FKK Club Relax Limburg CLOSED

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(One of the owners went on to open GT Bruggen Germany)
Industriestr 6
65555 Limburg-Offheim
Tel 06431-955407
Daily 10-1am Sundays 3-1am
Entry 65Euro
Sessions 50 Euros

Web Site

Not the biggest club but surely one of the nicest clubs. Always decent food and the best bar service. Service in the room is also above average and don’t be afraid to ask the girl to join you in the pool or whirlpool prior to taking her to the room. At this club water action is common where as couch action is popular at other clubs. Always clean and well maintained you might run into the sweet “Tania” who works the bar and attends you every wish (well almost every wish). Should you not like the buffet style food you can always ask for a plate of German sausages, bread and mustard. There are some real “stars” in the talen pool here. Sigrid, Laura to name a few but just about all the girls are worth a try. Many allow extra’s one has to pay extra for at other clubs like FT.

Relax, probably the best club of the 3 in the area is closed. Rumor has it that they lost the most recent court battle. The owners still plan to appeal things and there may be a chance that the club re-opens in a few weeks. Lets hope for the best.

Blau Lagune also had some problems with the city of Limburg so they jumped at the chance to take over Fantasyland. Thus Blau Lagune is closed and probably will stay closed.

Fantasyland has had problems from the start and after the rumored murder of one of the working girls by inhouse security guard the original owner has left. I also hear the security guard was found guilty and is now serving time. Only one of the barmaids from before remains. As mentioned above Blau Lagune stepped in to take over the club. From a very recent visit the club is cleaner then previous visits but there is still a lack of talent. I would guess there were about 7 women present total. There are now 2 coin operated vending machines for bottled softdrinks. A hot meal is available if you ask for it. The massage area has been moved from across from the sauna to behind the whirpool. I did not notice much couch action going on at the club. Only one girl to my knowledge was kissing and doing some minor oral on the couch across from the sauna. They seem to have changed the girl changing and make up area to another locatiion. Im refering to the area at the end of the mens locker room where they keep the sandals. It also appears that some Relax customers are now visiting Fantasyland as a result of the closure. Visit during happy hour and pay only 35Euros.

Info update –

The club remains closed, and is still working on getting everything in order to re-open. No exact time given as there are many unknowns, but it is likely measured in weeks, not days. I believe they are trying ot make sure this is the end of this legal BS with the open/closed/open/closed cycle. I also think when it does open, it will be great as they will easily get back all the old regulars, but will need to grow the popularity quickly. For a small club this is much easier than a big one.

The girls at the moment are all over the country, and some home.

Emma, Vanessa, Anna, all at home.
Christina, (another Hungarian I forget the name) at Happy Garden.
Vera, Laura at FKK World (but not consistently – they work a week or so, then go home for a couple of weeks).
Carolina, Jasmine at a bar in Mainz/Kastell (Caribic).

Last visit was Wednesday evening, late. Had a great re-match with Laura, and a finale with Irena, both of whom I know well from prior visits. Also present was Ellona (small young hot Russian girl), Emma, Vanessa. Sigrith had her last day on Monday, and returned to Romania on Tuesday for good. I really thnk it is final this time, so don’t go looking for her until you hear otherwise.

The club continues to be small, high quality, and relaxed atmosphere. Food is almost always available, and generally good. They are in need of some new girls, but this should happen, as they are very aware of the problem.

Also, to avoid a possible problem, I have had extra’s here (FT), but never without extra charges. I did hear that at one point there was suspision that Sigrith was doing this, but she never mentioned it to me, and I have never known another customer who could confirm it. So just ask up front and then there will be no unexpected issues.

Well, considering I visited this club 4 times in 3 weeks, I leave it to the reader to generally decide how I feel about this place…..probably the nicest small club and definitely the cleanest. I have to admit there are 2 girls here – Lawra (blonde from Lithuania) and Tanya (from Moldavia) who really do it for me. A major GFE like none other I have ever had. There are also other nice girls here, and almost all the girls do not work every day, so it changes from one visit to the next slightly.

Also, Marina (from Happy Garden) is now the Hausfrau (managing the girls), and is very friendly. Alice, a cute and happy blonde is often behind the bar making for a very enjoyable evening. Now, if they could just come up with some comfortable chairs…. The best ones are outside.

Tanya speaks Russian and German (no English), Lawra speaks Lithow, Russian, German, and English, and the 2 of them are good friends. Tanya is quite sweet, and Lawra is very playful. (I spell Lawra this way as there are two attractive blondes – Lawra (Lithuanian) and Laura (German)- and it sometimes gets confusing if you were to ask for one and maybe get the other. Both are cute, but I know nothing good or bad about the other one. Perhaps one day I will get the chance.

Over the last week I have had 3 visits to this club – Sunday night, Monday nigh, and Friday night. Each was better than the last, with some surprises thrown in for good measure.

I have had some bad experiences here (see posts from a year ago), but it has gotten better and better each time. See the old posts for history. This trip I was hoping to return to more GFE visits with 2 of the girls I got to know well my last trip – Tonya and Lawra. Well, it turns out the Tonya is now working behind the bar, and is very happy and doing a super job of it. Lawra was on vacation at the moment, so I will have to catch her the next trip.

Sunday night had only 8 girls or so, and Tonya told us that up front when we came in. However they were generally OK, with a couple of very nice options. My friend and I both ended up having very nice sessions, and a very good evening. I was with a girl from Spain, who did a nice session, but not world class. I have since learned she left in a day or so to go back to Spain. She did not seem to like Germany much, so I am not surprised. Great breasts though!

The minor problem on Sunday was that there was another great looking girl with sparkling eyes and high energy levels I really wanted. So did everybody else! No chance to connect, so for me the Spanish girl was second choice. Because of this, I returned specifically for Zigrid on Monday evening. I was not disappointed. Very good session, lots of fun, etc. Unfortunately my time was limited, so I kind of did a hit and run thing.

Lastly I returned here on Friday night, after a couple of other events at other clubs (Atlantis and FantasyLand). At this point I was kind of tired, annoyed at problems from the day (lots of traffic, etc), so I just decided at the last minute to come here to relax (yes I know – bad pun). I had no idea what the talent pool might be, but I know Tonya well, and if nothing else I was willing to settle for a good sauna, whirlpool, and swim, with cuddling from Tonya as time permitted. I figured the day had gone totally wrong, and by this point there was no hope for anything satisfying.

Upon arrival, I discovered there were a number of nice new additions to the talent pool! Almost 18 girls in this small club, and at least 5 were of interest to me, not including the already known great Zigrid. Maybe there was hope afterall.

Ended up in the whirlpool with a German friend I ran into there, and was hoping some nice girls would jump in with us. None seemed interested, but 2 other guys got in. Oh well, what a mess now. Then along comes Tonya, looks at the situation, and rounds up 4 girls and tells them something like “In the tub – now!” What attention to customers! Of the 4, 2 ended up doing sessions. Not bad business. For me it was very strange. One of the girls I was interested in got in the tub, but was accross from me so there was no access. Another that was OK, but a little larger than I like was next to me. After a bit, she started playing with me (sitting in my lap, rubbing places, etc). While I was not really interested, I was not completely turned off either. The blonde meantime started on my friend, so this looked hopeless! More problems on a long and ugly day! There seemed to be no graceful way out of this ( I have a personal problem with being rude to girls), so eventually we kind of went looking for a room. All full. I thought this might be a chance for a greceful exit, but she was smart enough to see if she did not get me then, there was no chance for later. So outside we went. It was very warm in Frankfurt last week, so this was no problem for me. Also, I don’t mind outside sex (actually like it really), and other people don’t bother me either. So we ended up having a terrific session – mostly her abilities – that ended up with me being surprisingly completely satisfied. I would never have expected it, and given my overall mood, she must be outstanding. I wonder what it would have been like if I was actually interested ???

In summary, I guess I like this club a lot. It is a small club, so talent can fluctuate quite a bit, and you must understand this about small clubs. If you want a guarenteed thing, go to Atlantis or Oase where there are so many girls you wil surely find something to your likeing. But if you want surprises, more personal experiences, etc. try the small clubs, especially this one.

The second item(s) are what appear to be the club rules (unconfirmed by direct questioning of the management, but by various questions and behaviour of the girls). In the 4 visits I made over a short time, I always had at least one other friend with me, and sometimes 2. Between us we have managed a good number of sessions with a few of the girls, and we all have had the same experiences. It seems as though they do NOT charge for time spent outside the room (talking, sauna, whirlpool, etc.), and DO charge by the 1/2 hour in the room. The girls have all been very good (sometimes almost too good!) about notifying us that the 1/2 hour is up, do we want to go on for the next? (None of this coy “Oh, we spent 35 minutes, it’s now a 100 Euros.” crap that sometimes happens at other clubs.) When one of the girls asked me to do a massage for her, she said we should do it outside the room so she won’t have to charge me. Obviously if you start sexual play in the pool area, good manners dictates you are somewhat committed to room action with that girl. It is not too uncommon to see men leaving the jacuzzi with a raging problem outstanding, and head off to a room.

I went to this club twice during my visit to Germany about a week ago and I loved both times I was there. The staff was so friendly that I felt like it was my home. The goreous women there were a great addition to this friendly environment. I also loved the barbecue and the food they brought to feed their guests.
The girl I did there my first visit was Alina. She was gorgeous and looked like Elizabeth Hurley except that she was Romanian instead of British. She has dyed purplish red hair, a sexy body and she was about 5’7″ tall. She gave me a great hour and a half of passionate sex. Her bbbj was great also. I liked the sex with her as well. I lost track of time because we had chemistry. Everyone else was satisfied with her as well except the last guy she was with because she probably got physically tired.
The second time I went to Relax, I did Ellona. She was Russian, about 5’2″ tall, has several piercings, tanned complexion, dark brown hair, brown eyes. She was very wild and agressive in bed which I loved about her. I also stayed a long time with her, for an hour and a half. She gives the best blowjob in this club and would keep sucking and fucking you until you cum in her mouth. She was as tireless as a machine when she kept sucking me for an hour. I also loved fucking her. After fucking her, I finished in her mouth after she tirelessly sucked my cock towards the end of the session. If you go to Relax, I recommend these two girls I was with.

A quick update for thoses that follow or like this club. I was just here for 2 nights in a row (with a couple of friends again). On Monday night there were a number of nice gorls, and a couple of others as well (politically correct terminology for “girls I have no interest in”). Also one of the best GFE’s – Laura – was also back from vacations, etc. After a very warm greeting, we settled in for a long evening. One of my friends is totally taken with Laura, so he spent the entire evening with her, including some kind of record 4 hours in the room. Broke his bank and mine! Needless to say, he was very satisfied. I had the opportunity to meet with a new girl (Emma) who was very nice and speaks many languages if necessary. She was well recommended by another friend I ran into there that night, and I did enjoy her. We had a lot of laughs (too many actually – our neighbors were very crazy and made us laugh too much!). My other friend also had a nice time as well.

Given there were so many nice girls, and it is our favorite small club, we returned the next (and last night) of our trip. On Tuesday night there were even more girls. I counted about 18, of which more than half were of interest to me. For a small club that is pretty good in my book. Again my friend disappeared with Laura, and I had a nice time with 3 others who were somewhat new to me. For those that like small, youngish (actually says 21), impish girls, Mercedes is a real nice time. Not very experienced, but what a great little body with nice shapes where they count! I spent an hour just enjoying her and a large bottle of oil….

As in the past, this club is very high tech, spotlessly clean, and very friendly. Because it is small, the selection can vary at any time, but I have not been disappointed here for over a year now. They also seem to have gotten a bit better with the food, keep something out every night until 11 or 12. Not 5-star cuisine, but still very tasty and enough to keep you from having to leave to find food.

I have to agree with AB, Relax is smaller but well laid out for an FKK club. Pre room time in the Jaccuzi and pool are not extra (this was my experience and what Im told). Actually the women are fairly liberal with time. There were a few jewels in the mix that provided superior service with that GFE touch. Laura (see other posts about her) and Secret are highly recommended and Secret (Short haired, bright eyed, tanned nympho) goes that extra step for an extremely nasty time. You anal buffs may want to stop by and check her out.

Food was served early as per our request. Fresh, plentiful and tasty. Spiced Greek meat, salad and bread dish which went over well with all of us.

Be sure to take your selection to the whirlpool (Jacuzzi) or pool first for some pre-room play. If your lucky enough to arrive on a day when there is sun they have one of the nicest sun decks. Service was always with a smile from all the girls and the management.

There is also a VIP room upstairs in the circular room complete with private Jacuzzi and large bed. $300 per hour complete with girl and (2 cums). The room has remote controlled window shades and a light show built into the Jacuzzi. Naturally french kissing and condom less oral are included.

I agree that Sigrid (might sound a bit like Secret, bit I believe it is Sigrid which sounds like Zigrid in German) is a very top provider. I had a session with her my last trip, and it was great. One of my German friends visits her every time he goes to Relax. Unfortunately, she is returning home at some point in the not too distant future, so if you are interested, better hurry! She does have the most expressive eyes I have found in a while, along with a killer body.

As for the upstairs room, I was told it was 175. However, this could have easily been a special price by the girl, so don’t assume it is the norm. But if you look at it logically, 1 hour normally would cost you 100, so 300 seems to me to be very high unless they include all kinds of strange and unusual stuff (i.e. FT, anal, etc). I don’t think this is the case. Also, this room is used a couple of days a week by the masseur, so it is not always available. (BTW, I am told the masseur is VERY STRONG and hard with the massage, so if you like this, go for it. I don’t. Instead I would try Renata, red-haired Polish girl who used to do the massages with Manfred over at FantasyLand – get the picture here ???)

It has been happening lately that some of the girls are reluctant to go in the whirlpool. Some really love it, but others complain about skin problems, chlorine, etc. However, it is a great place to play around, extend your pleasure time, and get to know the girls a bit. If she is playful and interested in the pool, I think it is very likely she will be good in the room as well.

(I know Laura tries to avoid the pool due to skin problems (allergic to chlorine), which I have seen. However I know she is great in the room, so don’t be dismayed.)

Interesting, when she told us her name I was also under the impression that it was “Sigrid” however she corrected a friend who asked the same question. I’m sure do to my friend’s lack of German and her lack of English it may well be Sigrid as I thought. I like the name “Secret” better. You are most likely right about the VIP room cost being 175. Did that include a bottle of bubbles?

I’ve taken advantage of the whirlpool and pool with my pre-time with the girls but I can also understand some girls reluctance. The pool chemicals can be hard on your skin.

Yes, there has been a bit of confusion with all the variations of “Laura” at this club. On my last visit there was only 1, so there was no confusion. However, in the past there was also a German Laura (tall, thin, longer blonde hair), and perhaps now there is something else similar.

The Laura I know and recommend is from Lithow (Lithuania), has shorter blonde hair, speaks German, Russian, English, and native Lithuanian. Also has nice shaped breasts, but not too big (B-size), and a pinkish tone to her skin. Feel free to ask her if she knows Al Bundy from the US. If she goes nuts, you probably got the right one.

As for couch action, I have not seen too much of that. Mostly in the pool or jacuzzi. However, I did have a complete session (to the very end) outside in a lounge chair last summer. It was a bit dark, and all the rooms were full, so we just kind of ended up there. I was not sure it was allowed, as the girl was a little uneasy and kept somewhat covered from the other guests. As for me, I have no problem with it, and even would have enjoyed it more if it was flagrant! Now it is a bit cold I think! YMMV.

Hope this helps solve the confusion.


I just received an email from one of my German friends who stopped by the other night and found Relax has CLOSED, and a note on the door saying it is now operating only as a swinger club. Speculation is this has something to do with legal issues, but no further information is available. He went over to FantasyLand, and found the pickin’s very slim indeed. Poor food, not very many interesting girls, and a large number of Turkish guests. Fortunately he did connect with Lucy, who is extremely hot and lots of fun if you can catch her.

When I find out more I will pass it along.

It appears Laura is still available but this is not 100% yet. We should know more with the next week or so. These sort of things happen, Fantasyland had a fire which closed its doors. Meindorf was closed for other reasons but has reappeared in Koln with Sudbad. This sort of business has its ups and downs. Interesting to see what happens with Oase 2 near Aachen?

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