FKK and Sauna Clubs

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We recommend Germany’s FKK Clubs and Sauna clubs for three reasons:

  1. Price and Atmosphere
  2. Quality of Service
  3. Selection

Price. This is still reasonable, even at today’s unfavorable exchange rates, because of the high quality of service. Entry fees range from 30 to 70 EUR ($36-$84 US). This allows use of all facilities (showers, towels, saunas, swimming pools, fitness equipment) and unlimited trips to the non-alcohol bar and buffet table, if offered. Many clubs have special parties and events to attract customers, and you’re welcome to stay as long as you like. Cost per session averages 50 EUR ($60 US) across the clubs.

Quality of Service. You’ve probably seen terms such as “GFE” or “No Taboos” used to describe the service at FKK Clubs or Sauna Clubs. (See next section for definitions of these and other terms.) At the better ones, activities such as BBBJ, French kissing, and mutual touching, both in the lounge and in a private room, are standard and not charged extra. These clubs have such standards to ensure consistent service. Remember, the majority of customers are locals who visit often, so the clubs must keep them coming back.

Selection. Most clubs employ women from all over the world. You’re not limited to Asians, as you would be in Thailand, or Latinas, as you would be in Mexico or Brazil. Whatever your physical preference (blonde, brunette, redhead, dark-skinned, light-skinned, tall, petite, slender, voluptuous, enhanced, natural, Playboy bunny, or girl-next-door), you’ll find it in the FKK clubs.

Not much has changed in Germany, Quality is still the highest I’ve experienced in all my travels. Clubs change and so do the women. There has been some useless talk about good clubs and not so good clubs. This brings to mind the theory that it’s not the club but rather the women that make a club. Having just come back from a recent trip with several friends who over a period of a week visited over 12 clubs we came to the same conclusion. Guys who found at least one great session at a club felt the club was the best for them. This had little to do with size or reputation but more to do with a single experience. Several months back I visited Blue Note in Dusseldorf and found several high quality women who provided excellent service. During my latest visit I found none of them to be working and not even one woman worth taking to the room. Does this mean the club is not worth a visit? It still offers the same great facilities (although small) but then the whole reason for visiting these clubs is the women. I think selection also has something to do with what guys think. Sure having 50+ women to select from makes much more sense. Vast amounts of women also means less control and quality assurance from managemet. This is a huge problem at Atlantis where hundreds of women cycle through the system on a monthly basis. Word has spread all over Europe and the world about this huge LEGAL club. The club was over run by the US military during my most recent visit. The word among the women is that military guys are NOT favored as customers. First they don’t arrive with much funds, second most often they come drunk, third they spend more time talking then going to the room. Since management is spread so thin the women take advantage of time and service. Your most likely to get ripped off at this club using trial and error. “Ripped off” to me means getting anything less then a good 30 minute session that includes kissing, bbbj and multi positions. There’s a huge wave of women coming from clubs in Spain who are not familiar with FKK style service. What you end up getting is rushed service, lots of hype and half assed quality. Regulars don’t stand for this sort of thing and they usually inform management which results in some change. Most non-locals don’t complain as even the worst service in Germany can be considered great in other countries where visitors are from. Due to this management is not well informed and this sort of problem continues. My conclusion is that a great club consists of a good selection of QUALITY women who provide QUALITY service. Many women means only that, many women. Buyer beware…. Atlantis again was not the overall favorite among us during our visit.

I found
QUALITY women at the following clubs:

The Palace
Living Room

A few of the guys found Samya Koln to be their favorite. The reason for this is that they found a woman who provided some of the best sex on their trip. Note that these same guys visited Sharks and quality over selection appears to be more important. I did not list it as my favorite yet it was a favorite during my previous visit. I’m sure had the same girl been present it would be on my list. Again it’s the women or woman that makes a clubs worth visiting.

I will post more details as to each club via the thread for that particular club as I go over my notes.
Here is a brief run down on the clubs I visited.

On the top of my list again after my recent visit most sessions here will be high in quailty. Women were young, attractive, willing and providing some of the best to notch service around. Many new faces but still a few women from the past.

The original and reference model for FKK Sauna clubs service here is always great as well is the selection. Some new faces as well as the old ones.

Dolce Vita
Many of the same faces, our Thai princess has left, Margarita from Italy is still present. This place is what it is, low cost fun. It was never a full service, top tier club but rather a budget brothel that charges by 20 minute intervals.

Still at the top of my list this place was loaded with women, like Sharks after 9pm the balance shifts from more women to more men. Food is now serverd more often and rather good food. The locker room has been renovated with more lockers and better use of space.

Selection is what this place is all about. The eye game is played here more then anywhere else and you can’t avoid the heavy sales pitched that go on constantly. Many players who push two girl parties. Groups of Thai women, Latino, Brazilian etc. Plus the usual large breasted silicone blond women who prey on guys in the pit. Sticking to the well known favorites seemed to yield the best results. Trying new stock yield in a 50% return with half being a waste of money while the other half being worth the money. Take care making a selection here.

All in all the best bets were:
Living Room

I find it really useless for people to complain about things when they’re FREE to them. I thank 21orover for NOT adding tons of ads and POP up porn to help pay for bandwidth. I know there is a full time staff which is paid to rid us of spammers, pranksters and help organize all the info.

Cost of SEX in GERMANY Today and Recent Changes
Due to the unusual weak dollar and strong euro the cost of service in Germany has changed from what it was many years ago as the d-mark. Many of the so-called self proclaimed experts on the web were’nt around back in those days. It’s those low exchange rates and quality of service which got me interested in the Sauna club scene or FKK clubs. Back then the airfare from the US was the biggest cost factor. FS was as low as $25US per pop or 30 minutes. One could sample many women for just $100 US, thus finding that gem in the rough was no big deal.

When to Dmark was dropped in favor of the Euro things seemed to go downhill from there. Today the dollar is worth only .68 euro. What this means to the monger who visits the local clubs is that a 65 Euro entry is now $95 US dollars. That’s a pretty hefty amount when you consider it still does not include any sex. $100 to just get into a club? What makes things worse is that tourists have allowed the downtown FKK club “The Palace” to up the entry to 75 Euros or $110 US dollars. Lets not forget that once in the club your cost for 30 minutes with a lady is now $73US, that’s right 50 Euros converted is $73 US. I never thought it would get worse but it has.

Knowing this I’ve spent more time visiting clubs in the north where more clubs charge 50 Euro entry and it’s only 75 Euros for a full hour of service.
In fact if you do your homework you can find clubs in the north that have 25-35 Euro entry fees. Those same clubs also offer 20 minutes for 30-35 Euros which relates to 35-50 US Dollar entry and $40-$60 service.

It’s not just those that pay with US dollars that are complaining about money. Many locals are finding it hard with the inflation that the Euro has brought thus cutting back on going to clubs. In fact as a result one club that just opened in Dusseldorf is offering 80 Euros ($117US Dollars) for all inclusive service. This means the one time fee covers it all, your entry, and all the service you want and as many times as you want.

As many clubs that open each month there are clubs that close. In fact clubs have opened for a few months only to close and reopen under a new name a month later. A good example was club Elite near Frankfurt which opened about a year ago and was basically a flop, then a few months ago the people who own World and Atlantik took it over and re-named it “Atlantis”. Nice try however the only thing it has in common with the original Atlantis that used to be located in Altenstadt is the name.
If you did’nt know the original 3 owners of the original Atlantis were put out of business and 2 were jailed. Owners of World quickly attempted a take over which resulted in a short two weeks till the club was once again closed and this time for good. Only the name has survived, the women have long since vanished and some have turned up in other clubs. many went to Oase, some to Palace and the rest spread thinly through out Germany. Some of the X staff went to World or Oase and even as far as Berlin. What were the owners of World thinking when they re-named this small hole in the wall club many miles away “Atlantis”? Not the same clubs, not the same girls?

It’s been tough for the people who now own World, Finca Erotica, Atlantik, World 2 (has changed names again) and now Atlantis. While they quickly took over many clubs and even opened a few from the ground up none of them have done all that well.

World from my last visit was largely Romanians and Bulgarians who are mainly in it for the short time. This means lots of lousy service and rip off sessions, nothing that brings a club to the top of the market. This has been a huge problem ever since Romania and Bulgaria have been added to the EU. Germany is being flooded with downstream workers that quickly undercut others. While I’ve yet to actually experience this myself from many recent visits I’ve heard from several friends who frequent the clubs that you can bargain with these women 20-30 or evn 50 Euros will get you service now. Thus the long term gals are pushed out that depart the club. This also took place at Atlantik and im sure at other World affiliate clubs.

Women at all the clubs whether the north or south are complaining about a lack of paying customers. Sure you see men but they don’t spend as much as sometimes nothing at all. The economics in Europe are felt even by those who don’t suffer from a poor exchange rate.

Babylon has come full circle now and states it is once again an authentic FKK Sauna club. What that means is that they’ve gone thru many changes from the days when all the women were required to be totally nude at all times or pay fines. The woman who used to run the club back in the hay day has even returned to help bring things back while the ownership has totally changed.

On a recent trip I ran into several events where clubs are again implementing (Germans Only) entry.
While this has never been a big deal at the bigger clubs and I highly doubt it will be, there is a reason behind it all. Basically most clubs don’t want “Turkish” men in the clubs. They’re known for causing many problems which eventually are the downfall of the club itself. The women overall don’t want the Turks, the German customers also don’t want the Turks. It’s said they don’t bathe, attempt to cheat the women and are rude. The concepts why Turks are bad for business are many. In the end many clubs have banned them due to many of the problems being true. Thus anyone who’s dark skinned can be picked out and denied entry. Even black men who are obviously not Turkish are refused entry. Darker skinned Asian men will have a similar problem with entry unless they are known by the staff or visit with well known friends or a guide. When something like this actually happened while I was at a club I had a long talk with the women working the front desk. It appears that the regular German guests will complain about non-local guests and as a result they won’t visit thus management bends and will enforce who can visit. The women also have pull and if they complain about foreign guests the club will also enforce denial of entry to some. It all comes down to making money and guests who visit daily, weekly mean more to the bottom end then those who visit yearly or every couple of months. It’s all strange when you consider that some clubs are Turkish owned and those same clubs don’t want Turks in the club.

Fuel is also on the rise and can be more costly then what the rental charges are. One liter now costs from 1.30 – 1.50 Euros. Lets not forget that with the poor exchange rate hotel costs have also increased as well as dining expenses.

So how high does the cost of sex have to go for us to stop visiting Germany?

75 Euros = $110 Dollars
65 Euros = $95 Dollars
50 Euros = $73 Dollars
35 Euros = $50 Dollars
25 Euros = $36 Dollars

Don’t forget that credit card companies are also charging an additional 1% international fee, ATMs are also charging 1% fees and $5 use fees.

From the Expert’s about German FKK and Sauna Clubs


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