FKK Saunaclub & Bordell Nürnberg FKK Sylt

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FKK Saunaclub & Bordell Nürnberg FKK Sylt
Lichtenfelser Strasse 2
90427 Nürnberg
Tel 0911 306116
Info 0911 306130
12pm – 4am
Exit A3 Tennenlohe
direction Nurnberg Airport
approx 3 mins

Web Site

Big Screen TV

Entry 65 Euro
Session 50 Euro oral w/ condom
Session 100 Euro oral w/o condom
Free drinks

NOTE: As of August 2005, the club may have changed its pricing policy for DFK and BBBJ. There is apparently no extra charge for these activities, which brings their pricing structure in line with that of the Colosseum and Rhine-Main-area clubs.

Directions via train, from the main Train station (Nurnburg Hauptbahnhof) take line 9 direction Thon till the last station (about 19 mins)then take Lines 28, 29 or 30 to the Boxdorf station. (about 10 mins). Then on foot take Hauptstrasse approx 400 meters left till you see a (Sylt)sign left Fa. Staedtler.

Club Sylt, located in Nürnberg near the airport, is south-east Germany’s entry into the FKK scene, and is likely the top club in the area. At the time of my visit (Nov. ’01), prices were 100 DM for entry and 100 DM for each 30-minute session, standard for the Rhein-Main area. (New Euro prices are 60 and 50, respectively.) I should mention here that it costs double for a session with BBBJ.

When you enter the club, the bar, where you pay the entry fee, order drinks, and get your locker key, is on the left. The small locker room is on the right. The lounge decor is reminiscent of an Old West bordello, with candy-striped wallpaper and dark-upholstered furniture.

A trim, tanned, dark-blonde Italian gal named STELLA showed us around. Sylt is much bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside. There are three levels. The lounge is on the main floor, with lots of nooks and crannies for those who want a little privacy before going to a room. Downstairs, directly to your left, there’s a TV room with comfortable couches and sporting events broadcast via satellite. A porn theater, complete with theater seats, is straight ahead. (Stella explained that this could be boring if you don’t have a woman with you to help act out what you see on screen.) Showers, toilets, a dry sauna and tub, and a back room with tanning beds and lounge chairs are all at the end of a long hallway to your right.

The party rooms are on the third floor. They are nicely decorated and feature stereo systems installed in the headboards.

Upon payment and receipt of locker key, all customers get one chance to spin a prize wheel. This wheel is divided into 32 sections, four of which entitle you to a prize if you land on one. Two are for a free alcoholic beverage, one is for 10 minutes in a tanning bed, and the last is for the grand prize (“Bingo!”), which gets you a free session with the lady of your choice. I spun the wheel, and sure enough, I got “Bingo!”

There were about 10 girls when we arrived (Sunday 5 PM), and about 14-16 when we left three hours later, with the typical range of attractiveness. Most of the new arrivals took seats in the spacious bar area. As we were leaving, I saw one or two there that I would have liked to try. Oh, well, maybe next time.

Overall impression
I enjoyed my visit here. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the facilities were excellent.

I also thought that I received good service at Sylt for the price. The extra charge for BBBJ didn’t bother me, as I never chose that option and was fine without it, although some may be put off by this as it is not standard practice for Rhein-Main FKK clubs. The ladies did, however, mention the extra charge before starting, so you aren’t going to get tricked into paying for something you may not want.

If you’re based in Frankfurt, then Sylt is well out of your way (four hours via public transportation and two hours-plus via auto). However, definitely check it out if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

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