FKK Club Atlantis Altenstad CLOSED

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FKK Club Atlantis Altenstad CLOSED
Siemensstr. 4
63674 Altenstadt
Tel 06047-986872(recording),06047-986870
Hours daily 10am – 4am
Entry 60€
Sessions 50€ 30 minutes, Oral finish +50€
No alcoholic, Drinks are free
2 Pools(one indoors, 1 outdoor) 2 Whirlpools (1 indoors and 1 outdoors) 2 Saunas, 1 Turkish Bath
Foot spa {whirlpool circular walking area with spikes to stimulate the pressure points)Gym area with several workout machines, stationary bike, Multi function workout bench, Tanning booth (2Euro’s) Outdoor BBQ, Teepee and wooden cabin for exterior sessions. Garden and grass area with lawn chairs
Anniversary Date September 14, usually they have a big party with additional women, free buffet etc.

Web Site
Directions: Take A45 north from Franfkurt, exit Altenstadt Highway B521 towards Altenstadt city center (main intersection with street light) right turn after train tracks turn left at next signal. There is a REWE supermarket on the right before you get to the intersection. follow this road back stay to the left till you hit Siemensstrasse make a right and follow Siemensstrasse to the end. The club is on the left side of the street.

Monday Party Day
Wednesday Dessous Party (Women wear clothing)
Thursday Party Day
Sunday Party Day

Food is grilled in the outdoor area on Party Days

Rumor among the women who once worked at the club prior to it’s closing appear to be hopeful that the club will re-open. YES, REOPEN!. Dates for when this will take place range from 2-8 weeks. Having directly spoken with one of the women I was informed that she had actually been at the club just a week prior. It’s said the entire club will be renovated, yet will retain the same name. New owners have taken possesion of the once popular club and plan on bringing it back to life.

If you have followed the story from the day the club was raided and closed, you’ll note that video footage was shot by local news channels of customers during the raid. Not only were local police present but several other versions of Germany’s finest. This was obviously a joint attack on every level.

1. In fact one of the biggest surprises was the rumor that many of the rooms where wired for video and sound. It’s been said that customers and working staff were video taped and the footage was for sale on the internet and the porn market. (Imagine you find out you are in a video on the web banging your favorite FKK star?).
2. Two of the three known owners are in Prison while one is still being hunted by authorities.
3. Women from other countries were being held hostage for huge sums of money in exchange for sex.
4. Over 1.5 Million Euros back taxes were due and never paid.
5. Over 25 undocumented women were working at the club and taken away at the time of the raid and deported.

With the local Burgermeister (Mayor) in a rage against the club and what it has done to the reputation of the local community there seemed to be no future for this club to ever open again. Yet im sure the pressure by the local restaurants (who are said to have prepared over 200 meals a day), hotels who did brisk business for club talent as well as visitors and the other income that went along with it all such as taxi’s, buses, rental cars, fuel, women’s shoes and clothing, condoms, lubes etc. It appears the city may just allow this place to open once again.

Sadly the rumors that this club has closed are true. It’s rumored that there was a police check as usual (which is done on a regular basis) where women are asked to produce documents proving that they’re working legaly. It’s said that approx. 25 women were found without proper documentation. Thus the club has been closed without further notice. Some say it may never open again while others speculate that it will only be a matter of time till things go back to normal.

I can understand 1 or maybe 2 women having problems with documentation but 25 seems to be a huge problem and if this is true will cause problems for the club.

I suspect that the legally employed women of Atlantis will move their operations to other nearby clubs such as Oase or World. Now that the old “Paradise Club” in Hausen (Frankfurt) has been renamed “The Palace” and renovated some of the women might go there. Another club rumored to be bigger then both World and Atlantis was to open outside of Munich (Augsburg). I beleive the name was Colossus or something along those lines.

This makes 3 Clubs that have closed over the last few years.

Party Treff St. Augustine
Chantal Exclusive Frankfurt
Relax Limburg
Atlantis Altenstadt

Still CLOSED rumor has it the 3 owners are now all in German prisons serving 6+ years. The last partner was arrested in Spain. Highly doubtful we’ll see the old ownership back in business anytime soon.
The new owners “World FKK Giessen” got off to a poor start taking over this club. The lack of all the proper documentation and permits ended with the club being shut down once again.
Most of the talent has moved to Oase, The Palace and World.
You can also find some of the greats like “Stella TU” and “Cyndi PO” down south at the Colosseum Club in Augsburg.

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