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“Three clinical psychiatrists had a paper in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry entitled “Unusual Side Effects of Clomipramine Associated with Yawning,” describing 4 patients who, while taking the the anti-depressant drug Clomipramine (brand name Anafranil) reported the unusual side effect of spontaneous orgasm every time they yawned.

The first case of this was a female patient who had been depressed for 3 months, but under treatment “Complete symptom remission occurred within 10 days”. She then asked how long she would be allowed to go on using the drug, since she had observed that every time she yawned she had an orgasm, and she was able to experience orgasm by deliberate yawning.

Apparently it can work for guys too. One male patient said that while he found the repeated climaxes “awkward and embarrassing”, he elected to continue the medication because of the therapeutic benefit he obtained. The awkwardness and embarrassment were overcome by continuously wearing a condom.”

Around five per cent of clomipramine users report the side effect, though for most people the drug inhibits the ability to reach orgasm. The New Scientist says that the drug’s users have been comparing notes on the Internet and speculating on its unusual consequences: people who experience it would presumably seek out the most boring person they could find at parties.

Alkyl Nitrites
Volatile alkyl nitrites have been used during the last decades for “recreational purposes”, including to intesify the sexual experience. The alkyl nitrites are normally distributed in glass ampoules, which are opened/broken and the vapours of the contents are inhaled (“popping” and “snorting”). However, because of the route of administration it is very difficult to control the dose and to ascertain that no dangerous quantities are inhaled.
The first alkyl nitrite to be used in this way was amyl nitrite, originally made available as an antidote to hydrogen cyanide poisoning. When this became a prescription drug in the United States, various homologues and isomers began to appear in the market for “recreational purposes” as legal substitues. Among the substitutes were n-butyl nitrite, iso-butyl nitrite, iso-amyl nitrite, sec-butyl nitrite and n-propyl nitrite.

Their use has been associated with methemoglobinemia and hemolysis. (The first term means that your blood hemoglobin is converted into a chemical which cannot transport oxygen, the second term means that your red platlets are destroyed.) It has even been suggested that there could be a link between the inhalation of alkyl nitrites and the development of Kaposi’s sarcoma, a disease normally associated with AIDS Numerous references on the use of alkyl nitrites as aphrodisiacs are available. Please consult these before even thinking about using alkyl nitrites!

High levels of serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine) are belived to lower or inhibit human sexual activity. Thus, a chemical inhibiting serotonin production might be expected to have a potential as an aphrodisiac. The amino acid p-chlorophenylalanine (PCPA) is a known serotonin inhibitor, and in 1969 it was shown by Tagliamonte et al. that PCPA has a sexual stimulating effect upon normally sluggish male rats. Out of 80 rats treated with PCPA and pargyline 54 tried to mount at least 6 times during 12 hours.
However, it was pointed out by other researchers that the mounting frequency only referred to homosexual mounts. When PCPA was used in a heterosexual situation the copulation frequency of the treated male rats did not increase.

To this it was objected that the treated rats were known to be vigorous copulators, being able to achieve 6-8 ejaculations before satiation. It might be difficult to raise this number even by using a powerful aphrodisiac.

On the other hand it was also suggested that PCPA works not by enhancing sexual motivation, but rather by altering the male’s ability to adequately distinguish appropriate sexual partners. On the third hand, rabbits injected by PCPA displayed a compulsive sexual behaviour that lasted up to 3 days (fortunately, no details given).

Viagra is no longer the only kid on the block. Drug giant Eli Lilly announced Thursday it has received Health Canada approval to market its erectile dysfunction drug, Cialis in this country. “One of the most common benefits reported to me by my ED (erectile dysfunction) patients in the Cialis clinical trials was that it can allow intimate sexual activity at various time points, for up to 36 hours,” said Dr. Gerald Brock, a urologist with St. Joseph’s Health Care in London, Ont.
Those trials, involving more than 7,000 men around the world, also found the drug may begin to work as quickly as within 16 minutes. Most men who take the drug can engage in sexual activity within 30 minutes of taking it.  Side-effects were reported to be generally mild to moderate, and decreasing over the course of treatment. The most common side-effects were headache, indigestion, back pain, myalgia, nasal congestion and flushing. Cialis works by inhibiting phosphodiesterase Type 5 (PDE5), which, following sexual stimulation allows blood to flow more easily to the penis, facilitating an erection. It, like other PDE5 inhibitors approved for erectile dysfunction, only works when sexual stimulation is occurring. Cialis should not be used by men taking nitrates. Cialis was first launched in Europe in February and is now available in 40 countries around the world. The company said the drug will be available in Canadian pharmacies within the next few months.

Viagra is about to face some stiff competition.
A new drug to treat erectile dysfunction has been approved by Health Canada. The makers of the prescription medication, sold under the trade name Cialis, say its effects last up to 36 hours. Viagra works for about four or five hours.
“What this does is allow men to have more flexibility and spontaneity . . . in their sexual relations,” said Loren Grossman, vice-president of research and development for Eli Lilly Canada Inc. “A man can take it on a Saturday morning and know it will be effective for a good part, if not all, of the weekend.”
In Europe, where Cialis has been available for months, the new drug was quickly dubbed “le weekender.” Cialis (pronounced see-al-iss) is the first oral medication to compete directly against Viagra since the “little blue pill” made its Canadian debut in March of 1999. And another rival is looming on the horizon. GlaxoSmithKline and its partner Bayer HealthCare are seeking government approval for their drug, Levitra. The makers of Viagra put on a brave front yesterday in the face of the growing challenge. “Our market research shows that most men are satisfied with Viagra. . . . There is no reason for them to switch,” said Sophia McCann, a spokeswoman for Pfizer Canada Inc. A Toronto man who took part in a six-month clinical trial of Cialis seemed pleased with what the new drug did for him. “Because it lasts for 36 hours, [sex] doesn’t have to be a planned event, which is very attractive. It leads you back to a much more normal life,” said Gareth Davis, 54, who developed problems with achieving an erection after undergoing an operation for prostate cancer in 2000. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra work in a similar fashion, said Sidney Radomski, a urologist at Toronto Western Hospital and a specialist in erectile dysfunction. They all block the action of phosphodiesterase type 5, a naturally-occurring enzyme that can interfere with getting and maintaining erections. The drugs essentially allow more blood to flow into penis when a man is sexually stimulated. Although Cialis can remain effective for up to 36 hours, “it doesn’t mean that you have an erection for 24 to 36 hours; let’s get that clear,” Dr. Grossman said. “The medication only works in the presence of usual sexual stimulation.” Another advantage of Cialis is that it can be taken with a rich fatty meal. Viagra works best when it is taken on an empty stomach; Levitra is still effective after a low-fat meal. None of these drugs should be used by men taking nitrate-based heart medications, such as nitroglycerin, which is often use to treat angina. The combination of drugs could result in a nitroglycerin overdose. But, as a general rule, if a man is fit enough to walk up two or three flights of stairs, then the drugs are safe to use, said Gerald Brock, a doctor at St. Joseph’s Health Care in London, Ont.

Sildenafil, now marketed by Pfizer as Viagra, was originally tested as a heart drug with miserable results, but appears to be a drug potentially useful as a male aphrodisiac. It was released in the U.S. on 27 March 1998 and within two months over one million prescriptions had been issued.

It is now available in the countries of the European Union, although only Sweden is prepared to let the costs be covered by the medical insurance programme. However, a doctor’s prescription is required. The French restaurant serving a Viagra sauce to eager couples had to stop offering this dish. (It was at the restaurant in the Hotel Renovation in Thonon-les-Bains that Jean-Louis Galland served beef in a sauce of caramel, figs, spices and Viagra.)

The active ingredient works by inhibiting an unhelpful enzyme system, which could prevent erection when a male is subjected to sexual stimuli. Taken one-two hours beforehand, it will for many males facilitate action if the right circumstances arise, without giving rise to a potentially useless erection as might be the case with drug injections into the penis.

In scientific lingo, sildenafil inhibits cyclic GMP-specific phosphodiesterase. By preventing the breakdown of GMP it will promote the availability of nitric oxide, NO, a signal substance that causes relaxation of the smooth muscle in the penis and subsequent erection.

The drug has shown great promise in clinical tests. In one study of 351 impotent men a success rate of 89 % was achieved for those receiving the highest dose, 50 milligrams per occasion. Altogether 21 clinical studies have been made to date (May 1998) and the average success rate is 70 %. However, it should be emphasised that it is not sufficient just to take the pill to get an enduring erection; a combination with some kind of erotic stimulus is required.

There are side effects, including, e.g. headaches (yes, male headaches) in about 10 % of the cases. In late May 1998 newsmedia reported that 6 men had died in the U.S. and 2 men in Brazil shortly after having taken Viagra and having intercourse. However, no direct relationship has been proven. The most worrying side effect appears to be “blue vision”, reported in a limited number of cases. Eye specialists suggest more studies are needed before Viagra can get a clean bill of health from the ophtalmological point of view.

Although primarily considered a drug to help men, the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf on 12 July 1997 reported that the same drug also will increase the lust of women for making love. “What will happen if boys drop such a pill in a girl’s glass of coke?” the Boston urology professor Irwin Goldstein is quoted to have asked.

It is quite likely Viagra can work also for women, and studies are underway. Viagra increases the blood flow, and an increased blood flow through clitoris should enhance its sensitivity and thus facilitate for the woman to reach orgasm.

Yohimbine is the major active constituent of the bark of yohimbe, Corynanthe yohimbe (Rubiaceae), a tree growing in tropical West Africa (Nigeria) and Cameroon. Yohimbe has long been used by the local population for its perceived high sexual potency. The same alkaloid also occurs in the South American tree White Quebracho, Aspidosperma quebracho-blanco (Apocynaceae). Yohimbine has had an extensive use in veterinary medicine, e.g. for treatment of impotent breeding stallions. In both animal and man it produces a complex pattern of responses, such as anti-diuresis and central excitation, including elevation of blood pressure and heart rate, increased motor activity and irritability. Sweating, nausea and vomiting are also common after parenteral administration in man.

“Having used Yohimbe Bark for more than one year now, I would like to give the following advice to any one who would like to use this herb to its highest effectiveness:-

Different brands of commercially prepared products have different dosages, regardless of what it says outside the bottle. One has to ‘try it out’ before its ‘true strength’ is known. If you have serious side effects with it, e.g. nausea and sweating, etc. try switching to another brand – it may not be due to yohimbine itself, but the way it is prepared. To avoid side effects, try taking the herb with a full stomach. It slows down the response time but reduces the side effects remarkably.
If you take the herb continously (e.g. every day), you will find the effectiveness decreasing cos it seems that the body gets used to it. Try taking it on alternate days or stop it altogether for a while. When you take the herb again after a short hiatus, it works wonders! All the above is from my experience of using Yohimbe Bark. And finally, I must say that the herb is wonderful – it produces erections as hard as steel, and increases the force and volume of ejaculation tremendously. I feel like as if I were still 20!”

I’ll just put this note under the Yohimbine category, since the “Drugs” area is now so large. My doctor friend just sent me a French study showing that the combination of Yohimbine and the amino acid L-arginine works significantly better — (for mild to medium erectile dysfunction) — than either Yohimbine by itself, or a placebo. The study used a combo of 6 grams of Arginine, 6 mgs of Yohimbe. The subjects took it two hours before sexual activity. Among those with mild to medium problems, the combined dose worked significantly better than Yohimbine. But, in those with severe problems, Yohimbine by itself was just as effective as the combo. Good news was that — either combined with Arginine or by itself — Yohimbine did score significantly higher than the placebo. So, the bottom line is that this stuff definitely DOES work, in clinical tests using a strict double-bind procedure. By the way, for anyone who’s going to try this, you should probably buy the Arginine in powder form, from a mail-order place. Most vitamin stores sell it in dinky 500 mg. sizes, and you’d need to take a dozen to get the proper amount. No, there is NO risk of taking high doses of Arginine. Many people, including my doctor friend, routinely take 10 grams at bedtime, both for its postive effects on the heart, and its effect in releasing HgH (human growth hormone). You can buy a whole kilo of Arginine powder for $45. Vastly cheaper than the little pills. (Anyone who’s really interested in doing some research can pick up a book called “The Arginine Solution” at your library or bookstore.)

I heard some guy saying that after you have been using viagra for a while, if you stop using it, you lose your ability to get an erection naturally(even if you hadn’t been having problems before using the drug). Something like, you lose sensitivity in your penis, or something, and you become dependent upon the blue pill just to get hard.Is this bs, or is there some truth to it?

Viagra is truly an ally of anyone who drinks like a fish and still wants to perform to his best. Take 50mg 45 minutes before hammer time. The nice part about Viagra is that it reduces sexual sensation about 15%. That small percentage is just enough to make you last longer without noticing a change on the fun factor. My field testing of this product revealed downtime between repeat performances is little more than zero. No one wants to say they NEED Viagra ever, but lets face the truth. Anyone who drinks 15-20 drinks a a few short hours will feel better knowing the won’t be struck with the dreaded “WHISKEY DICK” condition.

Go to the nearest hippie health food store and buy two things: first, get some capsules of ginko biloba. It’s a well know herb that increases blood flow to all parts of the body by relaxing the arterial walls. Now, if you’re into herbal health supplements, you should take a couple capsules of the ginko daily as part of a general health regimen, and remember that caffeine is the enemy of erections, because it restricts the arteries and there is less blood flow, so lay off the coffee and cola.

Also, get some capsules of powdered yohimbe (yo him bay), a South American herb which is purported to increase male erection performance. Take one an hour before you want to get it up.

Whereas Viagra’s results are still dependent upon the presence of sexual desire (no problem here!), the herbal results are supposedly strictly physiological. So, in theory, you get an erection independent of whether there’s any sexual stimulation, because the herbs work together to relax the tissue which restricts blood flow to the penis.

I do take ginko daily and limit my caffeine as a general rule. I don’t drink much (anymore.) I have, on more than one occasion, taken a yohimbe capsule with ginko in my system already or with an additional capsule or two of ginko, then gone about my business. Now, I swear this is true: an hour or so later, I have an erection. No sexual stimulation whatsoever. I was literally walking down the street with an erection. What I have found is that I can’t do it too often, or I develop a tolerance, but my conclusion from personal experience is that the herbs work for me. Could the result be psychosomatic or auto-suggestion? Sure, but who cares, as long as you get the desired result. Cost vs Viagra? The yohimbe is about $.50 a capsule, ginko biloba is less than that, so let’s say $1 a shot.

Yes I also tried the 50mg with great results, the first session was pretty normal HARD CUM SOFT but within minutes the one eyed challenge was on, there was no stopping. We went until the point of exhaustion and it was still like a pillar. It was like being 18 again now (38). But a warning if you take to much, some have the thought if 50mg is good then 100mg or 150mg will make you a porn star. The medicine opens up your veins and makes your Blood Pressure go down simular to a Heart Patient that gets Nitro Glycerin for a bad ticker.(Don’t take nitro it won’t get you hard) If your veins dialate to much you will get a headach that will lay you out. It will feel like a hammer hit you between the eyes. Then what good is it when the staff is hard and you feel like shit. Word to the wise!

On trips to Frankfurt, Germany early in February and just last week, I have used capsules containing 100mg androstenedione with 400 mg yohimbe bark (standardized for 8mg yohimbine alkaloids). It’s marketed as “Andro Fuel” by Twinlabs but probably other brands, too. The instructions say to use no more than 3 capsules per week. My visits to Frankfurt usually last 4 days, during which time I take 2 capsules. I also use other substances like horny goat weed, avena sateva, omega-3 fat supplements,extra zinc, and saw palmetto, each of which, by itself seems to contribute to easier erections, larger volume of ejaculate or both.

Especially on the days I take the androstenedione, I usually get some comments from the women i’m with on the volume of semen I shoot off into their mouths. More than once, about 2 hours after taking the androstenedione, when the woman avoided taking the full ejaculation into her mouth and let some or all shoot onto my torso, I’ve had a thick ribbon of come from near my navel to near my upper chest, resulting in a look of amazement on the women’s faces each time.

Somebody, way back in the thread, was trying to explain how Viagra works. Yeah, it’s a blood flow thing, but it is sparked by nitric oxide (NO), based on a discovery that won the Nobel prize a few years ago.
Reason this is interesting is that NO production is HUGELY increased by taking L-arginine, the amino acid which the body uses to produce NO. You’ve started to see it a lot in the better health stores, these days. But it’s expensive, and comes in dinky 500 mg capsules, when the truth is that you need — and the body can easily tolerate — several grams. Apparently acts as a Human Growth Hormone (HgH) releaser, too.
My suggestion, for anyone who’s interested, is check out Beyond-A-Century, a great mail-order company in Maine, which sells all kinds of stuff, in bulk, very cheap. Website is www.beyond-a-century.com. Just ask them, they’ll send you a catalogue.
Same company also sells lots of herbal formulas to stimulate sex…(the kind of stuff that’s always being promoted on the Internet)…for a tiny fraction of the price the hustlers are asking. You can get things like Yohimbe, Maca, plus other stuff like Muira Puama, oatstraw, nettles, etc. Have an excellent, cheap, prostate-guarding formula, too…with saw palmetto, etc.
I highly recommend getting the catalogue, trying a few things, and drawing your own conclusion.
Oh, a footnote: anyone interested in L-arginine can go to their library or bookstore and get a book called The Arginine Solution. It explains the effect of “NO” in great detail.

I’m glad to see someone getting off the Viagra kick, and starting to explore the various nutrients, amino acids, minerals, etc. that can really kick up the libido. We should probably start a whole new thread on this subject, because it certainly deserves its own forum. I’ve been extremely interested in this subject since having some troubles in this area about 4 years ago. Fortunately, my best friend is a doctor who’s got this whole area wired. And, little-by-little, by trial and error, I think it’s fair to say that I’ve developed quite a bit of expertise.
A couple comments on the stuff you’re taking: First, you definitely want to “cycle” the yohimbe, meaning take it occasionally, not constantly, and treat it with caution. I’ve tried it and rejected it, basically, because there’s a lot of safer things that are as good, or better. Secondly, instead of androstenedione, you’d be a lot better off with “4-androstenediol”. You’ll notice it ends in “iol” instead of “ione”…because it’s a different formulation of the same thing. This “diol” form is 2 to 4-times more potent than the “dione” form. But be sure you get the one with the “4” prefix. There’s also a “5-androstenediol”…which is great for body-building, but has no effect on sex hormones.
(Just a little aside: that’s why DHEA has so little real effect on libido. Chemically, it’s a “5” form, too. Good for you, but no magic bullet for the libido.)
You’re on the right track with avena sativa, which I always take with nettles, because they compliment each other so well. Zinc: take at least 30 mgs a day, but do NOT exceed 90 mgs., because past that level it actually suppresses the same things that it increases at lower level.
I could go on and on, but let me cut quickly to a couple of can’t-miss things that are pretty simple, safe and effective. First, there is something called “ZMA” on the market, which is nothing more than a mix of magnesium (400 mgs), zinc (30 mgs) and vitamin B6 (10 mgs). You take it at night, before bed, and it really kicks up testosterone production, as well as helping you sleep. Now the ZMA formula that’s marketed is absurdly expensive for a few minerals…however effective. You can get virtually the same effect just by buying these three ingredients off the shelf and taking them every night at bedtime. Or, you can shop around a bit, and order EXACTLY the same raw materials (ZMA uses highly-absorbable, bio-available forms like magnesium aspartate and L-opti-zinc) and get EXACTLY the same effect…for an absurdly tiny fraction of the ZMA price. I know it seems simple, but these minerals really do work. Plus, most of us are lacking in magnesium, which is crucial in dozens of ways….(heart, nervous system, muscles, etc.)
Another very helpful strategy is get yourself some L-arginine, the amino acid which is the precursor of nitric oxide (NO) in the body. It is by manipulating the NO response that Viagra works. So, in effect, L-arginine is the “raw material” of all blood-flow reactions…including the erect penis. There are all kinds of books, articles, etc. on L-arginine. Do a little homework. And buy the powder, not the tablets, because it’s vastly cheaper.
If anyone is really interested in all this stuff, just post something on the board, and I’ll tell you where to get things, in bulk, and high quality, from a good mail-order place.
There are plenty of other things to suggest, analyze, etc. But this post is already feeling long to me. So I’ll just sign off and wait to see if there is any further interest.

It’s not easy to find high-quality, “bio-available” minerals at your local vitamin store. Which, actually, is why it’s absurd to think that you are going to get stuck with non-lab-grade stuff. At this high level, nobody is making junk. When I say “home brew”, I do not, of course, mean that I’m somehow MAKING the minerals. Just getting the various ingredients independently, so I can avoid paying rip-off prices for things which can be obtained much more cheaply.
Briefly, standard minerals like zinc oxide or magnesium oxide simply pass through the body. They’re usable while they’re there, and then are gone. “Bio-available” forms — things like zinc methionine or magnesium aspartate — are absorbed into the body much more fully, and remain “available” to the body whenever needed. Thus eliminating any need for the “time release” aspect, to answer Todd’s question.
Most vitamin shops, including GNC, etc., have limited shelf-space, so there is just not enough demand for them to carry such specialized products. But there are real high-quality brands which you can find at places like TwinLabs and the Life Extension Foundation (www.lef.org). Personally, I find the best combo of quality and price comes from Beyond-A-Century, in Maine. They’re on-line, but it’s easier just to call them (1-800-777-1324) and ask for their catalogue. There’s so many products, you really need to sit down and read all the literature.
How did I do my research on ZMA? Well, it’s odd, since you lift weights and I really don’t, but I was looking for testosterone-boosting products on the Net, and happened across a weight-lifters, body-builders’online magazine called Testosterone. As you probably know, these guys are some kind of SERIOUS about their supplements: with on-line endocrinologists, etc. fielding questions. Long, complicated questions and answers.
Anyway, there were a lot of raves about ZMA. And, after a few weeks, along came an interview with its creator/marketer. He made a great case for the amazing powers of magnesium and zinc. But, when it came to touting his own product — with its high price — above others, it sounded a bit lame to me.
Fortunately, I have a former girlfriend who’s a pharmacist, and asked for her help. She told me that the forms of the minerals used in ZMA were very good, and that vitamin B6 has the amazing ability to greatly boost their absorption. I took it from there.
By the way, I didn’t take your post as a “personal attack” at Todd. Like you, I too enjoy hearing everyone’s opinions. And there should always be a place on this board for people who want to be heard, on any issue. That’s absolutely their right. But I do think it’s great if we can also exchange hard information. And I’m sure that Todd would be the first to admit that — while he knows Viagra — his first-hand knowledge of minerals, supplements, etc. is fairly limited. His opinions, however, are accepted with great respect and interest

After three weeks on your prescription of mag, zinc and b6 i can give you an update.
quantity has been a pill of ea (250, 50, 50).
a couple of days ago i went to 500 on the mag.
report: best sleep i have ever had!! i wake up 30-60 min before the alarm goes off and cant wait to get out of bed. that in itself has made this very worthwhile. libido: no real change noticed!!
just upped the magnesium (500) so we’ll see what that might bring. i would like to say that i may have noticed a slight change, not sure. i am trying to take this a step at a time to see what specifically makes any change. in my prev post i noted the libido went from a 10+ to about a 4.
the DR is just an GP, not either of the specialists you list. he prescibed yohimbe but i havent tried it mainly as i dont know how increased blood flow improves “drive.” i can understand if someone says it improves performance (and really both drive and performance have suffered) but drive too?
nurse said blood test was in normal ranges but with your info i will call back and have dr review for free testosterone. my next step is the catalogue and 4-andro (iol) and no more caffeine. step 5 will be l-arginine. thnx again for the advise any other thoughts?

Proper doses are 500 mgs magnesium, 30 mgs zinc and just 10 mg vit B6. The B6 is just to help the other two become better absorbed. So your doses have been out of whack. Good to hear that you’re getting great sleep and wake up full of energy. Good signs, obviously. If you don’t get a libido kick, then I’d check my earlier post for the 1-800 number of Beyond-A-Century (BAC), and get the real GOOD versions: the magnesium aspartate and L-Opti-Zinc. Not really much more expensive from this warehouse wholesaler, and much, much better. That’s exactly what the “ZMA” product uses.
Think I mentioned before that your doc can say you’ve got “normal” testosterone(“T”), even if it’s down to about 1/3 of what you had in your 20’s. Normal range is anywhere from 300 to nearly 1,000. So if you’re down near 300, and used to be 800, you’ve knocked more than 60% off your testosterone…and are still “normal”.
As I said, get your GP to refer you to an endocrinologist — they’re the hormone guys — and get him to give you testosterone cream, if possible. (Note: It is NOT a steroid!) It enhances a whole lot more than just sexual function. Good for heart, weight, muscles, bone density.
If you live in a fair-size city, go to your local library and look up any books about the male “andropause”…I’m assuming you’re over 40, right? Think one is called “The Testosterone Syndrome”, by a crackerjack endocrinologist from Baltimore.
I would give Yohimbe a try, too, either in low dose asa supplement or higher dose about an hour before “sexual activity”. No, it does not increase testosterone levels, but guys with reasonable “T” levels usually find it does work as an aphrodasiac. So, if your “T” is low, it might not work for you.
Check the BAC catalogue for real good South American herbs like Muira Puama, etc. Also, Avena sativa (oatstraw) and nettles are both good for “freeing” testosterone, to make it active, not “bound”. And Tribulus Terrestris definitey does kick up “T” levels. But you have to get good quality, and “cycle” it: meaning use it for a few weeks, then go off it for a few.
Basically, get that catalogue, look it over, and get a good handle on both your regular and “free” testosterone levels.

without making this too complicated i bought the stuff from the drug store in the smallest mg size (per pill)i could find. thus 250, 50, 50.
on zinc you had noted at least 30m and less than 90m so i thought i would be in range there. i didnt know if the b6 over 10m had a negative effect but i can surely go down to the 10m. as the mag came in 250m i used as is. thus i started with one pill each instead of getting into trying to chop these little things up. i have gone up in the mag from 250 to 500m (2 pills). dont know how long for it to kick in but after about a week not much diff. i am going to get the catalogue you recommend and will try to be more exact. that along with 4-andro (300m?). anyway thanks for the advise and i will find the book in the library.

I can understand the confusion about the zinc. What I said was not to exceed about 90 mgs, total, in a day. For me, that’s tough, because my specialized men’s multi-vitamin has 50, and there’s another 15 mgs in a saw palmetto formula I take. So I’m very careful about my little night-time ZMA mixture. The thing is, ZMA uses 30 mgs., so you might as well follow it.
Do you have a Vitamin World near you? They’re good value for money, and have a 30%-off sale the first Monday and Tuesday of every month. Anyway, they sell 30 mgs tabs of zinc picolonate which is very good, and perfect for doing the night-time ZMA.
Snap your 50 mg tab of vitamin B6 into quarters, and just take a quarter of it a night. I say that because ZMA’s creator said, in an interview, that the B6 was just for absorption, and too much might actually work against that great night’s sleep that you get.
Definitely use 500 mgs of magnesium…and get the “aspartate” version if you’re not getting the libido kick.
You said in an earlier post that your libido had dropped from a 10 to a 4. Sounds to me like your testosterone is down from abt. 800 to 350…which your doc will still call “normal” — but you do NOT have to accept as a part of getting older. Get your levels tested. Read the literature I mentioned. And then, armed with some solid knowledge, raise heck with an endocrinologist and tell him you just won’t suffer “male menopause” in silence. The switched-on docs will be on your side, and do all they can to help. If you’re really low in “T”, supplementation is easy and very effective.
By the way, a quick way of knowing whether your testosterone is down is that “morning glory” erection when you wake up. Remember when you were in your 20’s, it was automatic? Well, it can still be automatic, if you get your “T” levels where they should be. That morning erection is, in fact, what is truly “normal” for the male. If you’re not getting it, then get some help. And for all the benefits of Viagra, that drug definitely will NOT restore your hormonal levels to supply what your whole body — and not just sexual function — really needs.
By the way, I notice that someone (apparently not part of this discussion) makes an immediate bee-line to all my posts on drugs and gives them low “votes”. Perhaps this anonymous person has reason to doubt what I’m saying, or has some valuable information of his own to share with us? If so, I, and others, would really like to profit from his expertise. If not, perhaps he might consider putting an end to this childish practice?

Has anybody heard or tried “uprima”.?? i just read about it and it seems it’s a alternative for viagra. in germany we can buy it from internet farmacies….4 tablets 110,- usd…..not sure if you can cut the tablett into pieces and get the same result like viagra. in a week i head of to malaysia and i was hoping to buy it there but my friends told me “no” but in thailand it seems uprima is available for a much cheaper price. please let me know all info about uprima.

The “Uprima” asked about is something called “apomorphine hydrochloride”, which attacks the sexual problem in exactly the opposite way from Viagra. As you know, Viagra helps your physical ability, but doesn’t create desire. Uprima does the opposite: stimulates the brain to create strong sexual desire. So, assuming that all your physical “plumbing” is in good working order, you will become physically aroused.
That’s the theory anyway. Uprima is not yet approved for sale in the US or Canada. But it’s being sold and heavily promoted in Europe by Abbott Labs, the manufacturer. Abbott Labs are definitely a big, mainstream drug company which has invested a lot of money in it.

So far, since I’m always in Asia or North America, I have yet to run into anyone who has any first-hand experience with Uprima. Maybe some of our Europe-based members could do us all a service by trying it out, and reporting back?
I am assuming, from my reading of Abbott’s literature, that Uprima will not work well with people who have low testosterone or other physical problems. But perhaps it will, since one of testosterone’s main “jobs” is to stimulate desire. I’d sure be interested to hear some first-hand accounts.

If you’re at all typical of the average American male, your body is probably way under-normal on magnesium and zinc. Both of them are great for you in many ways. Also, I’ve recently discovered that Vitamin B6 keeps down the body’s “prolactin” levels…which is a very good thing, too. (You can look up why, if you’re interested. Too technical to go into here.)
Couple of cautions: try not to use more than 50 mgs of zinc a day, all-inclusive. You should take 30 mgs at night, with the magnesium. So don’t take more than 20 mgs the rest of the day. Check your multi-vite, etc. Secondly, since you’re taking it at night, before bed, don’t take more than 10 mgs of B6. A larger dose acts as a stimulant, and works against the great sleep that magnesium will give you. (Just break off a piece of a 50-mg B6 tablet, for example.) Also, try to use the good forms of these minerals,

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