to climax with a client and SD respected her wishes. In Anna’s own English, she explained how “she had good feel” (i.e. she felt good) and he knew that was true.

SD had such an unbelievable time with Anna that he stayed in the room for another 30 minutes, just to talk with her. As SD wanted to book another 30 minutes Anna told him that the bill already totaled 480dm ($280) (160dm for Antonia, plus 320 dm for two 30 minute sessions with Anna), she did not want SD to spend another 160dm. This was the first time SD had met a genuine woman that did not want him to spend needless money.

Anna was a really special girl. She has already been working for a year and is planning to quit this April. She’s working to save money for school and before SD left he silently put a $200 tip in Anna’s hand and whispered to her “that’s for your education fund”. Anna replied “are you sure?” Yes, I’ll never regret that and you deserve it. SD for the last time wished Anna that she would always find happiness.

The Bochum club 63 was not as fancy as the others, I’m sure they are either owned by the same people as Herne and Gelsenkirchen. They seem to have the same items at the bar that the others do. There weren’t as many pretty women to choose from as some of the other clubs but there was one that really stuck out. Vanessa a 5’9″ brunette 36d-24-36 walked in, she had this large Tiger Tattoo on her hip, her hair up with several strands dangling down. Kinda the Ivanna Trump look, she was only 23 and had these brilliant blue eyes. She did not spend too much time with the customer across from me but she still had my attention. While she was away in the private room with the customer I checked out the other women. There was a perky Blonde Petite German girl and a few others, none of which caught my attention. Finally Vanessa returned and I grabbed her knowing if I did not act someone else would certainly steal her away. She was a bit taken with me and my actions but smiled and we found a quiet spot in the lounge to sit and chat. From our conversation I found she spoke 7 languages and has a ranch with 4 horses at home. She’s happy with her life and enjoys what she does. Separated from her husband with no children she takes life day by day and has this wonderful sense of humor. This is a woman I could fall for, we laughed and played and she shared so much about herself. Finally with a woody and a smile we walked down the hallway to her favorite room. This woman had a body, and a face to match, her wicked smile and strong accent made it all the better.

She wasted no time and soon we were eye to eye kissing and fondling each others bodies. Her firm young tight body which is unheard of in places like Nevada and TJ. So fresh and well kept, those well defined, toned legs and buttocks. She was a turn on just to see before me and to have for my pleasure. Kissing my neck and chest working her way down she used her fingers to tease my nipples. She left not one inch of my body untouched as she consumed me with every kiss and lick of her velvet wet tongue. Her skin so soft as I cupped each tanned breast and began licking around its apex. I could feel her spasms as my fingers probed up her thighs as she tried to stay focused on me. I could only run my fingers through her hair once she had sunk between my legs and began her tongue antics and lip torture. What a site to have this Goddess running her hot lips along my shaft and those quick bursts of her flicking tongue. I fond myself numb except the intense feelings generated from her actions covering my manhood. Deeper and deeper she took me in and those perfect little hands cupping and squeezing along the way. She smiled and knew instinctively that I was very ready for that hot trimmed bush to cover my stick. Quickly and without losing a beat she slipped on a very thin and sheer condom. She straddled me and slowly lowered herself ever so slowly upon my stick. It seemed like slow motion to watch the head disappear up into those wet lips, she moaned more with each bit of its length. Finally she rode me like a stallion with a forward rocking motion and I held on for my life. Reaching up along her trim waist and hips she leaned forward to plant her hands on my chest. I raised my head and took each breast into my mouth feeling its’ firm taught nipple and nibbling at the tip. Tugging and blowing I brought her breathing up a notch as the speed increased and we went into overdrive. I rolled her over and set her on her knees and rubbed the end of my wet shaft up and down her wet crack. Slowly I pushed the head in and lowered it to maximum depth and began my thrusts. My hands firmly grasped her cheeks and pulled her closer with every thrust. Looking to my right at the mirror I could barely believe my eyes. Here I was mounted behind this Playboy bunny like woman her thick full hair draped downwards. Her large breasts hanging freely as they banged like two bells in a chapel. Those long tanned legs bent at the knees wearing only a pair of high heels. Like out of a magazine I was living proof that those women don’t only exist in printed form. What seemed like hours and only took minutes I rolled her over once more to embrace her. Her legs up over my shoulders I buried my rod deep within her tight crotch. Kissing her neck and ears, I could taste her sweat and smell her sweet perfumes. I was on the final stretch, and the animal in me was emerging. My hands slipped under her cheeks to take full control of her body. Pumping and thrusting deeper and harder I could see her eyes roll back into her head. Her breasts like Jell-O as her entire body rocked with spasms. I could feel the boiler about to burst and the volcano building for a major blast. My heart beat tripled and I pounded away like a jack hammer on rock hard concrete. Oh god, I could not hold it back one more second, as it shot with such pressure and force. Just like the load that exploded outward, all my breath seemed to escape. I collapsed forward onto those soft wet pillows and embraced her. We lay there for at least another ten minutes in our life embrace. This was as close to an encounter with a girlfriend or well trusted lover as I’d ever had. Needless to say we stayed in the room for a bit longer as I gave her a massage, her neck, back and rear. She really enjoyed it and for a time also got lost in the thought that we were not in a club. My hands touched every tense part of her, thighs, arms, hands, waist and down to the bottoms of her souls.

I left her my address and number in the US and invited her to stop by
anytime. From what I could tell she might just take me up on that offer. This has got to be one of my most memorable parties in Germany. All for about $60 and the time I spend with her in the lounge was free. We sat in the lounge and had some drinks, talking and laughing up a storm.

While SP was having fun with this rare beauty, SD only found one lady to his liking, a petite Polish blonde named Samantha. She did not speak a word of English, yet she was very cute, maybe not the prettiest. ( Keep in mind that SD is very picky) By most men’s standards she was very pretty. By this time (condom less oral adult entertainment) was almost routine but having it done in a mirrored room made it even more exciting. Somehow this lovely woman was able to give SD one of the most intense orgasms he had ever encountered on this trip. He came like a rapid firing machine gun.

Judging by the passion and effort SP used to describe his session with Vanessa, you could tell can beautiful she was. SP was so impressed with her that he now was giving her a public massage. SD did not want to miss this chance, so he partied with her as soon as SP finished his massage. SP’s description of his session with Vanessa was in such detail, it makes no sense for SD to repeat it. At this point in the trip, SD had come to the conclusion that on the average, TJ or Nevada were just no match for Europe. No matter if its Amsterdam or Germany’s Nudist Clubs, no matter if it was real or faked, most European girls will make sounds so real that it was a huge turn on anyway. Not only were they much cheaper in Europe, their service (almost every girl in Germany’s nudist clubs will perform condom less oral adult entertainment, French kissing ) was simply

After the session, SD also gave Vanessa a massage and she really enjoyed it. SD discovered a point on her back which when pressing it made her laugh uncontrollably. She opened her purse and showed SD a cartoon rabbit SP had drawn (with his address and phone number!). Then she flipped the sheet to reveal the back of the pad and marked the session on it. SD had a glance and discovered how much business she had done in her few months work. Vanessa’s English was very limited and SD could not speak German at all (SP’s ability to speak German was definitely an advantage in Germany). With his finger pointing at all the marks on the sheet SD started to laugh and then Vanessa also started laughing. She knew that SD had discovered her little secret already. Vanessa was not only beautiful, she was cute. Her figure was unbelievable and her personality was so charming she was one of the most intriguing ladies SD had met in this trip. She would be a lot of men’s ideal girl friend.

This ends the sixth day.

That day our first stop was another Club in Essen. SD selected a Hungarian woman whom which he can’t even remember what she looked like. He does remember the intensely satisfying orgasm he experienced with her.

We got an early start at club Penelope 130 in Essen at Hundebrinkstrasse 8. This club doubles as an FKK club during the day and a high class ranch style Brothel at night. We however only got to sample the daytime activities which were on the slow side but ample. SD and I spent some time in the sauna resting our bones and opening all those closed skin pores. Really nice club I might ad, looks like in the evening they have cocktails around the pool and dim the lights for an outdoor look.

I spotted the fine body of a very tanned Brazilian woman named Lilena about 36 38d-26-36. A tropical show dancer by trade she oozes sensuality and cheerfully embraced me as I had a seat next to her in the lounge. She did not speak a word of English but spoke German well. We chatted a bit and the usual touching and kissing began. She had the greatest soft touch and just loved touching. Her body was very tone and her skin ultra soft. I couldn’t help getting lost in all those curves and crevices. The room was a bit on the small side and filled with other pretty ladies. We soon headed off to a room downstairs where she began a erotic, deep full contact head job. Remember this was without a condom and this woman could suck. She worked my stick like an ice cream cone melting on a hot summer day. Twisting and varying in speed as she swallowed me whole at times. I began to finger her hot wet hole which she got her moaning louder and louder the deeper I went. Those big soft tits and hard nipples dangling before me. She was just dripping in no time as I finger fucked that tight little hole. Made her word my cock even harder and faster, before she whipped out the condom and slipped it on. She did not even have to ask me, she wanted this as much as I did. She climbed on top and guided my missile slowly up into her wet man eating hole. I played with those hard nipples squeezing and pinching them as they bounced. My hands slid slowly down her sides to their final resting places on those hard butt cheeks. Where I pulled here down over my shaft and pushed up with each motion she made. That tight pussy was sucking my cock right up inside her hot little hole. Well I knew we had run past the 30 minute mark but at only 100dm per session how could I stop. We fucked sideways, her bent over next to the bed, doggie style, her on top facing backwards. We screwed in almost every position you can imagine and she kept coming one after another. I had to switch positions often just to slow the action so I kept from cumming to quickly. Finally in after almost a full hour I had her take the condom off and had her do some more hot oral adult entertainment. She sucked and sucked until finally with the last drop of my energy and strength I blew my load over her tanned breasts.

She could not believe we hit it off so well and fucked like minks, she admitted to coming three times. She said she usually does not get the chance to cum at all but we got so hot she could not help herself. You know that’s what makes some of these sessions so good, the women get into the act and then it really becomes making love. Unlike some brothels and ranches where its merely renting the hole for a short time for us to do our deed. It’s such a total turn on when a woman is scratching your back and pulling you in to get every inch up inside her. Moaning and talking dirty wanting to be fucked like there is not tomorrow.

Well she cleaned me off and was a bit worried that we went for more then the 30 minutes. I calmed her down and said it was alright and explained that I totally enjoyed myself. She seemed so happy and pleased, like most men would not want to spend the extra time. These women just love to please and they know they answer to the establishment who caters to return customers all the time.

Well SD was waiting in the lounge and off we went to the next stop. For 200dm about $120 the hour I had some of the best adult entertainment I had every had. Something I could never have in the US, it’s usually twice the price and not half the quality. I guess you could compare TJ and a $70 half hour, that’s still more money and usually only Latin women.

We were told about the Happy Garden by another customer at the Bochum FKK Club who raved about the selection and prices. It was mentioned in the WSG but no city or address was given. With the info provided we headed to the Happy Garden club just outside of Krefield Germany, not too far from the Holland border. The parking lot was a good sign that this place was very busy. The Madame answered the door and explained how things worked at this club, 100dm entrée for use of the facilities and 50dm for each visit to a room with a girl. If you wanted oral adult entertainment without a condom then it was 50dm on top of the 50dm. This place was very classy, a large indoor Olympic size pool, tanning booths and a well stocked bar which also includes all the booze you can drink for no extra charge. The ladies here don’t walk around nude they wear bikinis or skimpy lingerie. The selection was great as far as looks went, most were 8 – 10 scales and just about every flavor you could imagine.

I choose Rita a tiny dancer body type blonde from Hungary, she had killer legs and ass. Only wearing a thong and a small bra I approached her and made some small talk. The drawback to this club is its not a FKK club and nothing really happens outside the rooms. So the foreplay usually done at the other clubs in the lounge is done on time in the room. This is more like Nevada but the women are younger and prettier, you won’t find any older Pro’s here. From what they wear there is not much to hide from view.

Rita was very quiet and only interested in doing what I wanted and getting to the deed. It did not stop me from having a good time and enjoying her tight 19 year old body, it was only her first week working here. She explained that she had just finished school in Hungary as a Registered Nurse and after months no luck finding a position she took this job. She did not appear out of place or uncomfortable just very young and inexperienced. Non the less I went for the full service and she began a very satisfying blow job. She was pretty good and even with a condom her oral skills would shine through. If I were to do another girl. I’d opt for only 50dm and use a condom, I don’t think it’s worth double the price. We did doggie style and missionary, I almost busted her in two she was so tight and petite. Those firm supple legs were a joy to lift and shoulder, her soft skin and tight body made for an easy climax.

Happy Garden was special in two senses. First, they had something like 20 girls and if time allowed, SD wouldn’t mind having adult entertainment with at least five of them. So you knew the average had to be high. Second, the management pockets all of the 100dm entrance fee and the girls keep all of the 50dm charged going to a room. Imagine if SD partied with four women, the average became 75dm, or $45 per woman. Keep in mind that 50dm was for adult entertainment and oral adult entertainment with condom, adult entertainment and condom less adult entertainment would cost 100dm. After a shower SD put on the white bath robe that was provided. It did not take long to spot a beauty sitting alone. After some small talk we went to a room (this place must have 20 rooms!). Kim was a German girl with long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was pretty but not the prettiest. By her look alone SD would not normally pick her first. SD has said so many times before that he went by gut feelings and this time was no different, which led him to this rarest encounter in this trip.

Kim’s English was very good and we talked for quite a long time. Kim had worked in seven clubs within the last 18 months. So naturally SD asked her whether she knew Jessica. To his surprise they have known each other for ten years! Both of them were 20 years old and that meant that they were friends since they were 10! Kim had 36C chest which was very adult entertainment style. She did not kiss or do blow jobs without a condom, but SD thought that was fine. The adult entertainment was OK and after 15 minutes the first session was over. At that time SD discovered why he liked Kim, unsatisfied by the dull adult entertainment , lack of kisses and lack of a condom less blow job. Something else had his attention. Other than the colors of her eyes and hair, Kim looked exactly like SD’s high school classmate. They were very good friends and shared a lot of fun memories, but SD was never brave enough to tell her “I love you”. They had lost contact after graduation. All SD knew was that she had married a MD and he wished the best for her.

Kim went upstairs for another round of drinks and the party resumed. SD told Kim about his thoughts and memories of the past of which Kim was very surprised. He asked for permission to take a few photos and she gladly granted him the right instantaneously. Kim must like modeling as she quickly began posing in different positions for him. They talked for a long time about a lot of things. Of course Jessica and the club business were two of the main topics. From Kim’s opinions these club rarely have any tourist business. Yankees, you don’t know what you are missing! The session ended with another hot entry into Kim’s parlor. The two and a half hour party should have cost me 250dm, but SD paid her 500dm.

By the time SD returned upstairs a simple buffet was being served. Both SP and SD took advantage of it before they headed for Hamburg, Germany’s biggest rip off .

We also stopped in Hamburg which is strictly a city for your viewing pleasure never actual adult entertainment. Hamburg has an area called the Reeperbahn about a ¼ mile of adult entertainment Shops, adult entertainment Shows, Bars, adult entertainment Malls, Eros centers and a small Red Light area. Prostitutes are everywhere near the Red-light area working for themselves if not part of the window system. You’ll find several very attractive 10’s occupying the windows and barely dressed. Once they spring the trap and get you in the room for anywhere from 50dm to 100dm then the actually negotiations begin. Bear in mind that they won’t really have adult entertainment with you, more of a tease session and hand job. You’d be lucky to get a blow job with all her clothes off for 200dm. We’ve tried several thinking maybe it was our luck and some did do full service, but out of several not one did more. They prey on the tourist and one time visitors to spend a bundle and not return. So beware and avoid Hamburg at all costs its only good if you want to look and observe.

A lot of girls here were playboy material. But as SD found out later, Hamburg was the biggest rip off Red Light District of the trip. All of them were gorgeous but SD still managed to finalize with two. The first one he picked looked exactly like a Nevada girl that he once liked, but here she was 15 years younger. When he asked how much he was told it would be 100dm for everything. Because all the beauties on this trip were not expensive, he found no need to use caution.

After he entered the room the girl asked whether he would like to spend more to have an even better time. SD should have taken this as a hint and left then. But once again every experience on this trip was nice so he did not take any precautions. He again said he just wanted to spend 100dm and gave the girl the 100dm. Then the girl asked whether he could give her 20dm for a soft drink. Being a gentlemen he complied and began undressing while waiting for her to return.

She returned with two sodas in hand (it was when SD wrote this report that he understood that she used this chance to hide the money, so it would be more difficult for the customer to recovered it.) After a sip SD want to started the action. It was at this time the girl said that she could only perform a blow job for 100dm, and asked whether SD could spend another 300dm and for that she promised him the moon. By this time SD was aware of what was taking place. He was very upset and insulted. He asked the girl to forget it and began dressing himself. He stayed calm and took his soda with him. Before leaving can you believe the nerve that these women even ask for the return of the soda bottles? SD walked out slamming the door behind him on his way out in a rage.

SD thought that it might be just a single bad incidence. Since he did not see SP, so he proceeded to the second best looking girl. Once again she said that it was 100dm for a full “suck and fuck session”. After the girl takes your 100dm she quickly disappeared SD felt again that something was wrong and did not want to get undressed. As the girl returned (from hiding the money again), she asked why he was not undressing and if he would like to spend say another 500dm to stay two hours. This Italian woman spoke much better English and explained how business here is done. Basically every girl will ask for 100dm for “suck and fuck” to attract the customer, once they get the money they would try to talk you into spending more. SD was never afraid, although being in a foreign country (Germany is not a third world country). He began a heated argument with her. When he determined it was time to leave the girl asked him why on earth would he want to “waste” 100dm. The fact is he could easily spend 200dm more and have a good time. He just did not like the idea of being cheated. He also never wanted to reveal to her that he had for about 30 seconds, the temptation to spend the extra 200dm to try and salvage the situation. In hindsight he had done the right thing, it was a matter of principle. Why would I spend more money to support a scam like this? If they had tricked you once, how could you be sure they wouldn’t trick you again? 200dm was money spent on a learning experience. SD has shared his experience with you, so please stay away from the Hamburg Red Light District and save yourself the loss of your hard earned money.

Before the age of the Internet, it was next to impossible to reveal scams like this. Even with the internet, SP and SD both knew that they could never stop other tourists from falling into traps like this. But they had tried their best.

Our last day in Germany and the F**K Fest tour, I was hoping for one last fun time in one of the famous FKK clubs. There are four advertised on the web that seem to be owned by the same people who own Herne. This was the newest one Dietzenbach, which is only a few miles from Frankfurt. The directions were very detailed and we found it without a hitch. It was located in the industrial section of the city behind another business. This place had the biggest pool and lots of marble flooring. SD had his eye on one of the local German girls so I made for the best I saw a half Thai and Malaysian girl. She spoke excellent German but sadly no English or very little. For an Asian woman she had a nice C chest and bubble butt. SD had disappeared quickly with his German girl so I took a seat and introduced myself to Lonnie. She was very friendly and the touchy feely type we most often encounter at these clubs. I asked her if she knew where my friend was and she pointed over by the pool and stated” He’s busy at the moment”. I barely see SD at a distance on a couch by the pool where it appeared the German girl was already working on the poor SD. They soon got up and made their ay up the large marble stairwell to the plush rooms upstairs. Lonnie informed me that many of the ladies live here at the club while some do come to work daily.

Well Lonnie soon took me by the hand and led me out to the pool area where there were about 8 red sofas. We took a seat and she soon began kissing my chest and lips. Some light fondling and exploration led her to uncover my tool and begin wetting the tip with her tongue. This girl was very proficient ad oral gratification. She began a vigorous head job with plenty of finger and tongue action. She came up for air after about 10 minutes of this great stimulation and asked if I would care to go somewhere more private.

Off we went up those marble stairs to one of the many rooms upstairs. I liked the addition of the many mirrors and extra large bed. She laid out the towels and we climbed aboard and began some heavy petting and kissing. My stick still in her hand she worked it like the stick shift on a fine sports car. This woman had some good passion going and the sweet sounds that came from here were in deed very real. She loved sucking dick and picked up right where she left off by the pool. Nice deep strokes and plenty of playful nasty looks as she looked up while giving me a full tongue lashing. Soon I was sporting a tightly fit extremely thin German condom and she climbed on top. Her body was very firm and tone, she was a little bit meatier then slim if you get my drift but I liked how she wore it. A very adult entertainment style, sensuous Asian dragon riding my stick and looking oh so adult entertainment style as our eyes connected. We changed positions and I drove my rod down into her naturally lubricated snatch which was very tight. She gladly lifted those legs to accept every inch of me deep within her well trimmed bush. He hands pulled me in closer as she called out in German for me to fuck her harder and deeper. I barely missed a beat and flipped her once more to give doggie style a try. All this and being able to see yourself from the mirrors made for a very hot passion filled 30 minutes. After a very long ride, slapping her cheeks and pumping deep from behind I switched for the final round. I wanted to end in missionary and have those lovely tits in my face. Those legs lifted high and my hands underneath cupping her fine ass I drove my rod down for the final count. She was going nuts and her hands were all over me as I banged that sweet bush till I could not hold it back. I blew my load with one final thrust and collapsed in her arms where our two sweaty bodies lay for what seemed like another 15 minutes. Just like a girlfriend we French kissed and chatted about meaningless things two lovers constantly do.

Now I could get on that plane with a smile knowing I had my days supply of FKK and who knows when I would return again. The airport was only a short drive away where we still had to return the rental car, check in and make our way to the gate for boarding. I will say that Frankfurt airport is not traveler friendly, they merely have signs stating Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. It would be nice if they listed the airlines somewhere in advance, yet we had become accustomed to this German mentality.

All in all the trip was a success and we had visited over 20 cities dozens of clubs and Red Light Districts. When planning or considering such a trip, one needs to always take into consideration what they want to see and spend. Even with the $500 airfare, $300 rental car and $150 in gas the less expensive services provided by the ladies more then makes up for the difference. You also get the benefit or BETTER adult entertainment, younger, prettier women then you could ever imagine. adult entertainment with great looking women starting at $18 with an average of $50 per session. The ultimate French kissing, oral adult entertainment w/o a condom and being able to sample the women before you pay makes Germany the ultimate place for male pleasure. Thailand may be even cheaper but you won’t find the selection and beauty that is found in the land of Mercedes Benz and Porsche.

The last day we still managed to visit a club just outside Frankfurt in Dietzenbach. At 10am only a few girls were present. SD quickly selected a decent looking German girl. She worked very hard on me and even offered me the option to go down on her. SD’s instincts were working again and he declined the offer. After doing it in the missionary position for just a couple minutes, he could smell something fishy coming from her pussy. He immediately stopped and claimed to be too tired in order not to embarrass her.

As James Bond once said in a movie: You can’t win all the time. If every girl was like Jessica, Antonia, Anna, Jasmine or Vanessa, . How could SD ever leave Germany?

Remember prostitution is accepted work in Germany and the women are well paid at even these rates. If you work more you get paid more and if you make a customer happy they will return. Most customers are upper income German businessmen. Many stop by for a lunch break quickie, most looked very respectable and clean cut. adult entertainment Clubs are very strict about showers and cleanliness, the women shower and douche after each customer as well as antiseptic mouth wash. Doctors visit weekly and they have an unusually low rate of DISEASE. Oral adult entertainment without a condom is a fairly common practice in Germany and I’ve yet to hear of any problems.

Prostitution is a business and subject to competition. SD has had enough of Nevada’s bull like “no kissing”, “it costs more to go down on me”, the old “$300 is just for one position”, “if you’re fat your charged more”. In Germany Nudist Sauna Clubs (FKK) allow you almost everything for a pre determined price, which is MUCH lower than Nevada and you don’t have to negotiate. As a customer, SD feels no need to argue with the Nevada prostitutes (but NOT all of them are bad). SD plans on just exercising his consumer’s right to spend his money elsewhere. You have the right to tell others and do the same. The downside to Germany is distance, 10 hours to fly from LA. Once you realize how affordable the girls are, the $1500 travel expenses are no problem at all. Besides you get to see lots of Holland and Germany in the process.

Below are the trip expenses:
Round trip airfare: $550
Car rental and fuel: $400
Hotel and food: $150 per day:$1050
33 adult entertainment sessions (includes 2 Hamburg rip offs)= $2,000
Total expenses=$3,300 divided by 33 sessions = about $100 per girl!
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how good a deal this is!
A huge variety, playboy quality, ages from 18-25 average
and girlfriend type adult entertainment abound.

Traveling with a group you might pay approximately:
$850 for Hotel and Transportation (fixed 7 day tour price)
$300 airfare with from west coast USA.
$150 approx food, who has time to eat, some clubs include food so it may be less.
$750 for about 15 sessions based on a $40-$75 average per session
$2050 total expense per person with adult entertainment included

Please note the tour is not affiliated in any way with the clubs, women or establishments. You enter, negotiate and participate by your own will. They are merely providing transportation, translation and lodging to your locations. Including the how to’s along the way as well as answering questions about the trade and cultures.

Now the above rate was figured for 3 sessions a day. Some might only want to party once or twice a day. Try to arrive early on the first day and leave late on the last day. Figure on $1000 as a minimum for a trip like this and $2000 as a max for the die hard adult entertainment addict. Keep in mind that when the adult entertainment is as good as this one often goes several times at one club. Older guys will always say they can’t go more then once before visiting Germany. Only to find that a friendly enticing babe with skilled technique convinces them or their body part to party again and again.

One last thing to keep in mind when contemplating such a trip. Not only will you be seeing some of Germany and Holland you will be experiencing other cultures. Food is included but that’s an expense you’ll pay no matter where you are. Germany and Holland are blessed with LEGAL adult entertainment at low rates with a multi international talent base. Remember the women are young, enthusiastic and attractive. You are allowed to choose from several women when visiting establishments. Asia may have lower prices and abundance but not the selection of almost every nationality. From my many conversations with Asia Experts such as the 21orover guys I think some of Germany’s clubs offer more girlfriend adult entertainment then anywhere on earth.

You know the dollar goes much further in Europe then you might think. If one wanted to spend the absolute minimum money he could spend days at Den Haags $18 per half and half Red Light District and screw till he went insane. Even at $50 per full half and half session in Amsterdam the price is right. Without a doubt the full service you receive in Germany’s FKK’s club from $30 to $75 per 30 minutes is still the best deal worldwide to date. Its kinda like good home cooking, once you have sampled it you get spoiled. I have yet to meet a man that I’ve taken to one of these places that does not rave about the time he spent. If you want to experience the time of your life with women that are magazine quality and treat you like you’re a precious lover then don’t hesitate putting a little money aside and visiting Europe at least once in your life.

Contact FKK TOURS for any questions you might have or if you’d like to join a group or arrange for a private guide for a visit. Whether you’re interested in going with a large group or one person.

Tip: Since this article was submitted the German mark has dropped in value. making Germany an even better value for those paying with the dollar. The tour has also changed somewhat. Groups usually consist of a party of 6 or less. The above tour was based on one person (Solo) and a guide which is considerably more expensive. Parties are responsible to meet the group at the airport in Germany. Flights to Frankfurt or Duesseldorf are as little as $300 round trip if bought via priceline. 8day trips with a group start at $995 and include transportation and accommodations (excluding airfare). Participants pay for food, entertainment and airfare. The biggest benefit of a group is the expertise of finding the locations, translation, lodging and transportation discount (while in Germany). Time is money when you have 8 days and getting lost or spending hours finding locations is common for newbies. Not to mention the price of gas is almost $5.00 a gallon. More information is available on our discussion board under Germany.


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