The Palace

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The Palace (Prior name Paradies)
Königsbergerstrasse 23
60487 Frankfurt
Tel +496997784885
Daily 11am – 5am
75 Euro Entry
50 Euro Session
Drinks included
Sauna, Whirlpool
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Basics about the club scene
Having been involved in this hobby since the 1980’s, I’ve had my experiences and learning regarding what goes on.
Thus I wanted to make a few posts which include my thoughts, experiences and suggestions for those new to the hobby.
I’ll cover several areas to consider during which I’ll include my recent outlook on specific clubs, staff, facility and changes since the 1980’s.
The Palace, Frankfurt
This used to be called “Paradise” when I first visited over 10 years ago.
Known as the closest club to central Frankfurt and the easiest large club to find, the Palace has made many changes since its humble start.
Cab drivers were first taken advantage of by the club, as they were being offered kickbacks for any customers they might steer towards the club.
I observed this recently, as when I arrived a cab had just dropped off several customers and made a point to enter the club with his customers.
Oase and World (also near Frankfurt) also offer cab drivers similar benefits that usually start at 10 Euros a head.
The problem here is that cab drivers will take people to the club that pays them the most. Fortunately, this usually won’t cost the customer and extra money. In other countries, I’ve heard of cab drivers being involved, which, in the end, results in higher service and entry charges paid directly by the customer.
In the old days, you entered through several steel bar gates and were buzzed into a small, quaint and dark club. Today, a sliding glass motion-detected door swings open to expose a long corridor. As you enter you’ll see on the right basic instructions on how things work in several languages. A great idea, as it allows foreign guests to learn the basics, such as entry fee, cost for a basic 30 minutes, what the club includes, etc.
In addition, there are some photos of women who have worked at the club in the past. I did not see any women pictured who were actually working
at the time, so they could have been models, past working women, or not working when I visited.
Halfway down the corridor you’ll find the
gate where the desk staff needs to buzz you in. I’m sure this is where they have the option to deny you access. Palace is known as the tourist FKK club, as it’s also located near the “Messe” or convention center, which means lots of tourists and foreign visitors.
Access can be by taxi, public transportation (a street car stop is only 100 meters away), and a subway (U Bahn) from the main train station.
Once buzzed in, you pay 75 Euros entry. They ask if you’ve been before. If not, you’ll be shown the locker room, directions, etc. You’re given a key and then a band, such as those issued at hospitals, is fixed to your wrist. You’ll also be asked your shoe size, since the club supplies you with sandals for use while at the club. You can ask for a robe at this time if you’re uncomfortable with wearing just a towel around your waist.
TIPS: Many clubs issue arm bands as proof that you’ve paid your entry fee. Some are used as keys or access to your locker and security locker as well. Since I wear a wrist watch on my left hand (a watch is highly recommended), I prefer to have the arm band fixed to the same hand where I keep my key. It’s a pain to have items on both hands. I prefer, when I enter a room, to take off my watch and locker key and place them on the table next to the bed. This stops them from rubbing on things while having fun.
You’ll learn about this as you go, as often your partner will have you remove your locker key from your wrist if it scratches her or gets in the way. No need to worry about theft when this is done, as it is normal and I’ve yet to hear about a problem.
After paying and getting your locker key and arm band, your continue down the corridor. To the left you’ll see a bar, to the right are security
lockers. Put in your money, passport, wallet, phone (whatever fits in this small lockable compartment). You’ll be coming to this location
after each session to the room to pay. Behind you to the right of the bar is a doorway, which leads to the locker room and showers.
Grab a towel from the shelves on the right and enter the locker room. Once you find your locker, use the same key that opened the security locker where you put your money. Notice inside the locker they now have a safe on which you can program your own combination. Anything you feel is valuable that you won’t need during your stay can be put in here. I did not find it necessary to use the safe. The security lockers offer enough security for me, plus they’re monitored by closed-circuit cameras.
Get undressed, put on the sandals provided. One towel is to wrap around your waist and the other is to dry off after your shower. You can
ask at the front desk for a robe a no extra cost should you feel uncomfortable wearing just a towel. Enter the main room off to the left from the locker room. The club provides bottles of liguid body wash. Take some time as the water usually comes out cold when you press the shower knob and takes a bit of time to warm up. Turning the knob right away will only cause more problems.
Shower well, dry off, then put on your towel or a robe. You should also brush your teeth, shave or use mouth wash, using a good quality cologne also helps. Your experience will be better if the woman encounters a clean, good smelling body. I’m sure you’d feel the same about her if you did not find she had bathed.
Let’s get a feel of the club and the layout. As you depart the locker room, the front bar is on your right, plus the corridor you came in.
Behind the bar as you come out the locker room is the women’s locker room, and also the security lockers they use. This walkway has a curtain and is off limits to the guests. To the right as you exit the locker room, are again the towels in case you need another, then the food area. Buffet style food is served the entire day and changes depending on day and hour. Breakfast foods are served earlier in the day and then as evening approaches the food changes. Note on the right next to the security lockers is a doorway for staff only.

To the left is a plexiglass-covered counter for your dirty dishes. Note the divider behind the
food, That’s the entry way to the main club area.

As you walk past the divider into the club to the right is a glass- walled room. Not long ago, Germany enforced some non-smoking area rules such as the ones in the US, where restaurants had to be smoke free or have separate smoker areas. This is a god-send since you no longer have to be victim to second hand smoke at the clubs. This used to be a huge negative in the days when you
had to spend hours in a small club where almost all the women smoked. There are two of these non-smoking rooms, the other is located at the back behind the whirlpool (Jacuzzi). To the left are rooms and entry to the Porno Kino, which has a large screen projection TV and beds to make up most of the seating area in the Kino.

Sit in the Kino and you open up yourself for women to approach you. This can be good or bad depending on what you want. We’ll cover that more later.

Directly in front of you as you enter is the main club. Stairs lead up to a platform to the upper bar. Gone is the Harley motorcycle which sometimes the women would use when they danced. There’s now a common dance pole, which women who have pole dancing skills can use. I did not see any pole dancing for the 7-hour period I was at the club. Behind the bar is a Relax Zone, something every club should have. My hat is off to the owners of the Palace as they have addressed many of the problems from the past by giving customers a place to relax that is off-limits to aggressive women and allows them to take a well-needed nap. The lawn chair-style beds are comfortable and located near windows with adequate fresh air. I could rest without the constant nagging of angry women telling me “no sleeping.” More on this later. There is also another shower room and a emergency exit in the area.

The bar offers hot drinks as well as cold, alcohol is also offered but at additional cost. Soft drinks, juices and water are included
in your admission fee. When it comes to water be clear what you want (Still: non-carbonated or mit gas: carbonated) as both are served. Most of the time you’ll get carbonated (soda water) since this is more standard in Germany. They do have ice but you’ll need to ask for it to get it. Most Europeans don’t care for ice, while those from the US prefer it.

Back to the lay of the land, as you entered there was a smoking room on the right, next to that is a entry area to the rooms. Rooms are now in two flavors, smoking and non-smoking. Some have great lighting while others are dim at best. I prefer a well-lit room to see what I’m doing. There are more showers, a massage area and a “reading room”. Yes, a reading room, you can ask at the
front desk for multi-language newspapers (I’m sure they don’t have all languages and most are German) which you can take to the reading room and relax. Within the room they have reading lights, seating, benches, and also smoking devices. I believe these are for the flavored tobaccos one finds at these new smoking clubs.

The Palace has a reputation for aggressive women, I also experienced this during my visit as well. One thing to learn in this business is “the EYES have it”, similar to when people vote and those who agree. What I mean is that it’s all about EYE CONTACT. The women watch your eyes. If you make eye contact with them more then once, this means to them you’re interested. So don’t make the mistake of eye balling one that you think is strange since she’ll think you’re interested. This works fine for when you find an attractive one and you want to make contact.

Sharks (women who tend to swim around the club going to one guy after another) can be aggressive. They have all sorts of sales tactics including yanking your stick. Anything to get you to go with them of get your money. Most of the time these women won’t give a good time; they do this usually since they have no other choice. The best women are usually always busy and don’t need to revert to being a shark. The best experience I had was with a gal who was constantly busy and never spent more the 5 minutes on the floor and out of a room. It appeared she had built a reputation of service and happy clients and this showed. On the other hand, there are handfuls of women who spent the entire day not going to the room. They looked good but just did not have any

I saw some new faces from the past, some I recall from the old Atlantis days when that club was tops. This brings to mind the concept of shelf life, we all have one. Women tend to have shorter shelf lives then men. Men are admired for money,
while women are admired for looks. Thus, when they age, they tend to have trouble keeping up with the younger, newer gals, while the men have no problem finding women as long as they have the cash.

I saw some real stunning women, lots of blondes, although I would be hard pressed to say most were not REAL blondes. Still some 10’s were to be found, service I could not attest to, but many did have success finding men.

No club is without the local “sea monster” , which is a really nasty looking gal. In this case there was a gal from Spain, forgot the name but will do her a favor and not mention it. I nicknamed her the “Fire Hydrant” as she had a figure like one. You can imagine a stocky, thick frame with two bolted-on boobs. She looked like a walking fire hydrant. I’ll go into how odd some of the guests looked later.

It’s always best to wait for at least 1 hour after you arrive before making your choice. The concept here is that the best women are usually all working so you won’t see them all the time. Give them some time to cycle through the club; if you don’t you might choose a less attractive gal instead. Take care and remember that the women who are willing to approach you usually are not
as good as those that just smile. Beware of the gals who come up as a team and offer a two- girl party. This usually ends up with you losing twice as much money, although there are women who work well as a team.

Having done this for years, I’ve worked out my own methods of finding my best bet. The Internet is full of reports, true and false. The report you are reading may be from the guy who really does not know what is good or bad, or thinks that a poor time is a great time.

It’s all a matter of taste and finding out what you like. While you can read colorful reports by the thousands, this does not mean you’ll have any better time for doing the research. I prefer to feel my way through a club.

POB “Pissed of Bitch”, is a gal who comes up to you (in the shark mode) and starts the sales pitch. They’ll promise you a good time, they’re the best, hot blooded, best oral, you name it. She’ll even start some friendly handling and touching all in the hopes you’ll come along with her to the room. Most of the time she does this since she has no choice.

A good test to rule them out, is to tell them
you’re not ready yet, you’re taking a break, or something to nicely turn them away. Should they be a POB you’ll note they immediately change to the pissed-off mode. In fact the next time they see you they’ll give you the cold shoulder. This is a good sign of a party that would have gone bad anyway. Should she still remain nice, friendly, and welcoming means she might actually be good. You have to remember that this is an ego game for both the men and the women. Some women will feel rejected should you blow them off. Just imagine yourself in high school going up to a girl to ask for a date and getting shot down, it’s no different.

While rare, some women do find the occasional guy they are attracted to and make an effort to meet you. When you reject them only to give yourself some time they become defensive thinking that you rejected them. Sometimes they’ll turn you down when you later approach them, stating “You had your chance.” I’ve had several gals tell me it took them a lot of nerve to come
up and approach a man and when turned away made them feel less than. One way to see if this is authentic is to watch the gal, if she approaches every man in the club she’s obviously not coming to you. She’s just swimming around looking for something, this is what Sharks do. Fire Hydrants also do this as well, remember to stay away from the POB’s.

Sales pitches can range from the best at this, to the best at that, any gal that states she is the best in my experience is never that. The best ones I’ve known don’t have to tell you about it and let you figure that out on your own. Telling you that they’re good at this or that is a common issue for insecure people. One Greek gal
was swimming from one guy to the next, then she planted herself on my leg and started with the “I’m Athena from Greece, I have hot
blood and am the best” or something to that nature. As she was not to my liking, I nicely told her I had just came from the room. She turned into a POB right away and off she went. Never looked at me again. The fire hydrant did the same, but she used the hot blooded Spanish story.

Women from Spain tend to either be really good or really bad. Spain also has a club scene from what I know; however, it’s more aggressive and the women I’ve encountered show this. Same goes for Greece where often you get either really bad or good service. This is not to say say that the country a gal comes from has any bearing on her skills. Polish women tend to be better liked than German or Russian gals. Czech Republic has some great looking women as well, however your mileage may vary, as many good girls come from one country you’ll find several that rank as the worst. Thus, we come to the concept again of selection and how to select.

EYE CONTACT, you do it and they do it. A girl that really is interested will have serious eye contact from the time you first see her to the time you leave the club. The girl I selected had a smile and great eye contact from the minute she saw me coming. Even after our meeting she would always smile, wink or make eye contact.

BODY LANGUAGE, when you go sit by a gal or she sits by you, you need to pay close attention to this. Are her legs pointed towards you or away? I won’t go into the total dynamics of body language, you’ll need to read up on it but it speaks volumes when you read it. Even if you see a girl with another guest you can study what’s gong on.

TOUCH, does she touch you or allow you to touch her, when you touch her does she counter with a touch? I often see guys that do all the touching, body language and eye contact but seem to miss that the girl is not returning it. It’s obvious that this meeting will result with one unhappy partner. Then again, there are guys who only care to sit in the room with a pretty gal and not engage in deep play.

CONVERSATION, if a gal asks within 30 seconds “Do you want to go to the room?”, then chances are she’s in a rush. The best women
never ask this question and know if a man wants to go, he’ll ask. It does not take a genius to know you’re in a club and this is what you
are supposed to do. The Sharks who work the men know the concept is to quickly separate the easy prey from strong, to weed out the guys who can’t say NO.

15 minute Rule, it’s long been debated the concept of 30 minutes in the room or how long it takes to do the deed. While you pay for 30 minutes, your time is basically done when you finish the deed. Some women will still lay there with you and chat or play, while others quickly gather their things and make for the door. There is a fine line here for the gal who reads the guy
and goes by what he does. If you just arrived at the club and have not had any fun for months, most likely you’ll pop in minutes. Thus you might only be in the room for 10-15 minutes and be done and happy. There are also women that have a pre-planned program which is designed to get you in and out as fast as possible. Never forget that this is all money based and time is money. Two guys in 30 minutes means more money then one. Then again, the good catch will never appear to be rushing you or running a program but read you and allow you to you to take the lead. There are two types of gals, those who want you to come back and those who don’t care if you come back. Thus you’ll see the ones who seem to never have any customers stand around most of the time and those you rarely see since most of the time they’re occupied. Simple math and reasoning.

To get back to the point, if you time a possible selection when she goes to the room and comes back one must consider if she was so good that the customer could not last long or if she just wanted to get him in and out quickly.

You should consider other observations such as when they go to the room and when they leave the room. The best women will hold you hand, put an arm around you and even kiss you on the lips when they part. Some will even french kiss you when you leave the club. This is surely a sign of bonding. Women who you have to chase after when they go towards the room or meet you later at the locker to pay are all telling you something. The rules need to be consistent and constant. The best parties are with women that are consistent from the first sighting to when you leave the club. A friend of mine uses this concept well, if he decides to go with a gal and she then turns walking ahead of him to the room he stops and waits until she comes back to him. Then, he asks her, “Are we going together or are you going alone?” She then quickly gets the idea that the customer notices the details. Women quickly figure out the wimps from the men, they often take advantage of men that allow them to do as they wish and respect those they know won’t put up with things.

Clubs are a great place to people watch, the women do the same as the men. Men are constantly watching the women and discussing their looks. Women do the same, only they spend much more time at the club doing what we do. I saw a Japanese guy who looked like Elvis Presley, including the thick long side burns. I saw a guy that had one arm that looked like it got slammed in a car door, I called him the cookie jar bandit as he looked as if someone slammed a large cookie jar lid on his arm when he was caught stealing a cookie. These guys were treated just like any other customer.

While on this subject, handicapped, midget or giant, missing an arm or leg, mangled, or wheelchair bound, you name it they service it. No one is discriminated in this business as they are in other countries. I was once at a club where a midget and a 7-foot tall guy from a local circus were present. The women tossed the midget around like a child but in a caring fun way. His sandals looked more like snow skis than shoes and his towel practically dragged on the floor. I knew a
small short guy who looked more like Yoda in his robe than a customer. Guys in wheelchairs seem common and sometimes you’ll see one dragging himself up a flight of stairs or being carried by friends. I even saw this one guy that had heavy birth defects at a club. He could barely talk with his obvious mangled face, both hands were more like claws and stumps for legs. He was welcomed into the club, made his choice and left with what I saw as a smile. No one seems to see these wonderful things that this business does for those who normally would not experience such physical contact.

How to wrapping a towels around your waist. One day you’ll be in a club where they don’t use robes. So learn how to properly wrap a towel so it does not fall off. This is how it’s done. Take one clean towel, place around your waist, wrap around your waist so it overlaps the other side. You want it to fit tightly around your waist.

Now here’s the key to a good fit: roll the towel outwards on one side. As you roll the towel, it should tighten. Far too often I’ve laughed seeing guys get up only to have the towel drop off completely. Your towel should be around your waist BELOW your belly button, not above it, and certainly not inches below your shoulders
either. You’ll always see these guys with towels above the belly button, a towel over the shoulders or a towel wrapped around the stomach just below the shoulders. This ends up looking more like a dress than a towel.

I have to hand it to the Palace. They seem to listen to the customer. The reading room, smoking rooms, locker safe, and the separate security locker were all good additions.

Food for dinner did need improvement, though, with dry pork, goulash, noodles, and peas. Breakfast was excellent, with lots of assorted breads, meats, cheese, salmon, salads, etc.

Many of the women seem to know that they can get a guy in and out in 15 minutes. A great deal of the women are aggressive, they will approach you and even pressure you to go to the room. I even saw one guy negotiating price after the party at the locker. He seemed to work it out OK, but that’s never a good sign.

You can bet if you go to the Porno Kino you’ll have numerous gals come sit by you and some that will not keep their hands off you. Beware as the Kino is dark and you might have a heart attack when you exit and see what you thought was a 10 is actually a “sea monster.”

Take your time and study the women with the other customers. Note the time they do spend, eye contact and the basics of body language. While you can read plenty of reports on the internet, most of the time your gut instinct will serve you better than recommendations, especially from guys you barely know.

You might also consider taking a tour with a group of guys should this be your first trip and you want to see a good variety of clubs in a short time.

Tours seem to be common now and several firms have been doing this for years. Don’t trust the average Joe who just contacts you via a discussion forum and wants cash, as this often leads to rip-offs or ruined trips.

Remember, if you can’t pay by credit card you need to take extra care. This also means it might be a fly-by-night outfit or some Joe who claims to know what he’s doing but really does not.

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