Basics to Finding Services

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Keep these basics in mind when arriving at a destination and not having any info handy.

Local Newspapers
Look under Adult, Massage, Etc.
News stands often have guides or magazines with local info or ads for entertainment.

Ask a taxi driver or have them take you to the local place. Keep in mind that sometimes they’ll get a cut from the establishment.

Yellow or White Pages
You’d be surprised what you find in here. Look under all possible headings. Adult, escort, massage, brothel, adult clubs etc.

Adult and Sex Shops
Since these places often cater to other customers
they most likely have info, guides or books.

Internet Cafe’s
Online info is quickly becoming the center point for info. Check and search before you depart but if you can’t stop in at a local cafe and search
“” or other sites. USe basic keywords and city and country names in a combination for different results.

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