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Near the US Military Armed Forces facility in Vogelweh there is a street next to it where you can find prostitutes (1-10) women offering sex from 50dm-150dm. The are usually in cars or vans and will perform the service there in the vehicle. The street is the B-40 and at night you will usually see around three cars with women working.

1. Stay away from all the clubs in K-town – the prices they ask are crazy (200-200e) the service is terrible.
2. Some clubs in Landstuhl making money off lonely GIs. Try the the Lisa Bar or Hawaii bar. But take care sometimes ripoffs.
3. There was a club on B-40 near Vogelweh. It is on the left hand side if you are heading toward K-town. At night there is a red heart sign showing. It is behind a small shopping area where there is a used car dealer and I think a tourist office. At one time they had some Brazilian girls who gave great service and two Thai girls who were pretty good. But it has been a year so I don’t know the current situation. Also the same can be found on the 97
4. I also tried a place in Neunkirchen:
Blaue Lagune
Wellesweilerstr. 73
66538 Neunkirchen

A little hard to find because it’s off the main road up a hill, but there’s a small sign for the address. The service was like Jolly’s Privatehaus, you enter the reception area and they parade the girls in for you to choose from. I was there three times, and there was always at least one 8+ girl out of the 4-5 working. I don’t remember the price, but I remember it being reasonable. The service was always good with no rush and the rooms were very nice.
5. Another place to try is Sabrinas in Saarbruecken.(www.erotikkontakte.com/saarland1.htm) A basic FKK club with a pool and sauna. Great service here

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