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The average length of an erect penis 16.15cm. Most lengths vary from 13.15cm to 19.15cm

Average circumference of an erect penis 12.76cm.  Most circumferences vary from 10.21cm to 15.21cm

East Asians tend to be 1-2cm smaller. Africans tend to be 0.5 to 1cm bigger.

Kinda funny, they say that different races have different Penis lengths as an average. Is this kinda like the little head thinks for the bigger head? Did I read somewhere that some races have different brain sizes? Animals not included, nor occupancy of Alabama.

Arousal focus of proposal seeks to curb men’s topless-bar reactions

Topless bars might have to install a cold shower for their patrons if a House proposal regulating exotic dancing passes. That’s because the proposal also seeks to regulate the sexual arousal of patrons, specifically men with erections — and not just in topless bars but any liquor establishment.

Male genitals “in a discernibly turgid state even if completely and opaquely covered” would violate the bill’s prohibition on depicting sexual activity, a Class 1 misdemeanor.

“So, if you get your Viagra dose wrong and go to the bar, you could be in violation of this law,” said Rep. Steve May, R-Phoenix. “This is a poorly written bill, and we ought to be concerned about what we are passing.”

The proposal, an amendment attached to an omnibus liquor bill (House Bill 2360), is a companion bill to Rep. Marilyn Jarrett’s push to regulate dancing in all-nude cabarets that don’t serve alcohol (HB 2297 ).

The bills would keep customers and dancers from touching and would restrict tipping to a chaste hand-to-hand transaction. No putting bills in dancers’ G-strings would be allowed.

Both bills have passed out of the Government Reform Committee and will likely be heard on the House floor this week. Backers of the bills said the three-feet separation between dancer and customer is designed to prevent drug use and prostitution.

“Oh, I see how that will solve the problem,” said Rep. Sue Gerard, R-Phoenix, sarcastically.

Rep. Bill Brotherton, D-Phoenix, laughed about the amendment.

“This Legislature is just obsessed with sex,” he said.

Dave Notes:
I’ve been told this is also proposed in Mississippi. I smell the Community Defense Council may have it as part of their package of proposals helping 1000 cities across America stamp out adult entertainment. Of course its a bunch of Christians trying to impose their traditional (not biblical) beliefs on everyone “for their own good.” !

When they start arresting people for this it will give a whole new definition to Joe Arpaio’s “Tent City”

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