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Eastern parts of Holland, Enschede and Hengelo.

Most if not nearly all the action here is taking place in either clubs or private houses. For a listing of them buy “De Tubantia” a localnewspaper where they advertise under “prive Clubs” The scene is very much self-regulated, there used to be a 1 major pimp in the area. until his death he controlled basically everything. His name was Willy Hazewinkel and he was very fond of brazilian girls. That’s why most establishments have nearly 90% brazilian girls working
there. They stay for a couple of months before moving off to another club, usually in Germany.

Enschede the major city in this region has close to ten clubs. Theclubs don’t have a cover fee. You’ll end up in a bar with lots of mostly brazilian girls. Drinks are F5,00 ($2.50) for you and F20 ($10)for a “Piccolo” for the girls. Champagne will of course be more expensive. The going rate in the clubs is F150 ($75) for the basic 30 minutes. If you want a jacuzzi, more time, bj, expect to pay more. In my experience the girl will suck and kiss you even if you have only paid for the basic 30 minutes, so no need to pay more for “french”. The girls might give you a BJ without, but will only •••• with a condom.

Besides clubs you can also find “prive huizen” private houses. They won’t have a bar, but a kinda living room where the girls will be sitting and waiting for you to make your choice. Starting rate for 30 minutes is F100 ($50), again they will offer programs with “french”jacuzzi for more, but again most girls will blow and kiss you anyways. The houses occupied by only dutch girls will charge you more. I find that the brazilians will give you a much better time generally while the dutch girls might look better. Now for some detailed description of some private houses and clubs.

Sex Theater Eva Oldenzaalsestraat 237 in Hengelo, this is the only place where you have to pay a cover, F20. The place is like a large living room, couches all around, and a small rotating podium on one end and a bigger podium on the other. Again mostly brazilian girls, but you might find some dutch or german girls there as well. You will be seated by a girl, and expect some girl to sit next to you, if you don’t show interest she will go away. If you are interested she will let you feel her up a bit, some hugging, and quick kisses will be allowed. Keep her with you during the show, and she will ask you if you want a drink. Just go ahead and take 1, you pay f2 for a can of coke or whatever. At specific times they will give a show in which someone from the audience can participate for free, so if you are looking for a very cheap and impersonal ••••, F20 will do it there. After the show a drawing “Tombola” will be held and you have a chance of winning 30 minutes with the lady of your choice in a private room. The rate for the standard 30 minutes is F100. “french” and other stuff is more. The girls are not always good looking, but in bed you might find that they really like sex. On one experience the girl i was with had me finger her really hard while twisting her tits after i had come.. other times they are a bit more sensual, caressing you and chatting a bit before ,during or after having had sex. This club has good value for the money, probably the best around this area. Do not expect real knockouts, but on occasion an 8 or 9 can be found.

Kim’s Prive Oldenzaalse straat in Enschede, this is a regular brothel. You enter thru a side door, past the reception towards a room where all the girls will be sitting. take a seat, a girl will offer you a softdrink for which you have to pay a nominal fee. look around, they won’t initiate anything unless you indicate you are interested in one of them. It can be very uncomfortable if you are the sole guy in there. The all speak portuguese, and barely anything else. Of all the girls 1 to 3 might be considered a 7 or above. If you go after 2200 hrs the quality will have dropped a bit as most girls work also in clubs where they get paid about 50% more. Rates in this place start again at F100 for 30 minutes. I have had very good experiences here, but also some very bad ones. Probably my best and worst experiences in my paid sex-life have occurred there.

Club Carrousel, Haaksbergerstraat 383 in Enschede. This place consists of a “prive” department, a bar which opens around 11 Am and closes at 23 PM. Only softdrinks are being sold there. Girls again mostly brazilian, prices are F100 for 30 minutes. Atmosphere is much better then Kim’s Prive. The other part of this Club is the regular bar which is open until the early hours. The same girls work there as in the private area. prices are higher F150 for the regular 30 minutes. That means that if you get to the Private area the quality of the girls will have dropped quite a bit. All the nice ones will have walked thru the door of the club where they earn 50% more… On the other hand, if you go to the private area early you might find a real looker. A nice place to go to.

The sex-industry has also found that the internet can be quite usefull. The Beachclub has it’s own site http://www.beachclub.nl/

And there is also a larger index of other clubs at http://www.interclubgids.nl/ .This last site is very usefull, it will give you adresses, prices and it will also show the inside pics of the clubs, and vague pics of the girls working there.

Update on Enschede;
Kim’s Prive has either moved or closed down, but it’s no longer where it used to be.

An alternative is Horizon which is a brothel about 5 minutes walk from the train station (follow the road that crosses the train track that leads behind the station. It’s on the left hand side about 5 minutes away).  75 euros for 30 mins or 125 euros for 1 hour. Not cheap and the quality varied from very average to quite good.


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