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I have just returned from a holiday to Germany, Holland, and Prague in January and thought I’d share my experiences with everyone.

Anyway, below is a report on the various locations I visited during my trip:

Amsterdam Red Light District
This place never changes, does it! However, I was pleasantly suprised by the number of girls plying their trade during the Winter season, especially considering their weren’t that many guys around.

As usual, the quality of girls was variable depending upon what type you’re after. However, there was no shortage of glamours.

I had my best Amsterdam experience during this visit with a young dutch girl, Cindy, in a room near the Bulldog cafe. No rush, lots of talking and very customer focused! Whilst jet-lag prevented me from completing the session, Cindy did everything she could to try and help my flacid penis along. How many times has that happened before? Not much I’d think.

The Hague Red Light District
I found two RLD’s in Den Haag. The first is located opposite (and down a couple of streets) from the Den Haag HS station (don’t get confused with Central Station as this is a different station) and the second street is quite a few blocks away and you really need to know where you are going to find this street.

Overall, I found the quality to be average to poor in both locations (maybe it was just the time of year?)with mainly asian and black ladies (and mostly overweight at that).

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to visit Mila’s house, due to some problems I had with the phone number, but I found some action in the city nonetheless.

The RLD is located a couple of blocks north of Wachlesa Square, not far from Tesco’s. Whilst the street action was pretty average (not many girls and the ones there were quite aggressive), I located a sex shop that had booths inside where you could watch a live show as well as video cabins downstairs.

The quality of the girls in the live show was excellent and they encouraged me to take them upstairs for more “fun”! and quoated their “number”. I checked with the guy on the counter to clarify what this was all able and he confirmed the following prices:
900 krones – Watch a dildo show from behind a window (USD20)
1200 Krones – Massage and hand relief (USD30)
1800 krones – Sex (approx. USD45)

The upstairs the girls referred to is an ante-chamber(where you enter) with a windowed door leading to the main room. Next to the door is a panel of 4 buttons where you press the button of the desired girl and she magically appears a few minutes later. I opted for the hand relief and was very satisfied with the session. The girl (can’t remember her name) was very friendly and even spoke pretty good English. Best of all she finished the hand-job in a 69 position!

Following my visit, on my way back to my hotel, I noticed 3 guys being given BJ’s by hookers in an alcove of a building on one of the main streets in Prague – Amazing!

My first ever FKK experience was at La folie in Charlottenburg, which was (an unplanned) 2 minute walk from my hotel. Hence, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

I arrived on a Wednesday night at 9pm and was advised that the entrance fee was DM30 and DM130 for each session with a girl. I then changed out of my clothes and entered into a new world! The interior could pass for someone’s lounge room with a semi-large bar and open area with a few couches. Whilst it felt a bit strange at first to walk around naked, I soon felt at ease and found a seat at the bar.

I spent the first 30 mins just taking in “the vibes” and sussing out who I wanted to spend time with. For those of you wondering whether not speaking German is a problem, I didn’t experience any major difficulties using English.

There were around 20 girls on during the time I was there and about an equal number of guys. The couch action seemed to be more subdued than I had expected, but overall the quality was very good with mainly 8+ quality. I soon figured that if you held eye contact with a girl when she looked your way, she would come over to you and start talking which worked when I saw Milli.

She was a local, 21 year old, with a tight, small body and gorgeous big brown eyes. When I first saw her, I was sitting at the bar and she asked me is I’d like to come and sit onthe couch with her – of course !!

As soon as we sat down, she quickly became affectionate and started kissing my face and chest. It didn’t take long for the blood to rush to my groin and as soon as she saw this she then occupied her time giving me a slow an’ easy (unfinished )hand job, followed by more cuddling and kissing. She then asked me if I wanted a drink and whether she could have one to which I said yes. She left me and soon returned with a small bottle of champagne and a coke (for me). I didn’t feel pressured into buying her a drink and was feeling so relaxed that money didn’t seem an object at the time!

She had a couple sips of champagne and started kissing me again and suggested we go to a room for more privacy which I happily agreed with. Following a quick visit to the bar to log my visit to the room, we took off down stairs to a room with a small bed and mirrored wall. We both jumped on the bed and started cuddling, but I noticed she was reluctant to do french kissing, just small closed kisses on the mouth.

We rolled around together for a few minutes by which times I was ready to f**k her so she lay on her back as I entered her. We spent the next 20 mins in various positions and whilst she moaned and groaned in all the right places, she kept her eyes closed the whole time which is a bit off putting. I eventually came and we stayed for a bit longer in the room having small talk. I then took a shower and returned to the bar. It was now after 11pm and as I was a bit tired, so I decided
to call it a night and head off. My total bill was 190DM(30DM entrance + 130DM session + 25DM champagne + 5DM cola).

Le Folie is only a 2 minute walk from Charlotteburg S-Bahn station 93 Freidrichstrabe.

I also came across some street walkers in Berlin which were located a couple of streets north of the Hackescher Market S-Bahn station on Oranienburger Strasse.

There were about 8 girls plying their trade in sub-zero temperatures (you’ve got admire a hard woker!)at around 11pm. These girls were gorgeous and given the weather, were covered from head to toe in clothes which is a bit of a change from the usual short skirts etc.One girl in particular had on a black jumpsuit with a gold lame’ g-string on the outside – amazing! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to confirm prices.

I only had a chance to spend two hours in Hamburg one Friday night and used this time to visit the world famous Reeperbahn. As a RLD, the Reeperbahn is a pretty big place with your usual mix of sex shops, cinemas and strip clubs with guys out the front trying to get you inside. I had especially wanted to check out the window scene in Hamburg to see how it compared to Amsterdam. When I found the street, I was suprised to see metal barriers at each end which you walk through to see the windows (blocking any view of the windows from the main street and innocent people passing by!).

For those of you who don’t know, Hamburg is a one- street window scene of about 60 windows, most of which were occupied when I was there. And the quality ? Exceptional! I kid you not, I was blown away by the consistent quality of the women. Just about every woman was a glamour. However, having been forewarned about being ripped off by the women here, I choose not to visit any girls. Just admire from afar!

I then had the weirdest experience as I left the street to return to the Reeperbahn (which is the street name in case you dont’ know). Immediately as you leave the windows and return to a regular street, you are confronted with a line of young street walkers lined up a metre apart(!) trying to tempt you with a visit. These girls are persistent and aggressive to the point where they almost won’t take no for an answer and block you from walking away.And when you get past one, the next girl gives you an equally hard time. This went on for about 10 girls before I turned left back onto the Reeperbahn only to find another 15 girls down the street of equal age and aggression. I have never experienced this type of behaviour in any RLD before, and whilst I found it a great experience, I’d be curious to hear anyone else has had a similar experience?

Frankfurt/Bad Homburg
I decided to visit FKK Oase whilst I was in Frankfurt and had an experience that was nothing short of sensational. After buying a copy of Good Weekend from Dr.Muellers Sex Shop at Frankfurt airport I took the S-Bahn to Bad Homburg which is a 20min train trip north of Frankfurt. I had hoped I’d be able to catch a taxi from the station and thankfully found a few waiting out the front of the station when I arrived. As I knew very little German, I had cut out the FKK Oase
advertisemtn from the Good Weekend so I could show the taxi driver the address. Well, as luck had it the female taxi driver seemed to know the place very well when I showed her the advertisement and off we went.

Before we left, I had taken note at the station of what time the last train back to Frankfurt left the station which just after midnight so I planned to return by then so I could catch this train back to Frankfurt. It is a 15 minute drive to Oase from Bad Homburg s-bahn station which cost me 30DM.

When we arrived at Oase and the driver dropped me off (there were about 25 cars in the parking lot), I noticed that she was following me inside which I put down to maybe being booked to pick up another passenger.Once inside I had some difficulty getting the instructions of the place translated into English so the girl at the cash register had the taxi driver translate all the prices into English for me! How surreal! As I already knew the prices (100DM entrance and 100DM for each session which you pay the girl directly for) the taxi driver collected her $20DM commission (this was why she followed me inside) and I was off to change.

Unlike the FKK in Berlin i went to, everybody wore their towels inside Oase so I grabbed a drink (all drinks are free, but no alcohol served) and made myself comfortable on a couch to check out the action.There were about 10 guys in the lounge area who were keeping to themselves whilst some of the girls sat on other couches looking a little bored. There were about 15 girls on duty who were all of a high quality.

I spent about 20 minutes waiting for the right girl to come along (most girls would come over and ask if you wanted company and were OK if you said No) and then finally I saw her. Brooke was a 25 year old blonde, German girl with large breasts who sat down next to me and started talking to me in pretty good English. After a few minutes of talking (with no physical contact at this point) i started caressing her leg which was met with instant approval. Before long she was lying across me and giving me some intensely passionate french kissing. This went on for a good couple of minutes before she suggested we head to a room which I eagerly
agreed. There’s seems to be real shortage of rooms at Oase as it took a few knocks on doors to find an empty room and during our time in the room there were countless knocks on the door with other people looking for a vacant room.

Anyway, once inside we quickly resumed our french kissing on the bed for around 5mins. I have to saw this was like being with a girlfriend and when she moved her ample mouth onto to my cock and gave me a BJ without condom it became better than any girlfriend sex I’d ever had! She quickly moved her body around until we were in a 69 position and thrust her wet pussy into my face! I couldn’t believe this was happening! This went on for 10mins until she moved off, slipped a condom on me and I took her from behind until I blew my load with an amazing orgasm. Afterwards, we lay on the bed together kissing and cuddlingand basically just enjoying the afterglow. No rushing at all.

When we were talking she told me that her boyfriend knows she works at an FKK and doesn’t really approve, but puts up with it. She said she tells him that the reason she works because she earns good money and gets to have lots of sex ! Hey, he’s a better man than me ! I wonder if he knows how friendly his girlfriend is with her customers? When we left the room, I had a shower and met Brooke at the bar where I gave her 120DM for her services.By the time I left the room and got back to the main room, I had lost track of the time but soon realized it was about time to leave. However, having had such a good time with Brooke, I decided to hang around a bit longer and experience another girl before leaving.

I eventually selected Rachel who was a gorgeous brown haired beauty around 30 years old. I should add at this point that at this stage in the night, about 1am, Oase was absolutely packed with guys and it was very difficult to find a vacant room, let alone a girl who was not busy. Anyway, as Rachel and I couldn’t find a room, she suggested we go to one of the private areas near the pool. As I had no option, I agreed. These private areas are out in the open, but hidden from public view by trees.Rachel told me she had two services, standard half and half for 100DM and for 200DM I could come in her mouth without a condom on. Now, whilst I would have loved to go for the second option, I was tired, it was late and I didn’t know if I was going to make it through a second round of sex and as it turned out I didn’t !
Rachel was not nearly as affectionate as Brooke with very little french kissing (I had noticed earlier in the evening that she didn’t do anything on the coucheswith clients either which I later figured that a girls behaviour in the open was a sign of things to come ), but she gave it a goodshot.

I went back to the bar and paid her the 100DM and decided it was time to head back to Frankfurt. I asked the bar tender to call me a taxi which arrived at about 2am and I took the long ride 30 min ride back into Frankfurt which cost me a whopping 75DM! Whilst this made the total cost for the night 400DM, the experience with Brooke alone was worth the total cost of the night.

FKK Oase was a tremendous experience and unlike any experience I have ever had with a hooker (and there has been a few over the years).

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