Den Haag

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Directions to the RLD in Den Haag:
Go to the train station HOLLANDSE SPOOR(H.S), there are several stations in Den Haag but you can ask where this one is. Once there, standing in front on Wes Stationsplein street go right (follow the the street as it curves to the left to a large intersection. You should be over a canal. Make a left after the canal, go along the canal,( make sure your on the right side of the canal). The next street make a right and you will be a the main RLD Geleenstraat, you can also hit it if you go straight from the intersection. However it’s harder to park or turn by car.

The second RLD is across the street from the train station to the right about 2 blocks (Poeldijksestraat).

The third RLD is (Doeblestraat)from in front of the station take Wagen Straat which is the main street that going away (north) from the station to Veerkade, make a left one block and then it will be in front of you. Always look for the red lights, as they stand out pretty well at night.

Geleenstraat is very similar to Amsterdams RLD, you migth run into women who have worked in Amsterdam. Prices are about the same but service is usually better. Poeldijksestraat does not have as many good lookers as Geleenstraat however prices are low. 35 Guilders is standard for a suck and FS.

Doeblestraat is even cheaper, basically African women, some South Americans but don’t look for any beauties. The better looking women work at the other two RLD.

Stop in at “The Club” which is on Van der Duynstraat 109, look for the light bulb above the door. 100 Guilders gets you in, and you can have as much sex as you want with all the ladies working. Things may have changed, pricing, quaility as it’s been a while since I stopped in there.

The Hague Red Light Districts – Only about 25% of the rooms are occupied.

Standing in front of the train staion looking north, to your right is Geleenstraat, to the left (it’s closest and the largest) is Poeldijksestraat, it’s about 2 blocks. Geleenstraat is about 4 blocks to the right. Doeblestraat is the farthest, it’s north about 7 blocks. Take the Stationweg north from the station 7 blocks to Stille Veerkade make a left and it’s one block. The club is also north of Poeldijksestraat, take the Stationweg 4 blocks north to Vanderduynstraat make a left. Look for the lightbulb above the door on the right side. It’s hard to spot no signage.

Basically there are three streets in The Hague with the so called windows. These are the Poeldijksestraat, the Doublet straat and the Geleenstraat, all nearby the HS railwaystation. There are appr. 700 windows which used to have a great abundance with women from Eastern Europe, South America, the Caribbean and Africa. NO Asians!

End of 1998 the Dutch authorities swept all the red light districts in the major towns such as The Hague and Amsterdam. This resulted in a reduction of about 75%. Walking the above mentioned streets now results in almost all empty rooms. However if you look well there’s always a girl to pick for 35 guilders just fuck/suck. With the European Championship soccer on it’s way this summer I expect the amount of girls to rise again. There is a real street scene on the other side of the railway about 1 km from the back of the station. Do not go there. Most of the girls are travestites or addicts.

I roamed the area’s above from 1993 until now and got some real good bangs. Especially Sholly, an Argentinean girl who worked here up to 1996. She made me scream while sucking me without condom. She was a real expert in tongue torturing! Hopefully the situation will get better here again. Greetingz

Poeldijksestraat is now torn down, so there is only Geleenstraat/Hunsestraat and Doubletstraat.
The police is actively checking on women illegally staying in the country. Several houses have been closed as a consequence of renting working rooms to women without a proper title of residence in The Netherlands.Poeldijksestraat which at one time was the largest of the 3 areas has in fact been closed for some time now. There are a few walls remaining but 90% of the multi story buildings that once existed are gone. A chain link fence keeps people out of the area. No word on if the area will be re-built or this is the end of the line. Poeldijksestraat was completely bought up by the Town, torn down and renamed Wolterbeekstraat.
New middleclass family houses were build there and it is now a normal street.

Poeldijksestraat (from HS railway station, left about 500 m until street on your right): mostly non-Europeans, 1-6’s, 35-50 NLG.
Doubletstraat (follow Poeldijksestr. continuation about 1 km until street on your left): same; newspapers published an offer of owners to convert into housing for refugees.
Geleenstraat (from HS, right about 500 m, second left after canal)

Unlike Amsterdam’s RLD, the RLDs in the Hague are self-contained parades, set apart. Each contains around 50 windows at the street level plus indoor galleries. If you never look indoors, then Geleenstraat has clearly the highest standard of looks and the lowest average age. I had one good and one quite dull experience there. Both were surpassed the next evening indoors on the Poeldukesestraat where the whole gallery seemed to be South American territory, with Hispanic music playing, subdued lighting, and a wonderfully sultry atmosphere. There I chanced on a Venezuelan girl (early 20s again) with a body to die for and a fantastically warm personality. She said that s/f was 50 guilders and I immediately offered 100 to take things more slowly. This may have helped, at any rate, she could not have been friendlier. No English, so we resorted to my poor Spanish. She did everything possible to ensure I had a good time, and was responsive without hamming it up. My first Latin American experience, this was in a different class to any previous paid sex and would have been cheap at twice the price. I returned at 2pm the next day en route home, but the gallery was almost empty. They are nightbirds.

Hong Kong Spa
Amsteramse Veerkade 6
Den Haag

Chinese Beauty Studio 
Gedempte Gracht 6
Den Haag

Chinese Beauty Studio
Gedempte Gracht 6
Den Haag

Acupuncture Massage
Laan van Meedervoort 312b
Den Haag

Girl’s Massage Salon
Laan van Meerdervoort 306
Den Haag

Dong Fang Ming Jian Knippen & Massage
Weimarstraat 133
Den Haag

3 red light areas in The Hague, Doublestraat, Poeldijksestraat and Geleenstraat

There’s an interesting open sex- house at Bezuidenhoutseweg 383 called Casa Cherda. You can fuck the girls in the open bar or take them upstairs for a private session. Price is hard to beat. It was 60 Euros a few months ago when I visited the place. The girls are not stunners, but the price in unbeatable.

nice sex club in The Hague…it’s called Maison Prive. Check out their webpage The address is Valeriustraat 18A 2517 HR Den Haag (directions on website).

Recommended an open sex place at van der Duijnstraat 109, The Hague, however as of July 2001 the building is vacant and boarded up. I found a similar place, or perhaps it’s the same one with a new location, at Bezuidenhoutseweg 383 in The Hague. It’s about 15 minutes walk from Centraal Station, or take Bus #43 from the station to the third stop and walk for a few minutes to #383. The place is filled with mostly Latin American girls, rated 4-7, who are very friendly and absolutely made for FS. For 125 Guilders, you have sex with one of the girls, in a private room or on the bed in the common room. Then if you’re up to it, you get an additional hand job in the common room. During my visit there were 4 or 5 guys in the room, and about 10 girls. Fondling, French kissing, etc. all going on in the common room, and in the private rooms almost anything goes. This is definitely the best deal in The Hague, maybe the best anywhere. Forget the RLD’s and even the private houses. If you want real sex, this is the place. For those of you who know the Golden Lagoon in Amsterdam, this place in The Hague offers less in terms of infrastructure (no shower or sauna) but the girls are fantastic and the price is unbelievable

Confirm what was said about the place at Bezuidenhoutseweg, 383. The place is called Casa Cherda and you have the option to choose the Open Area or a privè house. I was there two times in the afternoon. Last time in October 2003. The price is 60 Euro now for the open area. The privè is more expensive; I think about 100 Euro.

Nice looking, pleasant face, long blond dyed hair, with attractive voluptuous body, big natural breasts. She told me she is Italian from Milano and 31 yrs, she speaks Italian, Spanish and German. She charged 25 Euro for fellatio and coitus. And that is exactly what she did, nothing more. No kuddling, not allowing me touching her breasts or genitals, She was friendly but very businesslike. During intercourse she kept her hand on her vagina. Sexy body but unsexy behaviour. She smelled nice and loooked clean, but did not wash herself nor me before or after the encounter.

The Hague, Doubletstraat 24 – Linda

There is a nice sexclub called Diane’s Secret.
Checkout their website The adres Laan van Nieuw Oost Indie 200a, 2593 CC The Hague.
Prices 30min 80euro, 45min 115euro and 60 min 150euro’s. Railwaystation in streat.

I have visit Sabrina. What a beautiful girl.


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