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Club Paradies
Frankenstr 43 (Somewhere more close to A7 towards Hannover)

A nice but small place. It was a room with at bar, that’s all. I addition there was secluded rooms “for hire”. The selection of girls wasn’t great but ok. I decided to check the action for a while so I turned down some offers for company. I spotted one slim brunette after a while but she (and some other) were involwed in a couple of regulars. At least in seems that way. They bought the girls a bottle of sekt now and then but time went on without anyone proceeded to any room so I decided not to be the first one to discover any “surprises” of rip-off scene and left.

Hanover has an FKK club called Villa 2000, it used to be called Docle Vita. It’s in Laatzen, Lange Weihe 20 after 22:00 it changes to some other kind of club. Prior to 22 it is in fact an FKK club. hours 11-22 50dm entry, after 22 it’s 100dm entry
Something new, the entry only includes 2 free drinks. There were 5-6 women 5-8 scale in the early hours, towards the afternoon 15-18 girls and they got better looking too.

Haus 18 in Herford looks like a place to try for guys that are farther north such as Hannover.
They don’t post prices but the ladies look decent. They also seem to offer some authentic massage or med service beside SM.

A short report from Hannover, or to be more exact, Hildesheim. I did a little geography check on the list and discovered two addresses that actually was in Hidesheim about 30 km from Hannover. To maybe avoid some rip-off that for sure was taking place in Hannover due to CEBIT i decided to explore Hildesheim.

Coupe 17
Hannoversche Str. 17 (at the railwaystation)

This place was a real scare! A couple of really wored down females and the male guests (2) was on the same scale. I headed for the exit after 30 sec!

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