FKK Club Dietzenbach

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FKK Club Dietzenbach
Voltastrasse 4
63128 Dietzenbach
Tel +496074824134

Wednesday 10AM–11PM
Thursday 10AM–11PM
Friday 10AM–11PM
Saturday 10AM–11PM
Sunday 10AM–11PM
Monday 10AM–11PM
Tuesday 10AM–11PM
Entry 30 Euro
1 x 40€
Drinks Included
No Alcohol
Pool, Sauna, Tanning booth
15 totally nude women
(Known as Der Aldi by locals the store)
Web Site

FKK Saunaclub Dietzenbach FKK Club Aldi

Discrimination among clubs

It’s true that there is discrimination taking place at certain clubs, in which some visitors are denied entrance. Some clubs might deny entry to visitors of obvious Turkish heritage, while others might extend this to all Ausländer, or foreigners in general.

I’ve personally witnessed such discrimination at Dieztenbach, Herne (now closed), Hohensyburg (also closed), and the most notorious club for this: Dortmund Aplerbecker at Bahnhofstrasse 5. At any one of these clubs, your chances of getting in are low if you don’t look like a local.

I myself can pass for German and have been allowed entry to the Dortmund club, as well as to the others listed above. However, on several occasions, I’ve been with non-Germans who did not appear Turkish and were denied entry just the same. The desicions to deny entry could have been made at the discretion of the manager or the Thekefrau who happened to be working that day, rather than due to the policy of the club owners.

Here’s another example: Recently, at Freundenbergstrasse 39, a first-time visitor was denied entrance. I sat a few feet from the front desk and watched the entire event:

One of the ladies opened the door for the visitor and handed him a robe and towel. As he approached the desk, he was asked if he had ever been to the club before. He answered no, and was told he had to leave. He did not make a scene; rather, he just turned around, dropped his towels at the entry, and left. Perhaps this man was Turkish; however, he did not have the features one would associate with being Turkish.

Like Dietzenbach, this club also has the text Unter Deutscher Leitung (“Under German Management”) text on the website.

More about Dietzenbach: This is one of several clubs belonging to the same owner. This man is better known to some as “The Blind Man,” as no one is known to have seen him. There is even a rumor that he himself is of Turkish heritage, which makes it even more odd that some of his clubs have been known to discriminate.

It’s interesting that the “German Customers Only” text has been removed from their web site. Perhaps the Unter Deutscher Leitung text is there to reassure Germans that the club has no non-German management, which some may consider postive. Oddly enough, most of these clubs also promote an “international” group of women.

NightHawk, perhaps you could share your experience with the Dortmund club if you’ve been, or with other clubs owned by this chain? Perhaps you’re just commenting on the web site and have no real experience. The fact is, some clubs will discriminate when deciding which visitors to allow. It would help if posters described such situations in detail, including German speaking abilities, color, nationality, etc. Then, we might get a better idea as to the issues that certain clubs may have in deciding whether or not to allow certain visitors.

In any event, the post that Euro made was correct. However, NightHawk is also correct: text has been removed from the Dietzenbach web site. I’m not exactly sure what it stated, but I also recall seeing text that made it apparent they did not allow all guests at one time or another. This seems to no longer be the case. With competition between clubs heating up and business getting slow at times, things can change. Thanks, NightHawk, for pointing out that something has changed at Dietzenbach.

Those wishing to look into this further can find the “Blinder Mann Clubs Map” HERE.
More info on each club is also on this web site. Click on the link pertaining to the city where the club is located.

Also, visit this link FKK Belamie and notice its similar web site. This club has the same owner, but the text Gäste jeder Nationalität willkommen (Guests of all nationalities welcome) appears on the page.

And, look here: FKK Iserlohn
The website includes the text “DER” Club für gemischtes Publikum! meaning “The Club for the Mixed Public.”

And, finally, this: FKK Salome has the line Multi-Kulti-Club Einlass aller Nationalitäten! which means “Multi Culture Club, all nationalaties allowed entry.”


My point here is, if these clubs make it clear that they allow all guests, then perhaps you might understand that those clubs that specify anything else might be different. At one time these clubs did in fact make this distinction even clearer on their web sites.

Over the years, I’ve spoken about this with several women at the clubs as well as the managers. The concensus was that the reasons for discrimination vary. While one person felt that they applied only to Turkish visitors, another felt that they applied to all non-Germans or foreigners. And, all agreed that the decision to discriminate always rested with the manager or the woman running the bar.

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