FKK Club Sharks

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FKK Club Sharks
Otto-Röhm-Straße 72
64293 Darmstadt


Friday 11AM–5AM
Saturday 11AM–5AM
Sunday 11AM–4AM
Monday 11AM–4AM
Tuesday 11AM–4AM
Wednesday 11AM–4AM
Thursday 11AM–5AM

Just a short drive south on the A5 from the Frankfurt Airport Sharks is on the way to being another one of the BIG 3.

Situated in an industrial area a few minutes drive from the autobahn. You really need to pay close attention to the signs as you might drive past it the first time. This club is inside a huge multi-level warehouse. While 5th Element is about 2-3 stories this building dwarfs the 5th Element with 4-5 stories high.

Parking might become a problem as there is just a narrow row of spaces in front of the entrance. Once inside you pay at the desk, entry fees are a bit complicated at the moment, some paid 41 Euros. Not sure why the (1) instead of just 40, which is problematic when making so much change.

Locker room is to the left after you enter and pass the desk. Once inside the door to the left is the locker room and the right the club entrance. At the back of the locker room is a large shower room. Just to the left as you exit to enter the club is a bathroom.

The club provides a security locker which is located inside the main room to the right as you enter. Its a bit dark and should be visited after you get undressed.

As soon as you enter the main room you’re impressed with the massive size. This has got to be the biggest room I’ve seen at an FKK club. As you walk in there is a circular bar in the center, the bistro (restaurant) to the left, couches and relaxation area to the right.

Walking all the way to the back is a stairway to heaven which leads up several levels to the indoor pool and whirlpool. Note the cave rooms at the top of the stairs. Watch your step as the rope lighting on the black stairs plays tricks on your eyes. To the left at the top of the stairs another set of stairs leads the pool and the whirlpool that over looks the entire club. Up another set of stairs across a stream that ends at a water fall which flows down to the bar area.

There are also some lawn chairs where one could sleep if needed at the top back level. Watch your step as the area is dark and there are no hand rails as you make your way up and down the levels.

Back down on the lower level the saunas are to the right rear, there are several each at a different temperature. There is also a large shower room next to the saunas. Just to the left is a Porn Kino (Theater).

Women are scattered throughout the club and number 15-30. The majority were Romanian and Bulgarian women with several very hot looking German and one Latvian gal. There was some very good talent mixed into the group and even a few faces from the old Atlantis from Altenstadt.

Two of the hottest women were a German pair of gals, one blond shorter hair and a brunette. I would say in their 20’s, slim, very attractive with above average services. On the other end of the scale was a Bulgarian gal who went from guy to guy forcing herself on guys. Some guys had no problem with her while others found her annoying.

The “Bistro” offers a self serve salad bar, the menu itself is limited to about 2 entrees. Fish of meat with a few veggies. Food was plentiful, served till around 11pm and above average quality.

The bar while modern does not seem to be practical. Drinks are dispensed from an island within the bar area. This causes the bar person to have to run around this island to get from one side to the other. It also makes it hard for the server to see who needs a drink as they don’t have eyes in the back of their head. The other small issue was the lack of “Cola Lite” which seems to be a popular drink for some.

Bar and kitchen staff were very friendly and attractive Polish gals who did a class A job of making sure you had a drink and food. Overall the staff at Sharks was friendly, accommodating and professional. Plus those Polish women are dam good looking.

Sharks suffers from the main issue with new clubs, they need the guests and the girls but can’t seem to get them both at the club at the same time and date. They usually have too many women who then depart when they don’t find many guests or lots of guests who arrive when they don’t have many women.

If it were my club I would offer a low entry for several months even at a loss until the women got the message that this club has lots of guests. Then perhaps raise the entry to 50 Euro max.

Overall a nice club, one I will be going back to and has the ability to be a big player. They suffer the usual growing pains but the facility is top notch.

Egon one of the three original owners of the famed “Atlantis in Altenstadt” was operating Sharks in Darmstadt. Egon had big plans for Sharks and wished to make it even bigger then Atlantis. The first thing he did was up the entry fee from 41 Euros to 55 Euros, something the locals were not happy with. He promised to up the level of women and the number of them. The most you could count back on November 2010 was about 35 at peak hours (evening) with about 10-25 during the day time hours.

FKK Club Sharks Saunaclub Darmstad GermanyFKK Club Sharks Saunaclub Darmstad Germany   FKK Club Sharks Saunaclub Darmstad Germany  FKK Club Sharks Saunaclub Darmstad Germany FKK Club Sharks Saunaclub Darmstad Germany FKK Club Sharks Saunaclub Darmstad Germany FKK Club Sharks Saunaclub Darmstad Germany FKK Club Sharks Saunaclub Darmstad GermanyFKK Club Sharks Saunaclub Darmstad Germany

Not fort the novice or beginner, the Google reviews tell a story about theft from the lockers (which is not uncommon). Non locals have destroyed this place paying the women anything they ask. Since the club is big and management is more about profit than service many guests are over charged and taken advantage of. Asians flock to this place for the many bottle blonds parading around as German girls which their not. Unable to communicate in German they never complain and pay anything the con artists ask. This is how good clubs are destroyed. The place becomes a pig pen in the afternoon evening hours as the tourist’s and low life’s arrive and lack manners and respect. Even the great providers who built the club have had enough with the scammers and operators who take advantage of those willing to pay for non-standard poor services. The club changed hands a few years ago from a German to a Turkish fellow while he had good intentions and has upgraded the facilities it’s no longer the best option while it is one of the bigger clubs.

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