FKK Club Sudfass Oase

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FKK Club Sudfass Oase
Peter Anders Strasse 4
81245 Munchen Pasing
Tel +4989884520
Jacuzzi, sauna, massage
GPS Coordinates
N48ďż˝ 9.185′
E11ďż˝ 28.646

55e Entry
75e 30 Minute Session includes CBJ
125e 60 Minute Session
75e Extra for kissing, BBBJ
Non Alcohol drinks included

11am -4am

Web Site

FKK Club Sudfass Munich Germany

FKK Club Sudfass Munich Germany

FKK Club Sudfass Munich Germany FKK Club Sudfass Munich Germany FKK Club Sudfass Munich Germany FKK Club Sudfass Munich Germany FKK Club Sudfass Munich Germany FKK Club Sudfass Munich Germany

A short u-Bahn ride from the centre of Munich (to Pasing) and around 1km from the station – or a short cab ride from central Munich (which is what I did as it was 11:30pm at the end of a long day of work followed by working dinner). You can’t miss it when you get there – lots of neon!

The receptionist just about got by in English (60 euro entry) and found a girl who spoke good English to show me around. In fact, all of the girls I spoke to got by in English. There were around 10-12 girls in the bar area (with several couches, armchairs and bar stools), and I saw about 8-10 men during the 2.5 hours I was there. In the corner there was a hot tub, an enclosed alcove with a mattress and another area with couches that could be curtained off. Then there was outside area (but it was the wrong season to explore!) Off to the side was a large communal shower area, I guess around 15 rooms, and a really good sauna (with real coals, not electric). Alcoholic drinks cost 6 euros (orange juice was free).

The basic rate for the girls was 75 euros for 30 mins (you take the girl to the locker room a pay her after the session, rather than paying at the end of the evening). A deluxe service with a BBBJ, or a full hour, was 150 euros (not sure if that is the official price but it seemed the norm, at least for a stranger). There were girls in shapes and sizes to please all tastes: from a slim black girl to well rounded, olive “Latin” types, from tall blondes to short buxom brunettes. I found it a very easy, relaxed environment. I pretty soon discovered that getting a fresh drink before joining a girl is a great way to spin out the time on the couch – “let me just finish my drink first”.

I started off with a session with Emmy, following the principle of not choosing the most stunning women but a friendly smile (I’d rate her a 6). She’s Cuban, 27, and I thought it would be fun to try a Latin-american experience for a change. She pretty soon had her hand under my towel and was fondling me as we talked, and indulged in some french kissing. Once we adjourned to a room and I decided on a BBBJ, she made a thorough job of it – alternating with long periods of me giving her the same treatment, making it a long session before I finally took her in several positions. She made the right noises (though not with the passion that was to come with Lisa). All in all it was a great, no pressure, unhurried experience, and we kissed an cuddled a little afterwards (although she didn’t join me in the bar after, just smiled across the room when I looked over).

After I’d had a sauna and a drink to recover, I wasn’t sure I wanted another session (I was tired after a long day). But then Lisa reappeared in the bar. I’d seen her earlier – a tall, blonde (and a 9 in my book), who caught my eye first because she was wearing an interesting embroidered collar round her neck. It made me think of her as an exotic pussy cat. It’s strange, another girl there had a gold chain around her waist and I realized that the right accessories on a naked body show both off to the maximum extent and can be a real turn on. Anyway, for me Lisa was the most beautiful woman in the place, so it was soon clear there was no way I could resist her.

She got me a drink and sat down to chat. I’d say she was late 20s (didn’t ask). She comes from Poland – she’d been at the club around 3 months, coming and staying there for a week and then going back home for a week or 10 days. She spoke good English and had the most wonderful pure English accent (she’s taking lessons, it seems, which gives her the most perfect aristocratic English accent even when the grammar and vocabulary aren’t spot on).

I suggested we move to a couch to be more comfortable, while I finished my drink, and she led me to a mattress in a semi screened alcove. It only took a few seconds to realize that she planned to get straight down to some couch action. Not just fondling to get me ready to a room, but full on action. Her BJ technique was great, and soon took the hint to move so I could suck her at the same time. Believe me, she was as sexy to touch, and be touched by, as she was to look at. And she has that talent of making you feel that she’s doing it because she wants to, not because you want her to, and of focusing every bit of her attention on you and nowhere else as if you are the center of her world. It was then I knew I’d hit the jackpot!

It wasn’t a long session – I was tired, and it was late – but it couldn’t have been better in the circumstances. Eventually we adjourned to a room where I took her in several positions, before finally finishing off doggy style, watching her in the mirror and looking along that long back to her beautiful, long blonde hair with her cat collar peaking out below. My only regret was that I hadn’t chosen her at the beginning of the evening, when I was less tired and could have done more justice to to such a sexy woman.  After that, I was ready to curl up and go to sleep, so they called me a cab and I left around 2:15. Thoroughly satisfied.

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