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Maybe this is an odd topic. after many winters of coming down with cold or flu, i believe i’ve hit on something that is truly protective for me at least. i read not long ago that at night when we sleep, the body goes through a lot of repair and replenishment in preparation for the next day. the recommendation i read recently was that selenium and zinc taken at night prepare the immune system for whatever it encounters the next day. i’ve been using these two substances this winter before bed and have not had any cold or flu symptoms at all for the first time in my memory, despite exposure to many others at work and other settings who have obvious symptoms.

I use zinc and selenium. do others have any other recommendations for optimiizing the immune system to minimize the chances of picking up disease? i understand there is lots of opportunity for exchanging body fluids and any recommendations would be appreciated. perhaps someone knows of a website where this is discussed.

do others have any other recommendations for optimiizing the immune system to minimize the chances of picking up disease? i understand there is lots of opportunity for exchanging body fluids and any recommendations would be appreciated. perhaps someone knows of a website where this is discussed.

You are correct about the zinc. I take between 2-3 mg of zinc gluconate every day regardless of the time of year or how virile I’ve been feeling, a little more if I happen to run myself into a mild cold. Zinc is also depleted in semen, so you can probably guess why you might tend to catch cold more easily when your sex glands are unusually active.

Selenium, if I’m not mistaken, is more of an anti-oxidant/anti-cancer type of supplement, and less of something depleted during sex, unlike zinc. But, hey, take it anyway. Remember, all you need is a little bit. Excessively high doses of selenium are known to be toxic, even fatal. You probably get enough in your diet, anyway.

Also, to help protect your gut, take a couple of acidophilus caplets with each meal to enhance the balance of favorable bacteria in your stomach. This should help prevent loose bowels, should you eat or drink something tainted. Also, take a time-released version of either B-50 or B-100 complex with your morning meal. This will give you more energy and endurance. Finally, add a little A.C.E. — 10,000IU A, 1000mg C, 400IU E to the mixture, again with your main meal…

Now, as far as the question regarding bodily fluid exchange is concerned, I think it’s common knowledge by now that you need to take care in avoiding this. For example, in dry weather you might develop chapped and/or cracked skin on your cuticles (around the nail). If you decide to finger her during foreplay, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how quickly and easily it is for a virus to enter your bloodstream, should one or more types be present in vaginal secretions (which they often are with sex
workers). Get the picture? Bacterial infections can almost always be cleared up with antibiotics. Viral infections are a different matter… This kind of risk is especially high at the swingers clubs or other places known for “anonymous” multi-partner sex. Being forewarned is forearmed.

Speaking of nasty viral infections, I think it’s important to be aware the most likely viral threats we all face: HSV I & II. There is a current “silent” epidemic of herpes in the US alone right now. The stats are indeed alarming (about 1 in 6 adults have it. See if you don’t believe me. Be sure to read the Personal Experiences link).

The zinc will help you keep your semen production up to help you meet the demands put upon you by intense whoremongering.Selenium is a wonderful antioxidant which never hurts. You might want to try some Maca extract during and for two weeks before your trip.It can work wonders on your sexual stamina.
I’m not suggesting this particular site to get Maca extract as you can find it cheaper at places such as wallgreens,ect.I am only posting this site link because it explains a little about how it works.

all this talk about whoremongering and so little talk about diseases. i’m starting to suspect it’s no big deal. i don’t know where to begin and so what i write may seem disorganized; even bordering on being incoherent, but here goes. (in a nutshell, in light of all this talk of oral sex without condoms, i’d be most interested if anyone has any insights on the german perspectives on sexually transmitted diseases).

some years ago i had a 3 month relationship with a woman who admitted to me after our first time in bed that she had in the past been diagnosed with herpes. after 3 months of lots of unprotected sex with her, i had no indications that i had contracted the virus. that was in 1996, and still no symptoms as far as i can tell. i understand she had to be in an infectious state to pass it on, but i have a hard time believing i was that lucky for three months straight.

the war on micorbes during the mid-20th century—it was actually very successfull to the point that even now, the national institutes of health (nih) and the centers for disease control (cdc) probably from time to time think they have to do something to make it seem like they’re still worth huge sums of taxpayers’ money especially when the political climate includes talk of budget cuts as it did in the past two decades.

in addition, in the united states, we have economically powerful and politically influential pharmaceutical companies not to mention the american medical association (which is essentially a trade association advocating for the medical profession). both are part of a huge medical-industrial complex that probably makes a lot of money from the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. keeping the fear out there probably boosts their bottom line.

so every now and then you’ll read a press release, probably originating from and generated by people connected to one or more of the above groups (nih, cdc, drug companies and doctors), talking about an outbreak of hanta virus here, or legionaires desease there. then, their lobbyists can go to congress and make it look like enormous funding is still justified.

but come to think of it, as i approach 40, i have yet to hear of a single person of my acquaintance who actually suffered from a non-aids sexually transmitted disease in a way that was life-changing. sure, of course, they suffered psychologically from the diagnosis and may have suffered some initial discomfort. a friend in college got chlamydia from a woman. he had his discomfort and had to be treated. as for the two individuals i know who supposedly have aids, it’s hard to tell if they are sufferring more from the disease than the side effects of treatment.

the website on herpes has lots of postings from people who were diagnosed. their psychological anguish is clear in their writing, but i see no indication that it’s not something a person can live with. am i wrong?

now and then over the years i’ve heard of people with herpes getting married to spouses who simply understood that in our time, these kinds of risks are part of the normal terrain of relationships. they just learned to live with it.

even the concern about HIV may be way overblown. (type in “rethinking aids” in any search engine; my favorite book on the topic is inventing the aids virus by peter duesberg of Univ. of Calif.-Berkley. most revealing is his claim that there is a person who participates in part or full ownership of the patent for a commonly used HIV test who holds a high-level position in the nih or cdc. consequently there is a lot of insentive to generate programs encouraging people to get tested; it generates a lot of income for this person, who is in a position to influence policy. another interesting new book is when healing becomes a crime which is about the suppression of cancer treatments in the united states by the National Cancer Institute, the FDA and other governmental agencies headed by people with ties to the pharmaceutical industry and other parts of our medical-industrial complex. but now i am off topic).

i suspect the attitude toward health concerns and sexually transmitted diseases may be different in germany versus america. they do some things different there, according to what i’ve read. for example, during the emerging of “modern medicine” in the early part of the 20th century, there was an effort in germany to catolog the indigenous lore and practices on the use of herbs and plant remedies so the folk healing traditions could be preserved before the traditional practioners died with their knowlege. i recently read that in our time, german doctors use herbal remedies way more than doctors do in the united states. although things are slowly changing, in the united states doctors have made virtually no use of herbal medicines (probably not enough kickbacks compared to prescribing drugs from rich pharmaceutical companies). and the pharmaceutical companies make no efforts to develop treatments based on herbs and plant substances because they can’t be patented and do not generate the income that exotic new pharmacuticals do. meanwhile, the native americans are now finding few among their younger generation who are interested in learning the traditions of using plant substances for healing.

Regarding herpes, I believe the site mentioned that there are so-called “shedders” of the virus (contagious even without active symptoms). Be on the safe side and go get yourself tested just to be sure. It’s the responsible thing to do.

Regarding the AIDS virus, I believe there is going to be the first human trials of a vaccine soon, but it appears to only provide protection for about a year. Kinda like how you need to get a flu shot every year. These things mutate constantly and that’s the problem.

Speaking of mutating bugs, I think what’s more threatening to everyone is the rapid rise of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, due in part to overuse of antibiotics. For example, there is now a resistant strain of “the clap” emerging. Kinda scary. I’ve had the clap. It was not fun. It temporary ruined my sex life. But it could have been worse…

And I just read that, thanks to the gays, there is now a reemergence of syphyllis of all things, considering that it had all but disappeared recently as an STD. This is in addition to the recent news of the sudden increase of AIDS infections occurring among the gays due to unsafe sex from the false security of stronger drug combinations now available along with the expectation for the first vaccine. Then they want the right to donate blood. Thanks a lot.

No, I don’t think there’s a conspiracy by the drug companies to keep people sick and keep prices high. I think it boils down to certain people just being irresponsible when it comes to one’s sex organs and the inadverdent exchange of bodily fluids that may result if you’re not careful (or simply don’t care).

So, my advice is this: when it comes to whore mongering, even in Germany, avoid ALL mucous membrane to mucous membrane contact EXCEPT with a condom. This includes kissing. After all, maybe she’s just done 5 tourists before you and all it takes is for one of them to have had a “strange” sore on his pecker that she overlooked cuz she was in need of the DMs. Better safe than sorry…

If I sound alarmist, so much the better.

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