Foreskin or Circumcised

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Women Talk about the Uncut Penises In Their Lives Cut to the chase

I am an RN and have seen hundreds of uncircumcised males. No turn on. But when my most recent lover happened to be such it was totally unexpected that my sexual arousal rate went up 200%. I am very turned on by stroking him to expose the head, kissing and licking the head, and then covering it again by pulling the foreskin up over it! Sucking ever so gently with the skin covering the head gives him pleasure, but holding the skin taut (pulling it down near the base of his cock) completely exposes his swollen head and his reaction is amazing. All it takes is tender gentle swirls to drive him crazy. Remember this is extremely sensitive so treat it as an exposed nerve. And ask him to tell you what feels good and what does not… The wanton horny bitch that resides within myself has now been released and owes you all at the Goofy Foot Press gratitude and the author the best blow job ever! female age ?
I’d never even seen an uncircumcised penis until my current lover, but I’ve decided now that it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Better, even, since I can’t have sex with sliced bread!…. The foreskin makes hand jobs 100 times better and easier because it slides over the penis so you don’t need lube. I was kind of nervous about it at first but then I realized how stretchy the foreskin is even though it looks kinda fragile…. For blow jobs, I pull the foreskin down to the base and massage it there and go to town…. I haven’t found any difference in intercourse. It kinda just moves itself out of the way. I don’t know if it makes any difference when using condoms. I’ll be sure to ask and get back to ya’. female age 18

Beware that sometimes smagma builds up underneath the head it they haven’t showered recently and it’s really gross and smells funny. You might want to ask him to clean up Mr. Happy bfore you go down on him. female 20

The only Jewish guy I ever slept with was also the only uncirumcised guy I ever slept with. He seemed to have more stamina than any of the others but that might just be a coincidence. female 21

I have been with an uncircumcised male for 20 years. It makes giving hands job easier ’cause your hand can go up and down more easily, but if you really want to get him off put tons of hand lotion on him.. Be sure to drip the old lotion slowly as it adds to the feelings, then pull all the skin down and hold it, you can also hold his balls in that hand and move them around. Rub him up and down that way…. For a blow job, pull the foreskin up over thehead and stick your toungue down inside of the opening and swirl it around. It is different and he might enjoy it. female age 38

Make sure that the skin comes up over the head. It really helps with the sensation (or so my boyfriend says)
For blowjobs: pull the skin down, that way the head of his penis is exposed. female age 18

The first guy I had sex with was uncircumcised. We were both virgins and learned a lot from each other, experimenting with everything from oral to anal. It wasn’t until we split up and I started having sex with someone who was circumcised that I realized there was even a difference. I didn’t even know what circumcision was! female age 30

Just ask the guy how he likes it. Some guys like you to pull the foreskin tight, others say this hurts. female age 20

I had one partner that wasn’t circumcised, but once he was hard it didn’t seem any different than someone who was circumcised. female age 33

My boyfriend isn’t circumsised and I love it. He is so sensitive under it that my only advice is to be gentle. A cool thing about it is that it is convertable and can be made to look circumsised when it is erect. female age 18

The first guy I was ever with was not circumcised. It was kinda funny looking but I liked playing with it. When you give a blow job it’s just like giving one to a guy that doesn’t have foreskin except that you just have to pull it back. When I gave a handjob I left the skin pulled over the head. The most important thing to remember when having intercourse with an uncircumcised man is that you have to pull the foreskin back when you put the condom on. Other than that, there is no difference. female age 18

When giving a blowjob, peel back that skin and work the head over, going round and round. Ask him to show you how to retract it if you have any doubts. Remember, his head gets as sensative as your clit does as he comes, so back off but don’t stop the rhythm…. His penis seemed alot smoother on my clit than I had expected…. Make sure he keeps himself clean, and don’t let him shove an unclean cock inside of you! female age 45

One thing that I find particularly stimulating is to lubricate a finger or thumb, slip it between the foreskin and the head, and massage the glans that way. It makes it feel really, really great, because the head is still covered by the foreskin, but you get the friction of the thumb against it at the same time. male age 19
I have put my foreskin over her clitoris and use it in a fashion like masturbation. This might only be possible with a partner who has a larger than normal clitoris…you need to be able to get hold of it. Have also used it to massage her clitoris. male age 65 (Tip: Try massaging one of her nipples with your foreskin.)

A partner should know that the inside of a foreskin is where there is the most feeling, so gentle movement of it over a cockhead and down the shaft feels great. The best part of getting a blow job is what a tongue and mouth can do with that inside lining of a foreskin. Given my experience with different men, I’d say that us fellows who have foreskins have a lot more surface to feel with and a lot more variety of receptors than men who are circumcised. male age 59

I love my foreskin. It would suck if I didn’t have it. I like to do the trick with clamping the end shut while peeing and making it swell up. Also, a similar and a more satisfying experience is to leave just a bit of the end open and put it under a strong flow of water so that the water flows in but has a place to get out. Feels great….I masturbate with my foreskin, otherwise it would be too painful….I think I was 13 when I first tried to retract it. It was interesting–I forgot I ever went through that. With help of masturbation and mother nature, everything will happen in due time. male age 20

When did I first retract it? I was around 10 when I thought that I should clean in there. I would slowly pull it back every day in the shower. After about 2 weeks I was able to pull it all the way down. Word of caution, it is very sensitive under there if you have never pulled it back, I still remember the feeling. It goes away after a few times of cleanning, so dont worry about it…. I never use lube to masturbate with…. When I was younger I used my foreskin to store my semen in when I would masturbate in my room at night.. I would pinch the end, let the semen fill it upand then just hold it until I got to the bathroom to empty it. An extremely useful little piece of skin. male age 22

I was maybe 5 or 6 when I first pulled my foreskin back, after I heard of boys who had phimosis ….I enjoy using lube when I masturbate…. (Have you ever clamped shut the end of your foreskin when peeing, so it swells up?) Yes. The balloon part is quite nice both when peeing and when enjoying the pool jets. male age 37

I was 12 when I first tried to retract my foreskin. It was very strange, I felt very self-conscious…. Having a foreskin hurts a little bit when that little piece of skin attached to the side of your penis is tugged on. Mine is torn completely. Didn’t hurt that bad, but it looks kinda strange. male age 19

In my mind most women just don’t know how to give a “man’s hand job” I appreciate the effort and it really turns me on when my partner gently pulls on the foreskin and massages the tip of the head but it’s not enough to get me off. male age 20

I personally think that saliva as a lubricant underneath the foreskin can make it much more erotic. It makes a hand job feel great. Also, do not be afraid to explore. We’ll let you know if what you’re doing is uncomfortable. Just explore carefully and not too quickly! Make it last!…. I’ve retracted my foreskin since as long as I remember, even at around age 3 or 4. I thought it was normal, felt good, etc. I never felt I was abnormal as a result. I had a friend who was unable to, and found that it was odd for him (he was not circumsized)….I think using lube while masturbating makes it feel great. Hard to put words to it. The benefit about being uncut is that you don’t need lube to masturbate, so you have the choice. male age 19
To give a hand job (dry): Hold the shaft around mid way and move up and down so the foreskin slides over the head…. I usually masturbate without lube, but have tried it in the past and enjoy it. With lube I get my palm and fingers (palm side of them) as slick as possible, make my hand into a loose fist and have it simulate a woman’s vagina. Orgasms are generally more intense this way but I usually go without lube because it’s a pain to clean up afterwards . Something I’ve tried recently that works well is to put some lubricant in a condom (already unrolled) and masturbate using that. For masturbation I’ll wash out and reuse condoms. male age 27

[This is what NOT to do!!! What this man describes is common: both the foreskin naturally sticking to the head, and the foolish doctors and misinformed parents trying to retract it.]I had a HELL of a time with my foreskin as a child! There were times that I wished I were circumsized as I was growing up. I’m not sure how common this is but my foreskin was stuck to the head of my penis and couldn’t be retracted without a lot of pain. I had this done once (maybe twice… I tried to forget those times) by a doctor. Bath time was a nightmare with my mother trying to retract it as much as possible to clean it. In actuality my foreskin never got fully retracted until I was between the ages of 12 and 14. This was not because of trying to pull it all the way back myself (when bathing I retracted it as far as it was comfortable for me and washed that area) but rather it naturally came loose and finally completely free sometime after I started masturbating. These days my foreskin is naturally fully retracted when I have an erection and can’t completely cover the head (most it goes is about 2/3 of the way) .

Generally I try to keep my penis/foreskin as clean as possible throughout the day by retracting it when I urinate so no urine gets caught underneath it and dry it off using tissue. If I think I might have sex soon I’ll make a quick trip to the washroom to wash it with water (I can imagine how awful it can taste and smell with oral sex if it is not clean). Although I had a really difficult time with it when I was growing up I don’t regret not being circumcised. It’s fun to work/play with and I like the sensitivity. Besides that, circumcision just seems like a barbaric practice to me. male age 27

I was unfortunately born in America during the early 70s when the so-called doctors gave a nationwide media speech telling parents to circumcise their sons because the foreskin can “cause cancer”. Now, they found out that this is not true and every boy born in the 70s and 80s are left with no foreskins including myself. Sometimes I think that foreskins were taboo in this prude nation. In England, foreskins were cut off in the early 1600s to 1800s because they wanted to make sex less pleasureable. They were right. The feeling on the head of my cock becomes less and less as I grow older.

I wish you success in your job search. Anyone who doesn’t want to be in the US, shouldn’t be. You were circumcised and so you have “become disillusioned with this country…” If that thought process makes sense to you, then that makes one of us. There are people all over the earth risking their lives to come to the US, but you want to leave because you were circumcised. Again, good luck in your job search and please make it a one way ticket.

The message above repeatedly belabor the point that you are Asian descent and feel discriminated against by American women for that reason.

I feel that you have a sincere and severe inferiority complex and are stretching for many reasons to blame others for your lack of success.

You hate the US but it seems to be the only place where you can make a living. Wow, isn’t that a bummer!

Wise up man, it is not the prejudice, it is you the women don’t like. You have a strong negative attitude and I’m quite sure the ladies can pick up on that. Whether it is in your demeanor, your facial expressions or whatever – they can pick up on it and want no part of you, even for a price.

I happen to be one who was not circumcised. Born 65 years ago, my mom resisted the recommendations of the doctors of that day. Yes I am thankful it never happened to me, but even I have lost sensation in the tip over the years. And when using a condom I always lose sensation anyway.

Many of my friends were circumsized and they never complain.

I suggest to you, that you begin to focus on your self to find a solution rather than trying to blame all of your shortcomings (no pun intended) on the American system, the American women, et al. I agree with Thai Fan – find a job outside of the USA. One should never have to live in a country where he feels he is not appreciated.

I agree that I should find a job outside the US. I definitely will try. I was almost married to a Cuban-American girl but she was corrupted by her friend in the ways of man-hating feminism. She was told not to listen to me and to eat and get fat to see if I still love her. I still stuck by her in spite of her gain in weight. Her friend then kept telling her to spend my money. I broke up my engagement for that because she got greedy and spent a huge amount of my paycheck on her clothes. If I had gotten married and divorced she probably would have listened to her friend to clean me out. I admit, I am letting this negative experience hold me back from dating other American women. I will eventually save up enough to leave this place and I’ll never come back.
I respect those who risked their lives to come to this country. After all, this isn’t the worst country in the world to live in. I wouldn’t blame Asians, like my grandparents for coming here because I agree that China is a much worse off country to live in than the USA. This country isn’t the best eihter but it is still a step up from most Asian countries and the Middle East.

I am from New England and have never lived in NY so I can’t comment on that city that much. You talk about the difficulties of being Asian in the US. Have you ever lived or been in San Francisco. In my opinion, it is the best city in the US by far in many ways with (I think) at least 33% Asian. I can’t compare it to all cities but it sure looks great to me. In regards to success with women, your biggest tool is your mouth (your game). If you have a positive, confidant, funny, and outgoing personality then you can score. When you go out you should look happy, approachable, and most importantly, get rid of all that negative energy.
It will consume you.
If you come across a women that looks at you as not her type, move on and go for the next girl. Get out there man and make us proud!

Don’t discourage people from leaving the US. Anyone with an attitude like his should leave as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, if he feels that strongly about it, he should renounce his citizenship, so he won’t have to be called an American.

Of course, he will soon find out that he is no happier anyplace else than he is in the US, since his attitude is what determines his happiness, and not his surroundings or circumstances. But, what the hell, he probably hates his parents for allowing him to be born Asian, and not just because they allowed him to be circumcised. We all have thousands of things in our backgrounds that we had no control over. If a man lets these given circumstances control his happiness, he is indeed a loser, and there is no remedy for his condition. Look under the California thread in the US section of the board for massage parlours in the LA area. There are many. All you have to do is read.

By the way, there was no media blitz in the 1970’s about circumcism. Doctors have been circumcising babies as a recommended practice since the 1940’s. Most parents allowed their babies to be circumcised. Those who escaped this procedure were likely born with the assistance of a midwife, rather than a doctor. Of course, there were exceptions. And it wasn’t just the US that adopted this practice. Many industrialized countries did the same thing. However, you can’t control what happened to you as a baby. If you are against circumcision, don’t allow your sons to be circumcised, if you have any. And if you are still distressed by your condition, there is plastic surgery that can reverse the procedure.

I agree with you on all the points you make.This site is a very informative help to those of us who wish to improve our sex lives and learn the benefit of others experiences. We do not need to be posting continuous miserable diatribes such as those lately posted by others who only wish to commiserate.

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