FKK Clubs 2

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Detmolder Strasse 90
32602 Vlotho/Exter

SG Club
An der Pforte 1
32457 Porta Westfalica
Tel 0571 76815

La-Bouche FKK Club
Parkstrasse 16
Lünen 44532
Web Site

Schleswig-Holstein’s largest FKK club
Europastraße 3 (A7 Autobahn, exit 3)
24941 Jarplund-Weding (near Flensburg)
Tel.: 0461-5003633; Fax: 0461-1687966

Oldesloherstr. 70
23795 Bad Segeberg
Tel.: 04551 – 1414
Fax : 04551 – 6181
20-4 Hours of operation

FKK Club Bergedorf
Brookkehre 3
21029 Hamburg Bergedorf
Tel 040 73937979
Fax 040 72693565
Web Site

FKK Club Atmos
Großmoorring 1 (between the A1 and A253)
21079 Hamburg-Harburg
Tel 040 3035680
Fax 040 30386520
Web Site

FKK Club Bremen
Fritz-Thiele Strasse 5a
28279 Bremen
Tel 0431 8398112
Info 0421 8398111
Hours Daily 10am – 12pm
Entry 50€
Sessions 50€

Thanks for your excellent report. From what I can tell you state this is your first FKK visit.

Im not sure I understand your comment:

“She disappeared for 30 seconds (the way they all do, I guess for protection/lubrication)”.

From hundreds of visits to FKK clubs the majority of women don’t disappear period from the time they meet you and finish with you. The only place where this is common is at Dolce Vita where they take you to the room, leave you in the room for a few minutes to clean up and prepare and then return to finish you. So im a bit confused at what you mean? All the women in this business, at the club you were at or women in general. Perhaps you could explain this as it’s not common to me.?

Most clubs blend in for a reason, they don’t want to advertise “PROSTITUTION” in the city as some people as you may know are offended by it. Thus it’s very normal to see nothing more then “larger then normal” address plates with the house number on it. Don’t expect lots of pretty neon, electric doors, flashing strobe lights and a huge sign which says “Come in HERE to Fuck Prostitutes”. The only club I know that really stands out and looks more like a whorehouse is Parksauna in Wegberg. It’s lined in blue neon and black lights. You can’t miss the place when you drive by. Some Eros centers are this way and the idea is to let you know its here. FKK’s on the other hand are most often low key. They don’t want family folk and others to know what goes on.

I must commend you your report is very detailed, you did not leave anyting out. For a first time visitor your visit appeared to be very successful.

May I suggest for longer couch action you take control. In Europe it appears that men are a bit more in control and demanding. Us Americans are known for being a bit soft and allowing the woman to take control. Thus if the girl thinks she can speed things up she will. There is a fine line to follow here as some women will time things and count couch action in with the room action. I usually tell the girl I want her to continue when she stops while on the couch. I don’t push my luck and try and take advantage I just call the shots and get as much as I can. Remember you’re the customer and you are paying so make the best of your time. The worst women usually always rush things in my experience and the couch action is your first clue.

Again, thanks for the excellent report which appears to be written as if you have been many times before.

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