Strip Clubs

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Get De Telegraaf, and find an advert for the Candyland Club. It takes a bit of finding. Out of the centre, nowhere near the RLD. It’s a single, large room with bar, alcoves. They have themed nights (other nights than the one I was there were amateur whores’ night), the one I went it was a gang-bang. It was out of season, the advert was in Dutch, and the place was extremely quiet – just about six men including myself, and three women, one attractive dark brunette working behind the bar, a fat middle-aged member of the public, and an absolute stunner of a blonde.

The fat one and the blonde took turns on all of the men, sometimes discreetly, in corners and alcoves, sometimes on a bed in front of everybody. Some threesomes, some foursomes. Whatever you want, really – a cross between a swing club and a sex club. I watched, drank beer, was offered (and declined) a threesome with the fat one and a middle-aged bloke, and then the blonde came over and took me to a table in the corner. Wild. You have to buy the girl a drink and one for yourself, which costs 35 guilders per drink on top of 75 to get into the club. If the girl likes you (she liked me) she’ll share her drink with you so you only have to buy one, and only charge 25 for it. Really relaxed, friendly place, a world away from the rip-offs and the shit. Just find it. Candyland Club


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