Sex Clubs

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Wagenstraat 126
Den Haag

Stout Prive
Bilderdijkstraat 106
Den Haag

Weteringkade 113
Den Haag

Sexclub, located Prins Hendrikstraat 12 in The Hague, phone +31 70 3467572.They have a website in dutch and in english.
Reception is friendly and you are welcomed by the hostess Linda: she will offer you a drink and explain who of the girls are available at the moment. They have three well furnished rooms, all with a shower.
The girls are all sitting in the bar and will introduce themselves to you. No push, whatsoever.
If you decide to engae a girl you will go upstairs to one of the rooms and take a shower with the girl. Most of the girls are slim, aged from 18 to about 25.
Prices include normal sex (fuck and blowjob): special whishes are best discussed with the hostess in advance. Some girls will kiss, do a bbbj, do a 69, others don’t. Negociations in the room with the girl. Rates: 30 minutes Eur 70, 45 minutes Eur 90, 1 hour Eur 120.

Amber prive
Club has been closed down untill oktober 25. Rumour goes that the police found illegal immigrants.

Sexclub, located Valeriusstraat 18A in The Hague, phone +31 70 3463219. They have a website in dutch and in english.
You are welcomed by Sandra, hostess. She will tell you who are present at that time. Then all the girls will present themselve and you can make your choice (Sandra herself). I haven’t been with them for a while, but it is one of the friendly places to be in The Hague. Usually there are different girls, from small to tall, from slim to well proportioned. They have 5 rooms: one with a whirlpool.
Opening hours: monday – Friday from 12 to 23 hours, Prices 30 minutes 70 Euro, 1 hour 125 Euro. (1 Euro = appr 1 US$)
Some girls will kiss, do a bbbj or engage in 69, others don’t. Ask Sandra in advance.

Sexclub, (don’t get mixed up with the bananabar in Amsterdam) located Weteringkade 113 The Hague, phone +31 70 3833462. They have a website in dutch.
I have been there only once. You are welcomed by the hostess. She will explain their procedure. All the girls will present themselves with you and you can decide with who you will engage. They have a number of rooms, all in different stiles, including an SM-room. Girls (at that time) between 20 and 35 in all sizes. I don’t recollect the rates, but they where about the same as other brothels in The Hague.
Openinghours: monday – friday 12.00 – 23.30, saturday 12 – 18. Girls give normal services, no bbbj. Extra services have extra charges.

Banana Club
They open at noon, Located in a row of houses with no sign. Address: Weteringkd 113, tele 070 383 3462

When you enter the Banana Club your greeted by a madame and walked to a room. You can also ask to go to the bar and have a drink while you make your choice. Drinks are free IF you take a girl for an hour. Cost 225NLG per hour.

If you like good, horny sex: go to ‘Van der Duijnstraat 109’ in The Hague. It is 5 minutes (4 blocks) walking distance from railway station Hollands Spoor (HS) and approx. 15 minutes from ‘Centraal Station (CS). I’ve been to this place approx. 10 times and never been disappointed. I always went there in the afternoon, but I think the place opens at around 11.00 am and closes around 9 pm. The neighborhood looks a bit messy, but it is absolutely safe to walk. Once you have entered 109 place, you pay 100 guilders and undress completely. You can choose to enter the club either naked or dressed in a bathing suit. Normally there are approx. 6 to 8 girls, most of them from the Dominican Republic. Not 9’s or 10’s, but girls made for fucking. On several tv-screens they show hard-core movies. You take a seat in one of the couches and you can take a drink (beer or soft drinks 5 guilders) and take your time to choose a girl you like. The girls on their turn introduce themselves and will wait for you. Once you have made your choice, almost anything goes: french kissing, fondling. Some girls even completely undress (and undress you too!) and allow you to play with their pussy or start giving you a blowjob : all in public! And if you want you can fuck the girl on the bed, which is placed inside the room. It seems that the girls themselves have a lot of fun too, the atmosphere is very relaxed. However, most of the times client and girl go to one of the rooms to play more horny games. The girls are not in a rush: they let you lick their pussy and ass, give nice blowjobs, 69, stick fingers in your ass if you want. Of course threesomes are possible (double the price, I think most of the girls do) and for 50 guilders extra you have a golden shower. I don’t know about anal, because I am not interested in that, but you never know here. And if you’re up to it, you can have an additional hand job once back in the main room. I definitely recommend the place.

Open sex club from Van der Duijnstraat 109 has moved to Bezuidenhoutseweg 383 in The Hague. You pay now f125,- instead of f100,-, but everything else is the same. The place is easy to reach by car (paid parking until 2pm) and a 15 min. walk from railway station Den Haag Centraal (CS). Area is very safe as it is close to the Royal Palace.

As of this evening, I can report that the news is true! I took the A4 south from Amsterdam to the A12, which terminates in Den Haag (at the lower left of the attached map.) At the end point, go right on Benoordenhoutseweg. After 500-600 meters, take a right on Willem Witsenplein through the public park/forest. Take the first left on Bezuidenhoutseweg, a four land boulevard with the woods on the left. Go about 300 meters and look for the round analog clock on the right with a bus stop (#43 bus, BTW) opposite. Parking is along both sides of the street. If you go M-Fr between 09:00 and 14:00, be sure to bring some Euro coins, because you have to pay at the machines spaced along the street and put the timed receipt on the dashboard of your car. The clock I mentioned is right in front of the door to 383. The front door is open, so just hit the doorbell to summon the greeter and walk right in. Business hours are 11:00 to 22:00, but I’ve forgotten which days they are open, so be sure to call: +31 70 385 1987. If you’re in Holland, it’s 070 385 1987

Previous posts are accurate. The fee is Euro60, $53, for which you get either S&F and a followup handjob, both from any ONE girl in the common room with no time limit, OR 30 minutes with a girl in a private room. You go to a changing room and choose a locker with a key in the lock, store your clothes and valuables, put on the bathrobe, turn in the key to the hostess/bartender, get a drink and have a seat in the common room. Drinks are Euro2.50. You run a drink tab and pay up when you hand in your key. All sex is “covered” except the handjob. The available girls introduce themselves, and you go sit with the one you choose. I must admit, it was a bit bizarre at first to have my robe opened and get rubbed and sucked in a room with a half a dozen other guys and three TVs going, but everybody’s cool. If you like, you can move to the bed. I did.

All the girls are Latin and 4-7, as stated above, but there was one dark skinned beauty whom I would have loved to tag, but of course she was extremely busy. She was an 8; maybe 9. I went for 30ish light skinned Marissa, as the best of what was available. She was willing and energetic. Good tongue kisses and fondling on the couch, then covered BJ, followed by her mounting me and screwing me right there on the couch. I asked to move to the bed, not out of self consciousness, but for better action. After round one, she sat next to me, said it was time for her to go catch her bus home, and asked if I was OK with that. I said yes and she left, so I missed out on my followup handjob. Who cares; I was happy.

If you don’t need to screw a princess, then the price is right and the place is clean and hospitable. The only negatives to me were that it’s a little small, and there is no shower. It’s a bit like a clubroom, only guys are quietly cumming all the time! Liked it. I’ll go again.

Netherlands – The Hague – Casa Cherida Open Sexclub – Mimi
On a November Saturday I went to do something I have been fantasizing about for a long time: Making Love in Public. So I went to Casa Cherida in The Hague see:
This is a so called ‘Open Sex club’ with an entrance fee of 30 euros, which gives you access to a spacious room with bar, several lounging couches and a large bed surrounded with see-through curtains.

I undressed, hang my clothes in a locker and put on the bathing wrap provided by the house. There were 6 women to choose from sitting on the couches with 3 other customers while another couple was making love on the big bed. I took a drink and watched the bed scene, which excited me, as this was no porno show but real sex. The available ladies introduced themselves to me, mainly nice Latinas in their thirties.

Then there was this Chinese Japanese lady of around 30 years of reputable erotic fame: Mimi. I asked her to sit with me on the couch and so she did. We started kissing and cuddling; she opened my bath wrap and caressed my penis. I took her dress and underwear of and kissed and caressed her all over, taking her lovely nipples in my mouth and sucking them made her moan. Mimi gave me uncovered fellatio while I fingered her vagina, which got very wet. She then proceeded to glide my penis between her labia and climaxed. We went over to the bed she put a condom on me and rode me cowgirl style to a lovely climax.

It was an exotic experience to do the coitus with another 10 people watching us, while some of them engaging in erotic cuddling themselves. Maybe the Roman rich citizens were doing these things, well I felt like living a Roman orgy then.

After cleaning myself I sat around with another drink happily watching the erotic happenings. After about another hour I felt horny again and called Mimi over for a hand job, that is included in the rate of 30 euros for the girl. She took some oil in her hands and gave me a nice slow hand job while I was sucking her nipples and fingering her vagina again.

All in all I spent over 2 hours in this club, had 2 orgasms and paid 68 euros (30 euros to the club, 30 euros to Mimi and 8 euros to the bar for 3 drinks). I felt it was a good deal, in particular because Mimi treated me very well and she is very erotic.

Wagenstraat 126 , tidy inexpensive brothel
Recently I visited this brothel. It is a tidy place, behind an open entrance door a long room leads through a corridor into a room with couches seating the ladies for pleasure and a counter. I paid 35 euros at the counter for fellatio + coitus (for maximum 20 minutes) and picked a young lady from the six available.
She took me upstairs to a decent room. She spoke rudimentary Dutch, but her pronunciation is better than mine. She gave her name as Tedi and told me she was from Starigrad in Bulgaria and 25 years old, which seemed accurate.
She is a small (150 cms), good looking, slim, and well proportioned girl with beautifull pointed small breasts. Black long hair and darkbrown eyes, which she opened wide when looking at me.
We undressed completely, I washed myself and then started to cuddle with her, but she did not appreciate that, she moved me right over to the bed, put a condom on my still not erected penis and started covered fellatio in a rather stiff manner, no playing around just up and down we go.
My erection came and she offered to cohabitate doggy style, but I preferred mssionary style and I moved nicely into this young smooth skinned lady.
I climaxed after quite some time as the lack of foreplay minimised my arousement.
She was very friendly all the time and a nice person, but she did not offer me good sex, just the required motions. As the Germans say ‘es war ein Optickfick’.
I will go to this brothel again, as the price is attractive, but I will try somenone else.

B2B massage at Warie by Wan
Recently I visited ‘Thaise Massagesalon Warie Den Haag’, see:
There was a choice of 3 ladies and I opted for Wan, about 40 years old and nicely shaped.
She took me to a nice room with a shower, we undressed and Wan shared the shower with me.
She washed me carefully with special attention to my genital area which I really liked; being washed by a naked lady is my favorite way of taking a shower.

She started the massage of my back and legs touching my scrotum regularly to excite me, lovely.
Then she gave me a body-to-body massage using her breasts on all my parts. She turned me around and continued massaging my front with her body which soon made me explode.

She filled the hour massaging my head, shoulders, arms and hands. It was a fine experience at the moderate rate of 55 Euros, which I considered excellent value for money.


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